Rhiannon Will Rhiannon give up her baby?
Thursday 5 May,

Rhiannon and Paul must give baby Nicholas up to foster care so, when Rhiannon disappears with the baby Emma and Jane start to panic.

Rhiannon Rhiannon goes into labour!
Wednesday 4 May,

Ruhma is called to St Phil’s when Rhiannon goes into early labour. Emma arrives and the baby is born, but he’s not breathing and Ruhma whisks him off to the Recuscitaire. 

Emma Reid Emma deals with the fall-out of the hearing
Tuesday 3 May,

Emma visits Paul and Rhiannon, who are having a tough time and not talking. They tell Emma that the hearing was a waste of time and they think they’ll still lose the baby.

Doctors There is no Doctors episode on Monday!
Monday 2 May,

There's no Doctors showing on Monday due to the Bank Holiday. The next episode will be on tomorrow at 1.45pm.

Rhiannon Will Rhiannon get to keep her baby?
Friday 29 April,

Emma, Rob, Ruhma, Paul and Rhiannon arrive at the Child Protection Case where there are three social workers present.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe struggles in her new role
Thursday 28 April,

Mrs Tembe returns to The Mill as Practice Manager – complete with a new look.

Karen Hollins Will Karen re-think fostering?
Wednesday 27 April,

Karen persuades Rob to accompany her to an information evening for prospective foster carers.

Al Haskey Al asks Daniel for a big favour
Tuesday 26 April,

It is the day of Al's interview for Letherbridge Life and the journalist phones to say they want to shoot him at home "in his natural habitat".

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe is back with a bang!
Monday 25 April,

The staff are overjoyed to hear that Mrs Tembe is coming in to discuss her future and they start preparing for her homecoming party.

Heston Carter Heston is Ruhma’s Romeo
Friday 22 April,

Heston and Ruhma's mini break in Stratford on Avon continues with a highly entertaining back stage tour of the Royal Shakespeare Company, but Heston's insecurities threaten to spoil the day.

Jane doctors A social worker reveals Rhiannon's true colours
Thursday 21 April,

Emma is disturbed when she talks to social worker Jane Fairweather and learns the true extent of the neglect, which led Rhiannon's first baby to be taken into care.

Anthony doctors Anthony gets his comeuppance
Wednesday 20 April,

Anthony calls a partners' meeting to finalise plans for the King's Green merger.

Karen Hollins Karen has a big question for Rob
Tuesday 19 April,

Karen tells Rob she's been thinking about fostering children in the wake of the Treehouse investigation.

Rhiannon Emma helps a troubled patient
Monday 18 April,

Emma goes to see Rhiannon, a patient she met last week who withheld some important information.

Anthony doctors Anthony and Trish reveal their true colours
Friday 15 April,

Zara and Daniel arrive for dinner at Anthony's house, where they meet his wife Trish.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe encounters an angry patient
Thursday 14 April,

Mrs Tembe struggles to improve moral around King's Green and she tries to find ways to motivate the staff, her problems increase with the arrival of an unruly and aggressive patient.

Daniel Granger Daniel sees Anthony's dark side
Wednesday 13 April,

Anthony chairs a partners; meeting where they discuss the potential merger with King's Green surgery.

Ruhma doctors Ruhma faces a tricky love triangle
Tuesday 12 April,

Ruhma visits a heavily pregnant woman who lives with both her boyfriend and ex-boyfriend.

Rob Hollins Rob deals with a difficult couple
Monday 11 April,

Rob has to deal with a warring couple when an accusation of adultery is made.

Valerie Pitman The Mill is under inspection
Friday 8 April,

The Mill is under inspection, but Valerie thinks there is more to the inspector than meets the eye.

Heston Carter Heston moves too fast for Ruhma
Thursday 7 April,

Heston is annoyed when Ruhma wants to improve his diet, but quickly realises she doesn't want to lose him after his recent health scare.

Zara Carmichael Zara's party doesn’t go to plan
Wednesday 6 April,

Zara's big housewarming party doesn't get off the best of starts when a hugely negative message from some so-called friends goes viral.

Emma Reid Emma needs to prove herself
Tuesday 5 April,

Jimmi and Emma go to a Forensic Medical Examiner training day but Emma makes a number of errors, distracted by Jimmi's grumbles about Anthony.

Ayesha Lee Ayesha plays peacemaker
Monday 4 April,

Ayesha must act as a peacemaker in a battle between an elderly blind woman and a harassed Irish handyman, but it soon becomes clear that the woman is hiding a secret.

Niamh Donoghue Niamh tells Al she's leaving
Friday 1 April,

Having made it to the clinic in Basel, Niamh and Ben are overjoyed to learn that Harry is well enough to begin the procedure.