When pregnant Billie asks best friend Phoebe to meet up with her, her life ends up on the line in Home and Away!

Phoebe’s on a surprise date with Justin when she receives a call from best friend Billie, telling her she needs to see her RIGHT NOW in Home and Away.

Riding high from a fun afternoon with Justin, who’s admitted he set the whole thing up, Phoebe’s in a great mood. But that vanishes when Simmo appears on the back seat of her car and grabs her! As he forces her to drive him out of town, Simmo soon makes his escape, thinking he’s safely out of the police search area.

Terrified, Phoebe tears off in the car. As she looks over her shoulder to check Simmo has vanished, Phoebe takes her eyes off the road and smashes into something… The ‘something’ turns out to be ‘someone’…