Karen Hollins Karen demands the truth from Rob
Thursday 27 August,

Karen's worried about Rob when Driver tells them that Jimmi has also been suspended. Karen tells Driver that Rob no longer trusts anyone. Supt.

Sgt Noakes Noakes pushes Rob too far...
Wednesday 26 August,

With Weston still at large, Supt. Noakes accuses Rob of being in cahoots with him.

Sgt Larkin Weston’s safe house move goes awry
Tuesday 25 August,

After his failed suicide attempt, Weston is back in police custody while Rob is at loggerheads with Supt. Noakes when he realises he plans to move Weston to a safe house.

Rob Hollins Noakes suspends Rob!
Monday 24 August,

Weston tells Rob that there's someone inside the police connected to Treehouse.

Rob Hollins Rob’s past comes back to haunt him
Friday 21 August,

Rob prepares himself to interview Andy and when Andy calls Rob 'Buster', Noakes, watching with Jimmi, gets frustrated - what's going on in there?

Ayesha Lee Ayesha helps a mother and daughter
Thursday 20 August,

Bridge tells Ayesha that her daughter Lily didn't turn up for her music lesson, while Ayesha notices that nothing has been washed in the kitchen for at least a week.

Rob Hollins Do Rob and Andy know each other?
Wednesday 19 August,

Noakes asks Jimmi to do a preliminary evaluation of the patient's mental state, before he gets sent for a full psychiatric assessment.

Howard Howard arrests Andy
Tuesday 18 August,

Driver's social worker calls tries to tell her that she could be putting the adoption in jeopardy by missing appointments for work.

mrs tembe Mrs Tembe bumps into Andy
Monday 17 August,

Andy panics when he sees his picture on a newspaper. He has an encounter with Mrs Tembe and she tries to help him but he runs off.

Andy The police are after Andy
Friday 14 August,

Andy breaks into the house of an elderly man, and sees himself on the news, angry that it makes him sound like the bad guy.

Emma Reid Emma is caught up in a major crime scene
Thursday 13 August,

Andy and Gregson are nervous as Andy makes a call to DCI Driver; the three of them are on their way in with the information she has been waiting for. But Gregson panics.

Doctors Karen worries about Rob's talk of early retirement
Wednesday 12 August,

Rob has a meeting with HR to discuss his future prospects. While he is out, his retired mate Alec turns up and bores Karen with tales of his life after retiring.

Zara Carmichael Zara says goodbye to Sid
Tuesday 11 August,

It's Sid’s last day before he starts his new work placement, and as he says his goodbyes, he ignores Jimmi’s negative attitude.

Emma Reid Howard embarrasses Emma
Monday 10 August,

Howard’s in a lot of pain and calls Karen to let her know he won’t be in for a few days because he has groin strain. Horrified, Emma immediately phones Howard who weakly claims he ‘slipped up’.

Emma Reid Emma’s romantic night goes awry
Friday 7 August,

Emma jumps on Howard at the hotel, but he falls off the bed and sprains his groin. Emma heads to the pharmacy for strong painkillers, but when she comes back Howard’s knocking back champagne.

Zara Carmichael Will Zara regret her past behaviour?
Thursday 6 August,

It’s the day of Howard’s Respect at Work meeting and he asks for examples of things that could be deemed lack of respect. As Jimmi provides examples that are clearly about Zara, the penny drops.

Jimmi Clay Jimmi continues to attack Zara
Wednesday 5 August,

At the partners meeting, Howard and Daniel praise Zara for her recent work around ethics, but Jimmi calls Zara a hypocrite and brings up her bullying of Sid.

Zara Carmichael Zara and Daniel unite against Jimmi
Tuesday 4 August,

Zara and Daniel are back on track, but when Zara tells Al that Joe is slightly behind in his development, Jimmi overhears and mocks a stunned Zara for always expecting perfection.

Niamh Donoghue Sean thinks Niamh has an admirer
Monday 3 August,

Niamh persuades Howard to let Sean paint the walls, but later embarrasses her brother by babbling on to Jimmi and Al about his sexuality.

Niamh Donoghue Niamh realises the truth about Sean...
Friday 31 July,

After some help from Emma and Ayesha, Niamh finally realises Sean is gay. Sean then receives a call from their mother but he lies about where he is and dives out of the room.

Emma Reid Emma has a confession for Howard
Thursday 30 July,

Emma reveals she's going through the menopause and Howard wonders why she hadn't mentioned it before.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe receives threatening phone calls
Wednesday 29 July,

Mrs Tembe gets a number of frightening phone calls at The Mill. Suddenly, Mrs Tembe hears someone singing and realises it's the man who has been harassing her.

Zara Carmichael Zara is accused of racism?
Tuesday 28 July,

Heston talks to Zara – it's important that doctors are accountable for any suggestions of impropriety such as sexism or racism.

Emma Reid Emma and Howard are back on
Monday 27 July,

Emma and Howard wake up in bed together and Emma writes in her 40-day date diary – they broke all the rules but the sex was great!

Emma Reid Emma and Howard get it on
Friday 24 July,

Emma and Howard are getting on well and can't resist a kiss, but then pull themselves up – after all, it's against the rules.