Kyle Braxton Kyle and Isla get it on
Monday 2 May,

Ricky's worried about Kyle's decision to keep seeing Isla.

Olivia confronts Claire!
Friday 29 April,

Olivia's convinced Claire is a con artist, especially when Claire accepts more money from Irene after complaining she's broke. Roo decides to get Morag to run a background check on Claire.

Martin Ashford Ash and Pheobe get some bad news
Thursday 28 April,

Ash, Andy and Phoebe are thrilled after receiving their licence for their mechanic workshop.

Kyle Braxton Dave kidnaps Isla and Kyle!
Wednesday 27 April,

Kyle and Isla are in the back of a truck when Dave opens the door and gives them shovel to dig their own graves.

Chris Harrington Chris and Hannah reconcile
Tuesday 26 April,

As Hannah tells Nate she broke up with Chris because she can't ask him to potentially give up his dream of having children, Nate explains she can't make Chris's decisions for him.

Kyle Braxton Will Kyle burn down Angelo's?
Monday 25 April,

Kyle's feeling the pressure to repay his debt, especially when Isla rings to say he's running out of time.

Olivia Phillips Olivia is suspicious of Claire
Friday 22 April,

Claire decides to show Irene a baby photo of herself and Irene is startled by how much Claire and her daughter Finlay look alike.

Kyle Braxton Kyle gets a blast from the past
Thursday 21 April,

A saleswoman called Isla Schultz walks into Angelo's and leaves Kyle her phone number.

Dylan Carter Kat tells Dylan she thinks Zac is innocent
Wednesday 20 April,

Just before Kat takes Zac to prison, Leah admits she doubted about his innocence, leaving him stunned.

Dylan Carter Dylan charges Zac over Charlotte’s death
Tuesday 19 April,

As Zac is formally charged with Charlotte’s death, Morag accuses Dylan of using Zac as a way to into his father's good books again, leaving him rattled.

Morag Morag is called in to defend Zac!
Monday 18 April,

Leah, VJ, Hunter and Alf wait anxiously as Dylan and Kat interrogate Zac over Charlotte's murder.

Zac MacGuire Zac breaks up another fight at school
Friday 15 April,

As Phoebe starts her lesson, things go awry when Hunter and VJ get into another physical fight.

Kyle Braxton Dylan and Kat question Kyle
Thursday 14 April,

Ash suggests Kyle moves in but they get a nasty surprise when the police turn up to take Kyle to the station.

Hannah Wilson Hannah's rushed to hospital!
Wednesday 13 April,

Hannah is lying motionless on the ground, and Chris rushes her to hospital. Leah, Evelyn and Oscar go to the hospital and Hannah explains that she fell chasing after Chris.

Nate Cooper Nate turns down Ricky's proposal
Tuesday 12 April,

Nate questions Ricky's motives behind her proposal and says that rushing to get married won't solve their problems.

Evelyn Macguire Evelyn is cancer free!
Monday 11 April,

After the doctors tell Evelyn that her lump isn't cancer, she breaks down crying reminded of her mum's death. Hannah suggests that she, Evelyn and Oscar get tested for the BRCA gene.

Evelyn Macguire Evelyn gets her test results
Friday 8 April,

Leah takes Evelyn to the hospital, where they see Hannah. As Evelyn undergoes a series of tests, everyone's worried when the results confirm the lump is not a cyst.

Andy Barrett Are Andy and Hannah back on?
Thursday 7 April,

Andy and Hannah awkwardly say goodbye after their moment of passion and it's clear that there is no spark left.

Martin Ashford Will Dylan charge Ash with murder?
Wednesday 6 April,

When the news travels that Ash has been arrested, Phoebe feels guilty and goes to the police station with Billie.

Ricky Sharpe Ricky chooses Nate over Brax
Tuesday 5 April,

Ricky decides not to tell Nate about Brax's visit and makes up an excuse to rush off home where she finds Brax waiting for her.

Ricky Sharpe Brax begs Ricky to forgive him
Monday 4 April,

Ricky's stunned when she sees Brax standing in the living room.

Darryl Brax Brax is back!
Friday 1 April,

Ricky returns to Casey's room and sees Nate cradling him. Overcome with emotions and realising how lucky she is, Ricky asks Nate to marry him and he accepts.

Maddy Osborne Josh’s actions lead to disaster
Thursday 31 March,

Kyle has a lead on Brax and he wants Ricky to come with him. The pair head off and leave Casey with Josh, who has invited Louisa - a student from Maddy's HSC course - over for a date.

Martin Ashford Ash has a warning for Dylan
Wednesday 30 March,

Ash and Kat have dinner together when Kat agrees to let Billie move into the flat and, as the pair chat, a jealous Dylan looks on.

Hunter King Leah questions Hunter
Tuesday 29 March,

Hunter tries to explain his reasons for starting the fire, while VJ announces he's moving out. As Leah and Zac struggle to make sense of it all, they question whether Hunter killed Charlotte.