Leah Patterson-Baker Leah rejects Irene’s help
Monday 29 June,

After hitting VJ, Leah hides away with a headache and blurry vision. When Irene tells Leah she's not herself, it doesn't go down well and she hits the roof.

Zac Zac leaves Leah heartbroken
Friday 26 June,

Zac confesses to Leah he was considering leaving before she woke up from her coma, leaving her distraught.

Andy Barrett Andy gets his exam results
Thursday 25 June,

Andy has passed his practice gym exam, so Denny suggests they have a family dinner to celebrate.

Matt Turner Leah finds Matt passed out
Wednesday 24 June,

After Leah finds him passed out, Matt sits on the beach drinking and hides his bottle when Leah finds him and confesses she is scared about the path he's heading down.

Martin Ashford Ash gets in deeper with Gunno
Tuesday 23 June,

Billie refuses to believe Ash killed Dean. This leads Ricky to suggest that she caused the problems, by testifying against Dean in the robbery court case.

Martin Ashford Ash and Billie finally talk
Monday 22 June,

Ash runs into his sister Billie when he visits their brother's grave. The pair talk and she tells Ash that she and Dean are still an item.

Summer Bay Summer Bay gathers for Anzac day
Friday 19 June,

VJ is on his way to help with the Anzac Day preparations when Matt invites himself along. Still in a funk over his fight with Josh, Evelyn tells him to snap out of it.

Hannah Wilson Is Hannah walking again?
Thursday 18 June,

Hannah calls Andy to come home from work and he is shocked to find her walking. Hannah and Oscar return from their trip and are ecstatic about her results.

Phoebe Will Phoebe work with Kyle again?
Wednesday 17 June,

Kyle convinces Phoebe to have her old job back, but when she shows up for her shift, the former lovers are constantly bickering. Phoebe quits and storms round to Kat's caravan to vent.

Alf Stewart The teens plan to help Alf
Tuesday 16 June,

Roo rushes to Alf's beside when she hears that he's in hospital.

Alf Stewart Alf collapses
Monday 15 June,

Josh and Matt end up fighting after Evelyn reveals that Matt kissed her.

Maddy Osborne Can Maddy tell her mum she has cancer?
Friday 12 June,

Roo advises Maddy to tell her mum face-to-face that she has cancer. Maddy calls and her mum excitedly accepts her invitation to visit.

Evelyn Mcguire Evelyn reveals her secrets
Thursday 11 June,

As the class leaves for Canberra, Zac asks Matt if he has any alcohol in his bag. A cocky Matt tells Zac to search his bag, but Zac declines. Evelyn puts her foot in it twice.

Martin Ashford Can Ash and Kyle buy Brax's safety
Wednesday 10 June,

Ash manages to sneak into prison and agrees to smuggle drugs for Gunno in exchange for Brax's safety.

Kyle Braxton Kyle and Phoebe to call it quits?
Tuesday 9 June,

Denny goes to comfort Ricky who believes she is having contractions. Kat and Nate bump into one another, but Nate rushes to Ricky.

Matt Turner Can Matt control his drinking?
Monday 8 June,

Leah confronts a troubled Matt who continues to hide his drinking, while Evelyn decides not to tell Josh about her kiss with Matt.

Evelyn Mcguire Can Evelyn help Matt
Friday 5 June,

Zac sees Matt at the Diner, he threatens to throw him out of the house if he doesn't clean up his act - and fast!

Matt Turner A heartbroken Matt returns
Thursday 4 June,

Matt finally comes back to the Bay and looks a mess. Heartbroken after his break up, Evelyn tries to comfort him.

Martin Ashford Ash and Denny get it on
Wednesday 3 June,

A nervous Denny spends a romantic day with Ash. Things go so well that the pair spend the night together in his caravan.

Maddy Osborne Can Maddy complete the Colour Run?
Tuesday 2 June,

As the Colour Run begins, Maddy decides to walk the race and is accompanied by Oscar, Roo and Alf.

Darryl Braxton Gunno picks a fight with Brax
Monday 1 June,

Ricky confides in Nate that she is nervous about visiting Brax in prison. Meanwhile, Gunno threatens Brax over his friendship with Ash.

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Friday 15 May,

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