Disaster strikes for Diane!
Wednesday 1 October,
Channel 4

It's Ste's turn to go into the witness box at Finn's trial. He's a nervous wreck giving evidence and tells everyone about Diane's lies in an emotional outburst.

Darren is in turmoil
Tuesday 30 September,
Channel 4

The Osborne family is in meltdown with Darren in turmoil after the first day of Finn's trial following Nancy's shock revelation that she'd slept with Rick.

John Paul takes the stand...
Monday 29 September,
Channel 4

Ste tells Myra that John Paul is going to pull out of the trial, where Finn stands accused of raping John Paul.

Diane and Sinead visit Finn in prison
Friday 26 September,
Channel 4

Diane drives off to visit Finn, who's on remand in prison as he awaits trial for allegedly raping John Paul. But Diane's clearly not coping and has to stop the car.

The McQueens' plan ends in disaster for Sonny
Thursday 25 September,
Channel 4

When Sonny kicks Carmel out without Kathleen Angel, the McQueens jump into action to get revenge. Myra, Mercedes and Phoebe hide in Sonny's car and handcuff him while Myra takes the wheel.

Cindy goes berserk!
Wednesday 24 September,
Channel 4

Dirk and Holly visit Cindy at the psychiatric hospital, but find they're making things worse. When they leave, Cindy explodes, rants that everyone's against her and destroys her gifts!

Will Maxine help Patrick?
Tuesday 23 September,
Channel 4

Maxine is furious with Dodger when she finds out he reported Patrick to police for domestic abuse. Desperate, Patrick calls her asking for help - but will she come to his aid?

Dodger plots Patrick's demise
Monday 22 September,
Channel 4

As Sienna bangs on the boiler room door, a concerned Nancy calls Patrick from the school and he manages to throw her off the scent, but Nico is suspicious.

Patrick foils Sienna's plan to escape!
Friday 19 September,
Channel 4

A desperate Sienna tries to escape from the boiler room but her plan is foiled when her captor Patrick turns up and stops her in her tracks.

George discovers Vincent is back!
Thursday 18 September,
Channel 4

Not wanting George to leave for London with Vincent, Phoebe tries to hide Vincent after lying to him that George isn't interest.

Finn's in the dock!
Wednesday 17 September,
Channel 4

Today's the day that the McQueens and Ste prepare to hear Finn's plea in court. Finn stands accused of raping John Paul and everyone's shocked when he pleads 'not guilty'.

Can Trevor and Freddie save Grace?
Tuesday 16 September,
Channel 4

Trevor's worried since getting the call from Big Bob blackmailing him for £60,000 if he wants to see Grace again.

Carmel prepares to leave the village...
Monday 15 September,
Channel 4

John Paul is shocked to see Myra, who then turns up at the boarding house to persuade Carmel and Kathleen-Angel to move back to the McQueens'.

Theresa escapes from prison!
Friday 12 September,
Channel 4

Nana is alarmed by Mercedes and Phoebe's plan to free Theresa from prison and tries to stop them. Mercedes climbs out of the window and Theresa finds a way to get herself admitted to hospital.

Is Esther's dream venture under threat?
Thursday 11 September,
Channel 4

Esther's delighted when she finally opens her new coffee shop 'Esther's Magic Bean'. However, she's struggling to get the hang of running her own business and spills cold coffee on Blessing.

Will Freddie's anger ruin the garage relaunch?
Wednesday 10 September,
Channel 4

While Joe, Ziggy, Jason and Robbie prepare for the garage's relaunch, Lindsey is trying to find Freddie, unaware he's at Katy's grave.

Can Phoebe help expose Sonny?
Tuesday 9 September,
Channel 4

Kathleen McQueen is suspicious of Sonny and, when she follows him, she uncovers a secret that could help bring him down.

Freddie orders Lindsey to get a paternity test!
Monday 8 September,
Channel 4

As Freddie grows jealous of Joe and Lindsey, Joe is suspicious about the tension between Freddie and Lindsey and wants to know what's wrong.

Holly gets a surprise when she goes to the police
Friday 5 September,
Channel 4

In a bid to save Jason, Holly takes control and reports the squat to police. As they raid the address, Jason escapes, but they've seen his face.

How far will Sienna go to stop Dodger leaving?
Thursday 4 September,
Channel 4

Maxine fears for her safety when she finds a secret camera on the boat.