Primeval V previously screened on Watch, but now brings more prehistoric terrors and drama for all the family to ITV1 as the series is repeated. Starring Hannah Spearritt, Andrew-Lee Potts and Ciaran McMenamin, Primeval V follows a government-funded team, the Anomaly Research Centre (ARC), as they battle to prevent anomalies which rip holes in the fabric of time - allowing deadly creatures from the past and future into the modern world. The team is headed by ex-soldier and zoological expert Matt Anderson (Ciaran). Supporting him is ARC veteran and student of Paleontology Connor (Andrew) and his zoologist girlfriend, Abby (Hannah). Also closely involved is entrepreneur Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig), who funds the ARC in a public-private partnership with the government. Series four climaxed with Connor confiding that the anomalies or'earthquakes in time'were becoming frighteningly more frequent and would culminate in a destructive catastrophe unless they found a way to stop them. As series five begins, the team attempts to prevent the ultimate disaster from striking. Primeval V will deliver more incredible monsters as the team battle with furious Lipleurodons, murderous Raptors and lethal Future Beetles within bigger, more powerful storylines. Primeval V sees the addition of an intriguing new character, April, who promises to shake things up within the ARC. As well, what exactly is Connor up to in his secret lab and does anyone really know what chief investor Phillip’s (Alexander Siddig) true motivations are? Primeval V will screen on ITV in 2012.Feelgood Games


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