Zara Carmichael Zara is accused of racism?
Tuesday 28 July,

Heston talks to Zara – it's important that doctors are accountable for any suggestions of impropriety such as sexism or racism.

Emma Reid Emma and Howard are back on
Monday 27 July,

Emma and Howard wake up in bed together and Emma writes in her 40-day date diary – they broke all the rules but the sex was great!

Emma Reid Emma and Howard get it on
Friday 24 July,

Emma and Howard are getting on well and can't resist a kiss, but then pull themselves up – after all, it's against the rules.

Al Haskey Al helps an old friend
Thursday 23 July,

Fi, an old friend of Al, turns up at the surgery to pick up the results of a fertility test. Al does some digging and discovers that her partner Brad is infertile, but hasn't told her.

Niamh Donoghue Niamh uncovers a patient's secret
Wednesday 22 July,

Jean takes Roy to see Niamh and he admits that together with two mates, they’ve spent the past 26 years playing a game of 'It'.

Emma Reid Emma and Howard make a breakthrough
Tuesday 21 July,

Howard sets up another counselling session for him and Emma. He starts to talk about how his father left him and Emma suddenly sees him in a new light.

Karen Hollins Karen reunites a warring couple
Monday 20 July,

Karen is worried that Don isn't looking after his wife properly; she's recently been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Jimmi Clay Doctors is on a break!
Friday 17 July,

Doctors is taking a break from Monday, June 29, due to live Wimbledon coverage.

The medical drama will be back on screen from Monday July 20 at 1.45pm on BBC1.

ayesha, doctors Doctors is taking a break!
Friday 10 July,

Doctors is taking a break due to the BBC's live coverage of Wimbledon.

The next visit to The Mill will be on Monday July 20 at 1.45pm on BBC1.

Al Haskey Doctors is taking a break!
Friday 3 July,

Doctors is taking a break due to the BBC's live coverage of Wimbledon.

The next visit to The Mill will be on Monday July 20 at 1.45pm on BBC1.

Zara Carmichael Michael gives up on Zara
Friday 26 June,

Daniel goes to Michael's presentation and publically discredits his research. Zara is horrified, especially when Michael tells her he wishes he'd never met her.

Jimmi Clay Jimmi lashes out
Thursday 25 June,

Jimmi struggles to control his anger when a police officer, Anna, is injured in the line of duty and collapses.

Emma Emma and Howard visit a relationship counsellor
Wednesday 24 June,

Howard discusses the plans for the 40-day date project with Emma: today they are having lunch and then attending a session with relationship counsellor Kate Etches.

Sid Sid helps a troubled patient
Tuesday 23 June,

Sid's patient Edward tells him that he feels his life is over after he lost a leg. However, Sid convinces him that he still has a lot to live for.

Karen Hollins Karen consults a psychic
Monday 22 June,

Karen explains she trod on a beggar who cursed her and her family. She visits a psychic, Luna, who asks for money to lift the curse.

Mrs Tembe Will Mrs Tembe end things with Mr Kit?
Friday 19 June,

Ayesha admits to Mrs Tembe that she has ended it with Sid and jokes that, for stress relief, she should go to Mr Kit. Mrs T gets defensive; he's only a chiropractor.

Ayesha Lee Is Sid moving too fast for Ayesha?
Thursday 18 June,

Ayesha wakes up with Sid but, as he tries to find out more about her, she is reluctant to talk. Sid, however, gives her a complete run down of his family.

Caroline Quentin Howard is partnered with his sister!
Wednesday 17 June,

A new special constable, Saskia, arrives and is paired with Howard.

Rob Hollins Rob and Jimmi investigate a murder
Tuesday 16 June,

Jenny and Matthew are housemates and discover their other housemate, Adam, dead on the floor. Rob and Jimmi are called out and, when Jenny is questioned, she blames Matthew.

Niamh Donoghue Niamh is suspicous of an old friend
Monday 15 June,

Maria tells Niamh that before she became a nurse she was an escort and a man is threatening to tell her fiancé.

Rob Hollins Karen and Rob meet their nightmare neighbours
Friday 12 June,

Karen is expecting Rob home for a barbeque when her next door neighbours, Lily and Matt, invite themselves over.

Al Haskey Al gets competitive
Thursday 11 June,

Al is making paper planes and challenges Jimmi to a 'fly off' after work. Jimmi takes it on and helps himself to some of The Mill's new paper.

Jimmi Clay Jimmi helps a father and son reconnect
Wednesday 10 June,

Alex is off school due to his asthma when he falls and cuts his hand. Out on the street, a police officer spots him but, when he touches Alex, the boy kicks him.

Daniel Daniel’s issues cloud his judgement
Tuesday 9 June,

When a boy is brought in struggling to breathe, Daniel examines him but is distracted by Zara's constant phone calls.

Ayesha Lee Will Sid let Ayesha down?
Monday 8 June,

Zara's in a terrible mood and ends up upsetting Emma. As Emma makes an acerbic retort, Zara caves and admits she's worried about her relationship with Daniel.