Amanda Mealing, Casualty Connie's bitten by the green-eyed monster!
Saturday 21 May,

Connie’s jaw drops when she discovers her ex Jacob and the ED’s new consultant Elle Gardner have known each other since they were at school.

Crystal Yu, Amanda Henderson, Casualty There's no Casualty this Saturday
Saturday 14 May,

The BBC's long-running medical drama isn't screening this Saturday due to live coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest Final from Stockholm. It returns next week in its usual slot.

Sunetra Sarker, Casualty Will 'Zax' be stopped in their tracks?
Saturday 7 May,

This week Zoe and Max wake up in Zoe’s after a night of passion!

Sunetra Sarker, Jamie Davis, Casualty Is there hope for Zoe and Max?
Saturday 30 April,

Consultant Zoe Hanna’s day gets off to a bad start when she wakes up with the hangover from hell and drinker’s remorse!

Charles Dale, Big Mac, Casualty Big Mac hits a devious new low!
Saturday 23 April,

Big Mac wakes up in a foul mood as withdrawal symptoms from his painkiller addiction sets in. Later at work he’s desperate for more pills, but every time he tries to steal some he’s interrupted.

Rita’s paedophile trauma!
Saturday 16 April,

Rita is at her nursing best while she attends to a young woman calling herself Jane Eyre, who’s been involved in a traffic accident.

Big Mac, Charles Dale, Casualty Will Big Mac steal hospital drugs?
Saturday 9 April,

When we catch up with Big Mac this week he’s on a short fuse and struggling to get through his shift.

Amanda Mealing, Casualty Connie’s forced into making a heartbreaking decision
Saturday 2 April,

Clinical lead Connie is torn this week as her daughter Grace repeats her ultimatum – you can either have me in your life, or carry on your relationship with Jacob!

Amanda Mealing, Connie Beauchamp, Casualty Connie’s taken hostage by a convicted murderer!
Saturday 26 March,

Connie’s day gets off to a bad start when her childminder lets her down, and she’s forced to take daughter Grace to work.

Lee Mead, Lofty, Casualty Lofty resigns after an emotional ED shift!
Saturday 12 March,

It’s a day of reckoning for Lofty, as the hospital board plan a hearing into the death of agency nurse Diana…

Cal and Ethan divided over their dying mother!
Saturday 5 March,

Clinical Lead Connie Beauchamp is on the warpath this week, and Cal’s in danger of being fired when he fails to show up to work yet again!

Lee Mead, Casualty Lofty’s darkest day?
Saturday 27 February,

Recently promoted Lofty finds himself in charge of the ED nursing staff this week while senior nurses Rita and Charlie attend a course.

Charles Dale Big Mac is rumbled!
Saturday 20 February,

Big Mac’s secrets are exposed this week when Mercedes is admitted to the ED under police arrest!

George Rainsford, Richard Winsor Ethan and Cal are at war!
Saturday 13 February,

The atmosphere between Ethan and Cal is Arctic following last week’s revelations!

George Rainsford, Casualty Ethan discovers he’s adopted – and more besides!
Saturday 6 February,

Ethan has no regrets in withdrawing his resignation and he and Lily gel when working with an autistic girl, who needs additional support, this week.

George Rainsford, Ethan, Casualty Both Ethan AND Dixie call it quits!
Saturday 30 January,

There’s something in the air in Holby ED this week, as disillusioned doctor Ethan, and popular paramedic Dixie are both tempted to quit their jobs and relocate!

Hannah Spearritt Hannah Spearritt joins Casualty!
Saturday 23 January,

Primeval star and S Club 7 singer Hannah Spearritt makes quite an impact when she joins the cast of Casualty this week!

George Rainsford Ethan's in crisis!
Saturday 16 January,

Doctor Ethan Hardy faces the toughest hospital shift in his career this week.

Jane Hazlegrove Dixie to the rescue, in action woman fashion!
Saturday 9 January,

Dixie finds herself unexpectedly propelled back into HART medic Jess’s life again this week when she and paramedic partner Iain are called to a domestic incident and the patient turns out to be Je

Richard Winsor, Derek Thompson, Casualty Cal’s on a deadly downward spiral!
Saturday 2 January,

Cal spirals out of control this week after a terrible working day. The dejected doctor still hasn’t told his brother Ethan they’re both adopted and may have Huntington’s disease.

Richard Winsor Cal’s mother of all Christmases!
Saturday 19 December,

Cal thinks all his Christmases have come at once when Charlie reveals he’s pulled in a favour and found out where Cal’s birth mum is.

Amanda Mealing The morning after the night before
Saturday 12 December,

This week Connie and Jacob wake up in the clinical lead’s bed, having spent the night together.

george rainsford, Richard Winsor Cal wants to find his birth mother
Saturday 5 December,

Cal’s still reeling from the revelation he’s adopted and Ethan may not be his brother. This week, in a state of confusion, Cal makes the life-changing decision to look for his real mum!

Richard Winsor, george rainsford Cal’s adoption crisis!
Saturday 28 November,

It’s bombshell after bombshell for doctor Cal Knight in this week’s Casualty.

george rainsford, Richard winsor Cal’s in pieces when Matilda's rushed to hospital
Saturday 21 November,

Since baby Matilda was dumped on Cal by his jailbird ex, Taylor, he’s become an utterly devoted dad.