robbie roscoe It's the day of Phoebe's funeral
Tuesday 7 July,
Channel 4

Porsche runs in to Joe and gets a lift with him to Phoebe’s funeral. Meanwhile, Cleo can’t face the funeral so Pete offers to stay behind with her.

ben bradley, carly Who's Carly?
Monday 6 July,
Channel 4

Ben is in the woods with Carly – it’s revealed that Carly is Ben's daughter, she's had a drug problem and someone, Ashley, is after her.

ben bradley, sienna blake Sienna confronts Ben over his 'other' woman
Friday 3 July,
Channel 4

Sienna breaks into Ben's house after Nico's words of warning about another woman. 'Carly' races out of the door, but Sienna's unable to get a clear look at her.

ben bradley, sienna blake, patrick blake Ben stands up for Sienna
Thursday 2 July,
Channel 4

Patrick works out that Sienna is responsible for his void insurance. When an argument between the pair erupts, Ben arrives and locks horns with Patrick.

patrick blake Patrick's being manipulative... again!
Wednesday 1 July,
Channel 4

Patrick flaunts Minnie in front of Maxine prompting Maxine to run off. Darren begs Ben for help, thinking she will do something to harm herself.

cindy savage, simone loveday Simone tells Cindy she's leaving
Tuesday 30 June,
Channel 4

Simone tells a gutted Cindy that they're leaving and encourages Louis to let go of Lisa – she's not coming back.

tegan lomax, tony hutchinson, diane oconnor Tony, Tegan and Diane talk to the press
Monday 29 June,
Channel 4

Diane maintains that Tony is guilty of kidnapping Rose but he's released without charge, while Ben questions Leela about the break-in at the Lovedays.

tony hutchinson Tony is arrested!
Friday 26 June,
Channel 4

DS Thorpe questions Tegan again. Tony asks Darren to give him an alibi, which he does, then Tony gets drunk at The Dog.

baby rose missing, hollyoaks Who's taken baby Rose?
Thursday 25 June,
Channel 4

Holly believes Louis is responsible for Rose's disappearance and gives the folder containing pictures of young women to Jason. Leela goes to The Boarding House and confronts Tony and Diane.

cindy savage Cindy enjoys the attention at the Price Slice relaunch
Wednesday 24 June,
Channel 4

Cindy is delighted when she hears the press and mayor are attending the relaunch of Price Slice and wants to tell them about her writer's award.

tegan lomax, tony hutchinson Tony kisses Tegan!
Tuesday 23 June,
Channel 4

Tony sends Tegan a soppy text about Rose, but she thinks it’s about her, so when he bumps in to Tegan, he realises she thinks he has feelings for her.

grace black Grace feels guilty about Kim
Monday 22 June,
Channel 4

Grace sees the video on Kim's phone of Trevor pushing Val away and is mortified about her latest fling with Kim.

tegan lomax, tony hutchinson Tony and Tegan get themselves in a twist!
Friday 19 June,
Channel 4

Tegan is upset with Ziggy but neither is prepared to give an inch. When Tony hears Rose is ill with German measles, he goes round to see her and, surprisingly, Tegan lets him in.

trevor, val Val kisses Trevor!
Thursday 18 June,
Channel 4

As Grace drowns her sorrows, Val moves in on Trevor and kisses him – but it appears Kim's webcam has caught their every move on camera...

joe roscoe Joe hands himself in
Wednesday 17 June,
Channel 4

As Joe decides to hand himself in to the police for shooting Phoebe, an angry Robbie whacks him on the back with a wrench outside the police station.

robbie roscoe Robbie wants revenge on Grace
Tuesday 16 June,
Channel 4

Robbie tells Joe and Freddie that he wants their help getting revenge on Grace, thinking she shot Phoebe. When Grace gets into her car, Robbie is waiting on the back seat.

robbie roscoe, phoebe mcqueen Robbie's hell-bent on protecting Phoebe!
Monday 15 June,
Channel 4

The McQueens try desperately to get into Phoebe's hospital room but Robbie is determined to stop them. Mercedes calls Joe and Freddie for back up and they talk Robbie round.

porsche mcqueen, lockie campbell, john paul mcqueen John Paul walks in on Porsche and Lockie!
Friday 12 June,
Channel 4

Porsche returns home from another night out, grabs Lockie and takes him upstairs. John Paul walks in on the pair scantily-clad on the bed and, following his kiss with Lockie, he storms out!

porsche mcqueen Porsche just wants to party!
Thursday 11 June,
Channel 4

Porsche continues to drink her problems away. Lockie tries to persuade Porsche to have a quiet night in, but she tricks him and gets on a party bus.

porsche mcqueen Porsche goes off the rails
Wednesday 10 June,
Channel 4

Porsche has gone off the rails and Joe offers her a shoulder to cry on. But when Lockie returns to see Porsche confiding in Joe, he completely flips!

sienna blake, reenie mcqueen Sienna and Reenie want the same job
Tuesday 9 June,
Channel 4

Reenie and Sienna battle it out for a job at Price Slice and Ste tells Sienna that he thinks Ben is married.

ste hay, sinead oconnor Ste and Sinead play happy families
Monday 8 June,
Channel 4

Sinead asks John Paul for help with Ste, but he refuses.

ben bradley Newcomer Ben proves a hit with Sienna!
Friday 5 June,
Channel 4

Sienna's bag is snatched in the Magic Bean but Ben, who is secretly eyeing Sienna up, chases the culprit.

dr savage Dr S'Avage turns detective
Thursday 4 June,
Channel 4

Sienna sets Dr S'Avage straight about their friendship, but offers to help him clean out Mariam's house.

porsche mcqueen, reenie mcqueen Reenie calls Porsche a liar!
Wednesday 3 June,
Channel 4

Reenie accuses Porsche of lying about being assaulted by Pete. Pete admits he did kiss Porsche, but that Porsche was a tease and he realises he was in the wrong.