Katrina Chapman Kat and Dylan's secret is out!
Friday 27 May,

Emerson berates Kat for not being honest about her relationship with Dylan and has no choice but to report their affair.

Maddy Osborne Maddy receives online abuse
Thursday 26 May,

Maddy is shaken after posting a message on Facecloud defending Matt, and receives some threatening replies. Later, Matt is offered his apprenticeship back and happily accepts the offer.

Martin Ashford Ash realises Dylan set him up
Wednesday 25 May,

When the police discover that there were no fingerprints found at the garage, they realise it was a professional job.

Zac MacGuire Can Zac save his son's life?
Tuesday 24 May,

While Hunter fights for his life, Olivia sets off to find help and flags down Greg and Zac on the main road.

Hunter King Hunter collapses!
Monday 23 May,

Hunter surprises Olivia with a high tea picnic. Olivia is overjoyed, but Hunter is unable to relax due to sharp pains in his chest. When Olivia turns away, Hunter collapses…

Isla Is it all over for Isla?
Friday 20 May,

Isla has taken staff at Reefton Lakes Tavern hostage and, when Kyle arrives, he desperately tries to talk her out of going any further with the robbery, but she refuses to listen.

Olivia Fraser Does Olivia want Hunter back?
Thursday 19 May,

At The Diner, Lindsay torments Olivia about her upcoming 'date' with Hunter, and when Lindsay takes things a step too far, Olivia raises her hand to slap her, but VJ gets in her way.

Dylan Carter Dylan sets his sights on Ash
Wednesday 18 May,

After Matt is charged with assault, he passes his trial at the garage with flying colours and is offered the job. The next day, he arrives for work to find that the garage has been trashed.

Phoebe Nicolson Will Phoebe dump Ash?
Tuesday 17 May,

Ash follows Phoebe to the Farm House and he desperately tries to convince her that he loves her. But she doesn’t want to hear his excuses and tells him to go home, before crying herself to sleep.

chris harrington Chris and Hannah move forward
Monday 16 May,

When Chris tells Irene that Hannah's upset with him, Irene feels guilty and pays her a visit.

Kyle Braxton Can Kyle convince Isla to come home?
Friday 13 May,

Kyle convinces Isla to hand her children over to the police and Harry decides not press charges.

Matt Page Will Matt be charged with Charlotte's murder?
Thursday 12 May,

Alf and Leah race to the police station when Maddy tells them that Matt has been called in for questioning. She then explains about Matt’s sex tape, prompting Alf to call Morag.

Katrina Chapman Kat gives in to Dylan
Wednesday 11 May,

Leah gives Kat a piece of her mind for conducting a haphazard investigation that left Zac in prison. Later, Kat finally gives in and kisses Dylan and the pair end up sleeping together.

Zac MacGuire Zac hides a prison injury from Leah
Tuesday 10 May,

Leah is on her way to pick up Zac, but as she leaves, a subdued Zac walks through the door. VJ and Hunter press Zac for the details of prison life, but when the pair press too hard, Zac snaps.

Chris Harrington Chris gets Hannah to open up
Monday 9 May,

When Hannah returns home from hospital, she receives flowers and a card from Oscar and Evelyn.

Irene Roberts Can Irene let Claire go?
Friday 6 May,

Irene is furious with the DNA revelation and makes it clear that Olivia has crossed the line.

Olivia Fraser Olivia is shocked by the DNA results
Thursday 5 May,

Hunter furiously storms off when he finds out about Olivia's DNA test for Irene and Claire.

Katrina Chapman Morag's onto Dylan and Kat!
Wednesday 4 May,

Morag tells Dylan she plans to get him thrown out of the police force, leaving him rattled.

Hannah Wilson Will Hannah's operation go smoothly?
Tuesday 3 May,

Hannah is touched when Oscar, Josh and Andy come round to cook and clean – they're on a mission to get the house ready for her return after the operation.

Kyle Braxton Kyle and Isla get it on
Monday 2 May,

Ricky's worried about Kyle's decision to keep seeing Isla.

Olivia confronts Claire!
Friday 29 April,

Olivia's convinced Claire is a con artist, especially when Claire accepts more money from Irene after complaining she's broke. Roo decides to get Morag to run a background check on Claire.

Martin Ashford Ash and Pheobe get some bad news
Thursday 28 April,

Ash, Andy and Phoebe are thrilled after receiving their licence for their mechanic workshop.

Kyle Braxton Dave kidnaps Isla and Kyle!
Wednesday 27 April,

Kyle and Isla are in the back of a truck when Dave opens the door and gives them shovel to dig their own graves.

Chris Harrington Chris and Hannah reconcile
Tuesday 26 April,

As Hannah tells Nate she broke up with Chris because she can't ask him to potentially give up his dream of having children, Nate explains she can't make Chris's decisions for him.

Kyle Braxton Will Kyle burn down Angelo's?
Monday 25 April,

Kyle's feeling the pressure to repay his debt, especially when Isla rings to say he's running out of time.