Charlotte King Who knows what Charlotte's been up to?
Monday 30 November,

A mystery man is sitting in his car watching Charlotte. Later, Andy insinuates Charlotte is using Matt to make herself feel better – but Charlotte's smug.

John Palmer Can John woo Marilyn back?
Friday 27 November,

Marilyn and John decide to go on a date but, devastated that Marilyn has no memory of him, John decides to end things for good.

Alf Stewart Alf's back to help Marilyn
Thursday 26 November,

Alf walks in and Marilyn is chuffed, but when the pair head to John's, Marilyn feels on edge.

Evelyn Mcguire Tank manipulates Evelyn
Wednesday 25 November,

Maddy decides to make peace with Evelyn. Meanwhile, Oscar reveals Tank and Evelyn have had unprotected sex and Zac hits the roof, telling Evelyn to end the relationship.

Evelyn Mcguire Evelyn shares Tank's secret with Leah
Tuesday 24 November,

Evelyn sees Tank's sporting a black eye and then sees Tank arguing with Principle Snelgrove, who turns out to be his dad. He then tells Evelyn that his dad is responsible for his black eye.

Evelyn Mcguire Tank flirts with Evelyn and Maddy
Monday 23 November,

Oscar, Leah and Zac discuss Evelyn's new relationship and they all admit something isn't quite right. Tank flirts with Maddy and when she tells Evelyn, the pair comes to blows.

Evelyn Mcguire Is Evelyn in too deep with Tank?
Friday 20 November,

When Evelyn tells Maddy she had unprotected sex with Tank, Maddy quickly takes her friend to get the morning after pill.

John Palmer John hears Marilyn had been discharged
Thursday 19 November,

Marilyn is discharged from hospital and, although Irene thinks it's a bad idea, the doctors say that keeping her sheltered won't improve her condition.

Kyle Braxton Kyle hits the self-destruct button
Wednesday 18 November,

Kyle takes out his anger on Maddy, who is working her first shift at Angelo's. Downing drinks to numb his pain, Andy tells him to slow down, as alcohol won't solve his problem.

Maddy Osborne Maddy reveals her suspicions to Roo
Tuesday 17 November,

Maddy isn't convinced that James is being completely honest with Roo, especially when she finds his second phone in the kitchen drawer.

Kyle braxton Kyle asks Hannah for advice
Monday 16 November,

Kyle and Phoebe head to hospital with Ash and Hannah and finally hear some encouraging news about the baby. With Phoebe feeling positive, Ash is worried that she's getting her hopes up.

Roo Stewart Roo supports Marilyn
Friday 13 November,

Marilyn wanders around Summer Bay, feeling confused. She makes her way to Alf's house and is distressed to see how different things are.

Marilyn Chambers Marilyn has amnesia!
Thursday 12 November,

Marilyn believes it's 1996 and has no memory of Jett and Leah. James suspects Marilyn is suffering from retrograde amnesia.

Marilyn Chambers Marilyn doesn't recognise John!
Wednesday 11 November,

James says that Marilyn's well enough come off the ventilator but she soon has to be put back on life support. Distraught, John makes a desperate plea to Marilyn and it works!

Charlotte King Charlotte hides Denny's body
Tuesday 10 November,

Charlotte drags Denny's body in a bush and leaves her there. When she gets home, she frantically tries to erase every trace of Denny from her clothes and floor.

Pheobe Nicolson Phoebe gets devastating news
Monday 9 November,

Phoebe is rushed to hospital and is shocked to learn that she's pregnant with twins – but one of her twins has died.

Katrina Chapman Kat wants revenge
Friday 6 November,

After discovering that Nate and Ricky slept together, Kat tries her best to put on a brave face for Denny's girls' night out.

Chris Pappas Chris reveals Nate's secret!
Thursday 5 November,

Hannah and Nate meet up to discuss her paramedic ambitions but Nate quickly confesses that he slept with Ricky.

Marilyn Chambers Will Marilyn wake from her coma?
Wednesday 4 November,

Leah and Roo find a lifeless Marilyn on the floor and, after calling for an ambulance, they tell John.

Marilyn Chambers Hunter puts Marilyn’s life in danger
Tuesday 3 November,

John desperately tries to comfort Marilyn after their visit from the social worker, but she's convinced their chances of fostering are over.

Pheobe Nicolson Who is Phoebe’s baby daddy?
Monday 2 November,

Phoebe tells Ash that she loves him, even if he is or isn't the father of her baby; although the couple's heart to heart is put on pause when Kyle arrives.

Hannah Has Hannah lost Chris?
Friday 30 October,

Chris is sick of hiding his relationship with Hannah and tells her it's over.

Ed Sheeran Ed Sheeran visits Summer Bay!
Thursday 29 October,

A boy Marilyn used to be a nanny for in London turns out to be Ed Sheeran! So Matt asks Ed if he will put on a performance for his family who have had a tough time lately.

Zac MacGuire It's over for Zac and Leah!
Wednesday 28 October,

Charlotte finds Zac sleeping in the school. He explains that he and Leah have broken up and she offers to let him stay with her and Hunter, an offer he begrudgingly accepts.

Ricky Sharpe Will Ricky and Nate get together?
Tuesday 27 October,

Ricky and Nate wake up together but, as Nate waits in the bedroom, Marilyn spots his shirt on the floor.