george rainsford, Richard winsor Cal’s in pieces when Matilda's rushed to hospital
Saturday 21 November,

Since baby Matilda was dumped on Cal by his jailbird ex, Taylor, he’s become an utterly devoted dad.

Chelsea Halfpenny Lily's bullying drives Alicia to breaking point!
Saturday 14 November,

Ever since junior doctor Alicia Munroe joined the ED, her mentor Lily has had it in for her. So far, Alicia has bravely taken Lily’s barbed comments on the chin.

Charles Venn, amanda mealing Will Jacob take revenge on the copper?
Saturday 31 October,

Clinical lead Connie Beauchamp has to tell Jacob no disciplinary action will be taken against the police officer who accidentally shot him during the hospital terror attack.

Charles Venn Jacob is back in the ED – but should he be?
Saturday 24 October,

Injured nurse Jacob Masters returns to work this week, and is delighted to be back at Holby ED. But clinical lead Connie has reservations.

Chelsea Halfpenny, Crystal Yu Grieving Lily endangers lives!
Saturday 17 October,

It's a tough week for doctor Lily as she attends the funeral of her father, after his shock death.

Richard Winsor Cal’s ex turns up with HIS baby daughter!
Saturday 10 October,

Life is good with Cal Knight. He’s in a good place, feeling more mature and very happy now his relationship with his brother, Ethan, has been repaired after he stole £15, 000 from him.

Michael Stevenson Dixie and Iain get lucky!
Saturday 3 October,

There's something in the paramedic's tea this week, as both Iain and Dixie get lucky!

Amanda Mealing, Lee Mead Terror attack!
Saturday 26 September,

Lives are on the line when terrorists take over the hospital…The Casualty medical team face their toughest challenge yet when the ED is taken over by religious fanatics hell-bent on avenging hatef

Chelsea Halfpenny, Crystal Yu Chelsea Halfpenny joins the ED!
Saturday 19 September,

In Emmerdale Chelsea Halfpenny shocked viewers as troubled Amy Wyatt, but she creates an altogether different impressio

Casualty will not screen this Saturday
Sunday 6 September,

Casualty will not screen on Saturday, September 12, but will be back in its usual time slot on September 19.


amanda henderson, Azuka Oforka, Casualty Can Louise hack her new nursing role?
Saturday 5 September,

It’s Louise’s first day as a medic at Holby ED and the receptionist-turned-nurse is nervous.

Casualty Charlie is dying!
Sunday 30 August,

In the second part of this weekend’s special double-bill marking the start of Casualty’s 30th series, the life of original cast member Charlie Fairhead hangs in the balance…

Cathy Shipton, Casualty, Duffy Is Duffy Charlie's angel of mercy?
Saturday 29 August,

Charlie thinks he’s dreaming when he spots old nursing pal Lisa ‘Duffy’ Duffin running to his rescue when he collapses in the ED this week.

Wedding inferno!
Sunday 23 August,

Most brides’ biggest worries on their wedding day concern the groom not seeing them in their dress or the caterers not showing up.

Azuka Oforka Louise’s secret life revealed!
Saturday 22 August,

In the first part of this week’s special Casualty double-bill (showing Saturday and Sunday on BBC1) viewers make some shocking discoveries about Holby ED’s no-nonsense receptionist, Louise Tyler!

Suzanne Packer, Casualty, Tess Bateman Is Tess quitting the Holby ED?
Saturday 15 August,

Talented nurse Tess Bateman weighs up her future and makes a life-changing decision in this week’s Casualty… Last week viewers saw Tess moved by the plight of Charlie’s drug-addicted son, Louis, w

William Beck Dylan’s bad dad drives him mad
Saturday 8 August,

Doctor Dylan Keogh’s personal life has always been strictly private, but this week that all changes when his estranged father turns up in the ED!

casualty Max and Zoe's wedding jitters!
Saturday 1 August,

Zoe and Max wake up on cloud nine before their hospital shift the morning-after-the-night Max proposed.

Sunetra Sarker, Jamie Davis Max proposes to Zoe!
Saturday 25 July,

Nervous about meeting Max’s mother for lunch, consultant Zoe Hanna’s day gets off to a tricky start when Robyn spills some nasty fluids on her dress.

Charles Venn EastEnders' Charles Venn joins the ED!
Saturday 18 July,

Former EastEnders star Charles Venn makes a dramatic entrance at the Holby City ED this week when he rushes into the hospital with his unconscious friend, Karen, slung over his shoulder!

George Rainsford Ethan's film noir special!
Saturday 11 July,

It's Sin City rather than Holby City in this week's special standalone Casualty episode...

Derek Thompson Charlie’s crack den dilemma!
Saturday 4 July,

Frantic Charlie tracks Louis down to a squalid crack den in this week’s Casualty! Heroin user Louis ran off last week while Charlie was helping him go cold turkey at home.

Amanda Henderson Is Robyn’s romance doomed?
Saturday 27 June,

Staff nurse Robyn Miller is undeniably smitten with medical courier Zach Manley.

Jane Hazlegrove Dixie’s baby revelation!
Saturday 20 June,

When grieving mum, Suzy, snatches a baby from a car crash and tries to pass him off as her own in this week’s Casualty, Dixie’s the only person who realises what’s happened!

Derek Thompson Charlie’s in a drug hell!
Saturday 13 June,

Nurse Charlie Fairhead has high hopes of a happy future with his recovering drug-addicted son, Louis.