Scott and Bailey


Suranne Jones and Lesey Sharp return as DC Rachel Bailey and DC Janet Scott for the eight-part series two of the hit ITV1 cop drama. The duo are friends and colleagues whose private lives impinge on their work for Syndicate 9, Manchester Police’s murder squad. Rachel (Suranne) is a bright, bold, often brilliant officer with the potential to make it right to the top, but her impulsiveness sometimes leads her boss, Syndicate 9 head DCI Gill Murray (Amelia Bullmore), to view her as a liability. Rachel’s personal life is often chaotic andshe struggles to keep it from impacting on her job. On the other hand, Reliable Janet (Lesley Sharp) is much more subtle and diplomatic than Rachel. She loves her two teenage daughters, but her marriage to their father, Ade, has become nothing more than a convenient arrangement for both of them andit's starting to crumble. Janet is deeply private, but when Ade leaves, her affair with colleague Andy Roper becomes more public than she would ever have imagined. Scott and Bailey is written and co-created by Sally Wainwright, working alongside a retired detective, Diane Taylor, from Greater Manchester Police. Their unique partnership allows viewers and authentic look at the realities and responsibilities of working within a murder squad like Syndicate 9. New faces for series two include former EastEnders heart-throb Sean Maguire, Hollyoaks and Emmerdale star James Sutton and Pippa Haywood, currently starring in BBC1’s Prisoners’ Wives.

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