tegan lomax, diane oconnor Diane and Tegan come to blows!
Friday 28 August,
Channel 4

Tegan is released from prison and goes to Diane's to see Rose but they push her out. Tegan tells Scott to bring Rose to her or she will reveal he was part of the kidnap too.

cameron campbell, celine mcqueen Cameron catches Celine with drugs!
Thursday 27 August,
Channel 4

Sienna breaks the news of Dylan’s death to heartbroken Nico.

trevor royle, grace black Will Trevor save Esther and Kim?
Wednesday 26 August,
Channel 4

At the scene of the accident, Grace starts to come round and Trevor snaps out of his shock and rushes over to where Kim and Esther are unconscious in the overturned car.

esther bloom, kim butterfield Esther and Kim have a horrific car smash!
Tuesday 25 August,
Channel 4

At the hospital, Grace and Trevor give Esther the parental order forms to sign. Esther tells Grace and Trevor she'll let them keep Curtis, but she wants just one night with him on her own.

esther bloom Esther wakes in hospital!
Monday 24 August,
Channel 4

Esther wakes up in the hospital and panics about where she is. Dylan has slept in The Dog car park and, when he overhears that Esther has woken up, he tells a shocked Trevor.

nancy hayton, darren osborne Nancy helps Darren create a surprise for Maxine
Friday 21 August,
Channel 4

Maxine, Sienna and Nico panic when they receive a note from Patrick saying 'sorry' and then can't find him.

louis loveday Louis has a surprise for Simone
Thursday 20 August,
Channel 4

Louis is clearly in a playful mood when he surprises Simone wearing a leopard print loin cloth.

maxine blake, sienna blake, nico blake Maxine confronts Nico about Carly's death
Wednesday 19 August,
Channel 4

Maxine sees Nico and Sienna at Esther's Magic Bean and decides to do some digging. She probes Sienna about Carly's murder, which prompts Nico to lash out and run out of the coffee shop.

porsche mcqueen Porsche makes a shock discovery
Tuesday 18 August,
Channel 4

Mercedes and Lockie are kissing in his van. Mercedes jumps into the back and starts undressing, only to be interrupted by a furious Porsche knocking on the window – she hasn't seen Mercedes.

porsche mcqueen Lockie's torn between Porsche and Mercedes!
Monday 17 August,
Channel 4

Porsche arrives at her birthday party in The Folly and is furious that Reenie has decorated the venue with 'Happy Engagement' banners.

porsche mcqueen Porsche is 21... again!
Friday 14 August,
Channel 4

It's Porsche's birthday and while the McQueens celebrate with a Full English breakfast, Pete cosies up to Cleo.

cleo mcqueen Pete puts pressure on Cleo...
Thursday 13 August,
Channel 4

Cleo's uncomfortable when Pete kisses her neck as she's making a cup of tea, but she reluctantly agrees to a date with him.

grace black Will Grace win custody of baby Curtis?
Wednesday 12 August,
Channel 4

Trevor, Grace, Frankie and Jack anxiously wait for the custody hearing for baby Curtis to begin. Grace and Trevor can't believe it when they're granted custody of Curtis.

jason roscoe Will Jason survive the fall?
Tuesday 11 August,
Channel 4

Following the incident at the ravine, Robbie torches the car and runs in the opposite direction from his brother.

robbie roscoe Robbie helps Trevor... with dramatic consequences!
Monday 10 August,
Channel 4

Robbie pleads with Trevor not to kill Kim, so Trevor gives him 12 hours to get Kim out of the country or she's dead.

patrick blake, theresa mcqueen Theresa pours scorn on Patrick!
Friday 7 August,
Channel 4

When Theresa confronts Patrick about him kissing Maxine, he admits he wants to get back with his wife. As Patrick pursues Maxine, a spurned Theresa throws her smoothie over him.

patrick blake, maxine blake Can Ailsa give Patrick a reason to live?
Thursday 6 August,
Channel 4

Maxine’s worried about Patrick when Theresa tells her he ended up in hospital following Darren's 'attack'.

celine mcqueen Celine is unnerved by Pete
Wednesday 5 August,
Channel 4

Cameron tells Celine that Dirk's letting him use the boat as a kitchen.

darren osborne Darren wants to stay close to Maxine
Tuesday 4 August,
Channel 4

Darren doesn't want to leave Maxine alone with Patrick, so asks his mate Dave to take Carly to the rehab centre in Scotland, unaware of what's happened to her.

celine, zack loveday Celine gets in a proper mess!
Monday 3 August,
Channel 4

Simone wants to treat Lisa to a pamper day so they can bond properly. Lisa doesn't show up to meet Simone at the bus stop and goes to Louis' football camp instead.

sienna blake Sienna's on the warpath!
Friday 31 July,
Channel 4

Sienna spots Ben leaving The Dog in the morning, wearing the same clothes from the night before.

cindy savage, jason roscoe Cindy tries to impress Jason
Thursday 30 July,
Channel 4

Jason reveals too much to Robbie about him and Cindy. Meanwhile, Kyle and Aiden offer Holly a legal high, which she refuses.

ben bradley, carly bradley Ben finds Carly with drugs!
Wednesday 29 July,
Channel 4

Ben and daughter Carly move into their new house, but Ben finds some drugs in her bag and washes them down the sink. Furious, he locks Carly in the house!

simone loveday, louis loveday Can the Lovedays convince Lisa to come home?
Tuesday 28 July,
Channel 4

Wayne takes the Lovedays to a drop-in centre but when Lisa spots them she makes a run for it with Zack in hot pursuit. They all catch up with Lisa and Simone begs her daughter to come home.

ziggy roscoe Ziggy decides to leave... but with whom?
Monday 27 July,
Channel 4

Tegan panics and tells Ziggy she has to leave before the police arrive. She asks Ziggy to leave with her, but it’s too much for Ziggy to handle and he flees.