Lauren comforts a distraught Peter
Thursday 24 April,

The investigation into Lucy's death begins in earnest, as the family still struggle with their loss. Dot pays the Beales a visit, but can't comfort a distraught Ian.

Ian breaks the news of Lucy's death
Tuesday 22 April,

Ian tries to take in what the police are telling him as they reveal that it seems Lucy was the victim of a random mugging.

Ian learns the awful truth about Lucy
Monday 21 April,

Ian is keen to make amends to the twins after Peter overheard him telling Lucy that she was his favourite child.

Lucy's body lies on Walford Common!
Friday 18 April,

Lucy and Lee have spent the night at the restaurant, leaving Ian worried that Lucy didn't come home.

Lucy is determined to have Lee
Thursday 17 April,

Lucy is confronted by a furious Max, who accuses her of blackmailing him. When it's clear she has no idea about the emailed picture, Max backs off.

Is someone out to blackmail Max?
Tuesday 15 April,

Max turns up at Lucy and Lauren's open day for the Walford Common flats, jealous after Lee flirts with Lucy. Although furious with Max for checking up on her, Lucy gives into his charms.

Lucy is hiding a secret
Monday 14 April,

Lucy drops out of a family portrait organised by Ian, along with the rest of family after Ian insults them. Denise is particularly hurt when Ian prioritises Jane over her.

Ronnie sleeps with Charlie!
Friday 11 April,

Ronnie is in shock as Lola lies unconscious. Lee rushes to Lola's side and brings her round. In hospital, Lola is diagnosed with concussion.

Lola is run over by Ronnie!
Thursday 10 April,

Peter invites Lola to go to The Shard. His romantic gesture backfires, however, as it sends Lola into a panic over what to wear.

Bianca stuns Terry with a decision about her future
Tuesday 8 April,

Bianca apologises to Terry for her outburst after realising she got it wrong. Although hurt, Terry insists he loves her and will stand by her.

Bianca finds Terry with Whitney!
Monday 7 April,

Bianca is distracted as she waits for the results of her gene test. Terry tries to make things easier for her by helping take care of the kids.

Can Whitney make things right with Johnny?
Friday 4 April,

Johnny is disappointed that Sharon has fired him for letting the teens have a party in the bar. Begging Sharon for a second chance, Johnny is relieved when she agrees to take him back on.

Who is Lucy texting?
Thursday 3 April,

Lauren and Lucy head back to the Brannings' after leaving Sharon's bar, followed by an upset Whitney.

Jane gets passionate with Masood!
Tuesday 1 April,

Denise is hoping Jane and Masood will take a shine to each other over dinner. When Ian lovingly reminisces with Jane, encouraged by Shabnam, Denise is deflated.

Tina and Mick clash over Stan
Monday 31 March,

Mick nurses a bruised face, but refuses to tell his family the truth about what happened to him. He later blurts out to Max that he was attacked by his son Lee.

Roxy has a flirty birthday
Friday 28 March,

Roxy is disappointed on her birthday when Ronnie admits that she hasn't arranged anything special to celebrate.

Is Charlie Cotton all he seems?
Thursday 27 March,

*Second Episode*

Dot says her goodbyes to Nick
Thursday 27 March,

*First Episode*

Dot brings Nick's body home
Tuesday 25 March,

Dot has arranged for the funeral parlour to bring Nick's coffin to her house.

Dot dreads Nick's funeral
Monday 24 March,

Dot is dreading the week ahead as Nick's funeral looms. Charlie tries to console Dot by inviting the vicar over, but his plan backfires when Dot is faced with the vicar's nephew Tim instead.