linda carter Sharon is Linda's friend in need
Friday 27 February,

Sharon is relieved when Linda turns up at her mum's house and goes in with her. She's shocked when they find out that her mum has already died.

sharon rickman Sharon decides to visit her gravely ill birth mother
Thursday 26 February,

Sharon is shaken to learn her birth mother is dying of cancer. When Carol finds out, she visits Sharon to offer her some words of advice.

nancy carter Nancy reveals her fears to Linda
Tuesday 24 February,

Nancy is frustrated when Mick claims he didn't do anything bad to Dean, but ominously insists Dean won't ever be back.

nancy carter Nancy wants answers from Mick!
Monday 23 February,

Nancy is on edge when Shirley returns to work at The Vic. Desperate to know what went on between Mick and Dean, Nancy badgers her dad.

EastEnders goes live!
Friday 20 February,

In a completely live episode as part of the 30th anniversary week celebrations, Ian confronts Jane about Lucy's murder.

What really happened – flashback to Lucy's murder
Thursday 19 February,

We go back to Good Friday, 2014... Lucy Beale is texting Peter asking him to get her some cocaine.

The truth about Lucy's death is out!
Thursday 19 February,

*Hour-long special*

Will Jane ditch Ian at the wedding?
Wednesday 18 February,

Jane is thrilled when both Christian and Tanya arrive in time for the wedding. Things take a dark turn, however, when Jane finds the card left by Lauren.

Peggy is back!
Tuesday 17 February,

Peggy Mitchell returns to Walford on a mission to confront Dot about Phil's imprisonment and Ronnie's hospitalisation.

Denise warns Jane away from Ian!
Friday 13 February,

Jane and Ian are enjoying their quiet friends and family pre-wedding celebration. The mood soon sours, however, when a drunk Denise arrives, with Lauren, telling Jane she shouldn’t marry Ian.

Will Dot give in to Nick?
Thursday 12 February,

Dot has a change of heart about what to do for Nick after finding out that Roxy and Charlie slept together – and getting an earful of abuse from Roxy.

Is Lauren having a baby?
Tuesday 10 February,

Max has a confrontation with Lauren that leaves him concerned, prompting him to ask Stacey to talk to her.

Lauren wants answers!
Monday 9 February,

Lauren charges Emma’s phone following her shock discovery of the incriminating piece of paper. Trying to guess the passcode, she’s frustrated when she can’t get into it.

Mick forces Dean down to the allotments
Thursday 5 February,

Mick has bundled Dean out of Blades, forcing him to the allotments. Once there, Mick lets Dean tell his side of the story, but is further enraged when Dean insists that Linda consented.

Wedding bells for Lauren and Peter?
Tuesday 3 February,

Peter finishes the Walford half-marathon with a good time, heading to the Vic to celebrate with Ian, Jane and Lauren. The day gets even better for Peter when Lauren asks him to marry her.

Shirley has an unwelcome surprise for Dean!
Monday 2 February,

Dean is starting to feel the pressure as the rumours about the rape spread around the Square. With barely any customers coming through the door at Blades, he puts on a special promotion.

Shabnam makes a shock confession!
Friday 30 January,

Shabnam's admission about the abandoned baby shocks Stacey to the core. Stacey insists that Shabnam tell her everything. As the truth comes flooding out, Stacey is floored by the full story.

Dean's asking for trouble with Mick!
Thursday 29 January,

Linda and Mick worry that Dean won't be brought to justice. Determined to behave normally, they hold a karaoke night at The Vic.

How far will Max go?
Tuesday 27 January,

Max gets ready for Emma's funeral. Lauren and Abi don't know what to do for their dad, as it's obviously tearing him apart.

Happy birthday Shabnam – you're sacked!
Monday 26 January,

Shabnam's birthday gets off to a miserable start as she finds out she's being made redundant from the Minute Mart.

Stan drops a bombshell on Mick
Friday 23 January,

Dean and Mick help a collapsed Stan to his feet, getting him inside the Vic. Mick is livid when Dean warns he'll be back before leaving the Vic.

Sharon discovers Max owns the Arches!
Thursday 22 January,

Sharon tells Billy they'll have to sell Phil's precious car to raise money for the case. At the Arches, a confused Sharon sees Max changing the sign to 'Branning's Autos'.

Will Shirley believe Dean's lies?
Tuesday 20 January,

Mick supports Linda as she reports the rape to the police. Being asked to make her video statement alone, Linda leaves an anxious Mick waiting for her.