Heston Carter Sid collapses!
Friday 27 November,

Sid has been struggling to keep up with his workload and, at the end of the day, just as Valerie returns from the hospital, Sid faints.

Al Haskey Al and Mo get it on
Thursday 26 November,

Al wakes up in bed with Mo. He tries to sneak out but Rob gives him a dressing down – he's going to be keeping an eye on him. Al confesses to Jimmi that he got lucky.

Heston Carter Heston tries to kiss Ruhma
Wednesday 25 November,

Ruhma goes round to Heston's house and although the evening gets off to an awkward start things start to warm up when Ruhma confesses that she's having housing difficulties and Heston offers to pu

Karen Hollins Karen and Rob have a visitor
Tuesday 24 November,

Rob gets a call from his cousin Mo. She's coming over. When Mo turns up, Karen is gobsmacked to find she is a grungy, beer swilling Amazonian.

Valerie Pitman Valerie goes for her biopsy
Monday 23 November,

At St. Phil's, Valerie meets nurse, Nina, but once alone she begins to cry. She also meets fellow cancer patient Claire Matthews.

amelia Can Amelia forgive her father?
Friday 20 November,

Amelia tells Emma about Stuart, the man she considers her father and is shocked to learn that not only were Emma and Howard expecting a baby, but that Emma miscarried as well.

Heston Carter Heston takes Ruhma on a date
Thursday 19 November,

Heston takes Ruhma to a fancy restaurant but Ruhma immediately has opinions about the posh nosh, However, Heston's delighted when Ruhma says that she has been telling some of her friends about him

Jimmi Clay Jimmi and Al are feeling playful
Wednesday 18 November,

Mrs Tembe finds Sid has covered the reception in posters for the antibiotic awareness day. Later, he falls asleep in the staff room, so Jimmi takes a photograph – much to Al's delight.

Amelia Amelia confronts Emma
Tuesday 17 November,

Emma opens the front door and is stunned to find Howard's daughter Amelia standing there.

Mrs Tembe A desperate woman needs Mrs Tembe's help
Monday 16 November,

Mrs Tembe meets Yvonne but they're interrupted by Yvonne's boyfriend Ross and something in his manner makes Mrs Tembe uneasy.

Emma Reid Emma meets Amelia
Friday 13 November,

Emma turns up at Amelia's, wanting to talk about Howard.

Emma Reid Emma meets Howard's solicitor
Thursday 12 November,

Emma visits Howard's solicitor, Richard Thackeray, to be told that Howard has left her some money and that Howard's daughter Amelia has refused the same offer.

Doctor Bassey Doctor Bassey arrives on Campus
Wednesday 11 November,

The Campus locum Dr Bassey sees her first patient Sophie, who thinks she may have fractured her wrist while out drinking.

Toyah Wilcox The team have a scary day out
Tuesday 10 November,

The team arrive at an abandoned hospital for their team building day. Suddenly Bill appears and splits into two teams to survive a Zombie invasion.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe gives Al some advice
Monday 9 November,

Al crosses paths with an old Professor of his and, after he's examined him, Mrs Tembe comments that his problem sounds familiar.

Heston Carter Daniel and Ruhma wind up Heston
Friday 6 November,

When Ruhma takes a delivery of meat from a friend, she pops it the fridge and can't resist winding Heston up, telling him it's a placenta. Heston heaves and later tells Daniel.

Heston Carter Heston and Ruhma kiss!
Friday 6 November,

Heston and Ruhma argue about parenting and it escalates when Ruhma finds out that Heston went to boarding school - that doesn't surprise her at all.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe averts a disaster
Wednesday 4 November,

Mrs Tembe discovers Ayesha has fireworks indoors and demands she put them somewhere safe. She then tells Heston the hospital trust have agreed to Ruhma working at The Mill – she starts tomorrow!

Doctors Valerie breaks down at her own party!
Tuesday 3 November,

Valerie shows the group a kitchen knife at her Cooks Heaven party but suddenly the smoke alarm starts to wail and Ayesha announces the night is a hoot as she helps herself to Rob's beer from the f

Emma Reid Emma opens up to Ruhma
Monday 2 November,

Jimmi’s annoyed when Mrs Tembe pushes again for Ruhma to join the Mill as a part-time midwife – it’s the wrong time and she’s clashed with Heston.

Ayesha Lee Can Ayesha and Sid really just be friends?
Friday 30 October,

Ayesha and Sid hit a club but Ayesha freaks out when Sid throws her a seductive look. Sid tells her the looks were aimed at someone else not her!

Heston Carter Heston clashes with Ruhma
Thursday 29 October,

Mrs Tembe organises a meeting with Ruhma about becoming a part-time midwife at The Mill.

Ruhma Ruhma helps a trouble patient
Wednesday 28 October,

Ruhma arrives at The Mill for an appointment with Mrs Tembe but Valerie insists that she must have made a mistake as there's no record of their meeting.

Valerie Valerie is back!
Tuesday 27 October,

Mrs Tembe and Heston marvel as the replacement receptionist arrives – Valerie!

Al Haskey Al almost loses a patient
Monday 26 October,

Luke tells Al about his headaches that are driving him nuts but Al's disinterested and puts it down to a heavy night. But when Al calls Luke, he claims he's already self-medicated.