Homeland’s Damian Lewis has admitted he is still adjusting to the level of success he’s attained.

The flame-haired British actor was recently invited to dine with President Barack Obama and a veritable who’s who of the elite.

He told GQ: “I just thought we’d be sitting by the kitchen doors. Then it was like, oh, Warren Buffet is sitting next to me. Lucky him. The president is opposite me. How charming. Sam Cameron on his left, David Cameron on his right, Michelle Obama, George Clooney…”

In Homeland, Damian plays Sgt Brody, a US prisoner of war who may or may not have been turned by a fictional terrorist.

The actor even joked with the President about matters of national security. He revealed: “I said [to Obama] if you are going to go into Iran, can you give us the heads up? Because we want series two to be as current as possible.”

Damian’s star has certainly risen in 2012 and the actor says he is thrilled with the show and ensemble he’s a part of in Homeland.

He said: “I do feel like the cat that got the cream. This kind of show only comes along once every five years. Mad Men did something similar five years ago. The Sopranos five years before that. It’s rare.”

Besides Homeland, Damian can be seen in The Sweeney movie, out now, and next year’s Romeo And Juliet adaptation.