Ayesha and Sierra move out
Monday 24 November,

Ayesha finds Bren unconscious next to some empty cans of cider. While she's unloading shopping from the car, Ayesha hears Sierra scream. She rushes back inside to find Bren hugging Sierra hard.

Mrs Tembe gets a shocking phonecall
Friday 21 November,

Mrs Tembe gets a call from her brother Seretse in Botswana - her face drops as she tells him that she will be there soon. Later, she hears everyone laughing about Howard and defends him.

Al's jealous when Franc flirts with Niamh
Thursday 20 November,

When Al overhears Franc giving Niamh French lessons, he is left seething with jealousy, until Niamh suggests that she and Al take up French lessons together.

Al helps when a student collapses
Wednesday 19 November,

Todd, has been up all night trying to hack into a website against called 'CyberInsider'. He asks Al for something to help him stay awake but Al refuses.

Mrs Tembe gets caught in a love triangle
Tuesday 18 November,

Mrs Tembe goes for lunch with her neighbours Roy and Sasha. Sasha has recently recovered from cancer and when she reveals she is dating a new man behind Roy's back, Mrs Tembe is shocked.

Niamh gets a blast from the past
Monday 17 November,

A man introduces himself to Niamh as Ciaren and thanks her for looking after his daughter, Megan, when his wife passed away during surgery eight years ago.

Will Bren ruin the child protection conference?
Friday 14 November,

It's the day of the Child Protection Conference to decide whether to put Sierra on a Child Protection Plan.

A husband risks his marriage
Thursday 13 November,

Jan gets in touch with her mother, Sheila, who abandoned her as a baby and her husband, Paul, is extremely supportive.

Has Andy rumbled Bren?
Wednesday 12 November,

Andy Johnson arrives from social services as Sierra's being treated for overdosing on paracetamol. After a disastrous interview with Bren, Andy asks to see Ayesha alone.

Zara helps a woman find her soulmate
Tuesday 11 November,

When Helen brings some of her deceased husband's medical books into The Mill, Mrs Tembe finds an old love letter inside.

Daniel helps a man find his daughter
Monday 10 November,

Reformed alcoholic Steve tells Daniel that he killed a woman's son, Graham, in a drunk driving accident and she has kidnapped his daughter.

Is Heston really ready to say goodbye?
Friday 7 November,

Emma, Al and Jimmi all leave their interviews for the partnership. Al is typically confident, the other two are less sure.

Helping Curtis gives Heston food for thought
Thursday 6 November,

Reluctantly, Heston agrees to visit Curtis's girlfriend - he's always been wary of mental health issues and never more so than now.

Al is confident he'll get the partner position
Wednesday 5 November,

Emma puts herself forward for the vacant partner position, but unaware of this, Jimmi goes for it too. To make matters worse, a confident Al also applies for the position.

Curtis threatens Heston
Tuesday 4 November,

Heston is shocked when Curtis Brown asks him for a reference - he is going for a porter job.

Al has a spooky supernatural encounter
Friday 31 October,

Al goes to stay in an old country hotel where he is met by Simmonds - the rather odd landlord. At the bar, he meets the Colonel, who chats about the local ruins of a Templar church.

Is Mrs Tembe ready to forgive and forget?
Thursday 30 October,

It's Kevin's last day and Ayesha tries to make amends with Mrs Tembe as the gang are going go-karting. As the others race, Kevin reveals his concerns to Heston.

Kevin worries his career is over
Wednesday 29 October,

News of the bone harvesting scandal has broken and there are journalists at The Mill. Meanwhile, a man, Craig, is also there, acting suspiciously.

Has Kevin finally exposed Stuart?
Tuesday 28 October,

Kevin manages to coax Marv into revealing the full extent of his bone and tissue extraction operation, but suddenly stops when he notices he is missing a bone.

Kevin investigates Honeywell surgery
Monday 27 October,

When Dora Harrington finds her son, Danny, dead she contacts her doctor, Stuart Houghton. Stuart prompts Dora to choose cremation and gives her details of Marvin Harris, the undertaker.