peter capaldi Is Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who with Steven Moffat?
5:14pm, Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Peter Capaldi could be leaving Doctor Who at the end of the next series, according to reports.

Matt Smith: 'I can't wait to see what Steven Moffat does next'
12:39pm, Sunday, 24 January 2016

Following the announcement that Doctor Who show runner Steven Moffat is stepping do

Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat to step down
11:21am, Saturday, 23 January 2016

Steven Moffat, the head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who, is to step dow

Peter Capaldi: The Doctor is 'quite appalled' by his wife in the Doctor Who Christmas special
2:14pm, Thursday, 24 December 2015

A domestic squabble may be brewing in the Doctor Who Christmas special when River Song (Alex Kingston) returns, but doesn't recognise her

Flying saucers, robots and Greg Davies! Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi reveals what to expect this Christmas
5:00pm, Wednesday, 16 December 2015

A Doctor Who Christmas special is usually full of surprises - and if our recent set visit is anything to go

greg davies Matt Lucas and Greg Davies head cast of Doctor Who Christmas special
9:50am, Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Comedians Matt Lucas and Greg Davies will be bringing some humour to Doctor Who over Christmas, as they are set to appear in the show’s f

Jenna Coleman Jenna Coleman exits Doctor Who as Clara Oswald dies!
8:54pm, Saturday, 21 November 2015

Jenna Coleman took her final bow in Doctor Who tonight when her character, Clara Oswald, died in an emotional epis

Jenna Coleman As Jenna Coleman exits Doctor Who, watch 5 of her top moments as Clara Oswald
12:02am, Saturday, 21 November 2015

The clock is ticking down on Jenna Coleman’s time as companion Clara Oswald on Doctor Who.

Joivan Wade 'Hopefully you'll be seeing more of Rigsy!' says Doctor Who's Joivan Wade
1:16pm, Thursday, 19 November 2015

Joivan Wade made his Doctor Who debut as graffiti artist Ri

jenna coleman ‘Return Doctor Who to teatime slot,’ says Jenna Coleman. ‘It’s a family show’
1:40pm, Saturday, 14 November 2015

Doctor Who’s Jenna Coleman has joined calls for the show to be returned to its traditional teatime slot.

david tennant David Tennant says Doctor Who means first line of his obituary is written
10:02am, Friday, 13 November 2015

David Tennant believes the first line of his obituary has already been written thanks to his starring role in Doctor Who.

Mark Gatiss's eyes are wide open to the peril of Doctor Who's sleep machine
5:57pm, Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mark Gatiss has written some of Doctor Who’s most highly rated recent storylines.

david tennant David Tennant reveals he and Georgia Moffett have had a baby girl
11:29am, Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Actor David Tennant has revealed he is once again a proud father.

Doctor Who's Peter Capaldi: ‘Jenna was fabulous in her final scene, but it's very sad. Get the hankies ready!'
4:25pm, Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi has spoken for the first time about filming the Doctor’s final scene with

Doctor Who Doctor Who's Ingrid Oliver talks acting with Zygons: 'It's genuinely terrifying to be near them'
2:00pm, Friday, 30 October 2015

Caerwent military base in Wales is a strange place to hang out on a wet Tuesday afternoon. Once it was an explosives factory. Then it became a troop training centre.

ingrid oliver Doctor Who star Ingrid Oliver: ‘Why Osgood is back from the dead will all become clear!’
5:00pm, Tuesday, 27 October 2015

After she was dramatically killed off at the end of last series, former UNIT science officer Osgood returns from the dead in Saturday’s Doctor Who

doctor who Maisie Williams to return for more Doctor Who
10:10am, Monday, 26 October 2015

Maisie Williams will be returning to series nine of Doctor Who

jenna coleman FIRST LOOK: Jenna Coleman as the young Queen Victoria
12:31pm, Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The first image of Jenna Coleman as a young Queen Victoria has been unveiled.

6 ways to improve Doctor Who
11:37pm, Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Viewing figures are down and even die-hard Whovians have expressed doubts about where the current series is going – so here, your ever helpful TV Times humbl