celine, zack loveday Celine gets in a proper mess!
Monday 3 August,
Channel 4

Simone wants to treat Lisa to a pamper day so they can bond properly. Lisa doesn't show up to meet Simone at the bus stop and goes to Louis' football camp instead.

sienna blake Sienna's on the warpath!
Friday 31 July,
Channel 4

Sienna spots Ben leaving The Dog in the morning, wearing the same clothes from the night before.

cindy savage, jason roscoe Cindy tries to impress Jason
Thursday 30 July,
Channel 4

Jason reveals too much to Robbie about him and Cindy. Meanwhile, Kyle and Aiden offer Holly a legal high, which she refuses.

ben bradley, carly bradley Ben finds Carly with drugs!
Wednesday 29 July,
Channel 4

Ben and daughter Carly move into their new house, but Ben finds some drugs in her bag and washes them down the sink. Furious, he locks Carly in the house!

simone loveday, louis loveday Can the Lovedays convince Lisa to come home?
Tuesday 28 July,
Channel 4

Wayne takes the Lovedays to a drop-in centre but when Lisa spots them she makes a run for it with Zack in hot pursuit. They all catch up with Lisa and Simone begs her daughter to come home.

ziggy roscoe Ziggy decides to leave... but with whom?
Monday 27 July,
Channel 4

Tegan panics and tells Ziggy she has to leave before the police arrive. She asks Ziggy to leave with her, but it’s too much for Ziggy to handle and he flees.

ziggy roscoe Ziggy turns detective...
Friday 24 July,
Channel 4

Diane discovers the photo of Rose that Tegan posted. Tegan panics when Tony tells her they're taking the photo to the police to be analysed.

peri lomax, frankie osborne Will Peri accept Frankie's offer?
Thursday 23 July,
Channel 4

Frankie offers to pay for Peri's baby and writes her a cheque but Peri refuses to accept it. Leela confronts Frankie, and Tom sides with Leela and Peri.

peri lomax, tom cunningham Tom and Peri meet the Browns...
Wednesday 22 July,
Channel 4

Peri and Tom soften when they hear Angela and her husband, Mark's, story but Frankie storms in. The Browns leave and Peri and Tom are furious at Frankie's interference.

reenie mcqueen, sienna blake Sienna confronts Reenie!
Tuesday 21 July,
Channel 4

Sienna is worried about Dr S'Avage's friendship with Reenie. Reenie visits Dr S'Avage and he lends her his credit card.

lockie campbell Will Porsche uncover Lockie and John Paul's affair?
Monday 20 July,
Channel 4

While Porsche and Lockie are still on the rocks, Lockie and John Paul are getting flirty. Lockie goes to visit John Paul and they get steamy in Patrick's office.

reenie mcqueen, jack osborne Reenie takes charge of The Dog!
Friday 17 July,
Channel 4

Esther gives birth in the back of Trevor's broken-down car with Sinead by her side, then loses consciousness. At the hospital, Trevor and Grace hold their baby for the first time.

sinead oconnor, esther bloom Esther goes into labour!
Thursday 16 July,
Channel 4

Grace and Trevor are shocked when they see Dylan wearing Esther's coat and a dress. As Trevor locks Dylan in the flat, Dylan rips off the clothes he's wearing.

grace black, kim Grace and Kim get carried away...
Wednesday 15 July,
Channel 4

The Loft is about to have its grand re-opening, so Kim plasters the walls with photos of her and Grace kissing.

angela brown Peri meets Angela!
Tuesday 14 July,
Channel 4

Peri hides from Leela to avoid an antenatal class but Tom talks her round. Leela calls her cousin, Angela (played by Adele Silva), for advice because she's a foster carer.

patrick blake Patrick collapses!
Monday 13 July,
Channel 4

When Patrick takes Minnie to hospital with a temperature, Lindsey informs Maxine who immediately rushes to the hospital and causes a scene.

mercedes mcqueen Will Mercedes have an abortion?
Friday 10 July,
Channel 4

Lindsey spots Mercedes with an abortion flyer and encourages her to think things through properly. Lindsey doesn't know Joe's the father of Mercedes’ baby.

mercedes mcqueen Mercedes reveals she's pregnant!
Thursday 9 July,
Channel 4

Lindsey spies Mercedes and Joe talking secretly and thinks they’re conspiring to go to the police about Phoebe’s murder.

reenie mcqueen Reenie has the day from hell!
Wednesday 8 July,
Channel 4

Porsche turns up to see Lockie and knows he’s been with someone. Reenie throws Porsche’s clothes out of the house, while Pete asks Cleo if she loves him, but she rejects him.

robbie roscoe It's the day of Phoebe's funeral
Tuesday 7 July,
Channel 4

Porsche runs in to Joe and gets a lift with him to Phoebe’s funeral. Meanwhile, Cleo can’t face the funeral so Pete offers to stay behind with her.

ben bradley, carly Who's Carly?
Monday 6 July,
Channel 4

Ben is in the woods with Carly – it’s revealed that Carly is Ben's daughter, she's had a drug problem and someone, Ashley, is after her.

ben bradley, sienna blake Sienna confronts Ben over his 'other' woman
Friday 3 July,
Channel 4

Sienna breaks into Ben's house after Nico's words of warning about another woman. 'Carly' races out of the door, but Sienna's unable to get a clear look at her.

ben bradley, sienna blake, patrick blake Ben stands up for Sienna
Thursday 2 July,
Channel 4

Patrick works out that Sienna is responsible for his void insurance. When an argument between the pair erupts, Ben arrives and locks horns with Patrick.

patrick blake Patrick's being manipulative... again!
Wednesday 1 July,
Channel 4

Patrick flaunts Minnie in front of Maxine prompting Maxine to run off. Darren begs Ben for help, thinking she will do something to harm herself.

cindy savage, simone loveday Simone tells Cindy she's leaving
Tuesday 30 June,
Channel 4

Simone tells a gutted Cindy that they're leaving and encourages Louis to let go of Lisa – she's not coming back.