Mrs Tembe There's no episode of Doctors on Monday!
Monday 30 May,

There's no episode of Doctors on Bank Holiday Monday. It will return on Tuesday May 31 at 1.45pm on BBC1.

Mrs Tembe It's all too much for Mrs Tembe!
Friday 27 May,

Sid has the unlucky job of telling patients Luke and Lilly that the guidelines have changed and they are no longer entitled to another round of IVF.

Mrs Tembe A new machine causes chaos!
Thursday 26 May,

Mrs Tembe is not impressed with the arrival of a patient feedback machine, especially as the noise it emits drives the reception staff up the wall!

Heston Carter Heston heads to court!
Wednesday 25 May,

Heston is a character witness for his friend George who is on trial for murder. Despite having early stages of dementia, George was aware the victim was having an affair with his wife.

Al Haskey Has Al met his dream woman?
Tuesday 24 May,

A confident Al is ready for his talk and tells Jimmi he'll wing it. When he gets there, Al meets an older student, Isabelle, who's clearly in awe of him.

Mrs Tembe Jimmi visits Mrs Tembe at home
Monday 23 May,

Mrs Tembe's cooked a feast for Jimmy and he tells her that it's great to have her back at The Mill. The subject soon turns to the student neighbours when their music cranks up.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe is feeling the strain...
Friday 20 May,

Mrs Tembe wonders if the self check-in machine is a mistake, especially when it starts making an annoying buzzing sound.

Zara Carmichael Zara’s on the warpath
Thursday 19 May,

Jimmi and Ayesha are enjoying looking at the pictures of Al in Letherbridge Life, while Zara’s unhappy with the portrayal of her house.

Karen Hollins Has Karen ruined her chances to foster?
Wednesday 18 May,

The new self-service machine in reception continues to cause problems for a stressed Karen and, knowing that she has an appointment with a social worker later, she panics when Rob says he will be

Karen Hollins Will Karen find herself out of a job?
Tuesday 17 May,

Mrs Tembe promises Karen and Valerie she'll start to take their suggestions on board, so they're surprised when a self-service check-in machine arrives for installation.

Sid vere Sid’s in a tricky situation
Monday 16 May,

A disgruntled Karen and Valerie are in on a Saturday to work on the paper-free project when a jovial Daniel turns up to 'check on the troops'.

Al Haskey Al makes it to Darwin’s house
Friday 13 May,

Al records his final video diary at Darwin's house and decides there's one more thing he needs to do before heading back to Letherbridge.

Shaz doctors Will Shaz put her baby in danger?
Thursday 12 May,

Shaz has her operation and is recovering in hospital. Ruhma is troubled when Shaz refuses any kind of housing help – if she's in the system her family will find her!

Daniel Granger Daniel gets a shocking blast from the past!
Wednesday 11 May,

Daniel reels when he recognises a face from his past and takes desperate steps to silence the person who could bring his whole world crashing down.

Ruhma doctors Ruhma is desperate to help Shaz
Tuesday 10 May,

Dave's furious when he finds out what Tommy is making a documentary about but Shaz tells him how her strict family discovered something about her that put her in danger - she had to get out of the

Al Haskey Al begins his adventure
Monday 9 May,

Al starts walking from Letherbridge to Erasmus Darwin's house. He ducks into a pub where he persuades landlady Betty to let him join her quiz.

Emma Reid Emma and Ruhma celebrate!
Friday 6 May,

Emma speaks with the social worker in a last-ditch attempt to support Rhiannon's case. When she returns to The Mill, Ruhma tells her that the court has decided to return Nicholas to his parents.

Rhiannon Will Rhiannon give up her baby?
Thursday 5 May,

Rhiannon and Paul must give baby Nicholas up to foster care so, when Rhiannon disappears with the baby Emma and Jane start to panic.

Rhiannon Rhiannon goes into labour!
Wednesday 4 May,

Ruhma is called to St Phil’s when Rhiannon goes into early labour. Emma arrives and the baby is born, but he’s not breathing and Ruhma whisks him off to the Recuscitaire. 

Emma Reid Emma deals with the fall-out of the hearing
Tuesday 3 May,

Emma visits Paul and Rhiannon, who are having a tough time and not talking. They tell Emma that the hearing was a waste of time and they think they’ll still lose the baby.

Doctors There is no Doctors episode on Monday!
Monday 2 May,

There's no Doctors showing on Monday due to the Bank Holiday. The next episode will be on tomorrow at 1.45pm.

Rhiannon Will Rhiannon get to keep her baby?
Friday 29 April,

Emma, Rob, Ruhma, Paul and Rhiannon arrive at the Child Protection Case where there are three social workers present.

Mrs Tembe Mrs Tembe struggles in her new role
Thursday 28 April,

Mrs Tembe returns to The Mill as Practice Manager – complete with a new look.

Karen Hollins Will Karen re-think fostering?
Wednesday 27 April,

Karen persuades Rob to accompany her to an information evening for prospective foster carers.

Al Haskey Al asks Daniel for a big favour
Tuesday 26 April,

It is the day of Al's interview for Letherbridge Life and the journalist phones to say they want to shoot him at home "in his natural habitat".