Niamh Donoghue Niamh warns Emma about Ayesha
Thursday 21 May,

Emma seems unfazed by the fact that Ayesha hasn't tidied up after herself and is happy to have someone to mother again. However, Niamh warns Emma that she is making a rod for her own back!

Rob Hollins Rob is attacked!
Wednesday 20 May,

Rob goes fishing and starts talking to, Evan, who is struggling with the abusive memories of his father.

Jimmi Clay Jimmi revels in Daniel’s misery
Tuesday 19 May,

Daniel sees Zara talking to an attractive man, Michael, in the car park and he gives Daniel the supposedly wonderful news that Joe has tested positive for many indicators of allergies.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe helps a new church member
Monday 18 May,

Kitty arrives at the church hall but her tactless attitude upsets everyone.

Al Haskey Al is taken hostage!
Friday 15 May,

Al goes into his local shop when someone strikes him on the head with a tin of beans – knocking him unconscious.

Emma Reid Emma deals with a puzzling patient
Thursday 14 May,

Norman walks into the police station, claiming to be a psychopath. Emma takes a look at him but tells Rob that it's okay to let him go with a warning.

Zara Carmichael Zara has fun with Michael
Wednesday 13 May,

Michael and Zara meet for lunch and Michael thinks a simple food elimination diet would reveal whether Joe has a wheat intolerance or not.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha helps a young carer
Tuesday 12 May,

Ayesha notices one of the nominees, Tom, is acting strangely at the Young Carer of the Year Awards.

Jimmi Clay Has Jimmi killed his father?
Monday 11 May,

Jimmi sits alone in Alun's house, his knuckles bloody, haunted by memories of the night before.

Jimmi Clay Will Jimmi attack his father?
Friday 8 May,

Alun is struggling with debts and hits the bottle. He's convinced that he's seeing his son, Jimmi – but he and Jimmi are estranged and haven't seen each other in years.

Zara Carmichael Does Zara fancy Michael?
Thursday 7 May,

Zara bumps into Michael in the park while walking with Joe. He's with his daughter, Mabel and its clear there's a connection between Zara and Michael.

Sid Does Sid want a new mentor?
Wednesday 6 May,

Zara speaks to Sid, after hearing that a patient called him an idiot. When Sid admits the patient was slightly right, Zara isn’t surprised.

Zara Carmichael Zara takes Joe to Dr Burnett
Tuesday 5 May,

Zara visits Dr Burnett and he refers Joe to audiologist and ophthalmologist. She's clearly happy someone is taking her seriously and makes another appointment.

Jimmi Clay Will Heather leave Jimmi?
Friday 1 May,

Jimmi can't get through to Heather and calls her mother but is disturbed when she tells him she hasn't heard from Heather since she left hospital.

Zara Carmichael Zara has sound advice for Sid
Thursday 30 April,

Sid persistently interrupts an infuriated Zara and she tells him that he's there to observe and explains how to speed up consultations.

Heather What's Heather hiding?
Wednesday 29 April,

A worried Jimmi can’t get hold of Heather and persuades Emma to give him her keys so he can go and check. He panics when she isn’t at home, and is on the phone to Emma when Heather walks in.

Doctors A patient lodges a complaint
Tuesday 28 April,

Sid is shocked to learn that a patient, Barbara, has made a complaint against the surgery, but Howard simply calls her Liaison Officer, Jake, who arrives to calm her down.

Sid The Mill gets a new trainee
Monday 27 April,

Howard is un-nerved when an excited young man, Sid, turns up and introduces himself as the new F2. Heston takes a shine to him, but Howard insists Zara would be the right person to mentor him.

Zara Carmichael Zara needs Daniel's support
Friday 24 April,

Emma listens sympathetically to Zara's concerns and urges her to talk to Daniel about them.

Heath Heather collapses!
Thursday 23 April,

Heather tentatively brings up the subject of Zara's IVF and wonders if she'll ever tell Joe. Zara replies she might, children can handle most things if you are honest with them.

Zara Carmichael Zara hits a wall with Joe
Wednesday 22 April,

Zara takes Joe for a GP appointment as she is still concerned about his slow development skills.

Ayesha Lee Is Ayesha a nightmare housemate?
Tuesday 21 April,

Emma has enjoyed having Ayesha stay for the weekend and offers her a tenancy.

Heather Phil confronts Heather
Monday 20 April,

Jimmi and Heather are having a relaxing day together when there is a banging at the door. It's Phil - and he's on the warpath!

Al Haskey Al builds bridges with Jimmi
Friday 17 April,

Al takes Jimmi for a pint and tries to broach the subject of bringing up Heather's baby with tact and diplomacy.

Zara Carmichael Will Zara crack under pressure?
Thursday 16 April,

Zara's neighbour calls to say the burglar alarm is going off and she returns to find her home ransacked.