Maddy Osborne Maddy’s chemo isn’t working
Friday 1 May,

Maddy is devastated after her chemo results and she and Matt discuss where things have gone wrong in their lives.

Oscar MacGuire Oscar apologises to Spencer
Thursday 30 April,

Oscar arrives to help with the Colour Run, but Spencer ignores him. Irene and Chris tell Spencer to cool down for Maddy’s sake. Hannah urges Oscar to be the bigger man in this situation.

Martin Ashford Ash chooses Denny over Brax
Wednesday 29 April,

Ash tells Brax the truth about his relationship with Denny and Brax tells him to end it immediately.

Sasha Bezmel Sasha and Matt say an emotional goodbye
Tuesday 28 April,

As Matt and Sasha accept their relationship is over, Irene closes The Diner so they can say their final goodbyes.

Martin Ashford Has Ash frightened Denny away?
Monday 27 April,

Ash invites Denny to a surfing date, but she declines as it brings back memories of Casey, so Zac advises her to not let the past get in the way of her future.

Sasha Bezmel Are Sasha and Matt over?
Friday 24 April,

Sasha is determined to mend her relationship and tells Matt she has applied to study at Northern Districts University.

John Palmer The joke's on Zac and John!
Thursday 23 April,

Marilyn accidently reveals to Jett and VJ that Zac and John are purposely making them train hard so they will give up boxing.

Nate Kinski Kat spends the night with Nate
Wednesday 22 April,

After spending the night with Nate, Kat tells him they can see each other, but no one can find out.

Ricky Sharpe Ricky can't get through to Brax
Tuesday 21 April,

Ricky is furious with Brax for not taking the plea deal. To rub salt in the wound, Ricky tells Brax that Ash has betrayed him by making a play for Denny.

Martin Ashford Denny and Ash kiss
Friday 17 April,

Denny gives Ash her number, as the pair can no longer avoid the spark between them; although she feels guilty for wanting to move on after Casey.

Sasha Bezmel Matt and Sasha argue about their future
Thursday 16 April,

Sasha realises she’ll have to come to Summer Bay every time she and Matt want to see each other, leaving her with little time to study.

Maddy Osborne Josh passes his driving test
Wednesday 15 April,

Josh has reason to celebrate when he passes his driving test. He takes Evelyn for a spin, and the pair end up at the park and watch the sunset.

Phoebe Nicolson Can Kat rescue Pheobe?
Tuesday 14 April,

Phoebe has been missing for a day, so Kat files a police report. She searches Phoebe's room for clues and comes across a recording device, and traces the location of the device’s signal.

Maddy Osborne Has Maddy given up on Oscar?
Monday 13 April,

After her second round of chemotherapy, Roo realises that Maddy hasn't told Oscar about her plans to return to school.

Phoebe Nicolson Ryan drugs and kidnaps Phoebe!
Friday 10 April,

Ryan breaks into Phoebe's house, leaves a white rose on the bed and waits behind the door for her return.

Hannah Wilson Is Hannah on the road to recovery?
Thursday 9 April,

Denny convinces Hannah to talk to Nate who explains he rejected her sexual advances because he worried she was only doing it to keep him interested. He tells Hannah that he is willing to wait.

darryl braxton Brax faces 20 years in prison
Wednesday 8 April,

Ricky is furious with Ash for hiding the money at Angelo's, as it looks as though Brax will be sentenced for a crime he didn't commit.

Darryl Braxton The tide turns against Brax in court
Tuesday 7 April,

Brax's lawyer obtains reports that prove Dean beat up Sam, giving Sam a motive to kill him. However, Sam tells the court that Dean owed Ash money, giving Brax and Ash motive to kill.

Darryl Braxton Brax's lawyer focuses on Dean
Monday 6 April,

Brax has decided to plead not guilty, despite having no evidence to prove his innocence and Ricky organises a beach party for his last night of freedom.

Sasha Bezmel Matt and Sasha face the truth
Friday 3 April,

Sasha pushes Matt to explain why he isn’t pleased to see her.

Spencer Harrington Will Spencer apologise to Chris?
Thursday 2 April,

Roo tells Spencer to talk to Maddy and make peace with Matt. Spencer tells Maddy he's happy for her and Oscar and offers to take them out to dinner.

Jett James It’s Jett and Marilyn verses John!
Wednesday 1 April,

It's war at the Palmers, as Jett is furious that John is selling the house, but John is elated at the thought of starting a new life, far away from the Braxtons.

Hannah Wilson Has Andy gone off Hannah?
Tuesday 31 March,

Hannah is concerned that Andy no longer finds her attractive and despite working hard in her physiotherapy sessions, she still has no feelings in her legs.

Maddy Osborne Is Maddy sure Oscar is the one?
Monday 30 March,

Oscar and Maddy are officially an item, but it's not just Roo that is concerned over their relationship as Oscar just can't seem to shake his doubts.

Phoebe Nicolson Will Phoebe's stalker ever give up?
Friday 27 March,

A petrified Phoebe comes face to face with her stalker in her own home. She screams for help and John comes rushing in chasing him away.