A guilty Lindsey watches as Joe takes the stand
Tuesday 22 July,
Channel 4

In court, Lindsey can barely look at Joe out of guilt for what she said to Sonny. When Lindsey and Freddie leave the courtroom they are swamped by journalists.

Will Sinead and Tony be found out?
Monday 21 July,
Channel 4

Tony and Sinead discuss their affair which leads to them passionately kissing in The Hutch kitchen, but Diane is on her way over to spice things up between her and Tony.

Will Grace give Trevor a second chance?
Friday 18 July,
Channel 4

Grace refuses to give Trevor a second chance and attacks Mercedes in the village. Trevor pulls Grace away and tells her about Freddie's arrest...

Can Joe help Freddie escape?
Thursday 17 July,
Channel 4

Freddie confronts Joe about the murder and it's clear Joe is hiding something.

Has Maxine finally escaped Patrick's abuse?
Wednesday 16 July,
Channel 4

Patrick goes to bed early and Maxine calls Dennis for help. Dennis helps Maxine get to a Women's Refuge, while Patrick is furious and begs Dennis and Dodger to tell him where she is.

Ste makes a pass at John Paul
Tuesday 15 July,
Channel 4

Ste and John Paul enjoy a romantic meal and John Paul finally feels he can put the attack behind him and move on.

Maxine has a terrible fall during an argument with Patrick
Monday 14 July,
Channel 4

Sienna is disappointed in Nico for apparently stealing Patrick's watch. Nico apologises to her grandfather, but swipes more of Sienna's pills and Maxine is worried when Patrick collapses.

Will Sandy leave Hollyoaks?
Friday 11 July,
Channel 4

Sandy confronts Freddie about Grace's shooting. She decides he's moving back in with the Roscoes, so she can keep an eye on him. Joe is furious and lays into his brother.

Sienna uncovers Patrick's devious plan
Thursday 10 July,
Channel 4

Leela is concerned when Patrick tells her Peri didn't turn up at school. Peri knocks on the McQueens' front door where Nico is hiding.

John Paul's confession to Ste is overheard
Wednesday 9 July,
Channel 4

John Paul and Danny lock Ste in his room but Ste escapes out of the window. John Paul finds Ste in the alley after buying more drugs.

Sienna's flirting gets Tony's attention
Tuesday 8 July,
Channel 4

Worried that her plan is failing, Sinead makes Tony jealous by flirting with the electrician, Daryl, at The Hutch. Unable to fight anymore, Tony and Sinead kiss.

Sly Sienna sets her sights on Rick
Monday 7 July,
Channel 4

Rick is shaken when a face from his past, Gazza, finds him and gives him 24 hours to get him what he's owed.

Can Dennis stop Blessing leaving?
Friday 4 July,
Channel 4

Blessing calls her mum and tells her she's coming home. Dennis marches into The Dog and asks Frankie where Blessing is.

Has someone stolen Darren's medication?
Thursday 3 July,
Channel 4

Darren and Nancy decide to go on a spontaneous camping trip. Out in the country, Darren tells his wife that he doesn't want Tom to testify and she's furious.

Can The McQueens save their home?
Wednesday 2 July,
Channel 4

The McQueens return to their boarded up house and Nana handcuffs herself to a drainpipe.

Are the McQueens celebrating in vain?
Tuesday 1 July,
Channel 4

The McQueen family is distraught when they realise their syndicate lottery numbers have come up, but Nana didn't pay for her share of the ticket.

Dennis's good intentions backfire... again!
Monday 30 June,
Channel 4

Dennis is frustrated that Blessing won't come out of her room. When he cuts himself slightly at The Emporium, Dirk tells Blessing that Dennis has had an accident.

Holly uncovers Cindy's mystery man
Friday 27 June,
Channel 4

Dirk checks Cindy's phone and is caught by Holly. She promises not to say anything but she later hears her mum on the phone telling someone she loves them.

Can Nancy persuade Rick to stay?
Thursday 26 June,
Channel 4

Robbie is heartbroken when his dad leaves. He needs a shoulder to cry on and goes to see Nancy.

Will Grace walk free?
Wednesday 25 June,
Channel 4

Sonny guiltily nurses his bruised knuckles after his attack on Rick. Freddie breaks the news to the Roscoes that Rick has been attacked and suspicious eyes fall on Joe.