tamwar masood Tamwar finds out what Nancy's been hiding
Friday 3 July,

Tamwar confides in Shabnam about not being able to open up to Nancy. When she encourages him to talk things through with her, Tamwar heads to the Vic, only to find her passed out on the floor.

shirley carter Shirley helps Carol face her fears
Thursday 2 July,

Carol faces a backlash after her revelation that she slept with Buster. Refusing to hear Buster's version of events, Shirley wants to wash her hands of him.

carol jackson Carol gets close to Buster!
Tuesday 30 June,

Sonia accompanies Carol to her hospital appointment.

kush kazemi Shabnam finally opens up to Kush
Monday 29 June,

Shabnam is battered and bruised following the attack. Although Masood tries to convince her to go to the police, Shabnam refuses.

dean wicks Dean meets his daughter
Friday 26 June,

Jade's foster father Jonathan brings Jade to Albert Square to meet her family. Dean struggles to connect with his daughter, despite Shirley trying her hardest to get him involved.

shabnam masood Shabnam is attacked by a girl gang!
Thursday 25 June,

Shabnam arrives at the community centre to find it trashed, confronting three teen girls about the damage. Leaving Nancy and Kush to clean up, Shabnam returns home.

kush kazemi Nancy sees Kush with Stacey
Tuesday 23 June,

Kush is dragged to the Vic by his mates on his 30th birthday. Knowing that Shabnam doesn't want him out during Ramadan, he soon returns home.

dean wicks Buster has life-changing news for Dean
Monday 22 June,

Buster has a cautious chat with Dean on Father's Day after discovering the results of Dean's DNA test. Deciding Dean has the right intentions, Buster tells him that he is Jade's dad.

martin fowler Martin tries to sweet-talk Stacey
Friday 19 June,

Kush struggles with the rules and regulations of Ramadan but reminds himself he's doing it for Shabnam. Meanwhile, Martin asks Stacey to help him out at the allotment.

dean wicks Dean is pushed to the edge
Thursday 18 June,

Buster has it out with Shirley, discovering that she did meet their granddaughter after all. Shirley explains her reasoning, revealing that Jade has Cystic Fibrosis.

Will Roxy steal Charlie from Ronnie?
Tuesday 16 June,

Ronnie prepares for her romantic night with Charlie, but their plans are interrupted when Sharon calls asking Ronnie to collect a very drunk Roxy.

dean wicks Dean knows the truth about Jade!
Monday 15 June,

Kush feels stuck between Shabnam and Carmel on the day of the engagement party as the ladies argue over decorations. Sent to Stacey's on an errand, Kush then struggles to resist her.

shirley carter Will Shirley tell Dean his daughter's alive?
Friday 12 June,

Shirley tells Buster their granddaughter is alive and she has her address.

masood ahmed Masood finds his granddaughter!
Thursday 11 June,

Masood prepares to open Masala Masood, but is distracted by thoughts of his granddaughter.

ronnie mitchell Ronnie plots to expose Roxy
Tuesday 9 June,

Ronnie turns to Vincent for help as she struggles with her paranoia over Roxy and Charlie, but soon has second thoughts.

charlie cotton Charlie sneaks behind Ronnie's back
Monday 8 June,

Ronnie offers to go to Nick's funeral with Charlie when she discovers it's planned for today. When Charlie refuses, insisting he wants to go alone, Ronnie asks Ben for help.

cindy beale How will Ian deal with Cindy's ultimatum?
Friday 5 June,

Ian finds Cindy in the cafe with Carol following her ultimatum. Warning her not to tell anyone the truth about Bobby, Ian brings her home.

cindy beale Cindy gives Ian and Jane an ultimatum
Thursday 4 June,

Ian and Jane are on tenterhooks on the day of the social worker's visit. It's not long before Cindy crumbles, admitting she doesn't want to be around Beth.

sharon mitchell Sharon meets her father!
Tuesday 2 June,

Sharon struggles seeing her biological father for the first time, asking Phil to take her home.

sharon mitchell Phil has found Sharon's father
Monday 1 June,

Sharon is furious when Phil is forced to come clean to her that Vincent now owns The Albert.

ronnie mitchell Ronnie gets a rude welcome when she comes home
Friday 29 May,

Charlie is shocked by Vincent's claim that Ronnie is in love with him, heading to the hospital to confront her.

shabnam masood The Masoods meet Kush's mum
Thursday 28 May,

Shabnam is relieved when Masood confesses that although he found her daughter, he had second thoughts about making contact.

kim fox Kim learns disturbing news about Vincent
Tuesday 26 May,

Vincent is questioned over the disappearance of Dot's drug dealer in her court case. As soon as he's released on bail, he calls Ronnie and confronts her for reporting him.

vincent eastenders Vincent is arrested!
Monday 25 May,

Kim has a go at Donna when she sees her with Vincent, thinking they're on a date!

alfie moon Goodbye Kat and Alfie!
Friday 22 May,

Kat and Alfie prepare to leave the Square for a new life. Kat's surprised when Sister Judith from the convent arrives wanting to talk to her.