The Mill give Chris a fitting send-off!
Friday 11 April,

It is Chris's last day at work and mum Emma still does her best to cover her upset in the face of her son's excitement.

Will Emma cope when Chris leaves?
Thursday 10 April,

Emma's still unhappy with the idea of Chris moving to Australia and, trying her best not to let on, she tells Mandy she's already planning on downsizing.

'Breast is best and Howard's a pest!'
Wednesday 9 April,

Howard's still rattled by his experiences with Gill, the breastfeeding mother yesterday; his attempt to get on with his day is interrupted when he sees Gill back in reception, again breastfeeding

Can Jimmi make Chris change his mind?
Tuesday 8 April,

As Chris has one last final meal with his mother before turning himself in to the police, Emma begs him to reconsider but Chris's mind is made up.

Will Chris hand himself in?
Monday 7 April,

Emma is petrified that Jimmi will report Chris to the authorities and hopes to try and convince him not to but he dashes off to the Campus to do some paperwork.

Will Emma's family secret be revealed?
Friday 4 April,

Knowing that Chris's guilt is becoming overwhelming, Emma begs her son to stay away from work but he refuses.

Jimmi's concerned for Chris
Thursday 3 April,

Jimmi attends to Lee, who's been brought into the station, having been severely beaten and close to losing an eye.

Is love on the cards for Kevin?
Wednesday 2 April,

Kevin bumps into a woman at reception; she's delighted to see him but Kevin's utterly confused, he's never seen this woman, Lally, in his life.

How long can Emma keep covering for Chris?
Tuesday 1 April,

Having stayed out all night, a bedraggled, hungover Chris heads to work with blood on his knuckles - has he been in a fight? A worried Emma seeks Chris out but rejects her concern.

Can Karen win back her man?
Monday 31 March,

Determined to win Rob back, Karen heads to the house wearing hardly anything under a long fur coat but her not-so-subtle methods of seduction are completely lost on Rob.

Al makes a stunning discovery about the graffiti
Friday 28 March,

Howard's surprised to see so many students at the Campus but Mrs Tembe points out they aren't potential customers - they are hoping to see some graffiti.

Emma's anxiety about Chris reaches its peak
Thursday 27 March,

Karen arrives at work and announces that she and Rob are going their separate ways.

The graffiti artist strikes again!
Wednesday 26 March,

Barry delights in telling Mrs Tembe that his 'counter enforcement measures' have got rid of their graffiti problem.

Is Emma getting through to Chris?
Tuesday 25 March,

Mandy sees Chris wincing in pain and is told he came off his bike and has bandaged himself up.

Karen's upset by Aunty Ag's visit
Monday 24 March,

Rob's Aunty Ag is visiting and takes the liberty of inviting herself and Rob over for lunch with Karen.

Is Chris in too deep?
Friday 21 March,

Emma's a little concerned about Chris who isn't having any lunch.

Can Al be the one to help Mandy?
Thursday 20 March,

Howard, Zara, Emma, Mrs Tembe, Al and Heston are all worried about Mandy and can't decide what to do to help. Some think someone should go and see her... and that someone ends up being Al.

Can Emma get over her fear of clowns?
Wednesday 19 March,

Emma is working at the Police Station when she's called to treat a tricky detainee who won't leave his cell - it's a clown, whose hand is covered in blood.

Lois takes drastic action!
Tuesday 18 March,

Mandy's spent all night reassuring Lois that she loves her and that she's not a replacement for Freya.

Mandy wakes up with Lois!
Monday 17 March,

Mandy wakes up in bed with Lois and, despite Lois's emotional neediness over the past few days, she decides to enjoy the moment.