louis loveday, joanne Joanne blackmails Louis!
Friday 27 November,
Channel 4

Joanne turns up at Louis's door and he reluctantly tells her he'll meet her at The Folly - he covers by lying to his family that the letters have been coming from an old school friend as a joke.

louis loveday, joanne Louis gets a blast from the past!
Thursday 26 November,
Channel 4

In Price Slice, a hooded customer drops an envelope on the counter but it goes unnoticed when the postman puts the post over it.

darren osborne Darren's love life is a mess!
Wednesday 25 November,
Channel 4

It's the morning after the night before for Darren and Grace and they're both mortified. Esther encourages Nancy to tell Darren about her feelings so she offers to cook him dinner.

darren osborne, grace black Darren and Grace are single – and ready to mingle!
Tuesday 24 November,
Channel 4

Esther's noticed Nancy has feelings for Darren and encourages her to tell him. Elsewhere, Grace spots a poster advertising a 'Single Mingle' night at The Dog and talks Esther into babysitting.

cindy savage, lindsey butterfield Cindy confides in Lindsey about the killer
Monday 23 November,
Channel 4

While Neeta gets excited about going to a wedding fair, Mac hides his and Cindy's fake divorce papers behind a photo frame in The Dog.

pete buchanan Police investigate Pete's hit-and-run
Friday 20 November,
Channel 4

After Pete was knocked down in a hit-and-run, DS Drake gives the McQueens an update on his condition. Pete's stable but critical, while sheepish Darren returns home the next morning.

porsche mcqueen Porsche wants justice!
Thursday 19 November,
Channel 4

Porsche decides it's time to go to the police about Pete but she needs Cleo's help. Elsewhere, after sleeping rough, Jade calls Pete.

reenie mcqueen, pete buchanan Wedding showdown! Harry exposes Pete's true colours
Wednesday 18 November,
Channel 4

The McQueens reel from Harry's accusation about Pete - none of them know who or what to believe, apart from Porsche who stares at Pete with hatred.

harry hutchinson, cleo mcqueen, pete buchanan Harry spots Pete with Cleo!
Tuesday 17 November,
Channel 4

The McQueens are happily getting ready for Reenie and Pete’s wedding, apart from Cleo. Pete reassures Cleo that he still loves her, but has to marry Reenie to look after her.

diego, hollyoaks Who's Diego?
Monday 16 November,
Channel 4

Holly's almost sent flying by a speeding campervan but Robbie saves her.

cleo mcqueen Cleo wants Pete to come clean to Reenie
Friday 13 November,
Channel 4

The McQueens are surprised by the arrival of a familiar face. Meanwhile, Cleo is pushing Pete to tell Reenie about them as her mum gets more excited about her wedding.

ste hay, harry hutchinson Ste considers his future with Harry
Thursday 12 November,
Channel 4

Ste tells Harry about his CD4 count and Harry promises to be there for him. Ste turns up at Harry's 18th birthday party in The Loft and is conscious of Tony watching them.

grace black, charlie dean Grace wants answers from Charlie!
Wednesday 11 November,
Channel 4

Grace takes young Charlie to her flat to get answers but the Gloved Hand is right behind her… Meanwhile, Jason finds Robbie with the laptop, but when he tries to take it back, the laptop ends up i

robbie roscoe Robbie steals Dr S'Avage's laptop
Tuesday 10 November,
Channel 4

As the police turn up at Cindy's flat with a search warrant, Holly panics that the video of Robbie declaring his love for her is still on Dr S’Avage’s laptop and tells Robbie to get to it before t

charlie dean The Gloved Hand puts pressure on Charlie
Monday 9 November,
Channel 4

Esther doesn't believe Trevor's the Gloved Hand Killer and urges Grace to go and speak to him in prison, but Grace wants to keep her distance.

theresa mcqueen Will Theresa be tempted by photographer Shaun's offer?
Friday 6 November,
Channel 4

Theresa's furious when she realises a photo of her has been posted online and tells Zack to get it taken down or they're over.

theresa mcqueen, zack loveday Theresa and Zack are caught in the act!
Thursday 5 November,
Channel 4

As Theresa and Zack get closer and kiss, Lisa walks in on them half-naked on the floor of The Tugboat and asks them to leave - her heart breaking now she's fallen for her fake brother.

mercedes mcqueen, john paul Mercedes calls on John Paul for support
Wednesday 4 November,
Channel 4

Joe is heartbroken over the news that he's not the father of Mercedes' baby and decides to get away from the village for a while.

alfie nightingale Sparks literally fly for Alfie and Nico!
Tuesday 3 November,
Channel 4

Alfie thinks his family has forgotten his 'adoption anniversary' but they're playing along to give him a surprise later.

patrick blake, alfie nightingale Patrick's tribute concert welcomes a special guest
Monday 2 November,
Channel 4

Sienna's determined to prove Maxine's taking her dad for a fool but Patrick refuses to believe it, telling Sienna he trusts Maxine because she's going to help him die.

maxine miniver Maxine wages war with Mrs St Claire!
Friday 30 October,
Channel 4

Patrick tries to keep his redundancy a secret from Maxine – who's excited about her new Halloween promotion at Minnie Cabs – but he's caught out when Maxine finds him at the coffee shop.

patrick blake, mrs st claire Has Patrick met his match?
Thursday 29 October,
Channel 4

As Patrick's introduced to his replacement at school, Mrs St Claire, he's annoyed to hear she'll be shadowing him for the next two months.

darren osborne, charlie dean Darren and Nancy worry about Charlie
Wednesday 28 October,
Channel 4

When Darren shows Nancy Charlie's latest drawing they both grow even more concerned. Eventually, they come to the conclusion that something must have happened to him at the Pride festival.

ellie nightingale Ellie's getting up to mischief!
Tuesday 27 October,
Channel 4

Ellie pretends to be her dad, Mac, and texts Neeta saying: 'I don't want to see you.' When Neeta says she's coming anyway, Ellie panics and gets rid of her family for the day.

the nightingales Meet the Nightingales!
Monday 26 October,
Channel 4

The Nightingale family descends on Hollyoaks: Mac, Ellie, Nathan, Alfie and Nathan's fiancé, Rachel.