doctor who Under The Lake
Saturday 3 October,

The Doctor and Clara find themselves deep underwater this week where they're attacked by an army of creepy hollow-eyed ghosts in a terrifying new two-part adventure.

The Witch's Familiar
Saturday 26 September,

While it appeared Missy and Clara were killed by Daleks last week, in the warped but wondrous world of Doctor Who things are never as they seem and you couldn’t keep a bad lady like Missy dead for

The Magician’s Apprentice
Saturday 19 September,

When a mysterious young boy flees from a battlefield, the Doctor arrives to try to save him in the nick of time.

Last Christmas
Thursday 25 December,

When Santa and his two elf helpers, The Wolf and Ian, crash their sleigh into the snowy roof of Clara Oswald's house, she's stunned.

Death in heaven
Saturday 8 November,

With Cybermen still on the loose in London the Doctor is locked in a race against time to save mankind.

Karen uncovers secrets between a mother and son
Monday 3 November,

Peter is staying with his mother, Rose, when she hurts her back. Peter brings her to The Mill and Karen suspects Peter may be abusing his mother.

Dark Water
Saturday 1 November,

The Doctor faces one of his oldest and most fearsome enemies in the opening episode of the two-part series finale.

In the Forest of the Night
Saturday 25 October,

The Doctor lands in London this week, but gets the shock of his life when he opens the doors of the TARDIS to discover Trafalgar Square is now engulfed by a massive forest!

Saturday 18 October,

There's a menace from another dimension giving the Doctor grief this week, and it seems there's no place to hide from this new foe!

Mummy on the Orient Express
Saturday 11 October,

The Doctor and Clara are trapped on a space-age Orient Express and there's an evil Mummy murdering the terrified passengers one by one!

Kill the Moon
Saturday 4 October,

There are some inexplicable events happening on the Moon in 2049, as the Doctor, Clara, and Clara's 15-year-old pupil Courtney, discover when they find themselves on an eventful trip there this we

The Caretaker
Saturday 27 September,

The Doctor comes face to face with Danny Pink, the teacher Clara's dating, as he fights to save the planet from a terrifying alien.

Time Heist
Saturday 20 September,

Lovestruck Clara is on cloud nine as she prepares for her second date with fellow teacher Danny Pink this week, but then comes a phone call that throws her romantic plans out of the window.

Is Clara's romance with Danny doomed?
Saturday 13 September,

When Clara's not on her intergalactic travels with the Doctor, she enjoys her teaching job at Coal Hill School, where she recently got friendly with maths teacher, Danny Pink, a former soldier.

Into The Dalek
Saturday 30 August,

The new Doctor finds himself in one of the most bizarre and dangerous places he's ever been after a lone Dalek is picked up by the Commander Galactic Resistance, a band of soldiers determined to d

Deep Breath
Saturday 23 August,

Peter Capaldi begins his reign as Doctor Who in an adventure which sees him facing zombie robots and a huge dinosaur, all with the help of some familiar friends...

The Time Of The Doctor
Wednesday 25 December,

*Christmas 2013 special*

The Day Of The Doctor
Saturday 23 November,

This Saturday it's exactly 50 years since classic sci-fi series Doctor Who began in 1963, and the BBC is celebrating with its most adventurous one-off episode, The Day of The Doctor.

The Name of the Doctor
Saturday 18 May,

Flashbacks of the Doctor’s many lives reveal that Clara, aka the Impossible Girl, was born to save the Time Lord, but she doesn’t know why.

Nightmare in Silver
Saturday 11 May,

The Doctor and Clara take Angie and Artie (Clara's charges) to an Earth Empire planet in the far future to visit the greatest theme park in the galaxy, Hedgewick’s World of Wonders.

The Crimson Horror
Saturday 4 May,

In 1893 Yorkshire, bodies are being washed up all bright red and waxy in the river of a mill town.

Journey to the Centre of the Tardis
Saturday 27 April,

Salvage operators Gregor (Ashley Walters) and Bram (Mark Oliver) operate the Van Baalen intergalactic outfit with the assistance of an android called Tricky ((Jahvel Hall).

Saturday 20 April,

One stormy night in November 1974, Major Alec Palmer (Dougray Scott) and his assistant Emma Grayling (Jessica Raine) try to make contact with a spectre, known as the Witch of the Well, which has b

Cold War
Saturday 13 April,

It’s 1983. The USA and the USSR are in the grip of a second Cold War, while Ultravox and Duran Duran rule the airwaves.

The Rings of Akhaten
Saturday 6 April,

The Doctor visits various points in time to watch Clara grow – from 1981, when a stray leaf brought her parents Dave (Michael Dixon) and Ellie (Nicola Siân) together, to 2005, when Clara’s mother