Can Freddie and Joe save Sandy?
Friday 18 April,
Channel 4

Grace calls her dad to get out of the Limo, which he does, leaving Sandy behind. It's not until she gets a panicked phone call from Freddie that Sandy realises she's in danger.

Will Grace kill her father?
Thursday 17 April,
Channel 4

Tegan sees Fraser and Sandy kissing in the alleyway. Heartbroken, she gets a photo of Fraser and cuts it into pieces.

Fraser and Sandy are in danger
Wednesday 16 April,
Channel 4

Unaware that he's the fall-guy, Joe tells Grace and Trevor about his plan to poison Fraser in his own car.

Carmel gives Sonny a treat
Tuesday 15 April,
Channel 4

Sonny is intrigued when Carmel tells him she's got a surprise planned. She gives Sonny a pamper day; face mask, dressing gown, pedicure - the lot!

Ste is arrested
Monday 14 April,
Channel 4

Leela can't believe her brother would be capable of killing someone but when she finds Mercedes car key fob at Ste's, she worries that her brother is guilty of murder.

Sinead delivers a shock at Katie's funeral
Friday 11 April,
Channel 4

At Katie's funeral, Diane stands at the front of the church to say a few words but is interrupted by Sinead, who stands before the mourners and tells them that Katy really was ill.

Can Ste save Sinead?
Thursday 10 April,
Channel 4

Ste is furious when he finds out Tony and Diane have arranged Katy's funeral for today and not told Sinead.

Will Grace and Trevor head back to Hollyoaks?
Wednesday 9 April,
Channel 4

Grace and Trevor have decided to leave for good.

Will Patrick stand by a pregnant Maxine?
Tuesday 8 April,
Channel 4

Maxine prepares herself to tell Patrick about her pregnancy, but when he comes home and tells her he's going to get his vasectomy reversed, she is speechless.

Are Lindsey and Freddie back on?
Monday 7 April,
Channel 4

Mercedes tells Lindsey to go for it with Freddie if it's what she really wants.

Sam interrogates John Paul in prison
Friday 4 April,
Channel 4

Sam goes to visit John Paul, where she forces him to answer some tough questions. She's heartbroken when John Paul admits to his and Danny's affair.

Will Tom and Peri run away together?
Thursday 3 April,
Channel 4

Peri attempts to live her life to the full after fleeing from the hospital. Tom takes her to The Folly and tells her he's not going to help her run away.

Blessing wakes up on the Savages' boat
Wednesday 2 April,
Channel 4

A hungover Blessing is embarrassed when she wakes up on the Savages' boat, which is littered with reminders of her drunken night with Dennis and Dodger.

Sinead gets devastating news about Katy
Tuesday 1 April,
Channel 4

A frantic Leela tries to help Sinead out of the wreckage. As she tries to reassure her and call an ambulance, Sinead passes out.

Fraser runs Sinead off the road!
Monday 31 March,
Channel 4

Sinead, Diane and Finn are at Katy's bedside and Finn wonders if his sister is to blame for Katy's declining health.

The police turn up on Diane's wedding day
Friday 28 March,
Channel 4

Ste panics when Tony takes a bottle of the drug-laced wine to celebrate with.

Finn is determined to help Sinead
Thursday 27 March,
Channel 4

Blessing buys a video camera from the Emporium and Sinead films herself reading a bedtime story for Katy but Diane and Tony won't accept it.

Peri's accident gives Danny an unexpected opportunity
Wednesday 26 March,
Channel 4

Peri thinks she has imagined seeing John Paul and Danny kiss because of her condition and apologises to her dad, who doesn't correct her.

Patrick finds Maxine doing community service
Tuesday 25 March,
Channel 4

Nancy can't stop thinking of John Paul as she takes over his job at Hollyoaks High. Her first day doesn't start well when her first class includes Robbie Roscoe.

Peri is rushed to hospital!
Monday 24 March,
Channel 4

Danny thinks he's persuaded Peri not to tell Sam about him and John Paul, but the teen steals her dad's school keys.