jac naylor Jac's back – and Ollie feels her wrath!
Tuesday 24 November,

When feisty Jac Naylor returns from maternity leave this week, she doesn't exactly get a warm reception.

cara martinez, jed martinez Cara dumps Jed
Tuesday 17 November,

Nurse Cara Martinez is thrown when Nicole Brady is admitted to AAU this week needing treatment after the birth of her son, Tom.

Mo effanga Could Mo really kidnap little William?
Tuesday 10 November,

Mo bounds into work with a spring in her step; its the day she has to give William - the boy she carried and gave birth to for friend Sorcia - back to his stepfather Brett but she knows it's for t

arthur digby Arthur's back! But can he prove he's a team player?
Tuesday 3 November,

Having taken control of his anxiety disorder, Arthur returns to work all suited and booted… he's even swapped his trademark glasses for contact lenses.

raf di lucca, cara martinez Jed causes trouble for Cara
Tuesday 20 October,

Having helped Nicole Brady flee Holby last week, AAU nurse Cara is afraid when Nicole's gangster husband Sean turns up wanting to know where she is.

jed martinez, cara martinez Cara is caught up in Jed's mess!
Tuesday 20 October,

Still reeling from the news that her husband, undercover cop Jed, got another woman pregnant, Cara's thrown when the woman, Nicole Brady, returns to Holby and goes into labour.

mo effanga, william Mo's reunited with her surrogate son
Tuesday 13 October,

Surgeon Mo Effanga has decided to focus on her career, so she's pleased when Holby boss Hanssen agrees to give her more responsibility.

petra letang Will Adele go through with her wedding?
Tuesday 6 October,

It's certainly been a challenging few months for Holby healthcare assistant Adele Effanga.

holby city, cara martinez Cara gets a surprise visitor...
Tuesday 29 September,

AAU nurse Cara gets a shock when her missing copper husband Jed (ex-EastEnders star Jody Latham) turns up on the ward!

elliot hope Will Elliot put love before his work?
Tuesday 22 September,

Elliot's preparing his speech for his new role as Director of Research when his first love, Brigitte, arrives at Holby from Pakistan with a patient who's infected with Drug-Resistant TB.

zosia march, oliver valentine Judgement day for Ollie and Zosia!
Tuesday 15 September,

After being thrown together in last week's bomb blast and kissing each other, the atmosphere's certainly tense between doctors Zosia March and Oliver Valentine.

zosia march, oliver valentine Zosia and Ollie thrown together in Holby bomb blast!
Tuesday 8 September,

It seems to be just an ordinary day for Ollie and Zosia, who are growing closer, something that doesn’t go unnoticed by Zosia’s boyfriend, Seb.

clifford george, adrian fletcher An injured Clifford turns up on AAU!
Tuesday 1 September,

Fletch is stunned when Mo Effanga's dad Clifford turns up on AAU, injured from a road accident.

essie harrison, sacha levy Essie, let's have a baby!
Tuesday 25 August,

Keller surgeon Sacha Levy was left stunned recently when his girlfriend, transplant co-ordinator Essie Harrison, revealed she wanted to have a baby.

raf di lucca, cara martinez Cara's suspicious of Raf's patient Lucy
Tuesday 18 August,

Surgeon Raf's surprised to see one of his past patients back in AAU – Lucy, the girl who needed reconstructive surgery on her jaw a few months back.

essie harrison Will Sacha give in to Essie's desire for a baby?
Tuesday 11 August,

It's Essie's first day in her new role as transplant co-ordinator, so she is a little thrown when Sacha asks if she meant it when she recently told him she wanted a baby – or was that just the win

adrian fletcher Mo gives Fletch an ultimatum...
Tuesday 4 August,

Nurse Fletch still feels guilty that the failed robbery led to the attack on colleague Adele, who's still in intensive care.

mo effanga Mo's reeling from Adele's attack!
Tuesday 28 July,

Everyone at Holby City was stunned when, at the end of last week's episode, a woman was found badly beaten and left for dead outside the hospital.

adrian fletcher, clifford george Has Fletch and Clifford's enterprise led to tragedy?
Tuesday 21 July,

Holby porter Clifford George was certain he and AAU ward manager Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher could earn some cash by taking part in the robbery of a pharmaceutical delivery van last week.

adrian fletcher, clifford george Will Fletch commit to Clifford's dodgy deal?
Tuesday 14 July,

After being evicted with his family from his home due to unpaid debts, AAU ward manager Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher was so desperate for cash that he agreed to get involved in hospital porter Cliffor

adrian fletcher, clifford george Fletch gets evicted!
Tuesday 7 July,

Ever since his wife Natalie died earlier this year, AAU ward manager Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher has been desperately struggling to provide for his family.

mo effanga Has Clifford scuppered Mo's chance at love?
Tuesday 30 June,

Mo's back on Darwin this week following her trip to Chicago, and consultant obstetrician Mr Thompson's one man who's delighted to see her.

seb coulter, zosia march A hot date for Zosia?
Tuesday 23 June,

Although they’ve agreed to call a truce, Oliver and Zosia are still locking horns, especially when patient Elaine is admitted.

zosia march, oliver valentine Zosia and Ollie clash!
Tuesday 16 June,

It's Zosia's first day on Darwin ward and, when she arrives late, Ollie's not impressed.

jesse law, adele effanga Jesse's shock proposal!
Tuesday 9 June,

Jesse and Adele were just coming to terms with last week's shock news she was pregnant, when a scan revealed there was no baby and that, instead, Adele had an ovarian cyst.