Rob and Karen renew their wedding vows
Friday 19 December,

Rob and Karen prepare to celebrate the renewal of their wedding vows. Waiting outside for their taxi, Rob enjoys a game of catch with his son when Karen opens the front door.

Can Mrs Tembe help Eddie?
Thursday 18 December,

In the Children's Ward, Susan reminds Mrs Tembe they are without a Santa so Mrs Tembe asks Eddie, a volunteer. But Eddie says Susan won't have him as Santa because he is black.

Karen has an eventful hen party
Wednesday 17 December,

Karen fears her hen night is in danger of becoming a bit of a non-event when the theme of cops and robbers is met with little enthusiasm.

Emma and Franc have a drunken fumble
Tuesday 16 December,

Barry plucks up the courage to tell Valerie how he feels at Al and Niamh's yuletide party, but his declaration of love is drowned out by the music.

Valerie helps a father and son
Monday 15 December,

Valerie meets Ned at a Speed Awareness Course, and he admits he's taking the class for the places of his alcoholic dad, Benny.

Daniel is detained by airport immigration
Friday 12 December,

Daniel returns from Australia and is detained at the airport by migration. He meets Jenkinson, who is here with his young bride, Luisa.

Al makes his debut as Santa
Thursday 11 December,

Al isn't sure he's cut out to be Santa and neither is Mrs Tembe.

Emma has her eye on Franc
Wednesday 10 December,

Franc offers to go Christmas shopping with Emma. She returns to the surgery and tells Ayesha that she may have been too quick to judge Franc - he's a lovely, generous man!

Heston helps deliver a baby
Tuesday 9 December,

Sue is eight months pregnant and she and her cash-strapped partner David are being threatened with eviction, and ask Heston for help.

Al and the team play patient bingo
Monday 8 December,

Al devises a game for the doctors to play and when Karen realises they are playing patient bingo she's initially amused.

Franc gets caught up in a robbery
Friday 5 December,

Franc gets caught up in an apparent armed robbery at a mini-mart, but Parvati, the shop owner calls Mitch's bluff - he doesn't really have a gun.

A tense Valerie fears for her job
Thursday 4 December,

Rob is struggling with the responsibility of organising his wedding, while Valerie unintentionally winds Karen up about letting Rob plan the wedding.

Niamh is in grave danger
Wednesday 3 December,

Roy, 44, tries to make amends with his estranged wife before being viciously attacked by a crowd of men. He phones the surgery and Niamh visits him at work - a scrap yard.

Has Bren lost Ayesha for good?
Tuesday 2 December,

A drunk Bren shows up at the Mill, but when Ayesha has to explain why Bren doesn't have access any more, she becomes angry and abusive.

Has Ayesha finally given up on Bren?
Friday 28 November,

Ayesha finds Bren at home and persuades her to come to the panel meeting otherwise they will take Sierra into care.

Rob proposes... again!
Thursday 27 November,

While Christmas shopping, Karen tells Rob she has some memories coming back but she'd like to remember more about when she was dating Rob and about their wedding day.

Emma investigates patient Jeanie's death...
Wednesday 26 November,

DS Cunningham is investigating the death of Emma's patient, Jeanie. In a flashback, Jeanie tells Emma she's new to the area and has been having headaches.

Al has a homebrew disaster
Tuesday 25 November,

Al is making homebrew but finds that something has gone wrong and Howard suggests that he speaks to an expert, Barry.

Ayesha and Sierra move out
Monday 24 November,

Ayesha finds Bren unconscious next to some empty cans of cider. While she's unloading shopping from the car, Ayesha hears Sierra scream. She rushes back inside to find Bren hugging Sierra hard.

Mrs Tembe gets a shocking phonecall
Friday 21 November,

Mrs Tembe gets a call from her brother Seretse in Botswana - her face drops as she tells him that she will be there soon. Later, she hears everyone laughing about Howard and defends him.