Jett becomes part of the family
Friday 19 December,

Today Jett officially becomes a Palmer, but it's clear something is on his mind. When Jett goes missing, John finds him at a bench dedicated to Gina.

Denny and Ricky bond over Casey
Thursday 18 December,

Ricky tries to return the engagement ring back to Denny, but she refuses. Ricky tells her she shouldn't erase Casey, but find a way to honour his memory.

Can Brax and VJ save Nate?
Wednesday 17 December,

Relieved VJ is breathing, Brax reluctantly follows Nate's first aid instructions. It becomes clear Nate's bleeding internally and needs help fast.

Will Maddy confess her money worries?
Tuesday 16 December,

When Roo notices Maddy's new outfit, she realises Maddy has serious shopping problem. Adding to her growing list of worries, Hannah and Andy discover a discrepancy in the gym's accounts.

Will Brax give Andy a chance?
Monday 15 December,

Brax is working himself into the ground running the gym in the exact way Casey left things.

Tyson Kidnaps VJ
Friday 12 December,

Leah and VJ's relationship has hit a rough patch in the aftermath of Tyson's suspension. Jett tries to get VJ to look at things through Leah's eyes, which prompts VJ to apologise.

Nate commits to Sophie
Thursday 11 December,

Hannah runs off after her kiss with Nate. She admits what has happened to Denny, who advises her to clear the air with him.

Brax delivers Casey's wish
Wednesday 10 December,

Sorting through the final bag in Casey's room, Brax finds an engagement ring.

Brax struggles with Casey's death
Tuesday 9 December,

With the Jake Pirovic investigation closed, Andy decides it's time to move out. Ricky suggests that Andy could take Casey's room and Brax agrees.

Josh gives Andy a fake alibi
Monday 8 December,

Worried that his brother is responsible for Jake's death, Josh goes to the police and gives Andy a fake alibi.

Irene and Alf don't trust Gray
Friday 5 December,

Matt's father Gray is out of rehab and tells his son he was angry that the family had been torn apart. Matt orgnasises for his father to stay at the Caravan Park.

Gray punches Matt
Thursday 4 December,

Tyson teases VJ along the beach and Matt and Sasha witness the exchange. Matt suggests that VJ could set up Tyson by having Matt punch him in the face and claim it was Tyson.

Will Andy confess to killing Jake?
Wednesday 3 December,

Phoebe is worried and asks Kyle if he killed Jake, which he denies. Unable to think straight, she tells Kyle she is moving to the Caravan Park for some space.

Will Brax be arrested for murder?
Tuesday 2 December,

Brax promises Ricky he will not leave her or the baby. The couple's bubble is soon burst when the police turn up questioning Brax over Jake Pirovic's death.

John and Marilyn say 'I do'
Monday 1 December,

John and Marilyn say their wedding vows and their guests join them at the Surf Club for the reception.

Heston has sad news for an old friend
Monday 1 December,

Heston feels saddened when he has to tell his elderly jeweller friend, Jules, that due to his severe arthritis his jewellery making days are over.

Leah and Zac confront VJ
Friday 28 November,

VJ is giving Leah and Zac the silent treatment. However, after speaking to Jett, VJ realises Zac may not be so bad and lays down some ground rules. First up, he wants a new game...

Nate denies his feelings for Hannah
Thursday 27 November,

When Sophie sees Nate and Hannah in their embrace she warns Nate she's watching him and Hannah. Later, Nate and Hannah admit they are attracted to each other, but they can't let anything happen.

Will the police arrest Brax?
Wednesday 26 November,

Police cars and ambulances arrive at the scene of the car crash. Andy tells Brax it's too late to kill Jake now.

Andy, Brax and Jake suffer an horrific crash!
Tuesday 25 November,

Ricky is worried, as she believes that Brax came home to say goodbye and admits to Phoebe that he doesn't know about the baby.