Zara witnesses a road accident
Friday 30 January,

Zara witnesses the aftermath of a road accident. A woman lies dead in the road, her ID identifying her as the mother of one of Zara's young patients.

Is a wealthy lady all she seems?
Thursday 29 January,

The glamorous Mrs Waverly revels in her wealth until Mrs Merriam accosts her at The Mill, accusing her of theft.

Franc kisses Niamh!
Wednesday 28 January,

Heston find out that Valerie has decided to run against him! Meanwhile, Franc offers Niamh a glass of wine and they toast to saving lives.

Howard goes on a riotous stag do!
Tuesday 27 January,

Howard unchains Ed from railings after his stag night and when he checks his phone he has received naked pictures of himself from his friend Tommy.

Niamh steps up to deliver a baby
Monday 26 January,

Harry and Roisin, who's heavily pregnant, live in a caravan in a remote field. When Roisin goes into labour, Harry finds Niamh and Ayesha at a breast-feeding clinic who come to help.

Franc helps a father hearing voices
Friday 23 January,

Greg's girlfriend, Amy, is pregnant they get an Infant Simulator doll from The Mill so they can get used to having a baby in the house.

Niamh is vilified in the press
Thursday 22 January,

A newspaper article has been printed, which is critical of Niamh in the death of Mr Milne.

Howard's on air!
Wednesday 21 January,

Howard announces that he is embarking on a PR campaign to improve the reputation of the Practice but gives a disastrous interview on the radio.

Does Niamh have Al's full support?
Tuesday 20 January,

Niamh worries about the Partners Meeting, which will decide her future at the Practice.

Howard panics as protesters gather outside
Monday 19 January,

Howard discovers that patients are making accusations of homophobia against the practice.

Heston's determined to win votes
Friday 16 January,

Heston and Valerie go canvassing on the Churchill Estate and find the doors shut in their faces. Heston approaches a young man who becomes violent towards him and he has to be saved by Rob. 

Zara winds up Ayesha
Thursday 15 January,

Zara goes to the park with Joe and asks Ayesha to go to the café for lunch, but she is patronising and Ayesha storms off much to her surprise.

Mrs Tembe worries about two sisters
Wednesday 14 January,

Mrs Tembe encounters two young girls, Grace and Tara, who are giving out leaflets for the Church of Purity. Tara explains they are both fasting, it's purity in practice.

Zara gets more than she bargained for...
Tuesday 13 January,

Ursula works at an art gallery and, when Zara comes in to collect a picture, Ursula collapses. Meanwhile, her husband Russell is at home getting increasingly hot in his new wetsuit and faints.

Valerie helps a woman with dementia
Monday 12 January,

Valerie goes to meet her old friend Michael, who works in a Charity Shop. A woman enters, Paula, but Michael asks her to leave.

DC Chaudry jumps to conclusions
Friday 9 January,

DC Indu Chaudry is called when a man, Naz, is found lying in a pool of blood alongside his mistress, Dawn, and wife, Priya, through an arranged marriage.

Howard helps his nephew
Thursday 8 January,

Charlie goes to The Mill to see his Uncle Howard, and tells him that he doesn't think his Dad really is his Dad - he wants a DNA test.

Niamh resigns!
Wednesday 7 January,

Niamh visits the grave of Walter Milne, and then breaks down to Al. She has spent years winging it, but she can't do it anymore.

Will Naimh confess her fears to Al?
Tuesday 6 January,

At the icon bar, Al pesters Niamh about her lack of sleep and accuses of being depressed.

Nancy complains about Niamh
Monday 5 January,

Nancy Milne tells Al that her husband Walter died before Christmas, explaining that Niamh froze instead of trying to help.