Esther asks Grace for help!
Wednesday 28 January,
Channel 4

Nancy asks Esther to do a careers talk at the school about running a small business, so Esther asks Grace for help.

Has Freddie been caught in the act?
Tuesday 27 January,
Channel 4

Nana McQueen taunts Freddie about a new witness, Chelsea, and he goes to see her.

Ste goes berserk!
Monday 26 January,
Channel 4

Still coming to terms with his HIV diagnosis, Ste turns up at Connor's student house wanting revenge. Leela, Tegan and John Paul arrive to find Ste hanging Connor over the stairwell.

Kim discovers a bloody knife at The Loft
Friday 23 January,
Channel 4

Grace organises a baby yoga session for Esther but Kim and Sinead join in too.

Porsche's given hope that Mercedes is alive!
Thursday 22 January,
Channel 4

Myra and Porsche are shocked when they open a letter for Mercedes, to find that her half or The Loft has been sold to Freddie Roscoe.

Ste and John Paul are tested for HIV!
Wednesday 21 January,
Channel 4

Ste is in denial that he might have HIV but John Paul needs answers, so he makes an appointment for them both to get tested.

Will sets the boat on fire
Tuesday 20 January,
Channel 4

At the boat, Will lights a match and leaves Theresa and Maxine alone in the boat hold. With the flames rising, Dodger faces a race against time to save the people he loves...

Can Theresa and Maxine escape Will's clutches?
Monday 19 January,
Channel 4

Will and Sienna are hiding below deck and they're working together... They trap Theresa and Maxine, and Will tells Dodger he can only save one girl.

Wicked Will puts his plan into action...
Friday 16 January,
Channel 4

Will is at his appeal and seems on edge - like he's conscious of the time. He starts to cough and is escorted to the bathroom where he starts his plan to escape...

Dirk goes to see Will...
Thursday 15 January,
Channel 4

Dirk is distracted by a letter he's received from Will and wrestles with whether or not to respond to his cry for help.

Can Theresa help Dodger escape?
Wednesday 14 January,
Channel 4

In the basement, Sienna tells Dodger they're leaving Hollyoaks for good while, in the village, Maxine bumps into Theresa and they both decide to go to Anna's house.

Robbie gets involved in Trevor's dodgy dealings...
Tuesday 13 January,
Channel 4

Trevor offers Robbie a job stealing cars to order, which Robbie accepts.

Daz Cabs opens for business!
Monday 12 January,
Channel 4

Darren shows Jack the new business he's set up from the Roscoes' garage, 'Daz Cabs'. He's delighted when Dr S'avage books a taxi but, when they get lost, Dr S'avage leaves without paying.

Porsche's stuck in the freezer!
Friday 9 January,
Channel 4

Lockie panics when he discovers Porsche is missing, unaware she's been locked in the freezer at The Loft. Meanwhile, the culprit realises they've locked the wrong person in!

Ziggy opens his heart to Tegan!
Thursday 8 January,
Channel 4

Tegan and Ziggy are lying under the stars and he tells her he loves her. Knowing there's no future for them, Tegan decides she has to be cruel to be kind and runs away...

Peri surprises Tegan and Ziggy
Wednesday 7 January,
Channel 4

As they arrive at the secret log cabin, Tegan and Ziggy are surprised when stowaway Peri emerges. Ziggy's forced to tell Leela where they are and she and Cameron team up to track them down.

Tom and Peri's secret's out!
Tuesday 6 January,
Channel 4

Peri leaves her phone at home and, when Cameron sees a message about her having sex, he goes to the school and humiliates Tom and Peri.

Tegan makes a video...
Monday 5 January,
Channel 4

Tegan asks Ziggy to help her record a video message for baby Rose in case her chemo doesn't work but, when Ziggy leaves, she makes another video for someone else.

Joe wants justice!
Friday 2 January,
Channel 4

As the Roscoes pray for a miracle, Nancy feels guilty for lying to Robbie about the painkillers.

There's no Hollyoaks on New Year's Day
Thursday 1 January,
Channel 4