Elliot struggles to save Justin!
Tuesday 15 July,

After weeks of ignoring his blurred vision, headaches and forgetfulness, Professor Elliot Hope recently went for an MRI scan, which revealed a growth on his brain.

How will Guy react when Jesse comes clean?
Wednesday 9 July,

When Holby CEO Guy offers him a permanent job this week, Jesse’s delighted.

Raf demands a paternity test!
Monday 30 June,

Raf's devastated after last week's shock confession from wife Amy that she'd slept with his arch-rival Harry and that he could be the father of her unborn child - a baby they'd been trying so desp

Will Amy tell Raf the truth?
Tuesday 24 June,

It's judgment day for Amy who now faces Serena after taking the blame for former lover Harry when he mistakenly administered the wrong drug to a patient.

Paula torments daughter Jac at her weakest moment
Thursday 19 June,

Jac watches the sun rise with baby Emma, knowing that tomorrow she and Jonny are due in court to battle over custody of their daughter.

Jac's reeling when Elliot loses Emma!
Tuesday 10 June,

When Jonny warned he wanted to take their baby daughter Emma away from her, Jac prevented Jonny from being with Emma unsupervised.

Zosia kisses Jesse!
Tuesday 3 June,

Zosia's thrilled to get an A grade in her medical exam but she's scored badly in the patient feedback forms when it comes to her bedside manner.

Amy's having a baby... But is Raf or Harry the daddy?
Tuesday 27 May,

Amy's desperately trying to avoid Harry, following their night together, as she arrives at work with husband Raf.

Serena hits the bottle!
Thursday 22 May,

As she arrives late for work, Holby's deputy CEO Serena knows it's going to be one of those days when she's squirted by a kid with a water pistol, then boss Guy wants her to file a report sooner t

Is Jac and Jonny's tentative peace shattered?
Tuesday 13 May,

After learning how cruelly Jac was treated by her mum, Paula, Jonny is in a catch-22 situation – he wants to make peace with Jac, but he also needs Paula's money to be able to fight Jac for custod

Was Jonny right to trust Paula?
Tuesday 6 May,

Jonny's already used the venomous relationship between Jac and her dying mum Paula to get his hands on the £20k Jac paid Paula to stay out of her life - and he plans to use it to pay for his legal

Amy seeks comfort in Harry's arms?
Tuesday 29 April,

Harry's had the hots for Amy since they first met and when she and husband Raf have a major row this week, it's Harry who's there to comfort her.

Is Jesse a Law unto himself?
Tuesday 22 April,

Guy's delighted to reunite his old friend and protégé Jesse Law (ex-EastEnders star Don Gilet), who's interviewed by both Guy and Serena for the position of Holby's new consultant anaesthetist.

Jac and Jonny are locked in a baby battle!
Tuesday 15 April,

Filled with anger after wife-to-be Bonnie was hit by a truck and killed on their wedding day, Jonny recently dropped the bombshell to his ex Jac that he wanted custody of their daughter Emma.

Harry moves in on Amy
Tuesday 8 April,

Harry arrives at work full of swagger, having been invited to an exclusive black-tie dinner.

Will Jac keep Jonny from marrying Bonnie?
Tuesday 1 April,

It's the day of Jonny and Bonnie's wedding and Jonny's making last-minute arrangements when the usually hostile Jac surprises him with a toaster as a wedding present.

Harry tries to charm enigmatic new consultant Amy
Tuesday 25 March,

Harry's delighted when attractive new consultant pharmacist, Amy Teo, appears on AAU.

Jonny and Bonnie announce their engagement!
Tuesday 18 March,

Jonny proposed to girlfriend Bonnie in a moment of panic when he feared she was going to leave him. And, this week, news of their engagement soon gets around Holby.

Can Jonny prove himself to Bonnie?
Tuesday 11 March,

Returning to work all loved up after their mini-break with Emma, Bonnie suggests to Jonny they should move in together.

Can Ric save Jess from domestic abuse?
Tuesday 4 March,

When his estranged daughter, Jess, turns up at Holby unannounced, Ric desperately wants to be the father to her that he wasn't able to be when she was growing up.