Drunk Phil attacks Sharon!
Friday 27 November,

Sharon has kept Phil locked up in the room overnight, refusing to let him out. Sniffing out the booze, Phil finds a bottle of whisky that's been wrapped up for Christmas.

Sharon takes a tough love approach with Phil
Thursday 26 November,

Sharon gets Billy and Jay to help her bring Phil home. Furious with Phil, Sharon has some harsh words to share with him.

Sharon comes to blows with Roxy!
Tuesday 24 November,

Roxy comes to blows with Sharon following Ronnie's arrest and is then kicked out by Phil, who tells her she's no longer a Mitchell.

Ronnie Mitchell is arrested for murder!
Monday 23 November,

Sharon arranges a Mitchell lunch, telling Phil he needs to step up for the sake of his family. Meanwhile, Roxy is trying to avoid Ronnie, feeling guilty for going to the police.

Roxy wants the truth about Charlie!
Friday 20 November,

Roxy confronts Ronnie, asking if she was really planning to kill Dean. After reassurances from Ronnie, Roxy defends her sister to Dean.

Vincent takes revenge on Fatboy
Thursday 19 November,

Vincent finds out how Fatboy has behaved towards Donna and is furious. Protective of his sister, Vincent menacingly confronts Fatboy.

Will Ronnie try to kill Dean?
Tuesday 17 November,

Ronnie tries to make things right with Roxy by apologising to her and Dean. When Dean winds her up, Ronnie quickly leaves.

Dean gets one over on Ronnie
Monday 16 November,

Dean continues to turn Roxy against Ronnie after showing Roxy, Sharon and Vincent the mess Ronnie made of The Albert.

Lee discovers Mick and Shirley's secret
Thursday 12 November,

Elaine insists that Mick tell the family the truth about him and Shirley, which only serves to upset Nancy and Lee.

Dean proposes to Roxy!
Tuesday 10 November,

Dean is horrified to discover Blades has been trashed, turning on Roxy and blaming her for leaving the keys in the door. It doesn't take Dean long to work out that Ronnie is to blame.

Ronnie tries to put Dean out of business
Monday 9 November,

Ronnie puts pay to her efforts to win over Dean when she learns Dean and Roxy are planning to move out of London.

Will Kush and Shabnam marry?
Friday 6 November,

Kush is distracted on the day of his wedding when Shabnam reveals that Martin isn’t the father of Stacey’s baby.

Shabnam realises what's upsetting Stacey!
Thursday 5 November,

Shabnam makes up with Stacey, who agrees to come to her Mehndi. When Shabnam bumps into Martin, she’s shocked to realise that Stacey has hidden the baby scan photo from him.

What is Stacey hiding from Shabnam?
Tuesday 3 November,

Martin is chuffed when the story about their baby’s ‘miracle’ survival from Stacey’s electric shock makes front page of the Gazette.

Mick and Ronnie plot Dean's demise!
Monday 2 November,

Mick and Ronnie meet up to talk about their plan to get rid of Dean that night.

Stacey has a shock on Halloween!
Friday 30 October,

In this hour-long Halloween special, Stacey makes preparations for her Halloween party with some help from Whitney.

Can Ben rid the Mitchells of Gavin?
Thursday 29 October,

Phil comes home from hospital and tries to get back to normality. Learning that Gavin has been trying to contact Kathy, Ben suggests to Phil they get Marsden involved after all.

Concern grows for a broken Phil
Tuesday 27 October,

Everyone is stunned to see Phil who, despite his bruises and cuts, refuses to reveal what happened to him. In a bad way, Phil collapses.

Sharon fears for Phil's life
Monday 26 October,

Sharon visits Margaret, telling her she wants a divorce from Phil. Meanwhile, Kathy is back at the Beales', trying to explain her decision to a furious Ben.

Will Gavin kill Phil?
Friday 23 October,

Kathy is at the police station talking to Marsden. After coming clean about everything that's happened, she reveals that Gavin has Phil held hostage.

Will Kathy go through with her plan?
Thursday 22 October,

Kathy tries to process what Ian's told her about Bobby, her guilt growing as Ian reveals how alone he's felt. They're interrupted by Abi, who needs help with a drunken Ben.

kathy sullivan Ian's revelation stuns Kathy!
Tuesday 20 October,

Kathy gets nostalgic after helping Ian out at the cafe. Feeling torn, Kathy tells Ben she's not sure she can go through with their plan.

Les tells Pam the truth!
Monday 19 October,

Pam tries to get to the bottom of what's really going on with Les. After Billy tells Les that Pam is behaving suspiciously, Les is forced to confront Pam and finally tell her the truth.

Is Les about to lose everything?
Friday 16 October,

Donna confronts Les and Claudette, who insists they're not having an affair. Panicking, Les rushes out, followed by Claudette, who assures him everything will be OK.

Are Donna and Fatboy an item?
Thursday 15 October,

Donna is happy the morning after the night before to realise Fatboy hasn't done a runner.