theresa mcqueen Theresa's ready for hire!
Wednesday 25 February,
Channel 4

After being fired from Price Slice, Theresa tells John Paul she’s got an interview to be the new school secretary.

jason roscoe Jason makes a friend at the clinic
Tuesday 24 February,
Channel 4

Jason is happy when he meets Leon at the eating disorder clinic. Are things looking up for Jason now he's made a friend at last?

joe roscoe Joe wants his son back!
Monday 23 February,
Channel 4

Desperate to get his son back, Joe makes it his mission to find Freddie, Lindsey and Joe Junior and decides to tell the police what Grace is up to.

What will Cindy make of Simone?
Friday 20 February,
Channel 4

Cindy is irked when Simone Loveday introduces herself as the new manager of Price Slice. How will Cindy react when the newcomer threatens to take away everything she's worked for?

Will Joe cause chaos at JJ's naming ceremony?
Thursday 19 February,
Channel 4

Freddie and Lindsey are touched when Robbie and Ziggy arrive at Joe Junior's naming ceremony to be the tot's godparents.

Grace steps up her campaign against Freddie...
Wednesday 18 February,
Channel 4

There's a new development in the Mercedes' murder case when Freddie and Lindsey overhear that the police have found a body matching her description.

Lindsey and Freddie run into trouble...
Tuesday 17 February,
Channel 4

Lindsey decides to organise a naming ceremony for Joe Junior, but Joe refuses to stand by and watch Freddie look after his son.

John Paul and Ste are at loggerheads
Monday 16 February,
Channel 4

John Paul lies to Ste that he’s got his job back at the school and Ste meets Sinead at the hospital for her HIV test.

Leela proposes to Ziggy!
Friday 13 February,
Channel 4

Knowing about her sister's plans to propose to Ziggy, Tegan's worried when Ziggy wonders whether he has a future with Leela.

Is it a boy or a girl for Sinead and Ste?
Thursday 12 February,
Channel 4

Ste and Sinead arrive at the hospital for their ultrasound scan. How will they react when they find out what sex the baby is?

Peri's driven to a desperate act!
Wednesday 11 February,
Channel 4

With her world spiralling out of control, Peri decides to take action in spectacular style and when Leela brings the fire truck to school for careers day, Peri locks herself in and threatens to dr

Tony gets a surprise visitor
Tuesday 10 February,
Channel 4

Diane and Tony argue about who should run The Hutch. As they have a food fight in the restaurant, Tony’s stunned when his son, Harry, makes a surprise return.

Who's targeting Darren and Maxine?
Monday 9 February,
Channel 4

Patrick reports the boarding house to Environmental Health and Darren and Maxine are alarmed when they find the word 'Once a victim, always a victim' written in red paint on their kitchen wall.

Holly and Jason reunite
Friday 6 February,
Channel 4

Holly visits Jason at the food clinic. Unfortunately, their emotional reunion is soon disrupted when another resident causes chaos!

Will Kim's prank backfire?
Thursday 5 February,
Channel 4

Kim makes it her mission to spread some joy and bets that she can make each of her friends laugh during their shift.

Maxine has an eventful day at Daz Cabs!
Wednesday 4 February,
Channel 4

Maxine offers to help Darren at Daz Cabs and Patrick turns up to see Maxine surrounded by chaos. Darren returns and is furious at the mess Maxine has made, so she tells him she’s illiterate.

Robbie gets his groove on
Tuesday 3 February,
Channel 4

When Celine tells Holly not to visit Jason at the clinic, Robbie, Holly and Phoebe plan a trip to Liverpool.

Nancy puts herself in danger!
Monday 2 February,
Channel 4

Jack returns after a night in the cells but, instead of being grateful, Nancy wants more pills. Frankie locks her in the bathroom but she escapes out of the window.

Will Nancy face the music?
Friday 30 January,
Channel 4

Nancy has gone AWOL, knowing she's to blame for what happened at school. As Peri is excluded and Leela takes her to the police station, Nancy turns up at the garage to ask for help.

Will Nancy's habit put others at risk?
Thursday 29 January,
Channel 4

Trevor and Grace attend Dylan's Parents' Evening at the school, where a desperate Nancy asks Trevor if he has any more pills.

Esther asks Grace for help!
Wednesday 28 January,
Channel 4

Nancy asks Esther to do a careers talk at the school about running a small business, so Esther asks Grace for help.

Has Freddie been caught in the act?
Tuesday 27 January,
Channel 4

Nana McQueen taunts Freddie about a new witness, Chelsea, and he goes to see her.

Ste goes berserk!
Monday 26 January,
Channel 4

Still coming to terms with his HIV diagnosis, Ste turns up at Connor's student house wanting revenge. Leela, Tegan and John Paul arrive to find Ste hanging Connor over the stairwell.

Kim discovers a bloody knife at The Loft
Friday 23 January,
Channel 4

Grace organises a baby yoga session for Esther but Kim and Sinead join in too.

Porsche's given hope that Mercedes is alive!
Thursday 22 January,
Channel 4

Myra and Porsche are shocked when they open a letter for Mercedes, to find that her half or The Loft has been sold to Freddie Roscoe.