This is the Way the World Ends This is the Way the World Ends
Friday 15 June,
Dexter was struggling to survive in the water, and was about to say his goodbyes to the world when he was rescued by a boat filled with illegal immigrants.
Talk to the Hand Talk to the Hand
Friday 8 June,
Dexter, Deb and the team attended the crime scene at the boat where they found traces of poison gas and the body of Holly dumped in the ocean.
Ricochet Rabbit Ricochet Rabbit
Friday 1 June,
Dexter discovered Gellar’s body in the freezer, a long time dead: ‘Travis is the only Doomsday Killer and I have made a terrible mistake.’
Get Gellar Get Gellar
Friday 25 May,
Dexter and Travis were in the lair making plans to find Gellar, and Dexter booked Travis into a hotel for his own safety so that Gellar couldn't find him.
Sin of Omission Sin of Omission
Friday 18 May,
Dexter returned from Nebraska, taking doughnuts to apologise to a stressed-out Deb for taking so long off work.
Nebraska Nebraska
Friday 11 May,
Dexter was on his boat alongside a vision of his brother Brian, the Ice Truck Killer, when he received a call from Deb. She had some shocking news.
Just Let Go Just Let Go
Friday 4 May,
Dexter was tailing Travis when Deb called to say that Brother Sam had been shot. At the scene, Dexter took a blood sample from the baseball bat he used to attack the gang.
The Angel of Death The Angel of Death
Friday 27 April,
Dexter analysed the angel’s wings attached to the latest Doomsday victim and found a piece of rare glue used in ancient manuscript restoration.
A Horse of a Different Colour A Horse of a Different Colour
Friday 20 April,
Dexter had a religious debate with Brother Sam after watching him baptising born-again Christians in the sea.
Smokey and the Bandit Smokey and the Bandit
Friday 13 April,
Dexter was called to a homicide. It was a prostitute, strangled and beaten. Quinn turned up at the crime scene with another woman and told Batista that Deb had ditched him.
Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time
Friday 6 April,
As the detectives continued investigating the death of Omar, the fruit stand owner, a body shop owner and former criminal called Brother Sam came into the station to answer questions about Omar’s dea
Those Kinds of Things Those Kinds of Things
Friday 30 March,
As the series returned, Dexter continued to carry out his darkest urges, taking bloody revenge on a pair of paramedics who had been allowing people to die in order to harvest their organs for money.
Hop a Freighter Hop a Freighter
Friday 26 August,
As Lumen and Dexter made plans to kill Chase, Dexter realised that they were being filmed.
In the Beginning In the Beginning
Friday 19 August,
Realising that Chase was onto him and Lumen, Dexter sent Harrison to stay with Rita’s parents to protect him.
Teenage Wasteland Teenage Wasteland
Friday 12 August,
Dexter was intrigued when he spotted a vial of blood hanging around Chase’s neck, and wondered how he could get his hands on the necklace.
Take It! Take It!
Friday 5 August,
Dexter attended one of Jordan Chase’s seminars to check it out and Cole Harmon let him know that Chase spotted him from the stage and wanted to speak with him.
Everything is Illumenated Everything is Illumenated
Friday 29 July,
With Dexter’s house on the market, Deb helped him pack up his things.
Circle Us Circle Us
Friday 29 July,
A group of men loaded Boyd Fowler’s barrels containing the female victims into the back of a pick-up truck.
First Blood First Blood
Friday 15 July,
Dexter meets Lumen for coffee and says she should leave Miami and go home to Minneapolis, but she tells him she has unfinished business.
Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast
Friday 8 July,
After befriending serial killer Boyd Fowler, Dexter accompanied him on a job and tried to incapacitate him with his syringe, only for Fowler to shoot Dexter with his tranquiliser gun before he went d
Practically Perfect Practically Perfect
Friday 1 July,
Following Rita’s murder, Dexter brought Cody and Astor to live in his apartment, but they weren’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of living in such a cramped space.
Hello, Bandit Hello, Bandit
Friday 24 June,
Dexter's relief at finally dispatching the Trinity Killer turned to horror and sorrow when he arrived home to discover wife Rita had been murdered by Trinity in front of their baby son Harrison.
My Bad My Bad
Friday 17 June,
In the brilliant fourth series, Dexter battled his most chilling adversary yet - the Trinity Killer, who murdered his victims in three different ways: a woman bleeding to death in a bath; a mother-of
Wish You Were Here/The Getaway Wish You Were Here/The Getaway
Friday 29 October,
First of a double bill series finale. The cops are close to learning Trinity's identity and Dexter attempts to lead them astray to protect his secret life.
Lost Boys Lost Boys
Friday 22 October,
Dexter follows Trinity to an amusement arcade and is stunned when he abducts a 10-year-old boy, Scott. Trinity disappears with the boy, however, but Dexter is determined to find him.