Roo collapses!
Friday 22 August,

Roo doesn't quite seem herself now she's back and does her best not to answer Alf's questions.

Denny reveals her feelings to Casey
Thursday 21 August,

Denny invites Casey back to her place, but things don't go to plan when Casey finds out that Denny didn't tell Chris about their kiss.

John and Marilyn struggle with domestic bliss
Wednesday 20 August,

John and Marilyn are still deciding which house they will live in after they tie the knot.

Nate and Sophie get it on...
Tuesday 19 August,

When Hannah and Zac are walking past Angelo's they see Nate and Sophie on their date.

Will Brax support Heath in his fight for Darcy?
Monday 18 August,

After doing a school run, Heath makes up his mind that he's going to fight for custody of Darcy again. He confides in Brax, but doesn't get the reaction he was hoping for.

Bianca and Heath fight for custody of Darcy
Friday 15 August,

Darcy is waiting outside school when she sees Jett and he explains that they will never be anything more than friends. Taking the news badly, Darcy burst into tears, just as Heath arrives.

Can Nate win back Sophie?
Thursday 14 August,

Sophie finds out that Nate has told Leah about her pain killer addiction. Fuming that he betrayed her trust with another colleague, Sophie confronts him.

Will Casey and Denny get together
Wednesday 13 August,

Denny is starting to act weird around Chris, due to her feelings for Casey. When she visits Casey he tells her he is no longer wants to be friends with her, so she cancels her gym membership.

Evelyn reveals her crush to Spencer
Tuesday 12 August,

Evelyn is unable to throw Spencer off the scent and admits it's Josh that she really has feelings for.

Will Evelyn's secret crush be exposed?
Monday 11 August,

When Ms. Taylor sets an assignment for a self-portrait, Josh and Evelyn decide to swap assignments. However, the pair must balance the project and their feelings for one another.

Will Spencer finally win over Evelyn?
Friday 8 August,

Evelyn and Josh's friendship grows stronger, despite Maddy's attempts to push Spencer and Evelyn together.

Bianca leaves Summer Bay
Thursday 7 August,

Heath tells Bianca that distance will not change the fact that they are back together and Bianca feels better about leaving Summer Bay.

Will a loved-up Bianca tell Heath about her transfer?
Wednesday 6 August,

Heath, Bianca and Harley return from their weekend getaway but Bianca still hasn't told Heath that she's successfully applied for a transfer.

Kyle faces an impossible dilemma
Tuesday 5 August,

Kyle still hasn't told Phoebe that her father is the mystery man terrorising the Braxton household. Meanwhile, Mark begs Phoebe to come back to Melbourne.

Brax dives in to rescue Jett
Monday 4 August,

Treading water after Alf's boat started sinking, Jett swims towards the pier. Meanwhile, Marilyn has accepted John's marriage proposal, when Alf calls to say Jett's boat is missing.

Jett puts his life in danger!
Friday 1 August,

Marilyn's excited about proposing to John while Jett is overwhelmed with happiness. She puts on a huge feast for the two of them, and asks John to marry her.

Spencer and Evie grow closer!
Thursday 31 July,

Just as Spencer lets slip that he has feelings for Evie, she runs into the Surf Club to get help for Oscar. John recognises that Oscar's having a panic attack and sends him to hospital.

Sophie's arrival sends shockwaves through the Bay!
Wednesday 30 July,

Denny helps Chris recover after the fight, but she's annoyed at his jealous behaviour. She's also annoyed at Casey for throwing the punch, but is determined to check if he's OK.

Bianca faces an impossible decision
Tuesday 29 July,

Heath and Bianca agree to stay at separate houses until they find out who trashed and shot at the house.

Kyle's life hangs in the balance
Monday 28 July,

Phoebe returns to the Bay, much to Kyle's frustration, but Brax encourages Kyle to embrace Phoebe's bravery. While out looking for her, Kyle arrives home to find the place trashed.