*Outcasts starts on Monday, February 7 at 9pm, continuing on Tuesday February 8 at 9pm on BBC1* Hermione Norris, Jamie Bamber and Ashley Walters star in BBC1's new spectacular eight-part sci-fi series. The year is 2060. A group of pioneers have fled Earth to build a better life for themselves on the planet Carpathia and have made their home in a town called Forthaven. Forthaven's leader is President Richard Tate (Liam Cunningham), with Stella Isen (Norris) as his head of security. Completing the team are Protection and Security (PAS) officers Cass Cromwell (Daniel Mays) and Fleur Morgan (Amy Manson). Also living on Carpathia is explorer Mitchell Hoban (Jamie Bamber) and his second-in-command Jack Holt (Ashley Walters). As the series– shot in South Africa – opens, Tate and the team are continuing to work and live together in this new society they’ve created far away from their homes, friends and family. Having lost all contact with Earth, the settlers – particularly Stella – are eagerly awaiting the arrival of a spaceship of newcomers. And Stella’s desperate to find out if her husband and daughter are on board."Stella was sent out on the spaceship before her husband and daughter,"reveals Hermione."She's tormented and wondering if her family is on the way. It’s a drama about human emotions."Will Stella's family be on board the spaceship? Why is Tate interested in passenger Julius Berger (played by Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius)? And will secrets rock peaceful Forthaven? 

Story so far

Forthaven's hit by a deadly virus Forthaven's hit by a deadly virus
Sunday 10:25pm
What is Cass's secret past? What is Cass's secret past?
Sunday 10:35pm
Jack's mysterious mission? Jack's mysterious mission?
Sunday 9:00pm
Diamonds are forever! Diamonds are forever!
Monday 9:00pm
Killer on the loose? Killer on the loose?
Tuesday 9:00pm

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