Howard gets a surprising new police partner
Wednesday 20 August,

Howard finds himself with an unexpected new police partner, Archie Greene, while on the hunt for a stolen cat.

Will Kevin get to the bottom of Heston's strange behaviour?
Tuesday 19 August,

Heston has been in a showily good mood, lounging on the balcony in sunglasses and sipping fruit punch, but Kevin isn't fooled.

Has Niamh met the perfect man in Oliver?
Monday 18 August,

Al tries not to show his disappointment as Niamh dresses up to the nines for a posh date with Oliver.

Is drama therapy what Niamh needs?
Friday 15 August,

Niamh's dismayed that Howard has signed her up for a dramatherapy taster session, where play and imagination are used to access emotions.

Kevin's torn between two women
Thursday 14 August,

After a night out at a club, Kevin finds himself fielding advances from two attractive women: Jacqui's a sophisticated older woman, and Zoe is an equally alluring young woman.

Claire confronts Mrs Tembe about Josh's past
Wednesday 13 August,

In the wake of Josh's disastrous date, Mrs Tembe is desperate to know if Claire's alright and goes to talk to Viv.

Will Josh's date end in disaster?
Tuesday 12 August,

Excited about the upcoming date between Josh and Claire, Mrs Tembe confides in Emma that she's done a bit of matchmaking.

Can Al help with Eddie's woman trouble?
Monday 11 August,

Al is called out to see Eddie, an obese patient with agoraphobia who's suffered a panic attack.

Can Karen help celebrity magician Susie Vine?
Friday 8 August,

When Susie Vine, a brash former celebrity magician bumps into Karen in the shop, Karen is excited to spot a celebrity.

Can a private eye really help Heston?
Thursday 7 August,

When Heston finds a vase on his stairs, it plays on his recent paranoia and distresses him.

Has Daniel got two left feet?
Wednesday 6 August,

Zara catches Daniel practicing a dance step before his first class and teases him about wanting to show off.

Will Niamh admit her feelings to Al?
Tuesday 5 August,

Nell is heavily pregnant and suffering joint pains.

Viv gives Mrs Tembe some dubious advice
Monday 4 August,

Mrs Tembe continues to meddle in Josh's affairs by calling a meeting with Reverend Viv, who's still under the misapprehension that Josh did time for armed robbery.

There's no Doctors this week!
Friday 1 August,
There's no Doctors on Friday!
Friday 25 July,
There's no Doctors on Thursday!
Thursday 24 July,
Mrs Tembe's keeping a watchful eye on Josh...
Wednesday 23 July,

Josh is doing another shift at the church café and shares it with the shy but lovely Claire, a single mother who is making eyes at Josh.

Should Zara feel threatened by Toni?
Tuesday 22 July,

Daniel asks Zara if she can pick up a present for one of Joe's friend's birthdays; she agrees amicably to this request and seems to be in a good mood but, as Daniel frets about broaching the idea

Josh confides in Viv
Monday 21 July,

Struggling to control his thoughts during a summer when he's distracted by scantily-clad women, Josh takes refuge in St Bernadette's, where Viv finds him and tries to talk to him.

Howard uncovers secrets of World War One...
Friday 18 July,

Set months in the past, Howard is talking to forensic archaeologist Matt Jukes about his great-grandfather, Hugh Bellamy, who served in the First World War and went missing in action, never to be