JImmi stops an abusive mother
Friday 27 February,

A troubled patient, Alfie, tells Jimmi he's had a premonition that someone is going to hurt him.

Ayesha has a date with Andy
Thursday 26 February,

Ayesha has a date with Andy, Sierra's social worker. They talk about the possibility of Tracey taking care of her full time.

Will Niamh take Al back?
Wednesday 25 February,

Al asks Niamh for a drink after work, and they talk things through. She's still unhappy about Al not thinking she can be a good doctor. She says he's the only one that doesn't believe in her.

Will Heston expose Gary?
Tuesday 24 February,

It is the day of the Council Planning Meeting and Heston is ready to do his best to halt the proposed development.

Al hears Franc confess
Monday 23 February,

Al overhears Franc confessing to Gary that he set the fire and immediately rings Howard with the news. Meanwhile, Gary admits to Daniel that Franc is in his employ.

The staff face a difficult task
Friday 20 February,

Howard is thrilled when the tents are put up, however, the rest of the surgery are not so enamoured of the difficult conditions, namely the cold.

Howard surveys the damage to The Mill
Thursday 19 February,

Howard is called back to The Mill in the evening, where he finds the Emergency Services dealing with a fire.

Zara helps a young couple
Wednesday 18 February,

Blake pretends to be the father when his young son, Corey, gets an 18-year-old girl, Leah, pregnant.

Franc makes a deal with the Devil...
Tuesday 17 February,

Al monitors Franc's conversations and finds himself making excuses for him - he just wants to see his daughter.

Barry bids Valerie a fond farewell
Monday 16 February,

Valerie is on top of the world after getting offered a job with a Pharmaceutical Sales Company.

Has Valerie won the election?
Friday 13 February,

Mrs Tembe announces that Heston is way out in the lead in the exit polls for councillor. They all attend the final count while Jimmi and Karen listen to the results over the radio.

Heston’s behaviour loses him votes
Thursday 12 February,

It's voting day and Mrs Tembe ropes Heston into driving some 'old dears' to the polling station but, along the way, he gets into a spot of road rage.

Zara helps a woman with depression
Wednesday 11 February,

Aileen comes to see Zara at The Mill, she's starting a new job but is feeling anxious. Later, Aileen tries to talk to a customer and when she's ignored, she flips and runs away.

Al agrees to spy on Franc
Tuesday 10 February,

Howard is closing in on Franc – Al's got his credit report and discovers he's heavily in debt. He's put a tracker on Fran's phone and, when he returns it, the surveillance begins.

Daniel has a day to forget
Monday 9 February,

When Joe's precious toy bunny goes missing, Howard confesses he might have taken it to a charity shop as lost property.

It's Valerie verses Heston!
Friday 6 February,

Valerie and Heston have their interview with Patrick Burns on 'Midlands Today' as candidates for the local elections.

Niamh helps a warring couple
Thursday 5 February,

Scott and Madelyne are separated and Madelyne tells their son, Nathan, that she’s moving to Canada - and she wants him to come with her.

professor knott Is Professor Knott losing her memory?
Thursday 5 February,

Professor Knott gets flustered with Al when he questions her memory while her cleaner, Mrs Scully, is stressed due to her impending disciplinary at the University over the allegations of theft.

Daniel helps a single mother
Wednesday 4 February,

Heston bumps into an old colleague, Cath, as he prepares to speak out against a new housing development.

Jimmi finds a missing child
Tuesday 3 February,

A small boy is found wandering alone in the middle of the night and Jimmi takes care of him while waiting for child services.

Karen and Rob have unwanted guests
Monday 2 February,

Karen and Rob are door-stepped by a couple, Brendan and Judith, who they met while on their honeymoon.

Zara witnesses a road accident
Friday 30 January,

Zara witnesses the aftermath of a road accident. A woman lies dead in the road, her ID identifying her as the mother of one of Zara's young patients.

Is a wealthy lady all she seems?
Thursday 29 January,

The glamorous Mrs Waverly revels in her wealth until Mrs Merriam accosts her at The Mill, accusing her of theft.

Franc kisses Niamh!
Wednesday 28 January,

Heston find out that Valerie has decided to run against him! Meanwhile, Franc offers Niamh a glass of wine and they toast to saving lives.

Howard goes on a riotous stag do!
Tuesday 27 January,

Howard unchains Ed from railings after his stag night and when he checks his phone he has received naked pictures of himself from his friend Tommy.