Michael Spence is back!
Tuesday 14 October,

Known for his maverick approach to medicine and his colourful love life, Michael Spence left Holby in disgrace last year.

Will Mary-Claire's return help Harry?
Tuesday 7 October,

Nurse Mary-Claire returns to Holby this week and she soon realises that all is not well on AAU.

Raf's plagued with guilt
Tuesday 30 September,

It's the day of Harry's hearing, after a vengeful Raf got him suspended by hiding a patient's notes, which led to the patient bleeding out and almost dying in theatre.

Has Serena been hitting her mother?
Tuesday 23 September,

Serena Campbell's really struggled with her elderly mother Adrienne's worsening dementia in recent months, especially as her forgetfulness and confusion has made her more volatile - the last time

Jonny kisses Adele!
Tuesday 16 September,

Since becoming a single dad to baby daughter Emma, Jonny has found himself as something of a babe magnet - and he's certainly caught the eye of new healthcare assistant Adele.

Arthur struggles to keep control of Zosia
Tuesday 9 September,

Arthur's becoming increasingly concerned for Zosia, whose been behaving very strangely since her drug collapse a few weeks ago.

Will Raf truly be able to stick by Amy?
Tuesday 2 September,

Raf and Amy have been trying to get their marriage back on track ever since Raf discovered his wife had slept with his rival Harry - and that he might be the father of her unborn child.

Has Zosia's behaviour gone too far?
Tuesday 26 August,

Following her drug collapse a few weeks ago, Arthur's keeping a close eye on Zosia at work.

Elliot learns of Jac's betrayal...
Tuesday 19 August,

Professor Elliot Hope is fighting fit following his brain surgery a few weeks ago and jumps into action this week when a man suffers a heart attack in the hospital lift.

Fletch joins Holby!
Tuesday 12 August,

During his two years on Casualty, charge nurse Adrian 'Fletch' Fletcher caused quite a stir in Holby City Hospital's Emergency Department, not least because of his affair with clinical nurse manag

Is Serena a carer or a consultant?
Tuesday 5 August,

Life's been difficult for Holby's deputy CEO Serena Campbell since her mother Adrienne was diagnosed with vascular dementia.

Zosia collapses after a cocktail of booze and pills!
Tuesday 29 July,

It's the end of term for Keller ward's young doctors, Zosia, Dominic and Arthur and Zosia's determined to let her hair down, especially following her recent break-up with Jesse.

Elliot undergoes brain surgery...
Tuesday 22 July,

Elliot Hope is due to have brain surgery this week and the professor is understandably nervous.

Elliot struggles to save Justin!
Tuesday 15 July,

After weeks of ignoring his blurred vision, headaches and forgetfulness, Professor Elliot Hope recently went for an MRI scan, which revealed a growth on his brain.

How will Guy react when Jesse comes clean?
Wednesday 9 July,

When Holby CEO Guy offers him a permanent job this week, Jesse’s delighted.

Raf demands a paternity test!
Monday 30 June,

Raf's devastated after last week's shock confession from wife Amy that she'd slept with his arch-rival Harry and that he could be the father of her unborn child - a baby they'd been trying so desp

Will Amy tell Raf the truth?
Tuesday 24 June,

It's judgment day for Amy who now faces Serena after taking the blame for former lover Harry when he mistakenly administered the wrong drug to a patient.

Paula torments daughter Jac at her weakest moment
Thursday 19 June,

Jac watches the sun rise with baby Emma, knowing that tomorrow she and Jonny are due in court to battle over custody of their daughter.

Jac's reeling when Elliot loses Emma!
Tuesday 10 June,

When Jonny warned he wanted to take their baby daughter Emma away from her, Jac prevented Jonny from being with Emma unsupervised.

Zosia kisses Jesse!
Tuesday 3 June,

Zosia's thrilled to get an A grade in her medical exam but she's scored badly in the patient feedback forms when it comes to her bedside manner.