Will Patrick blow Ian's secret?
Tuesday 22 July,

Patrick has been rushed to hospital following his collapse and is told he's had a stroke. A devastated Denise video calls Kim to tell her the bad news.

Is time running out for Ian?
Monday 21 July,

Ian is horrified when Patrick insists that, by tonight, either Ian will tell Denise about sleeping with Rainie or he will.

Patrick discovers Ian's dirty secret
Friday 18 July,

Ian is left sweating when Denise almost answers the phone to Rainie. When Denise suggests they put off their wedding for a while, Ian panics, getting Patrick to talk her round.

The police say Jake is being released!
Thursday 17 July,

Ian is surprised to see the police on the doorstep, who have news of the latest development in Lucy's murder investigation.

Dean gets fresh with Linda!
Tuesday 15 July,

Linda has some reservations about modelling for Dean's photoshoot when she learns that he's also asked Whitney and Lauren. Soothing her insecurities, Dean talks her round.

Max begs Lauren to come home
Monday 14 July,

Lauren gives in to Max who has been badgering her to talk to him, agreeing to meet him in the cafe.

Will Lauren catch out Max and Emma?
Friday 11 July,

Lauren steels herself to visit Max at the car lot, realising it's time to try to repair their relationship. When Lauren arrives, little does she know that Emma is in the office with Max.

Dean overhears Mick and Linda's biggest secret
Thursday 10 July,

Mick is taken aback by Linda's surprise suggestion that they have another baby. Playing peacemaker, an uneasy Mick agrees, but Linda soon realises that he's against the idea.

Linda makes a shocking suggestion to Mick
Tuesday 8 July,

Linda has a big birthday party at the Vic with a cake making a jokey reference to her superhero namesake, Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.

The Carters have a birthday surprise for Linda – Lee!
Monday 7 July,

Mick's delighted when his birthday treat for Linda turns up - it's Lee - back from Afghanistan.

Will Terry get back with Nikki?
Friday 4 July,

Nikki wants to tell the kids that she and Terry are getting back together. Terry is in a dilemma over what to do following his night with Bianca, urging an unsuspecting Nikki to hold off.

Dean is sweet on Linda!
Thursday 3 July,

*Hour-long episode*

Alfie uncovers Aleks's secret
Monday 30 June,

Alfie is lumbered with a load of ice cream that's not quite right from his latest dodgy deal.

Will Mick face his demons?
Friday 27 June,

Mick is exasperated with Linda and Johnny's falling out, heading to the swimming pool for some time to himself.

Dean catches Shirley stealing from him!
Tuesday 24 June,

Dean prepares for the opening of his new salon, Blades. Meanwhile, Shirley is desperate when she tries to reason with Phil over returning his money and he won't budge.

Ronnie makes a confession to Phil
Monday 23 June,

* One-hour episode *

Lola reaches out to Ian
Friday 20 June,

Lola extends an olive branch to Ian, thanking him for babysitting Lexi. Lola tells Ian that Peter just wants him to be happy.

Shirley tells Phil she loves him!
Wednesday 18 June,

Horrified by what's happened to Sharon, Phil decides to confront her attackers. Jay is worried about what Phil may do, asking Shirley to intervene.

Will Sharon survive?
Tuesday 17 June,

Johnny cautiously heads downstairs after hearing the commotion, finding Sharon unconscious and cut and bruised.