Goodbye Goodbye
Thursday 24 May,
In the season finale, it’s graduation time for the seniors of McKinley High and there are some tearful moments as the leavers say goodbye to their fellow glee club members.
Props/Nationals Props/Nationals
Thursday 17 May,
Props: In the first of a double bill, the National Show Choir Championships are approaching and New Directions prepares a ‘high-concept’ routine for the big event.
Prom-asaurus Prom-asaurus
Thursday 10 May,
As high school comes to an end, the glee kids face one final rite of passage – senior prom – and the theme, as decided by class president Brittany, is dinosaurs!
Choke Choke
Thursday 3 May,
The subject of domestic violence arises when one of McKinley's own admits to being in an abusive relationship.
Dance With Somebody Dance With Somebody
Thursday 26 April,
Will notices that several of the kids are still grieving the loss of Witney Houston months after she died and Emma explains that they're focussing on the superstar's death so that they don't have to
Saturday Night Glee-ver Saturday Night Glee-ver
Thursday 19 April,
Mr Shu worries that some members of New Directions are lacking a clear path for their futures, so he uses the music of Seventies classic Saturday Night Fever to inspire them.
On My Way On My Way
Thursday 29 March,
Warblers captain Sebastian threatens to post a fake explicit picture of Finn on the Internet unless Rachel withdraws from the imminent Regionals competition.
Heart Heart
Thursday 22 March,
Mr Shue suggests the glee club use the approaching Valentine’s Day celebrations to raise money for the show choir supplies, much to the disappointment of the kids who have bad memories of their last
The Spanish Teacher The Spanish Teacher
Thursday 15 March,
Principal Figgins tells Will he’s received a complaint about his Spanish teaching and it’s endangering his chance of tenure, something that would provide security for the family he hopes to have with
Michael Michael
Thursday 8 March,
The glee kids are thrilled when Will decides to prepare a Michael Jackson medley for Regionals but Blaine inadvertently tells Sebastian who later announces that the Warblers are stealing their idea.
Yes/No Yes/No
Thursday 1 March,
Coach Beiste’s revelation that she and Cooter have eloped and tied the knot sets Emma wondering how she might get Will to ask her to marry him.
Extraordinary Merry Christmas Extraordinary Merry Christmas
Thursday 15 December,
The glee club kids agree to help Sue by performing at the local homeless shelter
Hold on to Sixteen Hold on to Sixteen
Thursday 8 December,
It’s time for Sectionals, but New Directions’ membership is sadly diminished with The Troubletones competing against them, so Finn decides to boost their chances by asking former glee club member Sam
I Kissed a Girl  I Kissed a Girl
Thursday 1 December,
Santana is saved from suspension for slapping Finn when he pretends it was merely a ‘stage slap’, though he wants her to return to New Directions in return – or he’s going to tell Figgins the truth.
There's no Glee this week There's no Glee this week
Thursday 24 November,
Glee's taking a break and returns next week.
Mash Up Mash Up
Thursday 17 November,
Bad feeling between New Directions and The Troubletones prompts Will and Shelby to arrange a friendly competition between the two glee clubs in the form of a 'Mash-off'.
The First Time The First Time
Thursday 10 November,
The opening night of West Side Story is fast approaching and, in rehearsal, Artie suggests that Rachel and Blair lack passion because of their lack of sexual experience.
Pot O'Gold Pot O'Gold
Thursday 3 November,
Irish foreign exchange student Rory Flanagan arrives at McKinley High and is looking to make friends besides Brittany, whose family he’s staying with.
There's no Glee this week There's no Glee this week
Thursday 27 October,
Glee is taking a break and will be back next week.
Asian F Asian F
Thursday 6 October,
When Mike Chang gets an A- in a chemistry test his father orders him to focus on his studies by dropping glee club and girlfriend Tina.
I Am Unicorn I Am Unicorn
Thursday 29 September,
Will is shocked to discover that former Vocal Adrenaline coach Shelby Corcoran has been hired to direct a second show choir at McKinley High - news that doesn't go down well with some of the kids.
The Purple Piano Project The Purple Piano Project
Thursday 22 September,
It’s back to school for the students and faculty of McKinley High and, after their devastating loss at Nationals, Will Schuester is determined to get the New Directions back on track for this year’s
New York New York
Monday 13 June,
In the series finale, the big day approaches as New Directions head to New York City for the Nationals championships, and they still have two songs to write before the competition begins!
Funeral Funeral
Monday 6 June,
The glee kids are stunned when Will hires Jesse St James as a consultant to develop a winning strategy for Nationals.
There's no Glee this week There's no Glee this week
Monday 30 May,
Glee returns on Monday 6th June.