Shirley plans her next move
Tuesday 30 September,

The wedding party return to The Vic, but there are some unusual speeches, when Jay, Ben, Phil, Aunt Sal, Sharon and Shirley all take the opportunity to put their point across.

Will Sharon marry Phil?
Monday 29 September,

Sharon is set for her wedding day when she's confronted by Ian, who tries to talk her out of marrying Phil. At the register office, Phil nervously waits for his bride as the minutes tick away.

Ronnie returns to have it out with Phil
Friday 26 September,

It's the day of the wedding and Phil feels frustrated when Ben confronts him, saying that he thinks Phil should be with Sharon after all.

Sharon reaches out to Ben
Thursday 25 September,

Shirley is still stewing over Ben's appearance, but is given food for thought when Aunt Babe points out that her plan with Phil could fall apart if she continues to direct her fury at Ben.

What does Ben want from Phil?
Tuesday 23 September,

Phil is in shock over Ben's sudden appearance, struggling for the right words to say.

Ben Mitchell is back in the Square!
Monday 22 September,

Jay collects his things from Phil's, telling him he's disgusted by his affair with Shirley. Phil insists that it only happened once, persuading Jay to stay in Walford for the wedding.

Phil faces losing Jay
Friday 19 September,

Phil is upset to discover that Jay hasn't invited him to his leaving dinner. After Abi encourages Jay to sort things out with Phil, Jay visits Phil with a congratulations card.

Is Denise losing the plot?
Thursday 18 September,

Denise agrees to let Shabnam go to a 'dentist appointment', not realising that Shabnam has an interview at a pharmacy.

Alfie's thrown clear as the house explodes!
Tuesday 16 September,

As the bin catches alight, Alfie takes Nana Moon's framed photo and heads to Billy's. What Alfie doesn't know is that Kat returned early from the hen party and is asleep upstairs...

Alfie considers arson
Monday 15 September,

Alfie's latest scheme to raise money by selling Mo's dodgy hairspray is a failure. Feeling backed into a corner, Alfie decides his only option is to start a house fire and claim the insurance.

Will Bianca leave Walford with Terry?
Friday 12 September,

Bianca and the kids pack to leave, but Liam wants to stay in Walford. Sonia, Whitney and Carol think Bianca should let him decide.

Does Phil still want Sharon?
Thursday 11 September,

Shirley is upset when Phil blanks her after she sees him in the Square. Confronting him about his behaviour, Shirley is devastated when Phil insists that he loves Sharon and is staying with her.

Betrayed Phil turns to Shirley
Tuesday 9 September,

After seeing Sharon with Marcus, Phil has found out that Sharon is trying to fleece him. Letting his fury out on the Arches' office, Phil is found by Shirley, who tries to calm him down.

Will Lee propose to Whitney?
Monday 8 September,

Whitney breaks the news to Lee that she's moving away from the Square. After some miscommunication, both of them think they're dumping each other!

Alfie considers desperate measures
Friday 5 September,

Alfie tries all sorts of ways to raise some money but nothing seems to be working. Feeling too ashamed to tell Kat the truth, Alfie lies that he got a loan from the bank.

Is Charlie really a Cotton?
Thursday 4 September,

Carol meets up with Charlie after insisting that he does a DNA test. When Dot catches Carol holding her toothbrush to get her DNA, Carol is forced to explain.

Does Bianca want Terry after all?
Tuesday 2 September,

Bianca confronts Terry after discovering he's planning on leaving the Square. Worried about TJ, Terry is too distracted to talk things through with her.

Stacey comes home!
Monday 1 September,

Stacey is due to hear the decision on her appeal. Kat is delighted when Stacey is released, returning home to the Slaters'.

Peter breaks Lola's heart
Friday 29 August,

Lola thinks her life is on the up after paying Dean a visit at Blades, when he agrees to permanently hire her.

Cindy's having her baby!
Thursday 28 August,

Cindy returns to Albert Square and heads to the Beales', only to be told by a stressed Ian that he doesn't want her there.