ben bradley Ben's filled with rage...
Wednesday 25 May,
Channel 4

Trevor and Ben fight at The Loft after a very angry Ben reveals he knows about the affair. Sienna admits the truth to Maxine who advises her to stay silent.

grace black Grace is on the warpath!
Tuesday 24 May,
Channel 4

Sienna damages Grace's wedding car in a fit of rage and tells Ben she doesn't want to be with him.

grace black, the dreamboys Grace parties hard at her hen do!
Monday 23 May,
Channel 4

Feeling pressured when Ben suggests trying for a baby, Sienna escapes to Grace’s hen do.

tony hutchinson Tony fears that Harry's in danger
Friday 20 May,
Channel 4

Tony gets a poison pen letter and comes clean to Ste, worried about Harry's whereabouts. Meanwhile, James is hatching a plan with a reluctant Harry to make it look like Harry’s in danger.

sally st claire, john paul mcqueen John Paul gets knocked out by Pete!
Thursday 19 May,
Channel 4

Myra and Sally are locked in a war of words about John Paul, with Scott stuck in the middle.

mercedes mcqueen Silas gives Mercedes the fear
Wednesday 18 May,
Channel 4

Joe, Freddie, Tegan and Celine refuse to let Lindsey go until they know Mercedes is safe. Joe pretends to be on Lindsey's side, but Lindsey sees through it and escapes.

lindsey butterfield Lindsey goes into labour!
Tuesday 17 May,
Channel 4

After her waters break, Lindsey calls Kim who rushes to the garage. Kim rings Celine and Tegan to meet her at the hospital and sneaks in with Lindsey.

mercedes mcqueen Everyone has their eyes on Mercedes
Monday 16 May,
Channel 4

As Scott pushes Sally to be honest with John Paul, Mercedes, meanwhile, sells some fake Britney Spears boots to Scott online and decides to spend the profits on a party.

silas blissett, kim butterfield Kim meets Silas!
Friday 13 May,
Channel 4

Kim continues her online search for Lindsey. She agrees to meet ‘Edward’ in The Folly to talk about some information he’s got… but it’s Silas who turns up!

cameron campbell Will Cameron let Ste drown?
Thursday 12 May,
Channel 4

At the lake, Cameron watches as Ste struggles to stay on the surface – but when Leela turns up, Cameron dives into the water to save Ste.

ste hay, cameron campbell Is Ste in danger?
Wednesday 11 May,
Channel 4

Ben turns up at the Lomaxes’ to ask Cameron about Lockie but, again, Cameron wriggles off the hook.

ste hay Is Ste onto Cameron?
Tuesday 10 May,
Channel 4

When Harry shows Ste the engraving about Cameron, Ste swipes Cameron’s phone and confronts him about why there’s no record of his call to Lockie yesterday.

trevor royle, ben bradley, sienna blake Will Sienna really marry Ben?
Monday 9 May,
Channel 4

As Sienna and Ben prepare to get married, Sienna knows she’s walking down the aisle to the wrong man.

trevor royle, sienna blake Sienna gives Trevor an ultimatum
Friday 6 May,
Channel 4

Ben can sense Sienna’s feeling down but thinks it’s to do with Patrick. Sienna texts Trevor, asking him to meet her. Meanwhile, Grace talks to Maxine about throwing Sienna a hen do.

alfie nightingale, jade albright Jade has stars in her eyes
Thursday 5 May,
Channel 4

Alfie goes to meet Jade at the hospital for her last chemo session and their 10-week anniversary.

lindsey butterfield Lindsey is back with a new disguise
Wednesday 4 May,
Channel 4

As the reunited Loveday family goes back to the flat, Sonia's left alone. As Louis prepares a special dinner, Zack asks Lisa if she wants to get a drink at The Dog while they wait.

kim butterfield Will Kim lead baby JJ into danger?
Tuesday 3 May,
Channel 4

Wanting to spend time with baby JJ, Kim sneaks up to the garage where Joe and Freddie are busy working and hears JJ crying.

lisa loveday, zack loveday Real Lisa finds out about 'fake' Lisa!
Monday 2 May,
Channel 4

After a DNA test, Simone and Louis come face to face with their long-lost daughter, Lisa. However, it's too much for real Lisa, who runs off, straight into 'fake' Lisa - aka Sonia.

lisa loveday The Lovedays come face to face with the REAL Lisa!
Friday 29 April,
Channel 4

As Zack and Sonia prepare to find Lisa, Joanne has stayed at Cindy's flat, but still hasn't told Louis about her dealings with Margaret.

joanne cardsley, lisa loveday Joanne's robbed by Sonia!
Thursday 28 April,
Channel 4

Louis tells Zack he won't be speaking to Joanne as he wants to keep the peace with Simone, so Zack steals his dad's phone.

scott drinkwell Scott breaks into The Hutch!
Wednesday 27 April,
Channel 4

Scott's nervous as he carries a jerry can in his rucksack, seemingly intent on burning down The Hutch.

ste hay, cameron campbell Ste's in trouble with the law
Tuesday 26 April,
Channel 4

Ste's feeling the strain when his kids ask for toys and burgers and, after having lunch at The Tugboat, he does a runner, leaving Cameron furious.

james, harry hutchinson James has an indecent proposal for Harry
Monday 25 April,
Channel 4

James brings Harry and Ste breakfast at The Shack. Ste still thinks it's him that James fancies, but Harry knows different.

mrs st claire, john paul Mrs St Claire invites JP for lunch – and Myra's not happy!
Friday 22 April,
Channel 4

Mrs St Claire invites John Paul for lunch at The Hutch to discuss arrangements for the school ball but Myra walks in and warns Mrs St Claire away from her son!

simone loveday, ste hay Simone orders Ste to leave... in a Flash!
Thursday 21 April,
Channel 4

Ste's trying to clean the Lovedays' with kids Leah and Lucas getting under his feet.