Ronnie apologises to Charlie for Roxy's text
Friday 17 October,

Ronnie is frustrated with Roxy for sending a text to Charlie from her phone. She heads to Dot's to apologise to him.

Will Linda tell her mum the truth?
Thursday 16 October,

Linda's mum Elaine has arrived at The Vic after the worried call from Mick. Finding Linda in her room, Elaine encourages her to get dressed and go down to the bar.

Aleks sneaks off to see his wife
Tuesday 14 October,

Roxy and Aleks are back and a smitten Roxy wants Aleks to move in. He's interrupted by a text, however, rushing to the market office, where his wife Marta and daughter Ineta are waiting!

Linda's on the verge of a breakdown
Monday 13 October,

Linda busies herself with arranging a small family gathering for Nancy's 21st birthday. When Nancy reveals she's invited some mates over, Linda panics that Dean will turn up.

Will Emma get back with Max?
Friday 10 October,

Max runs into Emma and Keeble in the Square. Discovering that Keeble and Max know each other, Emma is rattled, telling Max she could lose her job if their affair comes out.

Linda goes missing
Thursday 9 October,

Linda has gone missing after being faced by her rapist, Dean. A worried Mick tries to find out more, leading Dean to make something up to cover his tracks.

Is Ronnie losing the baby?
Tuesday 7 October,

Ronnie and Charlie argue about the baby. When Ronnie doubles up in pain she panics she's about have a miscarriage.

Linda faces a horrifying ordeal
Monday 6 October,

Dean is in a state following the shooting and Shirley's disappearance. Mick sends him to see Linda in The Vic to try to calm down.

Can Lauren stop Peter leaving?
Friday 3 October,

Lauren rushes to the tube station, desperate to catch Peter before he leaves for a new life in New Zealand. Finding him just in time, Lauren finally confesses that she's in love with him.

There's tragedy as the gun is fired!
Thursday 2 October,

As the dramatic wedding day events continue, Shirley comes face-to-face with Phil and Sharon.

Shirley plans her next move
Tuesday 30 September,

The wedding party return to The Vic, but there are some unusual speeches, when Jay, Ben, Phil, Aunt Sal, Sharon and Shirley all take the opportunity to put their point across.

Will Sharon marry Phil?
Monday 29 September,

Sharon is set for her wedding day when she's confronted by Ian, who tries to talk her out of marrying Phil. At the register office, Phil nervously waits for his bride as the minutes tick away.

Ronnie returns to have it out with Phil
Friday 26 September,

It's the day of the wedding and Phil feels frustrated when Ben confronts him, saying that he thinks Phil should be with Sharon after all.

Sharon reaches out to Ben
Thursday 25 September,

Shirley is still stewing over Ben's appearance, but is given food for thought when Aunt Babe points out that her plan with Phil could fall apart if she continues to direct her fury at Ben.

What does Ben want from Phil?
Tuesday 23 September,

Phil is in shock over Ben's sudden appearance, struggling for the right words to say.

Ben Mitchell is back in the Square!
Monday 22 September,

Jay collects his things from Phil's, telling him he's disgusted by his affair with Shirley. Phil insists that it only happened once, persuading Jay to stay in Walford for the wedding.

Phil faces losing Jay
Friday 19 September,

Phil is upset to discover that Jay hasn't invited him to his leaving dinner. After Abi encourages Jay to sort things out with Phil, Jay visits Phil with a congratulations card.

Is Denise losing the plot?
Thursday 18 September,

Denise agrees to let Shabnam go to a 'dentist appointment', not realising that Shabnam has an interview at a pharmacy.

Alfie's thrown clear as the house explodes!
Tuesday 16 September,

As the bin catches alight, Alfie takes Nana Moon's framed photo and heads to Billy's. What Alfie doesn't know is that Kat returned early from the hen party and is asleep upstairs...

Alfie considers arson
Monday 15 September,

Alfie's latest scheme to raise money by selling Mo's dodgy hairspray is a failure. Feeling backed into a corner, Alfie decides his only option is to start a house fire and claim the insurance.