kim butterfield Will Kim lead baby JJ into danger?
Tuesday 3 May,
Channel 4

Wanting to spend time with baby JJ, Kim sneaks up to the garage where Joe and Freddie are busy working and hears JJ crying.

lisa loveday, zack loveday Real Lisa finds out about 'fake' Lisa!
Monday 2 May,
Channel 4

After a DNA test, Simone and Louis come face to face with their long-lost daughter, Lisa. However, it's too much for real Lisa, who runs off, straight into 'fake' Lisa - aka Sonia.

lisa loveday The Lovedays come face to face with the REAL Lisa!
Friday 29 April,
Channel 4

As Zack and Sonia prepare to find Lisa, Joanne has stayed at Cindy's flat, but still hasn't told Louis about her dealings with Margaret.

joanne cardsley, lisa loveday Joanne's robbed by Sonia!
Thursday 28 April,
Channel 4

Louis tells Zack he won't be speaking to Joanne as he wants to keep the peace with Simone, so Zack steals his dad's phone.

scott drinkwell Scott breaks into The Hutch!
Wednesday 27 April,
Channel 4

Scott's nervous as he carries a jerry can in his rucksack, seemingly intent on burning down The Hutch.

ste hay, cameron campbell Ste's in trouble with the law
Tuesday 26 April,
Channel 4

Ste's feeling the strain when his kids ask for toys and burgers and, after having lunch at The Tugboat, he does a runner, leaving Cameron furious.

james, harry hutchinson James has an indecent proposal for Harry
Monday 25 April,
Channel 4

James brings Harry and Ste breakfast at The Shack. Ste still thinks it's him that James fancies, but Harry knows different.

mrs st claire, john paul Mrs St Claire invites JP for lunch – and Myra's not happy!
Friday 22 April,
Channel 4

Mrs St Claire invites John Paul for lunch at The Hutch to discuss arrangements for the school ball but Myra walks in and warns Mrs St Claire away from her son!

simone loveday, ste hay Simone orders Ste to leave... in a Flash!
Thursday 21 April,
Channel 4

Ste's trying to clean the Lovedays' with kids Leah and Lucas getting under his feet.

nathan nightingale, holly cunningham Cleo spots Nathan and Holly looking cosy
Wednesday 20 April,
Channel 4

An angry Nathan wants Cleo to face justice and nearly breaks down the McQueens' door trying to get to her.

nathan nightingale It's the day of Rachel's funeral. But where's Nathan?
Tuesday 19 April,
Channel 4

As the Nightingales worry about Nathan not coming home, Nathan wakes on a park bench and carries on drinking.

freddie roscoe, ellie nightingale Ellie gives Freddie a soaking!
Monday 18 April,
Channel 4

Freddie tries to put a smile on Ellie's face when he turns up at The Dog dressed as a sailor – but she's sick of his games and pours water over his head!

darren osborne, nancy osborne, maxine blake Darren and Maxine fear the cops are onto them
Friday 15 April,
Channel 4

Nancy's horrified that someone has heard Maxine and Darren's conversation about Patrick, and agrees to help Darren find out who it was.

ste hay, harry hutchinson, james nightingale James has plans for Harry and Ste
Thursday 14 April,
Channel 4

Ste and Harry exit The Hutch early morning and bump into James, who threatens to tell Tony unless they can come to another arrangement.

sienna blake Will Sienna leave Nico... and Hollyoaks?
Wednesday 13 April,
Channel 4

Sienna and Trevor prepare to leave with baby Curtis but, when Nico tells Sienna that Ben didn't come home last night, she fears she can't leave Nico alone.

trevor royle, sienna blake Are Trevor and Sienna about to get rumbled?
Tuesday 12 April,
Channel 4

Sienna thinks Ben's idea of getting hitched is ridiculous, prompting Ben to question whether she wants to marry him at all.

louis loveday, simone loveday, zack loveday, lisa loveday Zack and Lisa caught in the act!
Monday 11 April,
Channel 4

Zack encourages Louis to keep fighting for his marriage – but when Louis books a romantic getaway, Simone thinks he’s booked it for him and Joanne.

lindsey butterfield Will Lindsey get away with murder?
Friday 8 April,
Channel 4

Esther's back at the boarding house trying to hide the fact Frankie's in danger.

esther bloom Lindsey answers Esther's call on Frankie's phone!
Thursday 7 April,
Channel 4

Kim's released from prison as the rest of the village hears the news about Lindsey. Meanwhile, the Osbornes are waiting for Frankie to return.

mercedes mcqueen, joe roscoe Mercedes finds Joe out cold!
Wednesday 6 April,
Channel 4

Although she's stunned by Joe's shock proposal, Lindsey agrees to marry him as long as they leave Hollyoaks… now!

esther bloom, kim butterfield Esther shows Kim the confession letter
Tuesday 5 April,
Channel 4

Mercedes reels off the evidence against Lindsey, while Esther shows Kim the confession letter.

joe roscoe Darren's money worries give Joe an idea
Monday 4 April,
Channel 4

Nancy finds a bag of cash in the glove compartment of Darren's car and accuses him of gambling again. Darren lies that a customer left it behind, so she demands they take it to the police.

lindsey butterfield Celine tries to help keep Lindsey's secret
Friday 1 April,
Channel 4

Mercedes arrives back in the village and immediately sees Joe and Lindsey looking loved up.

liam donovan Just who IS new boy Liam?
Thursday 31 March,
Channel 4

As Celine and Tegan continue to squabble over Liam, Lindsey puts both their name badges in a bag and pulls out Celine's name – she gets to go on a date with him.

freddie roscoe Freddie's torn between two women
Wednesday 30 March,
Channel 4

Freddie turns up at The Dog to ask Ellie out on a date, but she's not interested.