The War Child The War Child
Sunday 25 March,
Vampire leader Mr Snow and the Old Ones have arrived in Britain, the first time since 1779. Nick Cutler tells him that he has the world for him, but Mr Snow says he is just planning to take it.
Making History Making History
Sunday 18 March,
Tom calls to see Cutler, who tells him that the old ones arrive tomorrow. It will be a full Moon, says Cutler, who tells Tom he will transform into a werewolf and tear them to shreds.
Puppy Love Puppy Love
Sunday 11 March,
Hal has organised a routine at the cafe to keep him from temptation, including arranging the eggs in size order.
Hold the Front Page Hold the Front Page
Sunday 4 March,
Teenage vampire Adam turns up at the house with his lover, school headmistress Yvonne.
A Spectre Calls A Spectre Calls
Sunday 26 February,
A ghost arrives at the house and introduces himself as Kirby. He says he met Nina on the other side and, because he used to work as a nursery teacher, she sent him to help look after baby Eve.
The Graveyard Shift The Graveyard Shift
Sunday 19 February,
Tom and Annie go to the supermarket with the baby. When the checkout girl shows interest in the child, he tells her the baby's mum and dad are dead and that he's worried bad men will kill her.
Double trouble Double trouble
Sunday 12 February,
Hal, Leo and Pearl - another werewolf, vampire and ghost - turn up at the house.
Being Human returns! Being Human returns!
Sunday 5 February,
Following the gripping series three finale in which viewers watched Mitchell fall victim to the wolf-shaped bullet, series four sees the aftermath as the housemates return to their home in Barry Isla
The Wolf-Shaped Bullet The Wolf-Shaped Bullet
Sunday 13 March,
Dressed in police uniform, the murderous Herrick releases Mitchell from his cell.
Though Heavens Fall Though Heavens Fall
Sunday 6 March,
Nancy is sure Mitchell is responsible for the Box Tunnel Massacre and all she needs is evidence.
Daddy Ghoul Daddy Ghoul
Sunday 27 February,
George is saddened to learn that his father, George Senior, has died and, though he hasn't seen him since he was turned into a werewolf three years previously, he decides to pay his respects at his d
The Longest Day The Longest Day
Sunday 20 February,
George makes an unwelcome discovery while working in the hospital psychiatric ward – Herrick is still alive, even though his wolfself tore him to shreds months ago!
The Pack The Pack
Sunday 13 February,
George and Nina search out the McNairs in an attempt to discover more about the safety of a werewolf birth, but McNair wants nothing to do with them.
Type 4 Type 4
Sunday 6 February,
While out on a midnight stroll, Annie attracts the attentions of Sasha, a drunk and rather mouthy young woman who decides to follow her home.
Adam's Family Adam's Family
Sunday 30 January,
George and Nina come across a teenage vampire who’s been kept alive for years by feeding off his willing parents.
Lia Lia
Sunday 23 January,
Feeling they’ve outgrown their home in Bristol, George, Mitchell and Nina move into a former B&B in the seaside town of Barry in South Wales.