Andy and Brax hunt down Jake
Monday 24 November,

Brax and Andy return to The Bay after looking for Jake Pirovic. When Brax returns he pulls Ricky in for a passionate embrace.

Will Matt be driven out of Summer Bay?
Friday 21 November,

Leah is trying to find the perfect moment to tell VJ about her relationship with Zac. When Matt sees Leah and Zac on a date, he makes a comment that sets alarm bells ringing.

Will Marilyn and John elope?
Thursday 20 November,

John and Marilyn's elopement becomes a full-blown wedding, as the whole of Summer Bay asks to tag along.

Will Ricky tell Brax she's pregnant?
Wednesday 19 November,

Phoebe pleads with Ricky to tell Brax she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Brax asks Kyle and Andy if they are prepared to help him get revenge and they both agree.

Denny says goodbye to Casey
Tuesday 18 November,

The Summer Bay community and River Boys join the Braxtons to pay their last respects.

Brax prepares for Casey's funeral
Monday 17 November,

Brax returns to the Bay with the news that Heath won't be attending the funeral, while Phoebe discovers Ricky hasn't told Brax about her pregnancy.

Zac kisses Leah
Friday 14 November,

Leah finally works up the courage to speak to Zac, but stops in her tracks when she mistakes a moment of friendship between Zac and Hannah as something more.

Shandi confronts Marilyn
Thursday 13 November,

As Shandi makes progress with John, Denny turns up and he blows his daughter off once again. Frustrated, Shandi heads to The Diner, bumps into Marilyn and takes her frustrations out on her.

Ricky struggles with her pregnancy
Wednesday 12 November,

Unable to share her pregnancy news with Brax, Ricky tells Phoebe. Phoebe advises Ricky to be happy and enjoy the idea of becoming mother for a moment, but she doesn't think it's possible.

Will Casey survive the shooting?
Tuesday 11 November,

Brax pleads with a bullet-wounded Casey to hold on until an ambulance arrives; with Casey fighting for his life in his brother's arms, he sadly dies.

Casey is shot!
Monday 10 November,

Casey offers to take Denny on a romantic trip away from the Bay. However, their plans come to a grinding halt when Casey hears that Josh has been kidnapped.

Josh is kidnapped!
Friday 7 November,

Andy wants to know what Jake has in store for Brax, but Jake tells him to be patient. When Andy heads to the Braxton household he is greeted with open arms. Has he made the wrong decision?

Maddy makes risky plans for the prom
Thursday 6 November,

Oscar is delighted when Maddy asks him to prom, a decision that upsets Spencer. Spencer tells Maddy she should treat Oscar well, as he is going to a lot of trouble to make her prom perfect.

Can Marilyn bring Sandi and John together?
Wednesday 5 November,

John hasn't seen Shandi since he told her to accept his relationship Marilyn. Jett and Marilyn start to question Shandi's absence and John finally tells Marilyn about their heated discussion.

Casey confides in Denny
Tuesday 4 November,

When Casey and Denny spend some quality time together on the beach, Casey admits he is worried about Brax. It seems that Andy has fooled Brax into believing he is no longer dealing drugs.

Andy and Jake want revenge
Monday 3 November,

Feeling jealous of Josh and Brax's relationship, Andy turns to Jake Pirovic who advises him to be patient and gives him a hefty sum of cash.

Leah kisses Zac
Friday 31 October,

Matt tells Leah that Zac hasn't sold any kisses all day and needs a morale boost, but Leah adamantly refuses and Matt teases her for saying no, implying she must like him.

Marilyn receives a bad omen
Thursday 30 October,

Matt tells Sasha they have only 48 hours to pay for their Year 12 formal venue or they'll lose it.

Can Maddy and Josh talk things through?
Wednesday 29 October,

Evelyn is furious with Maddy for implying that her relationship with Josh isn't serious because they haven't had sex yet.

Jake has plans for Andy
Tuesday 28 October,

Jake and Andy start to form a toxic bond. Brax senses something's wrong and warns Josh his brother is bad news.