Can Ayesha and Mrs Tembe find common ground?
Friday 24 October,

Mrs Tembe accompanies Ayesha on her house calls and is determined to teach her about 'efficiency and time management'. Their 'patient' is a recovering heroin addict, Darren, and his baby.

Kevin investigates the dodgy death certificates
Thursday 23 October,

Heston reveals to Kevin that he has found several errors on death certificates by the same undertaker, Marvin Harris, and asks Kevin to help obtain the evidence.

Does a woman have stigmata wounds?
Wednesday 22 October,

Social worker Ros brings a young woman, Teresa, to the Campus Surgery, whose hands are streaked with blood.

Jimmi helps a man cope with his mother's death
Tuesday 21 October,

Tommy is at home pretending that his mother, Elspeth, hasn't died. Jimmi arrives at the house and, finding the door unlocked, he ventures inside to find Elspeth's dead body.

Emma plays a trick on Howard
Monday 20 October,

Mrs Tembe discovers Howard has been reading a book entitled 'Better Management Techniques' as he feels responsible for people leaving recently.

Al asks Naimh to move in!
Friday 17 October,

Al suggests that Naimh should move in with him, but Niamh is not keen and in truth he regrets asking.  Emma comes to her rescue and invites her to move into her house.  Kevin tells everyone he is

Ayesha lets off some steam
Thursday 16 October,

Ayesha noctices her friend Beckie has a wet patch on her dress and Beckie reveals she has stress incontinence from a tricky birth.

Will Zara force Kevin to leave?
Wednesday 15 October,

Zara is on Kevin's back about leaving, he really doesn't want to go but Zara points out if he leaves she will keep quiet.

Kevin may need a one-way ticket out of Letherbridge
Tuesday 14 October,

Hazel speaks to Kevin alone and tells him she accepts his explanation, but suggests he move away from an infatuated Poppy. Zara finds Poppy crying and gets the whole story out of her.

Rob locks horns with a DCI
Monday 13 October,

Rob is overseeing a demonstration about fracking with a rookie PC Natalie Caswell when she is attacked and Rob apprehends one of the demonstrators, Maya.

Howard and Heston get drunk and open up
Friday 10 October,

When Howard tells Heston about his night-time visits, Heston explains about his episodes and their link to his time with Marina.

Has Heston outstayed his welcome?
Thursday 9 October,

Howard wakes to see Heston climb into bed with him and makes a swift exit.

Al lets Naimh down again
Wednesday 8 October,

Al gets a disappointed Niamh on a computer-programming course as a surprise.

The gang throws Mandy a surprise party
Tuesday 7 October,

It's Mandy's last day, and she's dreading her appointment with Mortis, but his behaviour concerns her after he says some nonsensical phrases.

Jimmi helps when a woman is mugged
Monday 6 October,

Kay is out walking after arguing with her mother, Mary, when a mugger, Max grabs her purse and leaves her unconscious. Max finds the keys to her house and takes advantage of Mary's blindness.

Will Ayesha compromise her job to help a neighbour?
Friday 3 October,

Ayesha is running late for her interview at The Mill when she discovers her neighbour, Ray, collapsed. Ray is a heroin addict and Ayesha promises to return with food.

Mrs Tembe struggles with Heston's resignation
Thursday 2 October,

Mandy apologises to Heston for blaming him for Catriona's death and persuades him to get dressed and to take one step at a time before revealing that she has handed in her notice.

Niamh is shocked by Al's dismissive attitude
Wednesday 1 October,

Niamh and Al are all loved up until Al reveals his attitude towards Cat's suicide - just get on with it. Niamh is angered and hits below the belt, mentioning Al's over-involvement with Fliss.

Mandy confronts Catriona's attacker
Tuesday 30 September,

Mandy meets Rachel and confronts her with Catriona's suicide. Mandy almost becomes a victim herself but a young nurse called Ayesha comes to the rescue.

Is Rob's friendship with Mitch over?
Monday 29 September,

Inspector Harris interviews Mitch about Catriona's suicide. Harris points out that Catriona had a history of mental illness and that Mitch failed to take account of her state of mind.