Max learns the truth about Charlie
Tuesday 19 August,

Max visits Dot to apologise for his bad attitude, but he makes a swift exit when he realises Charlie is there. When Charlie later hears Max talking to Emma, he's intrigued.

Ian plots to remove Patrick from his life
Monday 18 August,

Ian worries when Denise reveals that Patrick is recovering well. Left alone with Patrick after accompanying Denise to the hospital, Ian begs him not to tell Denise about Rainie.

Will Jay lose Abi for ever?
Friday 15 August,

Abi gets her exam results, telling Jay that she's got into the University of Liverpool. Hiding his unease, Jay arranges a gathering at Abi's house to celebrate.

Phil realises Rainie is a problem that needs sorting
Thursday 14 August,

Ian confesses to Phil that he was with Rainie on the night that Lucy died.

Ian cracks up at Lucy's press conference
Tuesday 12 August,

The day of the press conference, Ian begs Mick to keep Linda quiet. As Ian and Peter go into the conference, Sharon, Phil, Denise and Lola have to wait in a separate room.

Will Stacey appeal her prison sentence?
Monday 11 August,

Concerned that Kat is taking on too much, Alfie visits Stacey to ask her to appeal. Thinking this is Jean's doing, Stacey accuses Jean of using Alfie to manipulate her.

Kat gives birth to baby boys!
Friday 8 August,

Kat realises the babies are really on their way, as Stacey is led away by prison officers. Full of excitement and nerves, Alfie and Mo bring Tommy and Lily to the hospital.

Mick's arrested for kerb crawling!
Thursday 7 August,

*Hour-long episode*

Jean makes a shock suggestion to Stacey
Tuesday 5 August,

Kat and Alfie are suspicious of Jean's sudden visit to Walford, concerned when she claims she's left Ollie. Heading to prison to visit Stacey, Jean reveals why she's really back.

Are Kat's babies on the way?
Monday 4 August,

Kat suddenly gets pains and tells Alfie the babies might be on their way. Ever the opportunist, Alfie takes her into a children's shop, hoping that if her waters break they'll get some freebies!

Will Aunt Babe reveal Shirley's secret?
Thursday 31 July,

*EastEnders is on BBC2 tonight due to the Commonwealth Games*

Shirley busts Dean and Aunt Babe
Tuesday 29 July,

*EastEnders is on BBC2 tonight, and at a slightly later time, due to the Commonwealth Games*

Carol makes a shock discovery about Charlie Cotton
Monday 28 July,

Carol puts on a brave face ahead of her double mastectomy. The Butchers do their best to be supportive despite Bianca's money problems and the continued trouble over the hash brownies.

Will Bianca lose her kids?
Friday 25 July,

Bianca is reeling about Mr Ackroyd's threat to call Social Services. Worried about the trouble they could be in, Liam encourages Tiff not to say anything about where the brownies came from.

Sharon finds out Phil arranged her attack!
Thursday 24 July,

Linda confronts Sharon about the gun she found in her room. Opening up to Linda, Sharon admits she's been so scared since the attack that the gun made her feel safer.

Will Patrick blow Ian's secret?
Tuesday 22 July,

Patrick has been rushed to hospital following his collapse and is told he's had a stroke. A devastated Denise video calls Kim to tell her the bad news.

Is time running out for Ian?
Monday 21 July,

Ian is horrified when Patrick insists that, by tonight, either Ian will tell Denise about sleeping with Rainie or he will.

Patrick discovers Ian's dirty secret
Friday 18 July,

Ian is left sweating when Denise almost answers the phone to Rainie. When Denise suggests they put off their wedding for a while, Ian panics, getting Patrick to talk her round.

The police say Jake is being released!
Thursday 17 July,

Ian is surprised to see the police on the doorstep, who have news of the latest development in Lucy's murder investigation.