Shoot to Kill
Thursday 25 December,

*Two-hour Christmas special*

The wedding of the year
Sunday 9 November,


Rosamund returns!
Sunday 2 November,

Secrets could be exposed as Rosamund arrives at Downton following Edith's shock departure.

Charm has its limits
Sunday 19 October,

Simon Bricker returns to Downton to discuss the painting with Cora, but this time has his flirting crossed the line?

Downton's facade is cracking
Sunday 19 October,

Following the altercation with Bricker, relations between Robert and Cora are strained, while Blake's scheming starts to come to fruition when Mary is unexpectedly pitted against her love rival.

Bunting oversteps the mark
Sunday 12 October,

Sarah Bunting continues to cause waves above stairs, but this time she may have gone too far!

Bates arrested?
Sunday 5 October,

Anna fears her past will come back to haunt her when a policeman arrives at Downton Abbey wanting to speak to Bates about the death of evil valet, Mr Green.

A visitor sets Cora's heart alight
Sunday 28 September,

With the house recovering from the fire, Robert is faced with a very difficult decision. Meanwhile, his wife Cora is diverted by an art historian, Simon Bricker (Richard E Grant).

The Times Are A-Changin'
Sunday 21 September,

Returning to Downton in 1924, a new Labour government heralds changes that are being felt throughout the land, as well as above and below stairs.

The bazaar is in peril (VIDEO)
Sunday 10 November,


Letter from America (VIDEO)
Sunday 3 November,

Lord Grantham perfects his ‘angry and indignant’ face tonight as a telegram summons him to America to support Cora’s troublesome brother. The playboy, Harold, is in a fix and has to bail him out.

The birthday party (VIDEO)
Sunday 27 October,

Plans for Robert's birthday party are under way, but Rose's surprise contribution to the event ruffles feathers above and below stairs.

Anna's silence is killing Bates (VIDEO)
Sunday 20 October,

Anna continues to maintain her stoic silence in the face of Bates's questioning, but how much longer can she hold out?

The jazz age (VIDEO)
Sunday 13 October,

Last week’s horrible twist left us desperate for a hug from Carson. In fact, we’re almost too scared to tune in tonight.

The party (VIDEO)
Sunday 6 October,

An extravagant house party at the Abbey gives the Crawleys a chance to reconnect with old friends and culminates in a performance by opera singer Dame Nellie Melba (played by Dame Kiri Te Kanawa).

A shocking estate of affairs
Sunday 29 September,

Just as Lord Grantham thought he was wresting back control of the estate, Matthew interferes with his plans from beyond the grave.

Lady Mary's overwhelmed by grief
Sunday 22 September,

*Feature-length episode*

Christmas Special Christmas Special
Tuesday 25 December,
The Grantham family put all their troubles from the last series behind them and head to their summer break at Duneagle Castle in the Scottish Highlands in this special Christmas episode.
That's not quite cricket That's not quite cricket
Sunday 4 November,
In the series finale, Thomas faces ruin when O’Brien’s smirking plotting leaves him without a reference.
Mr Bates arrives back at Downton! Mr Bates arrives back at Downton!
Sunday 28 October,
Finally, Mr Bates is freed from prison, meaning that he can now be reuinited with Anna. The two embrace, and arriving back at Downton, everyone is excited to see him back.
Can Anna free Bates? Can Anna free Bates?
Sunday 21 October,
Anna has being doing her best Miss Marple impression throughout this series as she tries to free Mr Bates and she finally uncovers some crucial evidence.
Lady Sybil's birth ends in tragedy! Lady Sybil's birth ends in tragedy!
Sunday 14 October,
The day has finally arrived, as Lady Sybil goes into labour. A concerned Branson is by her bedside, but he's desperately worried when she begins showing symptoms of eclampsia.
Will Bates uncover the truth? Will Bates uncover the truth?
Sunday 7 October,
Anna is heartbroken that Bates no longer seems to be writing to her. But it turns out that it is in fact Bates who believes she's given up on him due to her not coming to visit him.
Will Lady Edith make it down the aisle? Will Lady Edith make it down the aisle?
Sunday 30 September,
Everyone at Downton is preparing for the wedding of Lady Edith to Sir Anthony Strallan, but the Dowager still hopes she'll realise that he's too old for her.
The honeymoon is over! The honeymoon is over!
Sunday 23 September,
Matthew and Mary return from their honeymoon with a new car, but all is not well at Downton.