Tess’s loyalties tested!
Saturday 27 September,

Since her affair with former co-worker Fletch was revealed Tess has sought refuge in clinical lead Connie Beauchamp’s new cost-cutting regime and hard-line management style.

Ash realises Rita is in freefall
Saturday 20 September,

When Rita doesn’t turn up for work Ash pays her a home visit.

There's no Casualty this Saturday!
Saturday 13 September,
Rita loses patience with a dishonest patient
Saturday 6 September,

Rita loses it with a patient when she turns out to be dishonest, while Cal helps a schoolgirl come to terms with her HIV, and Max convinces a rock legend to come clean.

Stabbed in the back!
Saturday 30 August,

Jeff gets into a nasty situation when he discovers Samantha's secret. At her house he's confronted by a man who turns out to be Sam's husband Simon. The men fight and in the melee Sam gets hit.

Is Zoe about to throw in the towel?
Saturday 23 August,

Turning 40 is supposedly the new 30, and Holby ED consultant Zoe Hanna is determined to continue her hedonistic lifestyle, despite her big birthday this week!

Is Connie falling for shallow Cal?
Saturday 16 August,

Since becoming clinical lead Connie Beauchamp is determined to make Holby’s emergency department the best the NHS has to offer.

Rita’s secret husband is a sex offender!
Saturday 9 August,

Popular nurse Rita Freeman is looking forward to taking over Fletch’s old job as Senior Staff Nurse this week.

Casualty is not screening on Saturday
Saturday 2 August,
Rita's husband is still alive!
Saturday 12 July,

Since discovering colleague Rita was a grieving widow, the shocked staff at Holby have kept a respectful distance, as Rita made it clear the subject was a no-go area.

Will Tess brave it out, or quit?
Saturday 5 July,

Still recovering from last week’s horrific train crash, injured Tess is also struggling with everyone now knowing about her secret affair with fellow-nurse Fletch.

Tess and Fletch’s affair revealed!
Saturday 28 June,

Tess’s affair with Fletch is revealed this week when Tess is involved in a train crash and former lover Fletch races to the scene to rescue her!

Zoe quits!
Sunday 22 June,

Zoe’s career as Holby City ED’s clinical lead comes tumbling down around her ears this week when she walks out of the hospital to attend a helicopter crash, instead of facing up to her responsibil

It's Chaos ED!
Saturday 14 June,

Holby’s under-resourced emergency department is stretched to breaking point when neighbouring hospital St James’s closes its doors to patients this week, when its so busy it can’t cope.

Connie steps up her campaign against Zoe
Saturday 7 June,

Ruthless consultant Connie tells hospital boss Guy Self his Clinical Lead isn’t up to the job!

Zoe leadership reaches crisis point
Saturday 31 May,

Zoe struggles to manage the ED as mountains of paperwork, meetings and continually being short staffed takes its toll. Senior nurse Charlie takes her aside and gives her a dressing down.

Connie plays mind games with Ash and Zoe
Saturday 24 May,

Connie’s claws are out this week! The pushy consultant has her eye on Zoe’s Clinical Lead job and tries to use three recent deaths at the emergency department to her advantage.

Ash overdoses a patient!
Saturday 17 May,

Ash’s daughter Ella steals ketamine from the Holby doctor’s bag this week and, while her dad is at work, holds a party for her friends Clare and Jason!

Dixie is suspended!
Saturday 3 May,

The day of Dixie’s tribunal for misconduct arrives and she’s adopting a devil-may-care attitude.