Mrs Tembe Will Mrs Tembe leave The Mill?
Friday 12 February,

Emma's dismayed to learn that Mrs Tembe plans on leaving and resolves to make her feel appreciated. She enlists Anthony's help but he slyly points out that she shouldn’t hold people back.

Heston Carter Heston tries a different approach
Thursday 11 February,

Heston and Ruhma go for a walk, and Heston tries to persuade her to not let her past experiences dictate her future.

Niamh Donoghue Niamh is let down again
Wednesday 10 February,

Emma's concerned when Niamh says she's calling her mum - she's going to suggest a visit to Ireland. When Niamh enters in tears they fear the worst, but she's happy – her mum wants to see her.

Sid vere Who will win the sponsored bike ride?
Tuesday 9 February,

It's the day of the sponsored static bike race, and Anthony encourages the crowd to give generously to raise funds for Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Ruhma doctors Emotions run high for Heston and Ruhma
Monday 8 February,

Heston arrives for the piano concert and is pleased to find that his partner is Ruhma, until she confesses that she knows about his history of violence.

Karen Hollins Karen plays matchmaker
Friday 5 February,

Karen is scheming to get Heston and Ruhma back together and pretends that Rob has won a pair of tickets to a classical concert. First she asks Heston to come with her, and then asks Ruhma.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha tries to help Bren conquer her addiction
Thursday 4 February,

Ayesha asks Jimmi's advice about which rehab clinic is best but Jimmi warns her that, in order to do rehab, the patient has to really, really want to change.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha tries to help her mum
Wednesday 3 February,

Ayesha offers to get Bren into rehab, but she needs to show she's willing to change. Bren finally breaks down and pours her drink away.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe has a decision to make
Tuesday 2 February,

Anthony tells Mrs Tembe she should apply for the job at King's Green.

Al Haskey Al and Valerie work their magic
Monday 1 February,

As the staff gather for Al and Valerie's magic show, Valerie climbs inside a cabinet and Al starts to push swords through it.

Ruhma doctors Ruhma learns about Heston’s past
Friday 29 January,

A curious Ruhma looks for 'Heston Carter' online and is shocked to find an article about his violent altercation with Curtis Brown.

Daniel Granger Daniel visits a retirement home
Thursday 28 January,

Daniel arrives at Willow Downs retirement village, where Terry enquires about another resident Barbara, before admitting to having been in prison.

Niamh Donoghue Has Niamh met the man of her dreams?
Wednesday 27 January,

Niamh and Al are at a boring work conference when Niamh shares a smile with a handsome stranger Don; and the pair are soon heading up to a room.

Ruhma doctors Ruhma witnesses Heston's temper
Tuesday 26 January,

Heston's annoyed when he has to postpone lunch with Ruhma to reschedule a delivery at his house.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha meets an admirer
Monday 25 January,

In a local pub, Ayesha sees Jackson walk in with Dion and he's soon laying on the charm with Ayesha.

Heston Carter Heston and Ruhma get together
Friday 22 January,

Emma accidentally calls Anthony 'Howard' and Heston says it's her grief talking. Ruhma says that she wants to talk to him, and they agree to go for a walk.

Valerie Pitman Valerie makes a Bucket List!
Thursday 21 January,

Mrs Tembe suggests Valerie should make a Bucket List and everyone puts forward ideas.

Ruhma doctors Ruhma has a gift for Heston
Wednesday 20 January,

Al reveals to Heston that he split up with Mo, and is enjoying having everything to himself.

Rob Hollins Rob solves a missing person case
Tuesday 19 January,

Jules gets home, finds blood on the carpet and her husband Richard missing.

Anthony doctors Anthony starts at The Mill
Monday 18 January,

Anthony arrives for his first day as Practice Manager. Mrs Tembe does the rounds, introducing Anthony to Sid, who Anthony compliments for his antiobiotic campaign.

rob and karen hollins Doctors is on Christmas break!
Friday 15 January,

Doctors is taking a break for Christmas. The next visit to The Mill will be on Monday January 18 at 1.45pm on BBC1.

mrs tembe Doctors is on Christmas break!
Friday 8 January,

Doctors is taking a break for Christmas. It will be back on Monday January 18 at 1.45pm on BBC1.

mrs tembe Doctors is on a Christmas break!
Friday 1 January,

Doctors is taking a break for Christmas. It will be back on BBC1 on Monday January 18 at 1.45pm.

Doctors is on a Christmas break!
Friday 25 December,

Doctors is taking a break for Christmas. It will be back on BBC1 on Monday January 18 at 1.45pm.

Mrs Tembe Will Mrs Tembe get the Practice Manger job?
Friday 18 December,

Daniel and Jimmi conduct the interviews for Practice Manager. They ask Mrs Tembe for her thoughts on managing the practice.