lindsey butterfield, kim butterfield Lindsey's feeling rattled!
Friday 5 February,
Channel 4

Kim finds Esther unconscious at The Bean and calls for a paramedic. Lindsey is drawn to the commotion outside and locks eyes with Kim when Esther's brought back to life.

trevor, grace, esther Trevor, Grace and Esther have a blazing row!
Thursday 4 February,
Channel 4

Nancy storms over to the Roscoes' to confront Lindsey about Charlie’s confession.

the nightingales The Nightingales reel from the revelation
Wednesday 3 February,
Channel 4

As the Nightingales and Savages reel from last night's revelation, Alfie feels lost and, reluctantly, calls Marnie for somewhere to stay.

mrs st claire, maxine, nancy, sienna Mrs St Claire unveils Patrick's portrait
Tuesday 2 February,
Channel 4

As Sienna grows concerned about Maxine's behaviour, Mrs St Claire summons Sienna, Maxine and Nancy to the school to show them a portrait of Patrick that she's had made to go in the special needs u

marnie Mac gets a shock when ex-wife Marnie shows up
Monday 1 February,
Channel 4

Cindy tells Mac she's continuing with her plan to get what she's owed from him.

louis loveday, joanne Will Joanne cause problems for Louis?
Friday 29 January,
Channel 4

Louis is trying to convince Simone not to accept Joanne's job offer. When Joanne tries to kiss Louis, he pushes her back and she's surprised by his reaction.

maxine blake, ben bradley Showdown at Patrick's memorial!
Thursday 28 January,
Channel 4

Maxine's alarmed when she finds Patrick's will is on fire - but who is responsible?

maxine blake Sienna's behaviour rattles Maxine
Wednesday 27 January,
Channel 4

As a suspicious Nancy wonders what Darren is hiding from her, DS Thorpe arrives to tell Sienna, Nico and Maxine that they’re closing the case on Patrick's disappearance following Maxine's request

jade albright Jade has the dream 16th birthday party
Tuesday 26 January,
Channel 4

Jade and Lisa sit anxiously in the hospital waiting room with the Osbornes. They’re called into the doctor’s office and Jade is overwhelmed when she’s told she doesn’t have cancer.

diego, hollyoaks Diego suspects Myra of cheating
Monday 25 January,
Channel 4

Myra and Diego are practicing their Tango moves when Nathan calls about his Spanish lessons.

nathan nightingale Nathan tries to talk his way back into Rachel's heart
Friday 22 January,
Channel 4

With Rachel ignoring Nathan's calls, he asks Diego to give him Spanish lessons so he can prove how committed he is to travelling around South America with her.

mercedes Will Mercedes learn the truth about Lindsey's baby?
Thursday 21 January,
Channel 4

Mercedes goes to the hospital to find the man who Lindsey says got her pregnant. Meanwhile, Joe has decided he needs to tell Mercedes the truth… today!

esther bloom, grace black Grace finds evidence that could free Trevor
Wednesday 20 January,
Channel 4

After agreeing to put Trevor in the past, Grace decides to sell his fish and the equipment but stumbles across an old receipt from the pet shop, which gives him an alibi for the night Will was mur

lockie campbell Cameron attempts to frame Lockie
Tuesday 19 January,
Channel 4

Tegan finds Lockie at the hospital – but will she believe him when he tells her what Cameron's done? Lockie flees the hospital when he finds out Cameron's on his way and goes to the Lomaxes.

mrs st claire Mrs St Claire's the victim of a hate campaign!
Monday 18 January,
Channel 4

Mrs St Claire doesn't let Peri hand in her artwork late. Peri finds out that Mrs St Claire is transgender and, out of spite, sends a text to everyone at school.

cameron campbell, leela lomax Cameron gets a little help in the Mr and Mrs contest!
Friday 15 January,
Channel 4

Cameron's nervous about the Mr and Mrs competition at The Dog, but Peri has a plan to help him.

jason roscoe Jason has his work cut out!
Thursday 14 January,
Channel 4

Robbie and Holly try to escape from the hotel before the police, and Jason, catch them. Robbie escapes, but Holly's left behind.

robbie roscoe, holly cunningham Holly and Robbie's passion sets off the smoke alarm!
Wednesday 13 January,
Channel 4

Jason offers to go with Holly to a University open day but she tries to get out of it. Meanwhile, Holly lets slip to Harry about her affair with Robbie.

cindy savage, james Can hotshot lawyer James help Cindy?
Tuesday 12 January,
Channel 4

Cindy's staying at the Roscoes and begs Jason to talk to Holly, but it backfires when it looks as though he's taking Cindy's side. Dirk tells Cindy to stay away from baby Hilton.

darren osborne Darren is quizzed over Patrick's disappearance
Monday 11 January,
Channel 4

Policeman Ben doesn't believe Darren's story about why Patrick's tie-pin was in the boot of his car.

mac nightingale, neeta Will Mac and Neeta's wedding go without a hitch?
Friday 8 January,
Channel 4

Cindy's panicking as the day of Neeta and Mac's wedding arrives, while Neeta finds out Ellie's cancelled her caterers.

cindy savage Cindy causes a stir at Neeta's hen party!
Thursday 7 January,
Channel 4

When Neeta tells Mac that Cindy has replaced Ellie as bridesmaid, Mac catches up with Cindy – he's furious with her and an eagle-eyed Ellie watches them, suspicious.

maxine minniver Maxine's life takes a dramatic turn!
Wednesday 6 January,
Channel 4

Anxious about Darren's whereabouts, Nancy goes looking for him and sees him going into Maxine's flat.

patrick blake, maxine blake Patrick and Maxine renew their vows
Tuesday 5 January,
Channel 4

Ben confronts Patrick but Sienna stays strong and Ben has no choice but to stand by and let it happen.

darren osborne Darren messes up on his 'date' with Nancy
Monday 4 January,
Channel 4

When Nancy tells Darren she wants to take things slow, Darren turns up in a suit with a bunch of flowers, eager to take Nancy on a 'first date'.