Glenda has disturbing news about Roxy
Wednesday 4 May,

*One-hour episode*

Kyle's mum meets her son for the first time!
Tuesday 3 May,

Kyle is nervous about seeing his mum, as it's the first time she's seen him as he is now. Realising what a big deal this is, Stacey starts to worry that she's done the right thing.

Sonia shares worrying news with Bex
Monday 2 May,

Sonia is stunned after Soph's bombshell that she and Tina slept together. Upset and angry, Sonia kicks both of them out.

Has Kyle been outed?
Friday 29 April,

Kyle is stressed by Soph's appearance and worried about his future. With Andy still flirting with Stacey, Kyle gets even more wound up, warning Andy to stay away from Stacey.

Is it all over for Tina and Sonia?
Thursday 28 April,

Tina has slept with Soph, but they later agree that it was a one-off and they're going to try to make things work with the people they really love.

Denise has a total change of heart
Wednesday 27 April,

*One-hour special*

Phil gets it on with Denise!
Tuesday 26 April,

Phil is sent spiralling after seeing Ben's kiss with Paul. Returning to his old ways, Phil goes back on the booze.

Ben shows his love for Paul
Monday 25 April,

Ben can see that Phil is in a better mood at the Vic darts match. Making a bold move, Ben publicly kisses Paul. Unable to deal with seeing Ben kiss a man, Phil storms off home.

Tamwar and Nancy leave, but will Mas go too?
Friday 22 April,

Nancy is stunned by Masood's bombshell about wanting to travel with them. Encouraging Tamwar to stand his ground, Nancy insists he tell Masood that they want to do this alone.

Will Masood wreck Tamwar and Nancy's plans?
Thursday 21 April,

Nancy is disappointed when she learns that Tamwar won't be joining her for a few weeks. Determined to make a go of things alone, Nancy asks Martin to sell some of her stuff on his stall.

Masood is stunned by his runaway date
Tuesday 19 April,

Tina tries to help out Masood by setting up an internet dating profile for him.

Will Tamwar convince Nancy to stay?
Monday 18 April,

Tamwar is left reeling after learning of Nancy's plans to leave the Square. Talking to her about her decision, Tamwar turns down Nancy when she asks him to go with her.

Johnny has a plan to reunite the Carters
Friday 15 April,

Johnny has just one more day in Walford and is distressed to realise the family are still at war. After talking to Nancy, Johnny apologises to Mick for what he said to him.

Stacey gets shock news from Belinda
Thursday 14 April,

Stacey has invited Belinda, Jean and Ollie for lunch - worrying Kyle and Martin, who think she's taken on too much.

Linda has a shock revelation for Johnny
Tuesday 12 April,

Linda and the Carters welcome Johnny home, but Linda is disappointed when he admits it's only for a couple of days.

Ben discovers Abi's baby lie!
Monday 11 April,

Abi is on the edge as Louise continues to try to blackmail her into leaving Walford with Ben.

Can Jack save Ronnie?
Friday 8 April,

Ronnie visits Tim in a bid to work out who is behind the sinister pranks. After realising that Hannah might be to blame, Ronnie confronts her, but she insists she has nothing to do with it.

Ronnie confesses to murder
Thursday 7 April,

Ronnie is shaken when Les turns up after getting an email to say Ronnie has died and needs her funeral arranging. Worried it’s more than a prank, Jack pushes Billy to show him the email.

Is liar Abi about to be found out?
Tuesday 5 April,

Ben is horrified to see Phil’s credit card statement and Abi offers to look into it. Realising that Louise is responsible, Abi and Babe confront her, demanding she return her ill-gotten gains.

Is Kathy getting drawn in by Phil?
Monday 4 April,

Ben is disappointed when he discovers that Phil is refusing to go to his alcohol support meeting. Meanwhile, worried about Kathy getting involved with Phil, Ian warns Phil to stay away from her.

Linda tells Mick he must forgive Nancy
Friday 1 April,

Mick and Linda head to the doctor, determined to get answers about Ollie, but are told it could take years before they know if Ollie is brain damaged.

Will the Carters get answers about Ollie?
Thursday 31 March,

Linda's determination to stay positive about Ollie falters when Ollie doesn't react in his usual way to a nursery rhyme.

Phil goes on the rampage in a digger!
Tuesday 29 March,

Sharon is horrified when she walks in to find Ben trying to suffocate Phil and pulls Ben off. Realising how distressed Ben is, Sharon comforts him.

Will a furious Ben kill Phil?
Monday 28 March,

Ben is concerned about Abi after her fall but Babe steps in, saying she'll look after her.

phil mitchell Has Phil put Janet in danger?
Friday 25 March,

Billy is called into work and has to miss out the Easter Egg Hunt, leaving Phil to take Will and Janet.