Will Denise get the truth from Jordan?
Tuesday 9 February,

Denise demands to know what kind of trouble Jordan has got himself into, but they're interrupted by an angry Kim.

Denise gets a surprise visitor
Monday 8 February,

Denise confesses to Carmel that she's struggling to contact Jordan. Although Carmel doesn't think Denise should get involved, she helps her search for Jordan online.

Will Dean admit his guilt?
Friday 5 February,

Shirley arranges to see Ronnie and Linda to tell them that Dean is going to plead guilty today. Shirley, Ronnie, Buster and Tina all go to court for the hearing.

Denise visits killer Lucas!
Thursday 4 February,

Shirley is determined to see Dean ahead of his plea hearing, despite Buster's concerns.

Masood punches Kush!
Tuesday 2 February,

Masood and Carmel walk in on Shabnam having a heart-to-heart with Tamwar. As she tells him that she's left Kush and is returning to Pakistan, Masood interrupts, begging her to reconsider.

Ronnie's on her own looking out for Phil
Monday 1 February,

Ronnie is determined to get the family onside to support Phil. Visiting Sharon, Ronnie is stunned to learn that Phil was driving the car at Christmas when Dennis was nearly killed.

Phil coughs up blood!
Thursday 28 January,

In the second of tonight's episodes, Honey and Billy celebrate their engagement in The Vic with a party. Initially refusing to attend, Phil eventually turns up in a drunken state.

Whitney kisses Mick!
Thursday 28 January,

Mick and Linda demand to know what's going on after walking in on Nancy and Whitney's fight. Nancy insists that Whitney is causing trouble, prompting Mick to stick up for Whitney.

Shabnam is determined to help Stacey
Tuesday 26 January,

Martin struggles to come to terms with his discovery. Meanwhile, Kush arranges a surprise birthday party for Shabnam. Hiding her worries, Shabnam paints on a smile.

Martin vows to fix things for Stacey
Monday 25 January,

Martin is reluctant to visit Stacey in hospital after the events of last week, feeling guilty about what happened.

Will Paul reunite Pam and Les?
Friday 22 January,

Pam is worried about a distracted Paul, sharing her concerns with Les, who is hopeful that Pam is thawing towards him. When Pam and Les talk to Paul he reveals that he's in love with Ben.

Will Martin persuade Stacey she needs help?
Thursday 21 January,

Stacey takes Arthur to Kush and Shabnam's in a bid to keep Arthur 'safe'.

Stacey believes Kyle is the devil!
Tuesday 19 January,

Martin sends Kyle on his way when he turns up on the day of the funeral. Seeing the whole exchange, Stacey becomes even more paranoid when Martin lies to her about who turned up.

Louise arrives with shock news about Phil
Monday 18 January,

Sharon and the Beales are stunned to discover that Phil is in hospital, when Louise turns up in the Square with the news.

Phil collapses in front of Louise
Friday 15 January,

Phil's drinking continues and he ends up reaching a new low, making his family despair of him. In his confused state, Phil determines to fix past mistakes by finding his daughter Louise.

Is it the end for Phil and Sharon?
Thursday 14 January,

Sharon is stunned by Phil's confession that he was driving the car on Christmas Day. Storming over to Ian's, Sharon demands the truth, forcing Ian to confirm Phil's revelation.

Phil makes a confession about the crash!
Tuesday 12 January,

Phil heads home after talking to Shirley, only to discover that Sharon has had to rush to the hospital after receiving an urgent call about Dennis.

Can Martin save Stacey and Arthur?
Monday 11 January,

Martin desperately searches for a missing Stacey and baby Arthur. Meanwhile, Nancy and Tamwar hear a baby crying, realising with horror that Stacey and Arthur are on the roof of The Vic.

There's no episode of EastEnders on Friday
Friday 8 January,



Stacey is pushed to the edge!
Thursday 7 January,

In the second of tonight's episodes, Stacey calls Kyle from the allotments, asking him to find her. When he turns up, he soon realises that something is seriously wrong.

Stacey's terrified about Arthur
Thursday 7 January,

In the first of tonight's episodes, Charlie is in a bad way as the Slaters wait for the ambulance to arrive.

Kat wants answers!
Wednesday 6 January,

In an extra episode this week, Kat struggles to process what Sister Ruth has told her about her son. Confiding in Kim, Kat realises that she needs to confront Mo and Charlie.

Kat discovers she has a son!
Tuesday 5 January,

Kat is pleased when Sister Ruth visits, but the nun has something on her mind.

Kat is suspicious of Stacey
Monday 4 January,

Kat's preparing for a visit from Mo and Charlie, but she's suspicious of Stacey's odd behaviour. Realising that Martin is not Arthur's dad, Kat advises Stacey to tell the truth.

Will Dean's revenge ruin Mick and Linda's wedding?
Friday 1 January,

In the second of tonight's New Year episodes, Dean's revenge plot against the Carters continues, threatening to tear Mick and Linda's wedding to pieces.