Derek Thompson Charlie’s emergency mission to Romania
Saturday 16 May,

Nurse, Charlie Fairhead, and Holby City ED’s clinical lead, Connie Beauchamp, are in Romania for a very special episode!

Amanda Mealing Connie’s released... Does she want revenge?
Saturday 2 May,

Last week Connie was charged with the murder of terminally ill Alfred Maxwell, after nurse manager Rita hid evidence that could prove her innocence.

Amanda Mealing Connie's charged with murder!
Saturday 25 April,

Last week we saw Connie being carted off in handcuffs by the police, accused of helping terminally ill patient, Alfred Maxwell, end his life.

Amanda Mealing, Michael Byrne Connie's arrested for murder!
Saturday 18 April,

As the credits rolled last week it was unclear if Holby ED’s clinical lead, Connie, had finally relented to terminally ill Alfred’s plea to end his life.

Richard Winsor Cal gets his comeuppance!
Saturday 11 April,

Soft-hearted Ethan is on the verge of forgiving his brother, Cal, for stealing his £15,000 inheritance… until Cal reverts to his old ways!

Amanda Mealing Connie, help me die!
Saturday 4 April,

In a moving moment this week Motor Neurone Disease sufferer Alfred Maxwell begs Holby City’s clinical lead, Connie Beauchamp to help him die…

Sunetra Sarker Zoe’s life or death groundhog night!
Saturday 28 March,

In a special one-off episode, Casualty consultant Zoe Hanna experiences an extraordinary nightshift reminiscent of movies Sliding Doors and Groundhog Day!

rita, casualty There's no Casualty on Saturday due to The Voice live shows
Saturday 21 March,

Casualty does not screen this Saturday as The Voice UK goes live ahead of the semi-finals next week. Casualty wil be back in its usual slot, 9.05pm, next Saturday.

Crystal Yu Lily crashes – then resigns!
Saturday 14 March,

Exhausted and overworked Lily crashes her moped into a schoolgirl on the way home from another gruelling shift at the hospital. While Lily is physically okay, she’s emotionally distraught.

amanda mealing Connie and Rita's showdown!
Saturday 7 March,

When junior doctor Lily literally drops from exhaustion this week, nurse manager Rita knows Connie needs to be challenged.

Jane Hazlegrove Dixie’s on the edge… of a cliff!
Saturday 28 February,

Paramedics Dixie and Iain are at odds this week when it comes to their working methods. Dixie’s still traumatised from partner Jeff’s death, making her more cautious at work.

Connie’s painful secret mission!
Saturday 21 February,

After the recent critical report about the ED, Connie’s determined to drive up standards, but she riles Rita by dishing out patient surveys about her nurses, and makes the junior doctors jumpy by

Has Ethan lost his Valentine?
Saturday 14 February,

He’s no Don Juan but this week shy doctor Ethan decides it’s time to man up and make his move on Honey.

Connie's pride takes a dive!
Saturday 7 February,

Connie is confident Holby ED will pass an inspection with flying colours this week.

Big Mac’s big gamble!
Saturday 31 January,

Big Mac has a big problem. The healthcare assistant is broke!

Rita's haunted by her creepy ex-husband
Saturday 24 January,

It’s an exciting day for Rita, who officially takes over from Tess as Holby ED’s new Clinical Nurse Manager.

Connie plots revenge!
Saturday 17 January,

ED clinical lead Connie Beauchamp hits the bottle as she struggles to accept her daughter Grace has left home to live with her gran.

Zoe's heartbreak!
Saturday 10 January,

After months of blowing hot and cold with her lovelorn ex, Max, Zoe realises she finally needs to be honest about her feelings for the handsome young hospital porter this week.

Social services come calling on Connie!
Saturday 3 January,

It’s New Year’s Eve in Holby and clinical lead Connie is summoned to a meeting with social services.

There's no Casualty this Saturday
Saturday 20 December,
Honey’s secret is revealed!
Saturday 13 December,

Noel can’t help noticing tea lady Honey has taken a shine to him.

Cal gets called by a beautiful patient!
Saturday 6 December,

This week Cal wakes up naked, hung over and late for work on a hotel bathroom floor!

Honey's trapped and exposed!
Saturday 29 November,

Mild-mannered Holby ED doctor Ethan sees more of tea lady Honey than he’d bargained for this week when he allows his brother Cal to bring him to a strip club!

Is angry Ash for the chop?
Saturday 22 November,

Since paramedic Jeff Collier died in the line of duty while saving the life of Ash, the troubled doctor has been bottling up his feelings of shame and anger.