Oscar macGuire Oscar hits Matt!
Thursday 11 February,

Oscar confronts Maddy about her and Matt and she explains that she kept his affections a secret to keep the peace. Oscar is livid and, when Matt tries to explain, he storms out.

Katrina Chapman Kat questions Charlotte
Wednesday 10 February,

As Charlotte stands over Trystan's body, she hears a car coming. She stops the driver, who happens to be Irene and asks for help.

Hunter Hunter is attacked!
Tuesday 9 February,

VJ makes amends with Hunter when he bumps into him on a run.

Andy Barrett Andy can’t cope with Josh’s condition
Monday 8 February,

When Hannah arrives at the hospital, she finds Josh in a vegetative state.

Evelyn Mcguire Evelyn collapses!
Friday 5 February,

Evelyn pushes herself to the max, so she can be there for Josh.

Leah Patterson-Baker Leah has some advice for Hannah
Thursday 4 February,

Hannah convinces Andy to get some rest but, before he leaves, he misreads the signals and leans in for a kiss. Hannah is shocked and quickly pulls away, leaving him mortified.

Kyle Braxton Kat has a warning for Kyle
Wednesday 3 February,

Kat starts the healing process by buying an old car and fixing it up in honour of her brother. Ash sees the car and can't help but get involved, restoring his dreams of becoming a mechanic.

Olivia Olivia has a dark secret...
Tuesday 2 February,

VJ gives Hunter the cold shoulder over Olivia, so Hunter promises to stay away from her.

Charlotte King Charlotte looks for info on Brax
Monday 1 February,

Kyle offers Charlotte a job at Angelo's. Later, Charlotte blackmails Zac about his $20,000 loan.

John Palmer Are John and Marilyn back on track?
Friday 29 January,

John rushes after Marilyn who tells him she needs to leave Summer Bay to pursue her travel dreams. Later, Chris convinces John to fight for Marilyn.

Nate Kinski Nate fights for Ricky
Thursday 28 January,

Nate arrives back from conference and is excited to see Ricky until she suggests they attend John and Marilyn's vow renewal separately.

Kyle Braxton Kyle has news for Charlotte
Wednesday 27 January,

Kyle bumps into Charlotte and tells her about Josh's fate. Sadden by the news, Charlotte finally speaks to Hunter, but things end badly when she makes a hurtful comment.

Tank Tank exacts his revenge
Tuesday 26 January,

Greg tells Zac he fears a bomb is in school, and a SWAT team arrives.

Tank Tank threatens his father
Monday 25 January,

On the beach, Greg sees Tank, who demands some money and a getaway car. When Greg refuses, Tank makes a nasty threat.

Ricky Sharpe Nate chooses Ricky!
Friday 22 January,

Kat is left stunned when Nate confesses that he wants to be Ricky and she immediately kicks him out. Nate arrives at Ricky’s and tells her that his relationship with Kat is over.

Katrina Chapman Kat has the day from hell!
Thursday 21 January,

Nate and Kat arrive to see Phoebe arranging flowers from a 'Dylan Carter'. Kat freezes as they are from her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Josh Barrett Will Josh survive Tank's attack?
Wednesday 20 January,

Ash discovers Josh and quickly calls Andy who rushes to the caravan park and sees Josh being put in the ambulance. Meanwhile, Ricky is getting an update on Josh when Ash walks in.

Tank Tank attacks Josh!
Tuesday 19 January,

Evelyn manages to send Josh a map of her location but Tank sees her and the pair get into a nasty fight.

Evelyn Mcguire Evelyn ignores Maddy’s texts
Monday 18 January,

As Zac tells Oscar things are improving with Evelyn, Maddy leans on Alf about Roo's decision to keep seeing James.

Charlotte King Charlotte needs money... fast!
Friday 15 January,

Charlotte desperately tries to raise the $200,000 blackmail money and starts by emptying Denny's online account.

Nate Cooper Will Nate and Ricky get together?
Thursday 14 January,

Ricky and Kyle feel awkward after their kiss and Ricky is desperate to pretend the whole thing never happened. When Ricky and Nate run into each other, Nate admits he saw her kiss Kyle.

Ricky Sharpe Ricky and Kyle kiss!
Wednesday 13 January,

As Ricky gets ready for work, she spills a drink down her clothes, unaware that Kyle is paying attention while holding Casey.

Evelyn Mcguire Evelyn stands by Tank
Tuesday 12 January,

When Hannah knocks on Evelyn's door, Tank and Evelyn realise they've overslept and Tank hides under the bed.

Roo Stewart Will Roo forgive James?
Monday 11 January,

When Megan, James's wife, questions why she’s visiting him, Roo covers and says she's a friend. Later, Roo breaks down in Irene's arms, when she confesses the true extent of James's deceit.

Home & Away is taking a break!
Friday 8 January,

Home & Away is taking a break for Christmas. It will be back on Monday January 11 at 6.00pm on Channel 5.