Will Dennis and Blessing get their happy ever after?
Friday 21 November,
Channel 4

Blessing has decided to frame Trevor so that he has the diamonds on him when the police turn up, but Dennis turns up instead.

Can Dennis get to Blessing before Trevor does?
Thursday 20 November,
Channel 4

Trevor is waiting for Freddie so they can reclaim their diamonds from Blessing, but Frankie has already told Dennis where Blessing is.

Freddie turns midwife as Lindsey gives birth!
Wednesday 19 November,
Channel 4

Lindsey's stuck with an unwanted birthing partner when Freddie decides to stay by her side as she starts to deliver the baby at The Loft. They look like the perfect family as the baby arrives.

Where is Blessing?
Tuesday 18 November,
Channel 4

Dennis decides to go to Amsterdam after receiving a message about Blessing's whereabouts. However, she's not in Amsterdam, so where is she?

What's Sienna got planned for her hostage?
Monday 17 November,
Channel 4

Sienna takes her hostage to an abandoned building, but what are her plans for her captive? Elsewhere, Patrick has baby Minnie all to himself.

Esther wants answers!
Friday 14 November,
Channel 4

Esther finds out why her relationship with Kim was over before it had begun when Kim admits that Grace told her about her attempt to take her own life.

Patrick breaks tragic news as the dead are recovered
Thursday 13 November,
Channel 4

Patrick leaves the railway hut with his baby and tells a paramedic that Maxine died in labour. Meanwhile, heartbreak fills the air as the deceased are carried away from the train.

Carmel surveys the train crash carnage
Wednesday 12 November,
Channel 4

The celebrations have turned to tragedy following the accident, which saw the McQueen party train smash through Maxine and Sienna's abandoned car.

All aboard the party train!
Tuesday 11 November,
Channel 4

After Porsche and Lockie's wedding, the McQueens, minus Nana, who has taken the kids home, all board the party train.

Will John Paul ruin Porsche's big day?
Monday 10 November,
Channel 4

John Paul asks Lockie to call off the wedding after the newcomer made a pass at him.

Are the McQueens on the fast track to disaster?
Friday 7 November,
Channel 4

As Porsche's wedding draws closer, the McQueens are unaware that Carmel has told Sonny that everyone will be there and he agrees that it will be the perfect opportunity to kidnap young Kathleen-An

Will Maxine sell her soul for freedom?
Thursday 6 November,
Channel 4

Nancy visits Maxine in prison. She believes her friend didn't try to kill Patrick and appeals to the man himself to drop the charges.

Can Holly save Cindy?
Wednesday 5 November,
Channel 4

After Cindy falls into the lake, Holly jumps in to rescue her mother, but Cindy is desperately trying to swim away.

Porsche McQueen causes a stir
Tuesday 4 November,
Channel 4

The McQueens are shocked when cousin Porsche arrives in the village. But there's an even bigger surprise in store when it's revealed that Porsche's engaged... to Lockie!

Ste's on the warpath!
Monday 3 November,
Channel 4

Keen to get help for his drug addiction, Ste wants to go to rehab, but discovers there's a four-week waiting list.

Will Ste's drug habit lead to tragedy for John Paul?
Friday 31 October,
Channel 4

John Paul is suspicious when he sees Ste with Lockie in the village. Lockie asks Ste to pay him 'in kind' for the drugs he's given him and John Paul overhears.

Amy returns... and drops a bombshell on Ste!
Thursday 30 October,
Channel 4

Ste is shocked when he sees Tegan coming out of the Oncology ward at the hospital. Meanwhile, John Paul meets up with Amy and asks her to let Ste see Leah and Lucas.

Has Carmel run into trouble?
Wednesday 29 October,
Channel 4

Theresa finds a social services leaflet in Carmel's bag, is she planning to report Theresa? Myra tells Carmel to stay away from them from now on.

The McQueens enjoy a spa day, but Nana's in danger
Tuesday 28 October,
Channel 4

Myra, Carmel, Mercedes and Theresa go to a spa for the day and enjoy some luxury pampering. Meanwhile, Sonny sneaks into the McQueens and when Nana gets in the way he tries to kill her.

Should Blessing trust Tim?
Monday 27 October,
Channel 4

Blessing doesn't get good news at her consultation for gender confirmation surgery.