tegan lomax Tegan faces some tough choices
Friday 27 March,
Channel 4

With time running out, Tegan's forced to make some tough decisions. She starts by speaking to Sinead and asking her to tell Diane the truth about Dee Dee if she dies.

patrick blake Tom's revelation angers Patrick!
Thursday 26 March,
Channel 4

Patrick sees red following Tom’s revelation about Peri’s pregnancy, especially as Nico lied to him that she was the one having a baby.

peri lomax, tom cunningham Tom proposes to Peri!
Wednesday 25 March,
Channel 4

Tom and Peri are in the school play as Romeo and Juliet. The audience are stunned when Tom proposes – then tells everyone about the baby!

trevor royle, robbie roscoe Robbie's on the warpath!
Tuesday 24 March,
Channel 4

There’s all manner of trouble in store for the Roscoes. Freddie has come back to the village, but Kim has set him up and Jason tells Freddie to run to save his neck.

sinead o'connor Sinead catches Lindsey in the act!
Monday 23 March,
Channel 4

Sinead thinks she's hit the jackpot when she catches Lindsey trying to break into Grace's flat. Will Sinead try and help Grace prove Freddie's innocence?

jason roscoe, holly cunningham Jason leaves the clinic
Friday 20 March,
Channel 4

It's a big day for Jason as he's finally discharged from the eating disorder clinic. Has he finally put his demons behind him?

Dirk Savage, Dr Savage, cindy cunningham Is Cindy blackmailing Dirk?
Thursday 19 March,
Channel 4

In a bid to find out who’s sending Dirk the poison pen letters, Dirk and Dr S’avage deposit an envelope full of money as a trap and Dr S'avage is shock when he sees Cindy at the scene.

trevor royle Trevor faces a lie-detector test!
Wednesday 18 March,
Channel 4

Determined to get to the bottom of whether or not Trevor slept with Porsche, Grace buys a Chihuahua to spite him and forces him to do a lie-detector test!

patrick blake Patrick tries to ruin Maxine... again!
Tuesday 17 March,
Channel 4

Maxine agrees to let Patrick have Minnie for the night on the condition they call a truce.

peri lomax, tom cunningham Peri prepares for her abortion
Monday 16 March,
Channel 4

Having made her mind up, Peri prepares to have an abortion.

peri lomax Peri and Tom face a big decision
Friday 13 March,
Channel 4

Kim tells Peri and Tom that they need to decide what they’re going to do – and fast! With time running out, Peri and Nico go to the hospital to ask about a termination.

cameron campbell Cameron gets hurt in a raid on a drug den
Thursday 12 March,
Channel 4

When a kidnapped Porsche tells Lockie that Trevor wants £7,000 or he’s going to kill her, Cameron and Lockie raid the drug den of an old nemesis and pocket the cash they find.

peri lomax, tom cunningham Peri and Tom get to play parents
Wednesday 11 March,
Channel 4

Reality hits Tom and Peri when Patrick teaches a sex education lesson with interactive dolls.

porsche mcqueen Porsche attacks Diane!
Tuesday 10 March,
Channel 4

Porsche has been garishly decorating Diane’s bedroom, thinking it’s Sinead’s room, and when she finds Lockie’s watch under the bed, she assumes Lockie slept with Sinead.

lockie campbell Lockie sees a way to make some money!
Monday 9 March,
Channel 4

Having discovered Robbie had nicked his car, Lockie steals it back and later discovers a package of drugs in the car belonging to Trevor.

joe roscoe Joe meets up with Lindsey...
Friday 6 March,
Channel 4

It looks like Joe's luck is about to change for the better when he meets up with Lindsey and she claims Freddie has turned violent and she needs to escape.

theresa mcqueen Theresa sets her sights on Darren
Thursday 5 March,
Channel 4

Patrick ropes Theresa into a wicked plan when he offers to pay for Kathleen-Angel's speech therapy if Theresa seduces Darren and keeps him away from Maxine.

john paul mcqueen John Paul confronts Harry
Wednesday 4 March,
Channel 4

John Paul confronts Harry about the rose in his bag but the teen denies it. Zack, however, notices their awkwardness and teases Harry about John Paul fancying him – unaware how right he is…

maxine blake Maxine flees with Minnie
Tuesday 3 March,
Channel 4

Darren comforts Maxine at the hospital while she waits for Minnie’s operation, but she can’t help panicking and runs away from the hospital with Minnie.

maxine blake Maxine and Patrick get some shock news
Monday 2 March,
Channel 4

Maxine is delighted when Darren surprises her with a fundraiser for Minnie.

peri lomax The village is reeling after Peri's party
Friday 27 February,
Channel 4

It's the morning after Peri's surprise party and the village is shaken by last night's revelations.

ziggy roscoe Ziggy steps in to save Peri's party
Thursday 26 February,
Channel 4

Leela and Tegan are planning Peri’s surprise 15th birthday party but, when the magician for the party cancels, Ziggy offers to step in.

theresa mcqueen Theresa's ready for hire!
Wednesday 25 February,
Channel 4

After being fired from Price Slice, Theresa tells John Paul she’s got an interview to be the new school secretary.

jason roscoe Jason makes a friend at the clinic
Tuesday 24 February,
Channel 4

Jason is happy when he meets Leon at the eating disorder clinic. Are things looking up for Jason now he's made a friend at last?

joe roscoe Joe wants his son back!
Monday 23 February,
Channel 4

Desperate to get his son back, Joe makes it his mission to find Freddie, Lindsey and Joe Junior and decides to tell the police what Grace is up to.