Will Dodger be a dad to Nico?
Thursday 18 December,
Channel 4

After finding out Dodger's her father, Nico decides her family would be better off without her, and Tom finds Nico kneeling dangerously on top of the village arch.

Peri makes a traumatic discovery
Wednesday 17 December,
Channel 4

As Patrick returns and Sienna sneaks into the boat and kidnaps baby Minnie, Nico is determined to find her father for Christmas and recruits Peri to help.

Can Tony and Sinead stop Diane leaving?
Tuesday 16 December,
Channel 4

When Diane tells Tony there's no way he's seeing the twins over Christmas, Sinead begs Diane not to take custody away from him. Sinead then spots a suitcase and Diane admits she's leaving.

Jason's desperate for help
Monday 15 December,
Channel 4

With Holly on the warpath following her discovery, Jason runs to his room and trashes it.

Holly's disgusted by her discovery
Friday 12 December,
Channel 4

At the Roscoes, Holly tries to find her Christmas present in Jason's bedroom and is disgusted by what she finds instead. What will she do with the secret stash?

Holly sings to support Cindy
Thursday 11 December,
Channel 4

Holly is heartbroken that Cindy doesn't want to see her, while Jason feels guilty that Cindy's still getting the blame for the hidden food.

Tegan oversteps the mark at the hospital!
Wednesday 10 December,
Channel 4

Ste tries to call Tegan when Rose's breathing becomes erratic.

Ste makes a decision about him and John Paul
Tuesday 9 December,
Channel 4

Desperate to protect his family from his abusive stepfather Terry, Ste confronts Amy who tells him that he's been supporting them all.

Ste punches Lockie!
Monday 8 December,
Channel 4

Ste prepares to move home and when Leela tells him the tragic news about the train crash and recent murder, he begs her to take him to the memorial that's taking place.

What happened to Theresa?
Friday 5 December,
Channel 4

After Theresa suddenly went into respiratory arrest, Dr S'avage, Kim, Celine and Tegan desperately try to find out who's to blame for what happened to Theresa. What will be revealed?

Will Maxine be found guilty?
Thursday 4 December,
Channel 4

As Maxine awaits the fate of her trial, she hopes she's said enough to be found not guilty.

Will Dodger help or hinder Maxine's defence?
Wednesday 3 December,
Channel 4

Maxine's on trial and Dodger begs her not to give in to Patrick's demands and plead guilty. Desperate to help Maxine, Dodger decides to take matters into his own hands...

Rick and Cameron rob The Dog!
Tuesday 2 December,
Channel 4

Darren has returned from Spain and, with the pub in desperate need of a bar manager while Frankie and Jack are visiting Debbie, Nancy hires Rick.

Will Jason win the fight?
Monday 1 December,
Channel 4

Rick tells Jason he'll still have to fight, despite the bruising and swelling on his hand from when Jason purposely shut a car bonnet on it.

Can Cameron get rid of Shane?
Friday 28 November,
Channel 4

Shane threatens Cameron to get his money back. Cameron gives Shane £1,000 and tells him he's keeping the rest as payment for spending 14 years in prison for something HE did.

Will Diane marry Tony?
Thursday 27 November,
Channel 4

After finding out about Sinead and Tony's affair, Diane stands at the altar faced with a life-changing decision. Will she go through with the wedding?

Will Diane uncover Tony and Sinead's secret?
Wednesday 26 November,
Channel 4

It's Diane and Tony's wedding day, but after finding out that daughter Sinead is pregnant, Diane's intent on finding out who the father of her baby is.

Grace falls from... grace!
Tuesday 25 November,
Channel 4

Trevor tries to make Grace see what's more important - their little family or Freddie Roscoe.

Lindsey's paternity results arrive
Monday 24 November,
Channel 4

Lindsey's paternity test results, arrive but who is Joe Junior's daddy?

Will Dennis and Blessing get their happy ever after?
Friday 21 November,
Channel 4

Blessing has decided to frame Trevor so that he has the diamonds on him when the police turn up, but Dennis turns up instead.