Ben makes a confession to Ian
Friday 28 November,

Ian is stunned when Denise reveals she dug up Lucy's phone and wallet, calling the police to inform them.

What are Jay and Ben hiding?
Thursday 27 November,

Jay finds out that Denise has dug up Lucy's phone and wallet. In a panic, he quickly calls Ben to inform him. Returning home, Denise tells Patrick about her discovery.

Denise discovers Lucy's phone and wallet!
Tuesday 25 November,

Denise promises to look into it when Patrick reveals the council are taking away his allotment.

Cindy kisses Liam!
Monday 24 November,

Cindy is finding it hard looking after Beth and when Liam visits she breaks down on him. When Liam reassures her that she's a good mum, Cindy kisses him but a shocked Liam backs off.

Shirley's secret rocks the Carters
Friday 21 November,

The Carters are left reeling in shock following the events that saw Shirley's secret revealed.

Linda has refused to open up to Mick, who pushes her for the truth.

Dean and Mick make a shock discovery!
Thursday 20 November,

Mick and Dean have spent the night in a B&B near to the caravan. Determined to ensure that Shirley returns home to the Square, they hatch a plan.

Shirley's hide-out is discovered
Tuesday 18 November,

Mick interrupts Stan arguing with Aunt Babe, who is caught off guard when Stan claims Babe knows where Shirley is. Aunt Babe says there might be someone living in the caravan...

Stan's secret is out
Monday 17 November,

The Carters prepare a family lunch for Lee's 22nd birthday. Aunt Babe realises that Stan still hasn't confessed his secret to the family.

EastEnders isn't on this Friday
Friday 14 November,
Kat falls out with Stacey
Thursday 13 November,

Kat, Alfie and the family have spent the night sleeping on Dean's floor. Alfie knows the pressure is on for him to find them a new home. Slapping on the warpaint, Kat returns to the stall.

Kat and Alfie are out on the street!
Tuesday 11 November,

Kat feels uncomfortable about her scars and can't bring herself to go out. After agreeing to let Mick and Linda babysit the twins, Kat realises Bert doesn't have his favourite toy.

Pam reveals her dark secret
Monday 10 November,

Pam struggles on the anniversary of her son's death, worried Emma will discover her secret. Billy is suspicious that Pam has something to hide when he realises she's avoiding Emma.

Tosh's awkward family reunion
Friday 7 November,

Tosh is not expecting either of her parents to turn up for lunch, as she hasn't talked to them for years. When Tosh's mum Judy arrives - although she's without her dad - Tosh is thrilled.

Is Linda pregnant?!
Thursday 6 November,

At Mick's insistence, a reluctant Linda goes to the chemist to buy a pregnancy test.

Mick thinks he knows what's up with Linda
Tuesday 4 November,

Mick's concern for Linda grows when he realises she's still not sleeping. A tired and edgy Linda insists she's just feeling guilty about hitting Dexter.

Dot wants the truth from Nick
Monday 3 November,

Dot can't believe it when she sees her supposedly late son sitting at her kitchen table!

Who is following Lauren?
Friday 31 October,

It's Halloween, and Lauren is freaked out when she thinks she's being followed on the way to Ronnie and Charlie's engagement party.

Is Sonia's marriage over?
Thursday 30 October,

Sonia turns up at Carol's to apologise for being harsh to her. Carol comforts Sonia as Sonia reveals how bad things are between her and Martin.

Nick blackmails Charlie and Ronnie
Tuesday 28 October,

Charlie does his best to distract Dot, so she doesn't see Nick sitting in her kitchen.

Nasty Nick returns!
Monday 27 October,

Ronnie and Charlie plan to announce their engagement. Telling Roxy first, Ronnie is disappointed by her reaction.