Hollyoaks‘ Jennifer Metcalfe reveals to Soaplife that Mercedes will do anything for her man – including sleeping with his boss to save his job!

When Dr Paul Browning’s dodgy boss Davies sees Paul kissing Mercedes he fancies a bit of that action for himself and comes up with a proposal straight out of a film script: one night with Mercy and he’ll save her fella from being suspended over his Myra scam.

Dr Browning – to his credit – is against it, but it seems Mercy isn’t. “She’s been an escort so it’s not as if this is something totally new to her,” says Jennifer. But Mercy being Mercy has to add a twist of her own…

What is it that Mercedes likes about Dr Browning?

“He is her match. Mercedes has been able to manipulate all the men in her life, but Dr Browning is different. He’s every bit as bad and cunning as Mercedes is. He’s a challenge and she is totally infatuated with him. It’s all about lust and excitement.”

Why is Dr Browning in trouble?

“The McQueens’ solicitor knows that Dr Browning is to blame for Myra’s false diagnosis and is encouraging the family to sue him. Dr Browning needs to get his boss Davies on side and invites him for dinner.”

And Davies decides he wants Mercedes for dessert…

“Mercedes immediately catches Davies’ eye. He tells Dr Browning that he won’t suspend him if he allows him to spend one night with Mercedes.”

Sounds like the film Indecent Proposal! How does Dr Browning feel about the idea?

“He’s totally against it, but Mercedes isn’t. She says it’s only one night and it’ll be worth it to save his job.”

But Mercedes doesn’t really intend to lie back and think of Dr Browning, does she?

“No. She goes to a hotel with Davies, but she has a plan… She knows that Davies has a family and she intends to film him so she can blackmail him.”

And does her plan work?

“No, because Davies sees the video recorder. Mercedes is then left in a tricky situation and she has to think on her feet…”