Sonny visits Theresa in prison
Monday 25 August,
Channel 4

Carmel and Sonny are shocked when they receive a visiting order from Theresa for Kathleen Angel. Later, Sonny lies that Theresa has cancelled the visit, but goes to see her himself.

Patrick's return spells trouble for Dodger... and Sienna!
Friday 22 August,
Channel 4

Maxine's surprised when Dodger turns up at the boarding house. He's desperate to make her stay, but she tells him she's not staying for long.

There's an emergency at Blessing's party
Thursday 21 August,
Channel 4

Blessing is due to have her op tomorrow and she's delighted when Dennis throws a surprise party for her in The Dog to celebrate.

Will John Paul be there for Ste?
Wednesday 20 August,
Channel 4

It's the day of Sam and Danny's funeral and John Paul decides to be there for Ste in his hour of need.

Mercedes sets up Freddie
Tuesday 19 August,
Channel 4

Lindsey pleads with Mercedes to help her find the missing bullet that clears Joe's name.

Vulnerable Peri buys a pill from Stan!
Monday 18 August,
Channel 4

Peri and Nico go to The Loft where an out of control Peri buys a pill from Stan. Cameron arrives and forces Peri to spit the pill out and carries her home.

Will Jason succumb to steroids again?
Friday 15 August,
Channel 4

Jason struggles to cope under the pressure and takes more steroids.

Will Joe allow Grace to manipulate Lindsey?
Thursday 14 August,
Channel 4

Mercedes fashions Lindsey's hair into a ridiculous beehive so she can smuggle the SIM card into prison. Joe is shocked when he sees Lindsey's new look.

Ste is determined to punish Finn
Wednesday 13 August,
Channel 4

Ste's suspicions are confirmed when he sees John Paul and Finn together in the alley and notices John Paul's fear. Finn wakes with a start when water is thrown over him.

Will Tony reveal his affair to Diane?
Tuesday 12 August,
Channel 4

After the chaos of yesterday, back at the flat, Tony's ready to tell Diane all about him and Sinead.

Can Tony save Cindy and the twins?
Monday 11 August,
Channel 4

Cindy is being forced to kidnap who she thinks is baby Katy from Tony's flat, while Tony and Sinead are inside absorbed in a moment of passion.

Grace and Trevor plan to start a family
Friday 8 August,
Channel 4

Trevor encourages Grace to speak to the doctor about trying to conceive.

Has Cindy uncovered Sinead's affair?
Thursday 7 August,
Channel 4

Sinead is shocked when Cindy confronts her about the affair, not realising she thinks she's sleeping with Rhys not Tony.

Ste overdoses on booze and drugs
Wednesday 6 August,
Channel 4

Ste steals a bottle of vodka from the restaurant and heads home where he takes drugs and runs a bath for comfort.

Can Cameron stop Peri leaving?
Tuesday 5 August,
Channel 4

Ste confronts Cameron and accidentally reveals that his family is leaving. Cameron rushes to The Dog and tells Leela that Peri doesn't want to leave - they need to stop her.

Will the Lomaxes move to New Zealand?
Monday 4 August,
Channel 4

The Lomaxes prepare to move to New Zealand. Leela doesn't want to go and Sam warns everyone not to tell Cameron.

Ziggy proposes to Leela
Friday 1 August,
Channel 4

Ziggy tries to impress Leela with flowers but when that doesn't work he asks her to marry him. Leela is furious that he would ask her to get married but agrees they can get back together.

Will Maxine say 'I do?'
Thursday 31 July,
Channel 4

At the church, Patrick watches as his bride-to-be walks down the aisle - will they say 'I do?' Patrick and Maxine get married but, at the reception, Patrick forces Maxine to eat a slice of cake an

Patrick begs Maxine for another chance
Wednesday 30 July,
Channel 4

Maxine and Patrick's wedding day is approaching. But when Dennis comes to the flat, Patrick takes his phone off of him, locks him in the bedroom and forces Maxine into the back of their car.

Can Maxine escape her tormentor Patrick?
Tuesday 29 July,
Channel 4

Dodger suggests that his dad Patrick have a traditional stag do in The Dog, instead of him staying at a hotel, which ruins Dennis and Blessing's escape plan for Maxine.