stacey branning Stacey and Kush kiss!
Thursday 21 May,

Kush is back in the Square, soon realising that Shabnam's frosty behaviour towards him hasn't changed.

shabnam masood Will Shabnam tell Dean the truth?
Tuesday 19 May,

Shabnam feels freaked out after her encounter with Dean, doing her best to avoid him. When Masood is suspicious, Shabnam prepares to talk to him.

ronnie mitchell Ronnie gets a blast from the past!
Monday 18 May,

Ronnie heads to court to await the outcome of Dot's trial as the verdict is due to be announced.

mick carter Will Mick find out if he's the dad?
Friday 15 May,

Mick bonds with the new baby, assuring Linda they don't need to do a paternity test, as it's not all about DNA.

dot branning Dot changes her mind and gives evidence!
Thursday 14 May,

Charlie prepares to give evidence at Dot's trial. It's a relief to learn the missing witness for the prosecution still hasn't turned up.

linda carter Will Linda and the baby survive?
Tuesday 12 May,

Linda wakes after her fall, unable to find Mick. When Kat spots Linda she rushes to her side. Alarmed, Linda reveals she can't feel the baby move, and her waters break.

mick carter Linda takes a nasty tumble
Monday 11 May,

Mick confesses to Linda that Alfie has offered to buy the Vic. Not convinced, Linda wonders if they would only be selling up to escape Dean.

Dot Branning Dot goes to court!
Friday 8 May,

It's the day of Dot's trial and the Brannings head to court to support her. The day starts off badly when Keeble and then a reluctant Stacey give evidence against Dot.

Kat Moon, Alfie Moon Will Alfie take back Kat?
Thursday 7 May,

Alfie struggles to tell Kat that she's not getting compensation from the court case about Harry.

Sonia Fowler, Martin Fowler Sonia kisses Martin!
Tuesday 5 May,

Sonia invites Martin to her joint birthday party with Tina, feeling bad for Bex who's upset by the trouble between them.

Ronnie mitchell Ronnie gets close to Vincent
Monday 4 May,

Ronnie's heart races after a flirty visit from Vincent, prompting her to warn him to stay away from her.

kat moon Will Sister Ruth help Kat deal with the past?
Friday 1 May,

Kat is at the convent where she gave birth to Zoe. After finding Sister Ruth, a nun who helped her all those years ago, Kat starts discussing the past.

kat moon Kat confronts her past
Thursday 30 April,

Kat confesses to Stacey that she kissed someone the night before. Initially supportive, when Stacey finds out it was Max, she's exasperated with Kat, warning her to stop pushing Alfie away.

phil mitchell Phil gets the Arches back!
Tuesday 28 April,

Max feels forced to sign the Arches and Car Lot over to Phil. He soon realises he's been played by Karin and Phil, who reveal they made everything up!

max branning Karin warns Max the police are onto them
Monday 27 April,

Max has a visit from Karin, who warns him the police are onto the stolen cars. After failing to get hold of Phil to help him out, Max asks Charlie to dump the cars.

sylvie carter Sylvie threatens Aunt Babe with the police
Friday 24 April,

Sylvie is stunned following Babe's revelation that Stan has died. Trying to visit her family, Sylvie finds herself stopped by Babe. The sisters come to blows as Babe tries to manipulate her.

dot branning Dot says a moving goodbye to Jim
Thursday 23 April,

Dot's arrival at Jim's funeral has thrown the Branning family, but they're all happy she decided to come along. Max steps up to do the eulogy for Jim, while Dot also adds her own words.

mick carter Mick bans Dean from the funeral
Tuesday 21 April,

Linda says she needs to speak to Dean alone, forcing a reluctant Shirley and Buster to leave the room.

linda carter Linda is ready to face Dean
Monday 20 April,

Mick steels himself for Stan's funeral but when he finds Dean in a family photo he takes the scissors to it and cuts him out.

dot branning Dot makes a shock decision about Jim
Friday 17 April,

Max confronts Phil, asking him awkward questions about Karin. Realising that Jay has spilled the beans to Max, he questions Jay's loyalty.

phil mitchell Phil has a dark warning for Jay
Thursday 16 April,

Jay is confronted by Phil who reminds him in no uncertain words that he's a Mitchell, insisting Jay can't say anything to Max about the stolen cars.

roxy mitchell Aleks has a big question for Roxy
Tuesday 14 April,

Ronnie is awake now and starting to talk. Although happy about her sister's recovery, Roxy is also terrified that she knows about her and Charlie.

charlie cotton Charlie confesses his feelings to Roxy
Monday 13 April,

Aleks enlists Roxy's help throwing an impromptu party for Ineta, after forgetting it was her birthday.

stan carter Stan Carter passes away
Friday 10 April,

As Stan's health continues to deteriorate Shirley, Mick and Tina put their differences aside to be there for Stan.

stan carter Stan and Cora are all set to marry!
Thursday 9 April,

Tina is frustrated when Shirley and Mick refuse to be in the same room together on the day of Stan and Cora's wedding.