Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe reacts to the fatal plunge from a cherry picker of Mercedes' fiancee Joe Roscoe

Hollyoaks star Jennifer Metcalfe paid tribute to co-star Ayden Callaghan who conquered his fear of heights to film his character Joe Roscoe’s fatal fall from a cherry picker.

Joe fell from the cherry picker that was attempting to rescue him from the top of the Ferris wheel during the Halloween spooktacular. But the maze blaze caused an electrics fire on the fairground ride and Joe died as he attempted to jump to the cherry picker.

Jen told What’s on TV: “I was so proud of him. He had all the wires on just in case, but regardless of that, that jump you see him do, he really did that…I had to climb over on to it, and everyone was going ‘Well done’, but I had a fire guy there and I was cabled up. But Ayden actually did that jump and I was just like, ‘Well done Ayde!'”

Despite his fear of heights, Ayden made it even more difficult for himself, she revealed.

“He kept on going, ‘Move it further away’. He almost preferred it to be further away, when it was closer it was almost scarier… I think it was about three metres away and he just jumped.”

Watch Jennifer Metcalfe talk about Joe’s tragic death just as Mercedes had accepted his proposal, above.