Jac and Jonny are locked in a baby battle!
Tuesday 15 April,

Filled with anger after wife-to-be Bonnie was hit by a truck and killed on their wedding day, Jonny recently dropped the bombshell to his ex Jac that he wanted custody of their daughter Emma.

Harry moves in on Amy
Tuesday 8 April,

Harry arrives at work full of swagger, having been invited to an exclusive black-tie dinner.

Will Jac keep Jonny from marrying Bonnie?
Tuesday 1 April,

It's the day of Jonny and Bonnie's wedding and Jonny's making last-minute arrangements when the usually hostile Jac surprises him with a toaster as a wedding present.

Harry tries to charm enigmatic new consultant Amy
Tuesday 25 March,

Harry's delighted when attractive new consultant pharmacist, Amy Teo, appears on AAU.

Jonny and Bonnie announce their engagement!
Tuesday 18 March,

Jonny proposed to girlfriend Bonnie in a moment of panic when he feared she was going to leave him. And, this week, news of their engagement soon gets around Holby.

Can Jonny prove himself to Bonnie?
Tuesday 11 March,

Returning to work all loved up after their mini-break with Emma, Bonnie suggests to Jonny they should move in together.

Can Ric save Jess from domestic abuse?
Tuesday 4 March,

When his estranged daughter, Jess, turns up at Holby unannounced, Ric desperately wants to be the father to her that he wasn't able to be when she was growing up.

Jonny's feeling the pressure!
Tuesday 25 February,

It's Jonny's first day as the Clinical Nursing Manager on Darwin but he's struggling to juggle his new duties.

Can Zosia and Guy finally reunite?
Tuesday 18 February,

Since she arrived at Holby, Zosia's made no secret of the fact that psychiatry is what she's really interested in, and her continued lack of enthusiasm for surgery is getting on Sacha's nerves.

Jac's torn between work... and Emma!
Tuesday 11 February,

Jac's still struggling to juggle work with motherhood - and this week the surgeon puts a major operation before baby Emma's christening!

It's Arthur vs Dominic
Tuesday 4 February,

As the ongoing battle between doctors Arthur Digby and Dominic Copeland intensifies this week, Arthur's efforts to prove he's earned his Doctor of the Year award lead to devastating consequences.

Is Holby ready for Raf?
Tuesday 28 January,

Holby boss Guy and AAU's Ric have interviewed a string of uninspiring candidates for the registar's position on AAU when Raffaello di Lucca (ex Heartbeat star Joe McFadden) turns up and stuns them

Will Jac put her baby first?
Tuesday 21 January,

It's a big day for Jac and Jonny as their baby, Emma, faces risky surgery to repair the life-threatening hole in her diaphragm.

Dominic's back on the wards!
Tuesday 14 January,

Arthur Digby's stunned this week when he discovers junior doctor Dominic Copeland has returned to work at Holby.

Jac gives birth!
Tuesday 7 January,

With a week to go before she's due to be induced, Jac's thinking about how she can maximise the chances of her unborn daughter - who has a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) - surviving birth.

Can Zosia and Guy reunite?
Tuesday 31 December,

Guy extends an olive branch to daughter Zosia but she rejects it, saying she wants to keep their relationship purely professional.

There's little festive cheer for Edward
Tuesday 24 December,

Serena and Edward arrive at work full of festive romance after rekindling their relationship, but Mary-Claire's annoyed he's still trying to discredit her fearing Serena will find out about their

Michael's held hostage!
Tuesday 17 December,

Still heartbroken over losing lover Chrissie, after she decided not to elope with him, consultant Michael almost loses his job as well.

Edward threatens Mary-Claire
Tuesday 10 December,

Nurse Mary-Claire is devastated when she discovers that lover Edward is in the midst of reuniting with his ex-wife, Serena.

New girl Colette needs Guy's help
Tuesday 3 December,

Guy Self warned staff there would be changes when he arrived as Holby's new CEO last week.