sylvie carter Sylvie threatens Aunt Babe with the police
Friday 24 April,

Sylvie is stunned following Babe's revelation that Stan has died. Trying to visit her family, Sylvie finds herself stopped by Babe. The sisters come to blows as Babe tries to manipulate her.

dot branning Dot says a moving goodbye to Jim
Thursday 23 April,

Dot's arrival at Jim's funeral has thrown the Branning family, but they're all happy she decided to come along. Max steps up to do the eulogy for Jim, while Dot also adds her own words.

mick carter Mick bans Dean from the funeral
Tuesday 21 April,

Linda says she needs to speak to Dean alone, forcing a reluctant Shirley and Buster to leave the room.

linda carter Linda is ready to face Dean
Monday 20 April,

Mick steels himself for Stan's funeral but when he finds Dean in a family photo he takes the scissors to it and cuts him out.

dot branning Dot makes a shock decision about Jim
Friday 17 April,

Max confronts Phil, asking him awkward questions about Karin. Realising that Jay has spilled the beans to Max, he questions Jay's loyalty.

phil mitchell Phil has a dark warning for Jay
Thursday 16 April,

Jay is confronted by Phil who reminds him in no uncertain words that he's a Mitchell, insisting Jay can't say anything to Max about the stolen cars.

roxy mitchell Aleks has a big question for Roxy
Tuesday 14 April,

Ronnie is awake now and starting to talk. Although happy about her sister's recovery, Roxy is also terrified that she knows about her and Charlie.

charlie cotton Charlie confesses his feelings to Roxy
Monday 13 April,

Aleks enlists Roxy's help throwing an impromptu party for Ineta, after forgetting it was her birthday.

stan carter Stan Carter passes away
Friday 10 April,

As Stan's health continues to deteriorate Shirley, Mick and Tina put their differences aside to be there for Stan.

stan carter Stan and Cora are all set to marry!
Thursday 9 April,

Tina is frustrated when Shirley and Mick refuse to be in the same room together on the day of Stan and Cora's wedding.

stan carter Stan has one last request for his family
Tuesday 7 April,

Mick and Tina brings Stan's favourite chair to the hospice in a bid to make him comfortable.

shirley carter Shirley makes a shock decision
Monday 6 April,

Stan's condition continues to deteriorate, causing more tension between Mick and Shirley, as Stan insists on seeing Dean before he dies.

alfie moon Alfie worries for Kat's sanity and safety
Friday 3 April,

Alfie is looking after the kids for Kat. When he discovers Tommy has Kat's money belt, Alfie worries that there's something up.

stan carter Stan takes a turn for the worse
Thursday 2 April,

Tina is devastated to learn from Mick that Stan will have to stay in hospital. Visiting Stan, the Carter family break the news that he won't be coming home.

Ben's in big trouble with Phil!
Tuesday 31 March,

Phil continues with his plot to get the Arches back into Mitchell hands, causing a concerned Carol to beg Max to end his feud with Phil.

phil mitchell Phil threatens Max
Monday 30 March,

Phil is back and gets his feet back behind the family table by arranging a lunch. When Phil starts handing out large sums of cash, Sharon is astonished.

sharon mitchell Sharon can't deal with a violent Denny
Friday 27 March,

Sharon is shaken by recent events in the search for her dad. Feeling under pressure, when Denny misbehaves, Sharon's attempt to take control backfires and Denny lashes out.

sharon mitchell Has Sharon discovered her real dad?
Thursday 26 March,

Ian is shocked when he finds out that Dot is in prison, confronting Sharon, who tells him about the search for her real dad. The pair visits Dot in prison, insisting they're there for her.

cindy beale Cindy's attempt to be a mum goes wrong
Tuesday 24 March,

Cindy's feeling insecure about being a mum now that Beth's back home with Jane and Ian. Confiding in Liam, Cindy takes heart when he encourages her to step up as a mum.

kush kazemi Kush falls apart as he relives his past
Monday 23 March,

Kush visits Shabnam, breaking down on her as he opens up about his past.

fatboy Fatboy protects Donna from Martin
Friday 20 March,

Donna is nervous that no one will turn up when Pam organises a last-minute birthday party for her. Her fears are groundless, however, when the party in the Vic gets off to a great start.

stan carter Let's get hitched!
Thursday 19 March,

Stan's having a bad time of it in hospital, getting irritated with his hospital roommate Cyril (guest star Andrew Sachs).

sonia fowler Tina and Sonia kiss!
Tuesday 17 March,

Tina is frustrated with a difficult Stan, who is insisting he wants to go into a care home.

Stan has tragic news for the Carters
Monday 16 March,

Stan offers to take the Carters to greyhound racing as a treat. When his suggestion doesn't go down well, a disgruntled Stan says he'll take Cora instead.

eastenders No episode of EastEnders tonight due to Comic Relief
Friday 13 March,

No episode of EastEnders will not screen at its usual time due to the live Comic Relief broadcast. EastEnders will resume in its normal time, 8pm, on Monday night.