Amy returns... and drops a bombshell on Ste!
Thursday 30 October,
Channel 4

Ste is shocked when he sees Tegan coming out of the Oncology ward at the hospital. Meanwhile, John Paul meets up with Amy and asks her to let Ste see Leah and Lucas.

Has Carmel run into trouble?
Wednesday 29 October,
Channel 4

Theresa finds a social services leaflet in Carmel's bag, is she planning to report Theresa? Myra tells Carmel to stay away from them from now on.

The McQueens enjoy a spa day, but Nana's in danger
Tuesday 28 October,
Channel 4

Myra, Carmel, Mercedes and Theresa go to a spa for the day and enjoy some luxury pampering. Meanwhile, Sonny sneaks into the McQueens and when Nana gets in the way he tries to kill her.

Should Blessing trust Tim?
Monday 27 October,
Channel 4

Blessing doesn't get good news at her consultation for gender confirmation surgery.

Trevor and Grace face the wrath of Dennis!
Friday 24 October,
Channel 4

After learning that Trevor was responsible for the bomb that killed Leanne, Dennis calls the police but they can't reopen the case.

Blessing tries to support Dennis
Thursday 23 October,
Channel 4

Blessing goes to Leanne's grave to support Dennis. They're puzzled when they see Trevor there; he's apologising to Leanne for his involvement in the explosion that killed her.

Dennis struggles with his grief
Wednesday 22 October,
Channel 4

It's nearly the anniversary of Leanne's death and Dennis has to hide his grief when Blessing returns. When his father, Dr S'avage, walks into The Emporium, Dennis tells him to leave him alone.

Will Frankie's dinner be a disaster?
Tuesday 21 October,
Channel 4

After hearing the truth, Frankie is determined to put an end to her family's secrets and tells the police that Grace and Trevor are buying a baby off Esther.

Peri's prank backfires!
Monday 20 October,
Channel 4

Peri and Nico decide to resurrect 'Red Cap Man' and trash the Lomaxes' to make it look like they've been burgled.

Has Diane caught Tony in the act?
Friday 17 October,
Channel 4

Having taken Dirk's advice to check Tony's credit card statement to find out where he is, Diane manages to track him down.

Diane discovers Tony's playing away?
Thursday 16 October,
Channel 4

When the house alarm goes off and irritates the entire village, Diane tries to get hold of Tony.

Theresa goes into labour!
Wednesday 15 October,
Channel 4

The McQueens have a panicked rush to hospital when Theresa goes into labour. The drama doesn't end there when Theresa reveals who her baby's daddy is...

Carmel gets her hands dirty to save Theresa
Tuesday 14 October,
Channel 4

Carmel feels guilty about Theresa still being locked away and goes to retrieve the phone with Sonny's confession on, but the bin has been emptied.

Is Patrick dead?
Monday 13 October,
Channel 4

Sienna slyly tells Dodger about Maxine going to counselling with Patrick. She's furious when Maxine decides she's going to propose to Dodger.

Patrick attends anger management, with Maxine!
Friday 10 October,
Channel 4

When Patrick refuses to go to his anger management sessions, a cunning Sienna forces Maxine into an awkward situation when she asks her to go with him, promising not to tell Dodger.

Leela risks her life to save Tegan
Thursday 9 October,
Channel 4

Big Bob is still holding everyone hostage at the hospital and tells Grace to ring Trevor to help him escape.

Hostage siege at the hospital!
Wednesday 8 October,
Channel 4

The hospital is in lock-down when Big Bob closes off all the exits as he continues to hold, among others, Grace, Cameron, Esther, Leela and Freddie hostage.

Ziggy wrestles with Cameron!
Tuesday 7 October,
Channel 4

It's RAG week and Leela and Tegan are at the hospital raising money. Ziggy turns up to help, dressed as a sumo wrestler, and Cameron offers to be his opponent.

Myra discovers incriminating evidence
Monday 6 October,
Channel 4

As the village reacts to the outcome of Finn's trial, Myra gets her hands on some incriminating evidence that could stir up more trouble for the O'Connors - but will she use it?

It's judgement day for Finn
Friday 3 October,
Channel 4

It's judgement day for Finn and John Paul at Finn's trial as the jury prepares to retire to deliberate on whether he is guilty of raping John Paul.