patrick blake Will Patrick's actions lead to tragedy for Maxine?
Friday 22 May,
Channel 4

Nancy comforts a numb Maxine when Patrick collects his daughter after winning full custody.

patrick blake Patrick derails Maxine at the custody hearing
Thursday 21 May,
Channel 4

At the custody hearing, Patrick gives an impressive speech but he feels threatened when Maxine also makes an excellent case for why she should get custody of Minnie.

darren osborne Will Darren lie to help Patrick?
Wednesday 20 May,
Channel 4

It's the day of Maxine and Patrick's court hearing. Patrick tells Darren that he saw him hiding a gun and wants him to lie to the panel at the custody hearing to help him get Minnie.

grace black Grace pulls a gun on Freddie!
Tuesday 19 May,
Channel 4

Following their fight yesterday, Joe offers Freddie an olive branch but they argue again.

hollyoaks, joe roscoe, freddie roscoe Freddie and Lindsey's wedding descends into chaos!
Monday 18 May,
Channel 4

Joe bursts into the church as Freddie and Lindsey are about to get married. Freddie's furious and the two brothers fight, but as Joe falls on Scott, he bumps into Sinead and her waters break.

freddie roscoe, mercedes mcqueen Freddie gets his hands on Mercedes!
Friday 15 May,
Channel 4

Trevor wants Darren to help him bring Mercedes back to the village. Darren secretly calls Freddie, leaving clues revealing who he's with and where they are.

porsche mcqueen, phoebe mcqueen There's a fire at the McQueens'!
Thursday 14 May,
Channel 4

Lockie's BBQ sets fire to the McQueens' house and it's a race against time for Phoebe to get Porsche and Lockie out.

simone, holly Simone forces a confession out of Cindy
Wednesday 13 May,
Channel 4

Cindy tries to assure Jason the pass meant nothing, but Simone captured the illicit moment on Louis' drone.

tegan lomax Tegan's furious with Mariam!
Tuesday 12 May,
Channel 4

Dr S'Avage catches Mariam in his office and tempts her with a bottle of whiskey, which distracts her from what she's found.

sienna blake Whose side is Sienna on?
Monday 11 May,
Channel 4

Dr S'Avage visits Sienna so she can hear his side of the secret that Mariam told her. Dr S'Avage manages to win over Sienna, but then Mariam persuades her to turn on him.

grace black Grace plots against Reenie
Friday 8 May,
Channel 4

Porsche decides the best way to keep mum Reenie away is the play dirty, so she begs Reenie's cellmate, Grace, to find a way to keep Reenie inside.

Sienna Blake, Nico Blake Sienna tries to build bridges with Nico
Thursday 7 May,
Channel 4

Sienna tries to build bridges with Nico by campaigning for her to be chosen as head girl in the elections at school. But her actions only serve to embarrass her daughter more.

porsche mcqueen, lockie campbell Lockie gives Diane's money to Porsche!
Wednesday 6 May,
Channel 4

Diane's agreed to give Lockie £3,000 for a mobile catering van but Lockie gives Porsche the cash and tells her he misses her.

tony hutchinson Tony vows to expose Lockie!
Tuesday 5 May,
Channel 4

When Tony overhears Lockie's plan for The Hutch, he's determined to expose the truth and prove that love-rat Lockie is conning Diane. But will he end up embarrassing himself instead?

harry thompson Will Harry come clean?
Monday 4 May,
Channel 4

As Ste recovers from his beating, Kyle and Aiden recruit Harry into the football team in exchange for his silence.

scott, hollyoaks Scott's meddling has tragic consequences
Friday 1 May,
Channel 4

After Sinead's slip-up, Scott's bursting to reveal the truth about John Paul and Harry, and when Scott spies them having an innocent conversation in school, he takes a photo of their intimacy.

dylan jenkins Dylan has the day from hell!
Thursday 30 April,
Channel 4

As Harry tries to impress Kyle and Aiden from the county football team, Nico and Dylan plot revenge on the thugs.

grace black, reenie mcqueen Grace has got a new cellmate!
Wednesday 29 April,
Channel 4

It looks like life's going to become difficult for Grace when Reenie McQueen becomes her new cellmate.

lindsey butterfield Lindsey's haunted by her past
Tuesday 28 April,
Channel 4

Freddie books a date for his and Lindsey's wedding.

darren osborne Will Darren agree to help Trevor?
Monday 27 April,
Channel 4

In a bid to clear Grace's name, Trevor decides to track down Mercedes and tells Darren to find out how much Joe knows about where she is.

kim butterfield Kim tries to get back into Esther's good books!
Friday 24 April,
Channel 4

Kim tells Esther to use Grace's lie detector  on her and worms her way back into Esther's affections. Elsewhere, furious Lindsey gets Kim suspended from the hospital.

esther bloom Esther makes a discovery
Thursday 23 April,
Channel 4

Unable to keep Kim’s secret for much longer, Nancy tells Esther what happened between Kim and Joe all those years ago, but Esther refuses to believe her, until she finds Kim’s letters to Joe at th

trevor royle, kim, grace black Kim grows more obsessed with Grace
Wednesday 22 April,
Channel 4

Trevor and Kim visit Grace in prison and it’s clear Kim’s obsession with Grace is growing…

ziggy roscoe Will Ziggy be jilted at the altar?
Tuesday 21 April,
Channel 4

Having confessed their feelings for each other, Ziggy can't find Tegan and thinks she's got cold feet. He decides to go ahead with the wedding - but will he be left standing at the altar?

hollyoaks, dylan, peri Dylan plays dress-up!
Monday 20 April,
Channel 4

Nico, Dylan and Tom visit Peri, who is distraught about her dad Cameron's accident. To cheer her up, Dylan wears her bridesmaid dress, Nico dresses as a groom and they pretend to get married.