peri lomax Peri's struggling to cope
Tuesday 6 October,
Channel 4

As his bullying continues, Tom tells Peri he's not going to let the tormenters win.

dirk savage Dirk grows suspicious about Cindy's secret calls
Monday 5 October,
Channel 4

Dr S'Avage tells Cindy that the strand of hair they found in the Gloved Hand's locker belongs to Tegan. Meanwhile, Dirk is suspicious about all the secret calls Cindy is making to his brother.

trevor royle, dirk savage Dirk confronts Trevor!
Friday 2 October,
Channel 4

When Cindy warns Dirk to stay away from Trevor, he calls Ben instead and blames Trevor for Holly's drug taking. Later, Dirk jumps Trevor at the club!

Cindy makes a discovery...
Thursday 1 October,
Channel 4

After Kyle meets Holly in the school yard and gives her a pill, Robbie finds Holly stumbling around the car park and panics when she collapses.

tony hutchinson Harry's in Tony's bad books...
Wednesday 30 September,
Channel 4

When Harry lies to his dad that he was taking drugs and Ste stopped him, Tony drags his son out of the club and straight to the hospital for an 'Addict Support UK' meeting.

holly cunningham Holly gets revenge on Trevor!
Tuesday 29 September,
Channel 4

When Cindy questions why Holly shouted Trevor's name in her sleep, Holly tells her mum he owes her money for babysitting Curtis, so Cindy goes to confront Trevor.

diane o'connor Diane vows to find out who's poisoning her...
Monday 28 September,
Channel 4

Diane's certain Tony's the one poisoning her. A worried Scott goes to find Tegan to ask her to check on Diane but spots Ste outside the florist buying flowers.

tony hutchinson, esther bloom, scott drinkwell Tony embraces Hollyoaks' Gay Pride
Friday 25 September,
Channel 4

Esther and Scott have gone into Gay Pride overdrive and present their ideas to Tony.

cleo mcqueen Cleo fears Reenie knows all about Pete
Thursday 24 September,
Channel 4

As Derek's body is taken away by the funeral directors, Cleo's shocked by her mum's reaction and fears she knows about her and Pete, while Porsche's also suspicious about her mum being so upset.

nana mcqueen, reenie mcqueen, derek Reenie has shock news for Nana!
Wednesday 23 September,
Channel 4

Nana's horrified when she comes downstairs and sees what Reenie was planning. Reenie's unravelling fast around Derek and swears she won't let him marry her mum.

pete buchanan, cleo mcqueen Pete puts the moves on Cleo
Tuesday 22 September,
Channel 4

Reenie smashes Derek's pocket watch and orders him to leave by the end of the day. Pete calms Reenie down and she decides to let Derek stay, until Nana reveals they’re engaged!

freddie roscoe Freddie's love life is a shambles
Monday 21 September,
Channel 4

Freddie panics when Mercedes decides she's going to tell Lindsey what happened last night – Freddie tried to kiss Mercedes, but she slapped him.

freddie roscoe, mercedes mcqueen Freddie and Mercedes grow closer
Friday 18 September,
Channel 4

Lindsey writes the time of JJ’s hospital appointment on the chalkboard in the kitchen and agrees for Freddie to take JJ, urging him to get there early and make sure JJ's properly checked over.

the lovedays The Lovedays' past is revealed
Thursday 17 September,
Channel 4

Following Wayne's revelation that 'Lisa' isn't who she says she is - her name's Sonia and the real Lisa Loveday is still out there, we flash back to 2001, as a happy Loveday family have their phot

louis loveday Louis is on the warpath!
Wednesday 16 September,
Channel 4

Simone and Louis spot Lisa hiding in the village with a rucksack and are astounded when they see Zack arriving home in a police car, especially when the police officer tells them he was arrested f

zack loveday Can Zack protect Lisa?
Tuesday 15 September,
Channel 4

Lisa returns home to a frantic Simone and Louis after being out all night.

lisa loveday, lockie campbell Lisa and Lockie launch the Tugboat Grill
Monday 14 September,
Channel 4

Wayne gives Lisa until the end of the day to get the reward money back for him. She panics when Lockie tells her he’s already spent the £3k loan from Simone.

lisa loveday Lisa spies a new business venture
Friday 11 September,
Channel 4

Simone offers to educate Lisa about the family business – Price-Slicing! Unimpressed, Lisa finds an excuse to escape and helps Lockie out at the burger boat.

ashley, trevor royle Ashley and Trevor torment their hostage!
Thursday 10 September,
Channel 4

Trevor and Ashley plan to kill their hostage unless she confesses to what she 'told' Jason about their plan.

ashley, trevor royle, holly cunningham, robbie roscoe Ashley fills Trevor in on her plan
Wednesday 9 September,
Channel 4

Jason sees Holly and Robbie talking by The Loft and tells Holly straight that he loves her. Holly, however, still says she doesn't want to be with him.

ashley, hollyoaks The mysterious Ashley arrives in Hollyoaks
Tuesday 8 September,
Channel 4

Trevor's surprised to find Ashley waiting for him at The Loft.

hollyoaks Leela tries to seduce Ziggy!
Monday 7 September,
Channel 4

Tegan is angry that her sister Leela hasn't told Ziggy that she's not really pregnant. Leela comes up with the idea to seduce Ziggy in order to get pregnant for real.

nico blake Is Nico getting closer to GothBoy?
Friday 4 September,
Channel 4

Nico is furious when Kyle defaces a memorial that she made for Dylan at school and, thinking he's Goth Boy, she punches him.

kim butterfield Kim gets spooked!
Thursday 3 September,
Channel 4

Nico sends ‘Gothboy98’ a threatening text, which spooks Kim. Later, Nico charges in to the hospital, wanting answers about Dylan.

peri lomax Will Peri hand over her baby?
Wednesday 2 September,
Channel 4

Leela visits Peri, but Ste ushers her away. Peri tells Leela she wants to move in with Frankie and Jack. Peri overhears Tom talking to their baby about how much he loves her and she forgives him.