Is Rob's friendship with Mitch over?
Monday 29 September,

Inspector Harris interviews Mitch about Catriona's suicide. Harris points out that Catriona had a history of mental illness and that Mitch failed to take account of her state of mind.

Zara reassesses her working practices
Friday 26 September,

Zara bumps into April, a former nanny who's cupcake business is booming. April confesses that she admires Zara's no nonsense approach and has modelled her management style on her.

Heston underestimates Catriona's plight
Thursday 25 September,

Catriona has an appointment with Heston but he seems irritated that she has come back to soon and Catriona fails to make him see how desperate she feels.

Can Mandy help Catriona fight her fears?
Wednesday 24 September,

Mandy goes to check on Catriona who's depressed, both about the assault and because the police were so unsympathetic.

Will Catriona make a statement about her attack?
Tuesday 23 September,

Mandy persuades Catriona to go to the police about her attack and advises that she speak to Rob.

Is Kevin in too deep with Poppy?
Monday 22 September,

At the Icon, Kevin and Poppy are having lunch together.

Will Poppy and Kevin reveal their true selves?
Friday 19 September,

Al, Heston and Kevin are discussing their plans for the evening. Al is having a night in with Niamh, Heston has a favourite opera CD to listen to, and Kevin has a date with Poppy.

Has Mrs Tembe become too much for Jimmi to handle?
Thursday 18 September,

Jimmi is doing his best to avoid Mrs Tembe, who is enthusiastically giving him folders worth of car info.

Can Karen make peace with her past?
Wednesday 17 September,

Karen tells Jimmi and Al about her enduring personal uncertainties. Al grabs a video camera and goes back to Karen's house to set up a video diary where she can speak to 'herself'.

Kevin unwittingly gives a talk at Poppy's school
Tuesday 16 September,

Kevin is forced to do a sex ed talk at a school, unware that Poppy is a student there. Poppy spots him and manages to hide.

Mandy has an eventful night out!
Monday 15 September,

Mandy is psyched up about a night out with her friend Helen, who is taking her out on a debauched evening of lesbian clubbing.

Howard tries to do the right thing...
Friday 12 September,

Howard is pulled into a desperate woman's attempts to bend the NHS rules so that her infirm father can get a bed at the hospital.

Are Al and Naomi back on?
Thursday 11 September,

Al confesses to Jimmi that he has messed things up with Niamh.

Kevin continues lying to Poppy
Wednesday 10 September,

Kevin is engaged in an extended text flirtation with Poppy after last night and she is trying to lure him over to her halls.

Has Al ruined his chances with Niamh?
Tuesday 9 September,

Kevin receives a postcard from Jas in Canada and decides to get VIP tickets for a local club for him and Jimmi.

Niamh is caught between Oliver and Al
Monday 8 September,

Oliver calls Niamh, saying he's been leaving messages and that he wants to prove himself to her. Niamh reluctantly agrees to see him the following night.

Can Rob stop a woman intent on revenge?
Friday 5 September,

Rob goes to the home of a magistrate and finds a woman standing over her holding a cup of 'acid'.  Rob recognises the woman, Julie, who blames Caroline for letting her daughter's boyfriend out on

Kevin tries to help Heston accept his diagnosis
Thursday 4 September,

Dr Lacey tells Heston the tests show no sign of dementia and suggests depression. When he later tells Kevin what Dr Lacey said, Kevin says depression makes sense, but Heston snaps at him.

Niamh sees a different side to Al
Wednesday 3 September,

Al is attending a Graphic Novel conference.

Can Jimmi push Niamh and Al together?
Tuesday 2 September,

Niamh tells Al that Oliver has been coming on a bit strong but Al doesn't take the hint leaving Niamh feeling deflated.