Will anyone survive the bus crash?
Friday 27 February,

Sophie kisses an imprisoned Nate, refusing to untie him when he claims he wants to touch her. Nate suggests they should run away together and they begin to drive back to Summer Bay.

Sophie attacks Nate
Thursday 26 February,

Nate tells Sophie she needs medical help but when Nate turns away, she hits him over the head with a heavy object.

Oscar wants to support Maddy
Tuesday 24 February,

Maddy prepares to have surgery to protect her fertility before she has chemotherapy. An upset Josh tells Brax he wants to help, but Brax explains he must let Maddy do things her way.

Neive has a sinister plan for Pheobe
Monday 23 February,

Neive is determined to re-sign Phoebe offering her a more flexible contract, but Phoebe doesn't trust her.

Will Maddy agree to chemotherapy?
Friday 20 February,

Roo asks Oscar to convince Maddy that she needs chemotherapy, but Maddy pushes him away. Hannah warns Oscar that looking after Maddy will be difficult considering his own mum died of cancer.

Hannah confronts Denny
Thursday 19 February,

Hannah asks Andy why he's not responded to her messages. Andy gives her the brush off and tells her that Denny told him she's not interested.

Sparks fly between Denny and Ash
Wednesday 18 February,

Ash spots a lady having car issues but it's Denny, who dismisses his offer of help. When Denny sees Ash working at Angelo's the pair begin flirting, but Brax tells Ash that Denny is off limits.

Maddy struggles to cope with her diagnosis
Tuesday 17 February,

A distraught Maddy runs out of the consultant's room after hearing she has cancer. Meanwhile, Spencer lashes out at Matt after hearing about Maddy.

Does Maddy have cancer?
Monday 16 February,

Maddy comes out of surgery to learn that she's had one of her ovaries removed. Nate tells Maddy and Roo that he's concerned about a mass growing on her other ovary.

Brax and Ash's trip has murderous consequences
Friday 13 February,

Ash opens up to Sam, the local barman who reveals Dean hit him with a shovel when he tried to break up a fight between him and Billie.

Ash and Brax confront Dean
Thursday 12 February,

Ash and Brax arrive at Dean's house and demand to know where Billie is, but Dean claims she's left him. Frustrated, Brax and Ash return to the pub where Ash gets drowns his sorrows.

Brax and Ash find Billie's car
Wednesday 11 February,

Ash's sister isn't at Broken Hill, but Ash sees Billie's car drive away and he and Brax follow her. When they lose her, the barman informs them it was Dean's car and gives them Dean's address.

Sophie attacks Hannah!
Tuesday 10 February,

Nate brings in a psychiatrist to assess Sophie and then tells Hannah the psychiatrist wants to transfer Sophie onto a psychiatric ward.

Nate calls a psychiatrist to help Sophie
Monday 9 February,

Nate saves Sophie from the burning caravan and she claims she started the fire because she was cooking a meal for herself and Nate.

Sophie puts her life in danger
Friday 6 February,

When Nate finds out Sophie's checked into the caravan park, he confronts her, but she denies she followed him. When Oscar tells Hannah about Sophie, she goes to see her.

Ricky's fearful of Sophie
Thursday 5 February,

Ricky tells Sophie she should move on, but a deluded Sophie says Nate still loves her. Worried for Nate's safety, Ricky tells him to move put of the motel.

Will Pheobe choose her career over Kyle?
Wednesday 4 February,

When Kyle and Phoebe are getting intimate they are interrupted by Neive who plays Kyle's song - Best Part of Me as part of a remix. Livid, Kyle tells Brax that Neive has stolen his music.

Chris makes a sacrifice for Spencer
Tuesday 3 February,

Chris tells Irene he's bagged his dream job on a cruse ship. Spencer tries to set up Chris and Denny on a date, which results in Denny pushing Spencer off the pier.

Will Maddy tell Josh the truth?
Monday 2 February,

Oscar struggles with the idea of fatherhood and Evelyn is furious that Maddy is refusing to have an ultrasound.

Maddy has shocking news for Oscar
Friday 30 January,

Roo insists Maddy has an ultrasound, as Josh may not be the father. Later, Oscar tells her he's excited to be an uncle to her baby, causing her to walk out.

Kyle isn't convinced by the new Phoebe
Thursday 29 January,

Phoebe returns from her recording session in the city with a new mentor - Nieve. Kyle is glad to have her home but is left bemused by her new pop-princess sound.

Will Nate finally move on?
Wednesday 28 January,

When having lunch with Leah, Sophie sees Nate and urges him to spend time with her.

Ricky struggles to pacify Sophie
Tuesday 27 January,

Sophie is desperate for news on her husband but Ricky lies and says she knows nothing. However, Sophie sees a message on her phone from Nate and snaps at Leah and Ricky.

Zac gets caught between Leah and VJ
Monday 26 January,

VJ reveals he wants to pursue a vocational course rather than stay in school. Leah disagrees and Zac says he's not getting involved.

Sasha assumes Matt has cheated
Friday 23 January,

Evie agrees when Matt challenges her to a midnight swim and takes up his innocent offer to crash on the couch.