While filming ITV’s new two-part thriller Undeniable in Dublin last year, Claire Goose reveals the role took her into a very dark place.

On playing Jane, a young woman who witnessed her mother’s murder when she was a little girl, Claire said: “I had the weirdest nightmares while filming this. I think it was because the subject matter was so strongly in my head at the time of filming it led me to having very violent nightmares. Fortunately it’s stopped now we’re finished!”

When we meet grown-up Jane she’s happily married and expecting her second child, but still lives in the shadow of her mother’s violent murder, as the killer was never caught.

However, after going for a routine hospital check up, the past comes back to haunt Jane when she bumps into respected consultant Andrew Rawlins (Spooks star Peter Firth). She’s certain he’s the man who murdered her mum!

Claire, who has also starred in Casualty and Exile, adds: “It’s been exhilarating having challenging scenes and an intense role. Although, I told them not to be afraid to cut out some of the crying!

“Being a mother myself and putting myself in the shoes of someone who lost their mother in such violent circumstances made this an emotional piece. Very moving. Undeniable is definitely one of the things I’m most proud of doing in my career.”

Part one of Undeniable premieres on ITV on Monday, April 7.