Neighbours star Eve Morey has revealed that she thinks her character Sonya Mitchell is likely to be a neurotic parent.

Speaking to Inside Soap magazine the actress said that Sonya was determined to get parenthood right this time, after giving her son Callum up for adoption when he was young, then becoming pregnant with partner Toadie Rebecchi after Callum had come back into her life.

“Because of the state she was in when Callum was young, and the fact she gave him up, Sonya wants to get it right this time,” Eve said.

“So I think she’ll do everything she can for the baby – but she might be slightly neurotic about it too!”

Eve added that co-stars Ryan Moloney – currently a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother – and Alin Sumarwata have drawn upon their real life parenting experiences to offer her tips.

“It’s quite funny because Sonya’s the one who’s supposed to have the parenting experience after Callum,” she said.

“But Ryan and Alin have been giving me tips on holding the baby, and they’ve been great in helping me relax and feel like I’m an actual mum. I’m quite comfortable with it all now.”