sharon mitchell Has Sharon discovered her real dad?
Thursday 26 March,

Ian is shocked when he finds out that Dot is in prison, confronting Sharon, who tells him about the search for her real dad. The pair visits Dot in prison, insisting they're there for her.

cindy beale Cindy's attempt to be a mum goes wrong
Tuesday 24 March,

Cindy's feeling insecure about being a mum now that Beth's back home with Jane and Ian. Confiding in Liam, Cindy takes heart when he encourages her to step up as a mum.

kush kazemi Kush falls apart as he relives his past
Monday 23 March,

Kush visits Shabnam, breaking down on her as he opens up about his past.

fatboy Fatboy protects Donna from Martin
Friday 20 March,

Donna is nervous that no one will turn up when Pam organises a last-minute birthday party for her. Her fears are groundless, however, when the party in the Vic gets off to a great start.

stan carter Let's get hitched!
Thursday 19 March,

Stan's having a bad time of it in hospital, getting irritated with his hospital roommate Cyril (guest star Andrew Sachs).

sonia fowler Tina and Sonia kiss!
Tuesday 17 March,

Tina is frustrated with a difficult Stan, who is insisting he wants to go into a care home.

Stan has tragic news for the Carters
Monday 16 March,

Stan offers to take the Carters to greyhound racing as a treat. When his suggestion doesn't go down well, a disgruntled Stan says he'll take Cora instead.

eastenders No episode of EastEnders tonight due to Comic Relief
Friday 13 March,

No episode of EastEnders will not screen at its usual time due to the live Comic Relief broadcast. EastEnders will resume in its normal time, 8pm, on Monday night.


shabnam masood Shabnam tells Masood about Kush
Thursday 12 March,

*Hour-long episode*

kat moon Kat loses everything!
Wednesday 11 March,

Kat is insistent that she wants to go through with collecting the inheritance money, despite Mo and Stacey's concerns.

kat moon Kat makes a shock decision about her inheritance
Tuesday 10 March,

Kat is excited about visiting Zoe in Spain but a text from Zoe soon brings her down to earth. At the Vic, Kat is bent on self-destruction, trying to buy everyone drinks.

No episode of EastEnders tonight due to FA Cup football
Monday 9 March,

No episode of EastEnders tonight due to the FA Cup quarter-final football match between Manchester United and Arsenal.

kim fox Will Kim reveal her secret?
Friday 6 March,

Kim and Denise are relieved to learn baby Pearl is on the mend. Returning to the hospital feeling optimistic, Kim panics when she sees a mysterious balloon and bear in Pearl's room.

kat moon Kat pushes Linda too far!
Thursday 5 March,

Kat and Kim are determined to carry on having fun. Annoyed with Linda for throwing them out of the pub, they use Denise's pub keys to let themselves in after hours.

dot cotton Sharon vows to help Dot
Tuesday 3 March,

Sharon's first attempt to get hold of her dad ends in failure. Heading to the prison to speak to Dot, Sharon is shocked when Dot refuses her help, telling her never to visit her again.

shirley carter Shirley gets shock news about Dean
Monday 2 March,

Shirley is shell-shocked when the police reveal they have worrying news about Dean. A man has been found seriously injured with Dean's ID.

linda carter Sharon is Linda's friend in need
Friday 27 February,

Sharon is relieved when Linda turns up at her mum's house and goes in with her. She's shocked when they find out that her mum has already died.

sharon rickman Sharon decides to visit her gravely ill birth mother
Thursday 26 February,

Sharon is shaken to learn her birth mother is dying of cancer. When Carol finds out, she visits Sharon to offer her some words of advice.

nancy carter Nancy reveals her fears to Linda
Tuesday 24 February,

Nancy is frustrated when Mick claims he didn't do anything bad to Dean, but ominously insists Dean won't ever be back.

nancy carter Nancy wants answers from Mick!
Monday 23 February,

Nancy is on edge when Shirley returns to work at The Vic. Desperate to know what went on between Mick and Dean, Nancy badgers her dad.

EastEnders goes live!
Friday 20 February,

In a completely live episode as part of the 30th anniversary week celebrations, Ian confronts Jane about Lucy's murder.

What really happened – flashback to Lucy's murder
Thursday 19 February,

We go back to Good Friday, 2014... Lucy Beale is texting Peter asking him to get her some cocaine.

The truth about Lucy's death is out!
Thursday 19 February,

*Hour-long special*

Will Jane ditch Ian at the wedding?
Wednesday 18 February,

Jane is thrilled when both Christian and Tanya arrive in time for the wedding. Things take a dark turn, however, when Jane finds the card left by Lauren.

Peggy is back!
Tuesday 17 February,

Peggy Mitchell returns to Walford on a mission to confront Dot about Phil's imprisonment and Ronnie's hospitalisation.