There's no Doctors on Friday!
Friday 25 July,
There's no Doctors on Thursday!
Thursday 24 July,
Mrs Tembe's keeping a watchful eye on Josh...
Wednesday 23 July,

Josh is doing another shift at the church café and shares it with the shy but lovely Claire, a single mother who is making eyes at Josh.

Should Zara feel threatened by Toni?
Tuesday 22 July,

Daniel asks Zara if she can pick up a present for one of Joe's friend's birthdays; she agrees amicably to this request and seems to be in a good mood but, as Daniel frets about broaching the idea

Josh confides in Viv
Monday 21 July,

Struggling to control his thoughts during a summer when he's distracted by scantily-clad women, Josh takes refuge in St Bernadette's, where Viv finds him and tries to talk to him.

Howard uncovers secrets of World War One...
Friday 18 July,

Set months in the past, Howard is talking to forensic archaeologist Matt Jukes about his great-grandfather, Hugh Bellamy, who served in the First World War and went missing in action, never to be

Can Niamh help Khadija?
Thursday 17 July,

Young muslim Hasan is the man of the house during Ramadan but suspects his mother and sister are abusing the festival's rules of fasting to different extremes.

Mandy reveals Niamh's secret!
Wednesday 16 July,

Mandy notices Niamh seems a little out of sorts and tries to get her to open up about how she's feeling.

Should Zara and Daniel be wary of Toni?
Tuesday 15 July,

When Howard reveals that Emma's broken her ankle during a home visit by tripping over a patient's dog, Zara fears she could get saddled with Emma's Well Woman clinics and quickly suggests they sho

Heston sees a clairvoyant!
Monday 14 July,

It's Josh's first day working at the church café and Mrs Tembe asks Heston if he would join her for lunch as she would like to show her support.

Is Karen happy to be home?
Friday 11 July,

It's Karen's first morning back home and she wakes up full of joy.

Josh has news for Mrs Tembe
Thursday 10 July,

Mrs Tembe leaves Josh a good luck message as he goes for his interview, which starts off well but then Josh struggles with the questions and operating the till.

Niamh's treat for Al leaves a sour taste
Wednesday 9 July,

Niamh turns up to work with a mysterious tin, refusing to tell anyone what's inside, but then presents it to Al who discovers she's baked him a cake.

Is Zara feeling all right?
Tuesday 8 July,

Zara brags to Daniel about how she taught Jade Jackson how to breastfeed, before visiting Jade at home, where she finds her planted in a chair surrounded by baby things.

Jimmi gives Josh a warning
Monday 7 July,

At The Mill, Jimmi secretly listens in as Josh asks Karen about seeing a doctor. A surprisingly friendly Jimmi then offers to see Josh, who opens up about his panic attacks.

There's no Doctors this week
Friday 27 June,
Niamh tries to play Cupid!
Friday 20 June,

Emma's telling Niamh all about the disastrous double date when she gets a text from Adam suggesting they take a break.

Double date, double disaster
Thursday 19 June,

As Howard books Il Verona for dinner with Annie that evening, Emma tells Niamh about testing Adam - he's booked a table at Tamaris, so she's also booked Il Verona as she wants to see if he stands

Karen has something to tell Rob
Wednesday 18 June,

Karen calls Rob to invite him for lunch. He's busy but, sensing there's something on her mind, says he'll see what he can do.