Will Linda tell Stacey the truth about Dean?
Friday 19 December,

Mick and Linda are closer than ever after Linda's baby scan, realising it's time they told the family about the baby.

Kat discovers Alfie's secret
Thursday 18 December,

Kat and Alfie try to look to the future as they head to the council office, hoping to secure a council house.

Alfie and Kat are evicted!
Tuesday 16 December,

Kat begs their landlord to let the family stay in the flat, but they're told to get out by lunchtime. After refusing to leave, Kat stages a sit-in and the police are called.

What will Phil do to Nick?
Monday 15 December,

Phil is furious to realise Nick is still alive, forcing Ronnie to stop Phil attacking Nick. Desperate to get Nick out of Walford, Ronnie begs Phil and Ian for money.

Can Ian forgive Peter?
Friday 12 December,

After being pushed inside Dot's house by Nick, a stunned Ian insists on seeing her.

Will Linda go through with her abortion?
Thursday 11 December,

Linda insists on going alone to the clinic for her termination.

Tosh hits Tina!
Tuesday 9 December,

Tina tells an unhappy Shirley and Aunt Babe that she and Tosh are moving to Croydon.

Peter hits rock bottom
Monday 8 December,

After encouragement from Jane, Peter is hopeful that he can repair his relationship with his dad, but Ian is still frosty with him.

Sonia collapses at the Fat Blasters party!
Friday 5 December,

Sonia prepares for the Fat Blasters Christmas Party, which she's invited Martin to. Feeling increasingly unwell, Sonia lies to a worried Tina she's fine.

Will Lauren say 'yes' to Peter?
Thursday 4 December,

Peter is forced to confess to Ian and Jane that he was selling drugs to Lucy. When Ian threatens to call the police, he and Peter argue.

What is Sonia hiding?
Tuesday 2 December,

Carol is concerned when Pam asks if Sonia is back from her course, as she still hasn't transferred the charity calendar money.

Jane makes a shock discovery on Lucy's phone
Monday 1 December,

Ian prepares a welcome home lunch for Peter, who is due back from New Zealand. When Peter phones to say he's missed his connecting flight, Ian goes ahead with the lunch anyway.

Ben makes a confession to Ian
Friday 28 November,

Ian is stunned when Denise reveals she dug up Lucy's phone and wallet, calling the police to inform them.

What are Jay and Ben hiding?
Thursday 27 November,

Jay finds out that Denise has dug up Lucy's phone and wallet. In a panic, he quickly calls Ben to inform him. Returning home, Denise tells Patrick about her discovery.

Denise discovers Lucy's phone and wallet!
Tuesday 25 November,

Denise promises to look into it when Patrick reveals the council are taking away his allotment.

Cindy kisses Liam!
Monday 24 November,

Cindy is finding it hard looking after Beth and when Liam visits she breaks down on him. When Liam reassures her that she's a good mum, Cindy kisses him but a shocked Liam backs off.

Shirley's secret rocks the Carters
Friday 21 November,

The Carters are left reeling in shock following the events that saw Shirley's secret revealed.

Linda has refused to open up to Mick, who pushes her for the truth.

Dean and Mick make a shock discovery!
Thursday 20 November,

Mick and Dean have spent the night in a B&B near to the caravan. Determined to ensure that Shirley returns home to the Square, they hatch a plan.

Shirley's hide-out is discovered
Tuesday 18 November,

Mick interrupts Stan arguing with Aunt Babe, who is caught off guard when Stan claims Babe knows where Shirley is. Aunt Babe says there might be someone living in the caravan...

Stan's secret is out
Monday 17 November,

The Carters prepare a family lunch for Lee's 22nd birthday. Aunt Babe realises that Stan still hasn't confessed his secret to the family.