kush kazemi Shabnam and Kush are heartbroken
Monday 31 August,

Shabnam gets ready to go to the hospital for the heartbreaking task of delivering her baby.

Shabnam and Kush learn heartbreaking news
Friday 28 August,

Masood is concerned after Shabnam waits out the night for the baby’s normal movements when nothing seems to have changed.

Kush attacks Masood!
Thursday 27 August,

Carmel and Masood realise they’re in big trouble when Kush also sees them in bed together! Although Carmel and Masood try to explain, Kush is furious, forcing Masood to scarper.

Masood and Carmel are caught in bed!
Tuesday 25 August,

With Kush out of the house on his stag do, Shabnam invites the ladies over - along with Aunt Fatima - to prepare her Mendhi dress.

Stacey's hiding things from Martin
Monday 24 August,

Stacey and Martin head to the hospital for Stacey’s scan. Bumping into Sonia, Martin is concerned to learn that Stacey’s bipolar medication may affect her hormones.

sharon mitchell Have Ian and Sharon seen Kathy?
Friday 21 August,

Phil grabs his phone from Sharon, spinning a lie about who 'K' really is.

Sharon wants to know who 'K' is!
Thursday 20 August,

Phil hides a bag of cash in The Arches. Later on, Phil is rattled to find Jay and Ben have found Kathy's sunglasses.

Will Les confess to Pam?
Tuesday 18 August,

Pam confronts Les having found him with Claudette, demanding to know what's going on between them. Les confesses that he turned to Claudette after their son Lawrie died.

kathy beale Kathy Beale is back in the Square!
Monday 17 August,

Phil receives a worrying call and heads to The Arches, where he finds Kathy! She begs him for help, but it's clear that Phil is furious with her for coming to the Square.

roxy mitchell Has Ronnie pushed Roxy too far?
Friday 14 August,

Roxy is furious with Ronnie for spying on her, confronting her about the hidden camera.

Dean reveals Ronnie's dirty tricks to Roxy
Thursday 13 August,

Roxy is forced to confess to Ronnie that she's seeing Dean in secret. After a huge row, Ronnie agrees to keep out of Roxy's love life.

Ronnie uncovers Roxy's lies about Dean
Tuesday 11 August,

Vincent is rattled after he gives Buster the money he asked for, when Buster ominously tells him to be wary of the Mitchells.

Carol and Abi find a homeless Cora
Monday 10 August,

Jane is terrified about what Carol may know, hurrying over to the Butchers' to find out why Carol was talking to the police.

carol jackson Will Carol discover Jane's guilty secret?
Friday 7 August,

Carol asks Richie to help out Max, but gets nowhere. Feeling for Carol, Sharon suggests they could talk to her solicitor Margaret.

Carol struggles to help Max
Thursday 6 August,

Carol struggles to find the money to pay for Max's QC. After a tough visit with Max, who is desperate for a new brief, Carol heads to the Vic to drown her sorrows.

roxy mitchell Ronnie catches Roxy with Dean!
Tuesday 4 August,

Dean is furious with Roxy for not turning up at Libby's party as planned. Knowing how to win him round, Roxy passionately kisses him.

phil mitchell Phil beats up Vincent!
Monday 3 August,

Vincent has a run in with Phil, warning him things will change if Sharon doesn't pitch in more with the bar.

Will Pam believe Paul's accusation?
Friday 31 July,

Paul tells Pam he first suspected Les and Claudette were having an affair while he was doing his GCSEs, which was why he went away travelling.

paul coker Paul tells Pam that Les is cheating on her
Thursday 30 July,

Les tells Claudette to stay away from the Centenary party to make Paul happy.

paul coker Claudette warns Paul to back off
Tuesday 28 July,

Claudette goes to Blades and asks Paul why he's been telling Vincent lies, telling him to back off. Paul insists he doesn't want Pam getting hurt, asking Claudette to stay away from Pam.

Vincent makes a startling discovery!
Monday 27 July,

Dean offers Paul a job following Lola's disappearance. Vincent menacingly questions Paul about his claim Claudette and Les are having an affair. Paul backtracks, saying he was mistaken.

paul, vincent Paul tells Vincent the truth
Friday 24 July,

Pam feels bad about getting over-involved in Paul's business. When Les tries to talk to Paul but meets a blank wall, Pam questions Dean but he's unimpressed with Paul's attitude.

eastenders logo Albert Square families come to blows
Thursday 23 July,

The police investigation picks up speed, causing more evidence about Lucy's murder to come to light.

eastenders logo Who makes a shock decision?
Tuesday 21 July,

Phil sees Bobby at the police station, intercepting him before he can hand in Lucy's phone and wallet.

eastenders logo The Lucy murder arrest causes shockwaves!
Monday 20 July,

Ian and Jane are interrupted by Sharon, who has brought Jay round to make a confession. Jay admits that Ben mugged Lucy for her phone and wallet, burying them after Lucy was found dead.