Stan drops a bombshell on Mick
Friday 23 January,

Dean and Mick help a collapsed Stan to his feet, getting him inside the Vic. Mick is livid when Dean warns he'll be back before leaving the Vic.

Sharon discovers Max owns the Arches!
Thursday 22 January,

Sharon tells Billy they'll have to sell Phil's precious car to raise money for the case. At the Arches, a confused Sharon sees Max changing the sign to 'Branning's Autos'.

Will Shirley believe Dean's lies?
Tuesday 20 January,

Mick supports Linda as she reports the rape to the police. Being asked to make her video statement alone, Linda leaves an anxious Mick waiting for her.

Linda reports the rape to the police!
Monday 19 January,

Linda is determined to make a family day of Mick's birthday before she finally goes to the police about Dean.

Can Shirley talk round Nancy?
Friday 16 January,

Nancy packs her bags in a fury after Shirley's announcement that Dean will be moving in. Begging Nancy not to leave, Lee suggests she put on a brave face for Mick and Linda's sake.

Masood tells Shabnam some home truths!
Thursday 15 January,

Shabnam makes a point of turning down Stacey's suggestion that they go to the Ladies' Night after Kush says he might be there.

Will Nick convince Charlie that Yvonne is lying?
Tuesday 13 January,

Yvonne tries to hide the part she played in the car crash when a horrified Charlie asks her how long she's known about Nick cutting the brakes.

Yvonne tells Charlie the truth about Nick
Monday 12 January,

Dot gently suggests to Charlie he spend more time with his son, revealing that Roxy has given the baby a temporary name.

Who's been sleeping in Kat's bed?
Friday 9 January,

Stacey is horrified when she finds Kat in bed with a stranger. Confronting Kat, she learns that Harry has died, leaving Kat a large sum of money in his will.

Kat drops a bombshell on Alfie!
Thursday 8 January,

Kat and Mo refuse to tell Stacey why there's tension between them. Mo snaps when Kat asks Alfie to help her on the stall, prompting Kat to tell Mo to keep her nose out.

Kat gets shock news
Thursday 8 January,

Kat is struggling to meet her next rent payment. Donna has an idea, visiting Alfie with a plan. Alfie later arrives with a box full of men's clothing for Kat to sell.

Will Nick be caught?
Wednesday 7 January,

Charlie, Yvonne and Dot deny that they've seen Nick as the coppers search the house.

Max acts suspiciously
Tuesday 6 January,

Max pushes aside his grief to go to work, despite concern from his family. When Max finds out that Phil Mitchell has been arrested over the incident, he returns home.

No episode of EastEnders tonight!
Monday 5 January,

There is no episode of EastEnders tonight due to football.

Albert Square reels in shock!
Friday 2 January,

Cora and Dexter have decided to move to Newcastle to live with Ava. Before they leave, Stan asks Cora to forgive him for what happened with Sylvie on Christmas Day.

Will Ronnie's big day go to plan?
Thursday 1 January,

*Hour-long episode*

La Fox is back!
Tuesday 30 December,

Kim is back in the Square with a few secrets of her own and is surprised at how different things are. After learning of Denise's troubles, Kim confronts Ian in The Vic.

Shirley tells Ronnie a secret
Monday 29 December,

Ronnie is stunned when Shirley lets her in on a little secret. She soon realises how much Nick has manipulated Dot and Charlie and sets about plotting revenge.

Can Ronnie get rid of Nick?
Friday 26 December,

Ronnie and Charlie hand Nick the cash and ferry tickets, hoping to finally see him on his way.

Christmas carnage at the Carters!
Thursday 25 December,

It's Christmas Day at the Queen Vic and Mick slips out of the house to arrange a special surprise for the family.