cindy cunningham, jason roscoe Cindy and Jason get closer
Friday 17 April,
Channel 4

Trevor has planted drugs in the boot of Darren's car for his associate to pick up in Calais. When Darren is distracted, Cindy steals his car – with the drugs in.

porsche, reenie Porsche visits her mum in jail
Thursday 16 April,
Channel 4

Porsche decides to visit her mum, Reenie, in prison.

celine, cameron Celine plots to break up Ziggy and Leela!
Wednesday 15 April,
Channel 4

Everyone thinks Tegan is excited about her sister Leela’s upcoming wedding when in fact she’s dreading watching the man she loves get married. Will she continue to conceal her true feelings?

lockie campbell Lockie has a big decision to make
Tuesday 14 April,
Channel 4

When Porsche asks Lockie to con Diane out of her money, Lockie faces a tough decision – but will he choose to be loyal to his past or his present?

sinead oconnor, ste hay, john paul mcqueen Three's a crowd for Sinead, Ste and John Paul
Monday 13 April,
Channel 4

John Paul decides to move into Diane’s flat with Sinead and Ste.

john paul mcqueen John Paul's feeling vulnerable
Friday 10 April,
Channel 4

When John Paul goes to apologise to Ste for his recent outburst, he's heartbroken when he overhears Ste reminiscing to Sinead about Brendan. Can they get their relationship back on track?

ste hay, sinead oconnor Is Sinead coming between Ste and John Paul?
Thursday 9 April,
Channel 4

It looks like cracks are beginning to appear in John Paul’s fairytale when Sinead asks Ste to move in with her. When Ste agrees, John Paul’s furious!

freddie roscoe Freddie's arrested at The Dog!
Wednesday 8 April,
Channel 4

Grace throws Trevor a birthday party at The Dog, unaware that Freddie and Lindsey have organised engagement drinks there too.

sinead oconnor Is Sinead in too deep?
Tuesday 7 April,
Channel 4

When Mercedes calls Grace and orders her to get Phoebe out of prison, Grace goes into a panic, gets her hands on a gun and books a flight to Nice instead.

theresa mcqueen Theresa makes a ghastly discovery
Monday 6 April,
Channel 4

Patrick is alarmed when he finds out he attacked Cindy, not his intended victim Maxine.

darren osborne Darren feels awful about Cindy's attack!
Friday 3 April,
Channel 4

Jason finds Cindy lifeless outside the garage and phones an ambulance.

cindy cunningham, jason roscoe Cindy's good deed ends in tragedy...
Thursday 2 April,
Channel 4

With Jason failing his A Levels and wondering what his future holds, Cindy helps him get a job at Daz Cabs.

sienna blake Has Sienna found a way out?
Wednesday 1 April,
Channel 4

Mariam is sectioned, but it's a fix so she can avoid prison. Sienna introduces herself to Mariam at the psychiatric unit - has she found a way to scheme herself out of there?

hollyoaks Will Darren accept help from Trevor?
Tuesday 31 March,
Channel 4

Maxine is upset with she gets a court date for her custody battle with Patrick. Darren gets roped into taking Trevor to a dodgy deal and panics when the police later turn up at the garage.

hollyoaks Diane goes in search of midwife Mariam
Monday 30 March,
Channel 4

Tony finds out that the midwife, Mariam, who delivered Ant and Dee Dee, was sacked for misconduct.

tegan lomax Tegan faces some tough choices
Friday 27 March,
Channel 4

With time running out, Tegan's forced to make some tough decisions. She starts by speaking to Sinead and asking her to tell Diane the truth about Dee Dee if she dies.

patrick blake Tom's revelation angers Patrick!
Thursday 26 March,
Channel 4

Patrick sees red following Tom’s revelation about Peri’s pregnancy, especially as Nico lied to him that she was the one having a baby.

peri lomax, tom cunningham Tom proposes to Peri!
Wednesday 25 March,
Channel 4

Tom and Peri are in the school play as Romeo and Juliet. The audience are stunned when Tom proposes – then tells everyone about the baby!

trevor royle, robbie roscoe Robbie's on the warpath!
Tuesday 24 March,
Channel 4

There’s all manner of trouble in store for the Roscoes. Freddie has come back to the village, but Kim has set him up and Jason tells Freddie to run to save his neck.

sinead o'connor Sinead catches Lindsey in the act!
Monday 23 March,
Channel 4

Sinead thinks she's hit the jackpot when she catches Lindsey trying to break into Grace's flat. Will Sinead try and help Grace prove Freddie's innocence?

jason roscoe, holly cunningham Jason leaves the clinic
Friday 20 March,
Channel 4

It's a big day for Jason as he's finally discharged from the eating disorder clinic. Has he finally put his demons behind him?

Dirk Savage, Dr Savage, cindy cunningham Is Cindy blackmailing Dirk?
Thursday 19 March,
Channel 4

In a bid to find out who’s sending Dirk the poison pen letters, Dirk and Dr S’avage deposit an envelope full of money as a trap and Dr S'avage is shock when he sees Cindy at the scene.

trevor royle Trevor faces a lie-detector test!
Wednesday 18 March,
Channel 4

Determined to get to the bottom of whether or not Trevor slept with Porsche, Grace buys a Chihuahua to spite him and forces him to do a lie-detector test!

patrick blake Patrick tries to ruin Maxine... again!
Tuesday 17 March,
Channel 4

Maxine agrees to let Patrick have Minnie for the night on the condition they call a truce.

peri lomax, tom cunningham Peri prepares for her abortion
Monday 16 March,
Channel 4

Having made her mind up, Peri prepares to have an abortion.