Jimmi Clay A handyman gets under Jimmi's feet
Friday 27 March,

Heather and Jimmi are excited about the baby, but Jimmi's mood changes when talk turns to his father. Jimmi arrives at work, needing some space, but handy man Malcolm is there.

Jimmi Clay Will Jimmi support Heather?
Thursday 26 March,

Jimmi and Heather meet the councellor at the abortion clinic. Heather confesses she wants to keep the baby and is shocked when Jimmi agrees but admits he isn't the baby's father.

Karen Hollins Karen helps a grieving friend
Wednesday 25 March,

Jill is done feeling sorry for herself after the death of her husband and tells her daughter Nicky that she wants to sell her place and move to Portugal.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha doles out relationship advice
Tuesday 24 March,

Ayesha tells her friend Steph to give love a chance when a hot rock star comes on to her.

Emma Reid Emma deals with a tricky labour
Monday 23 March,

Emma finds Sonia hiding in a toilet cubicle in the advanced stages of labour.

Doctors A suspected heart attack is something more sinister...
Friday 20 March,

Michael visits The Mill after having heart palpitations. Steve, Michael's business partner, comes over to see him. Heston drinks a cup of tea, which was meant for Michael and feels unwell.

Emma Reid A girl's night in turns sour...
Thursday 19 March,

Emma and Niamh seek consolation from their disastrous love lives in a girl's night in. A song comes on Heather's mix tape and the mood changes.

nina Al must tracks down a sick man's daughter
Wednesday 18 March,

Anton Vasiloff, the esteemed Russian Astrophysicist starts to feel unwell and Al realises he has Diptheria.

Rob Hollins Rob solves a tricky case
Tuesday 17 March,

Niamh is present as a patient, Anthony, falls from a great height and dies, as his twin brother William watches on.

heather irvine Will Emma take Heather in?
Monday 16 March,

Heather is unhappy with an apologetic Jimmi after he kept his two failed marriages from her and wants to rent a room from Emma.

Heston Carter Heston uncovers a politician’s lies
Friday 13 March,

Prospective MP David McKay and his wife Leanne are about to go on holiday when his former mistress, Mel shows him a pregnancy test - it's positive.

Karen Hollins Karen suspects Rob’s colleague is a liar
Thursday 12 March,

PC Kyle tells Rob he chased after a suspect who fired a gun at him and ran off. Rob's impressed until he tells Karen the suspect is one of the Mill's patients, Ceri.

Jimmi Clay Jimmi has a proposition for Heather
Wednesday 11 March,

Al questions Jimmi on his date with Heather and is shocked to find he doesn't really know much about her.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha says goodbye to Sierra
Tuesday 10 March,

Ayesha's sad as she buys Sierra a suitcase to go to Aunty Tracy's. As Ayesha and Sierra make a cake, she hopes their last day together will be a happy one.

guest star Peter Heston helps a boy with cerebral palsy
Monday 9 March,

Peter is a young boy with cerebral palsy and tells Heston there's a wolf living in next door's shed. When Peter and Heston break in, they discover a man chained to the wall.

Karen Hollins Karen's day at the zoo ends in disaster
Friday 6 March,

Karen spends the day at zoo and ends up getting covered in giraffe poo. Rob films the whole day and takes great pleasure from seeing his wife in a complete mess! 

Rob Hollins Has Rob arrested the wrong man?
Wednesday 4 March,

Two young men, Ricky and Max, stage a fight so that one of them, Max, gets arrested by PC Khan and taken into custody.

ayesha lee Ayesha meets a stranger with a secret
Tuesday 3 March,

There’s chemistry between Ayesha and Ray when she treats him for an infected tattoo and the pair hook up at The Icon.

niamh donoghue Niamh helps the wife of a dying man
Monday 2 March,

Jon is dying of leukemia and, in his delirious state, he tells Niamh that he's been cheating on his wife, Sandra.

JImmi stops an abusive mother
Friday 27 February,

A troubled patient, Alfie, tells Jimmi he's had a premonition that someone is going to hurt him.

Ayesha has a date with Andy
Thursday 26 February,

Ayesha has a date with Andy, Sierra's social worker. They talk about the possibility of Tracey taking care of her full time.

Will Niamh take Al back?
Wednesday 25 February,

Al asks Niamh for a drink after work, and they talk things through. She's still unhappy about Al not thinking she can be a good doctor. She says he's the only one that doesn't believe in her.

Will Heston expose Gary?
Tuesday 24 February,

It is the day of the Council Planning Meeting and Heston is ready to do his best to halt the proposed development.

Al hears Franc confess
Monday 23 February,

Al overhears Franc confessing to Gary that he set the fire and immediately rings Howard with the news. Meanwhile, Gary admits to Daniel that Franc is in his employ.

The staff face a difficult task
Friday 20 February,

Howard is thrilled when the tents are put up, however, the rest of the surgery are not so enamoured of the difficult conditions, namely the cold.