Out of the Blue


*Out of the Blue can be seen weekdays on BBC2* Set in the picturesque Australian beach resort of Manly Bay, new daytime soap Out Of The Blue serves up plenty of sun, sea, surf and... secrets. The action begins when a group of 30-something friends return to Manly for a high-school reunion. It's been nine years since the once close-knit gang were together - so there's lots of excitement when the friends finally reunite. But the celebrations are soon marred when, the morning after the night before, one of the gang, Phillip'Philby'McManus, is found dead in the ocean. As the investigation into Philby's murder is launched, long-held friendships are put to the test and secrets that many hoped would stay buried look certain to be dug up... But could one of Philby's pals really turn out to be his killer? Log onto whatsontv.co.uk for news and previews...


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