Jess goes into labour
Friday 18 April,

Bianca returns home to see Heath and Jess together at the beach and it stings her. She asks Irene how she's going to get past this but Irene is confident they can both get through this.

Is Andy Hannah's dirty little secret?
Thursday 17 April,

Hannah takes Andy home for some intimate fun, but chucks him out before Zac and the twins get home. Zac tells Hannah he wants them to try again, but Hannah explains it's over.

Hannah kisses Andy!
Wednesday 16 April,

Hannah tells Denny to stay in the caravan park. Denny questions if it has anything to do with things being up in the air between Hannah and Zac.

Brax doesn't get a warm welcome
Tuesday 15 April,

Brax's return floors the brothers as he explains that Adam had told the cops he and not Brax killed Johnny Barrett.

Will Kyle choose Phoebe over his family?
Monday 14 April,

Kyle struggles to choose between his family and the love of his life. Phoebe gives Kyle an ultimatum - she's going to drive to Melbourne tomorrow morning.

Phoebe gives Kyle an ultimatum
Friday 11 April,

Phoebe is left reeling after Kyle tells her about kidnapping Casey and trying to kill him and Tamara.

Hannah escapes into Andy's arms
Thursday 10 April,

Andy is angry to discover he's covering for Casey so that Casey can help get Brax a reduced sentence. He decides to skip work and hangs out with Hannah instead.

Will Casey convince Adam to help Brax?
Wednesday 9 April,

Ricky discovers that Casey is planning to visit Adam in jail to testify for Brax and tells Nate to go with him, but Nate points out that this is about Brax and leaves her to think about who she re

Evelyn drives a wedge between Hannah and Zac
Tuesday 8 April,

Denny reveals that she owes money and can't afford to stay in the Bay much longer.

Will Heath tell Bianca about Jess?
Monday 7 April,

Heath's one night stand, Jess, tells Heath that she's having his baby. Later, Jess is surprised to see Heath kissing Bianca and Kyle tells her that was his wife.

It's time for Harvey to say farewell the Bay
Thursday 3 April,

Harvey tells Spencer he doesn't want to leave town with things bad between them. Seeing Spencer upset, Maddy blows off hanging out with Josh to check on him.

Will Evelyn allow Denny to leave the Bay?
Wednesday 2 April,

Zac feels dreadful about making Denny feel unwelcome, but Evie maintains that they still don't know if Denny really is their sister.

Casey's determined to find Brax
Tuesday 1 April,

Casey asks Zac to help find Brax through the prison system. Zac warns it won't be easy, but he'll help.

Ricky and Nate grow closer
Monday 31 March,

After finally getting together, Ricky and Nate want to get to know one another.

Roo and Harvey end their marriage!
Friday 28 March,

Harvey realises Roo's right, they should get divorced and takes his wedding ring off. Alf tries to talk to Harvey but realises it's probably best for both of them.

Roo wants a divorce
Thursday 27 March,

Harvey admits to John that he feels like he should have stayed missing.

Oscar meets his half sister
Wednesday 26 March,

Evelyn doesn't want to meet Denny, although Oscar tries to change her mind.

Will Ricky seek solace in Nate?
Tuesday 25 March,

Ricky's reeling after finding out Brax has been transferred. She allows the boys to explain but decides to move out.

Bianca's memory loss puts her and Heath in danger
Monday 24 March,

A fire breaks out in the share house and Casey and Ricky rescue Heath and Bianca.

Will Roo approve of 'new' Harvey?
Friday 21 March,

Harvey asks Roo out for dinner. He wants her to meet the new Harvey Ryan. Roo is ecstatic and it's all going well, until Harvey tells her to pack - they're leaving the Bay. Roo's confused...