Heston Carter Heston helps an elderly widow
Wednesday 7 October,

Heston gets a reminder that appearances can be deceptive when an elderly vagrant gets into his car.

Niamh Donoghue Niamh counsels Emma
Tuesday 6 October,

Emma tells Niamh and Ayesha that Howard is the father of her baby and anguishes over her situation - how could she be so stupid? Niamh counsels Emma but insists she must tell Howard.

Zara Carmichael Will Zara go back to work?
Monday 5 October,

Zara's not adjusting well to staying at home. Howard visits with some paperwork and winds her up when he suggests she hasn't found a replacement yet.

Emma Reid Is Emma pregnant?
Friday 2 October,

Emma says food has started to taste metallic and Karen is shocked; she met a man with the same problem who had a brain tumour. Emma makes an appointment with her doctor.

Al Haskey Will Al follow his head or his heart?
Thursday 1 October,

Al tells Niamh that he has a momentous decision to make, and she asks him whether it means he would lose control of the invention.

Al Haskey Al receives a lucrative offer
Wednesday 30 September,

Al receives a phone call from a mysterious American, saying that he wants to talk to the man behind the idea, not the money man.

Zara Carmichael Zara gets an unexpected visitor
Tuesday 29 September,

When Zara's neighbour Tess asks her to look after her elderly mother, Zara reluctantly accepts, but soon regrets it when Ingrid criticises her home.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha can't keep up with Hayden
Monday 28 September,

Ayesha turns up for work late, feeling rough after partying the previous night with Hayden. Meanwhile, Hayden's full of energy and tries to persuade her to go out on the town again.

NIamh Donoghue Niamh wakes up with Hayden
Friday 25 September,

Niamh wakes up with a sore head to find Hayden beside her. Meanwhile, Ayesha is acting oddly around Niamh, so she confronts her.

Niamh Donoghue Can the girls finish Challenge Max?
Thursday 24 September,

It is the morning of Challenge Max but Ayesha and Niamh arrive to discover that it's not merely a fun-run, but a tough, cross-country test.

Daniel Granger Daniel helps a man accept his sexuality
Wednesday 23 September,

Irene is preparing to move to Australia with her son, Vince, whose wife and child are already out there. Vince panics when he realises the bathroom has been cleared out, along with his pills.

Al Haskey Will Al and Howard leave The Mill?
Tuesday 22 September,

When Karen hands Al a thank you card from a happy patient, he tells Howard he's still committed to their new venture but he can't give up being a doctor.

Al haskey Will Al and Howard get their investment?
Monday 21 September,

Al and Howard make a pitch for his new invention to the eccentric Venture Capitalist and potential investor Jitin Bedi.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe needs Howard's help
Friday 18 September,

Mrs Tembe is worried about the lack of morale at work - Jimmi's in a bad mood, Karen's upset by all the Treehouse events and Emma can barely stay awake.

Niamh Donoghue Niamh faces a tough situation
Thursday 17 September,

Danielle bursts in to the surgery - her mother has collapsed. Jane's taken to the hospital but falls into a coma that she may never wake up from.

Ayesha Lee Does Hayden fancy Ayesha?
Wednesday 16 September,

Ayesha's feeling ill and bails on Hayden's night out, so he attempts to organise drinks with his other colleagues. He manages to persuade Howard, who invites Al, who invites Jimmi.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe learns a valuable lesson
Tuesday 15 September,

Mrs Tembe, Niamh and Ayesha help Reverend Hogan clean the church hall for a WI meeting.

DCI Driver Will Driver accept Noakes' apology?
Monday 14 September,

Supt. Noakes tells DCI Driver that he will call the social workers and get the adoption process back on track and later tells Rob he's been reinstated.

Fleeshman DCI Fleeshman interrogates Daisy
Friday 11 September,

Daisy admits to not feeling anything for the crimes that she has committed and played a part for her own monetary gain.

Karen Hollins Karen identifies the mole
Thursday 10 September,

*Hour-Long Episode*

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe visits a care home
Wednesday 9 September,

Nursing home resident Herb is convinced his wife Joan, who died a couple of months ago, was murdered.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha helps a troubled student
Tuesday 8 September,

Ayesha helps a student when she discovers that he didn't finish his course last year and is currently living on his overdraft to stay with a fellow student he fancies.

Daniel Granger Daniel helps a traumatised girl
Monday 7 September,

Daniel meets a young girl, Mia, and takes her back to the surgery where he notices she has red marks on her arms where she's been held down. Clearly, Mia has been the victim of abuse.

Rob Hollins Andy and Rob are being watched
Friday 4 September,

Andy and Rob put their heads together – how are they going to get the bag if they're being watched? Andy has a suggestion – Karen can do it.

Howard Bellamy Howard and Daisy search Rob's house
Thursday 3 September,

Supt. Noakes tells Howard and Daisy to do a search on Rob's house, so Rob hastily hides Andy upstairs. Howard and Daisy leave and Karen goes to get Andy out the garage but Rob stops her.