carol jackson Carol leaves the Square!
Friday 2 October,

Sonia reminds Carol that she needs to start thinking of herself, prompting her to agree to make the move to Milton Keynes.

linda carter, lee carter Linda discovers the truth about Lee
Thursday 1 October,

Mick sits Linda down, explaining to her about Lee's depression. When Lee hears them talking about it, he claims he's fine.

jane beale, stacey Stacey has it out with Jane!
Tuesday 29 September,

Stacey confronts Jane, shocked by what she claimed in court. Will Jane tell the truth or stick to the story she concocted?

max branning Will Max be wrongly convicted of murder?
Monday 28 September,

Max is back in court waiting to hear the verdict. Although those in the know are desperate to do everything to get Max freed - even if it means breaking the law - everything is not as it seems.

Robbie comes clean to Sonia
Friday 25 September,

Robbie finally confesses to Sonia that he is completely skint and Nita has left him. When Carol finds out she snaps, telling Robbie to pack his bags and leave.

Jane drops a bombshell in court!
Thursday 24 September,

Jane writes a card for Ian as she prepares to go to court. When Masood visits to check on Jane, he's worried to learn she's planning to help Max.

jake wood Things are looking grim for Max
Tuesday 22 September,

Max refuses to listen to Marcus's advice, prompting Marcus to turn to Carol for help. As the proceedings kick off for the day, Phil is angry when Marcus lays into Ben on the stand.

charlie cotton Will Charlie escape with Roxy?
Monday 21 September,

Roxy is torn over Ronnie's plan to stop Charlie leaving Walford.

Charlie has a dangerous plan
Friday 18 September,

Roxy is torn by Charlie's offer to leave the Square with him, but eventually agrees. When Charlie reveals he wants to take Matthew with him, however, she's shocked.

abi branning Will Abi betray Max in court?
Thursday 17 September,

Jane arrives at the hospital to find that Lauren has given birth to a son. Alone with her sister, Lauren tells Abi that Max didn't kill Lucy, pleading with her to tell the truth in court.

lauren branning Lauren goes into labour!
Tuesday 15 September,

Jane pleads with Lauren to keep the secret about Bobby, insisting that Max will be found innocent.

Sharon finds Kathy in the Arches!
Monday 14 September,

Sharon realises there's something at the Arches that Phil is trying to stop her seeing. Heading to the garage and locking the door, Sharon is shocked when the secret is revealed - it's Kathy!

Phil finds out where Kathy's staying
Friday 11 September,

Phil gets a message from ‘K’ asking him to go to the park.

sharon mitchell Does Phil know Jane's secret?
Thursday 10 September,

Phil has hold of Jane, refusing to let her answer the door to Keeble. When Sharon then turns up and Jane doesn’t answer the door, Sharon is worried.

Jane plans to say she killed Lucy!
Tuesday 8 September,

Jane wakes to find Ian and Bobby gone and runs to Sharon to tell her. When Phil overhears, Sharon lies that Ian and Bobby have left for the duration of the trial.

dot cotton Dot comes home
Monday 7 September,

Charlie is on hand to welcome Dot back to the Square. Rattled by all the fuss as the family gather round, Dot sneaks out to the launderette for some peace.

Lee loses it in front of his CO!
Friday 4 September,

Lee is forced to confess to Whitney that he's got a meeting with his CO this afternoon. As they talk things through, Lee hints that he'd like to return to active duty.

shirley carter The Carters track down Babe
Thursday 3 September,

Tina, Mick and Shirley force their way into Babe's caravan when she's nowhere to be found, desperate to find Stan's ashes.

mick carter It all turns to custard for the Carters!
Tuesday 1 September,

Tina is insistent that they scatter Stan's ashes, pleading with Mick to get Shirley to come with them.

kush kazemi Shabnam and Kush are heartbroken
Monday 31 August,

Shabnam gets ready to go to the hospital for the heartbreaking task of delivering her baby.

Shabnam and Kush learn heartbreaking news
Friday 28 August,

Masood is concerned after Shabnam waits out the night for the baby’s normal movements when nothing seems to have changed.

Kush attacks Masood!
Thursday 27 August,

Carmel and Masood realise they’re in big trouble when Kush also sees them in bed together! Although Carmel and Masood try to explain, Kush is furious, forcing Masood to scarper.

Masood and Carmel are caught in bed!
Tuesday 25 August,

With Kush out of the house on his stag do, Shabnam invites the ladies over - along with Aunt Fatima - to prepare her Mendhi dress.

Stacey's hiding things from Martin
Monday 24 August,

Stacey and Martin head to the hospital for Stacey’s scan. Bumping into Sonia, Martin is concerned to learn that Stacey’s bipolar medication may affect her hormones.

sharon mitchell Have Ian and Sharon seen Kathy?
Friday 21 August,

Phil grabs his phone from Sharon, spinning a lie about who 'K' really is.