Will Heath say goodbye to Darcy?
Wednesday 17 September,

Phoebe is in high spirits as she and Kyle can move out. However, the mood turns sour when Heath blames Phoebe for ruining his custody plans by telling Darcy.

Nate finds an unconscious Sophie
Tuesday 16 September,

Leah pays an early morning visit to Sophie asking her not to call the police about Heath turning up at the school, and notices Sophie looks off colour.

Oscar tells Zac to stay away
Monday 15 September,

Hannah grills Zac about the drugs found under Andy's van. Zac refuses to answer any questions, while Andy arranges a handover with his supplier.

Phoebe lies to keep Kyle happy
Friday 12 September,

When Kyle realises that money has gone missing, Phoebe admits she took it but won't tell him her reasons. Kyle accuses her of cheating on him and she throws the deposit for the flat over him.

Alf confronts Roo over her lies
Thursday 11 September,

Roo returns home from hospital and Marilyn wants to keep the peace between Roo and Alf. With tensions running high, Marilyn invents a problem in the caravan park to get Alf out of the house.

Brax struggles with the idea of having kids
Wednesday 10 September,

Brax's aggressive behaviour makes Casey think about why Brax doesn't want children. Casey realises that Brax doesn't want children as he doesn't want to go through the same issues as Heath.

Will Nate shatter Heath's custody hopes?
Tuesday 9 September,

Heath takes Darcy to the hospital where he discovers she has a broken arm.

Heath panics when Darcy goes missing
Monday 8 September,

Heath is terrified when he finds Darcy missing in the morning.

Will Roo wake from her coma?
Friday 5 September,

Alf finds out Roo went on a secret trip to Peru and had a vaccine for yellow fever.

Jett, Chris and Spencer get a shock at the caravan park
Thursday 4 September,

John recruits Jett, Spencer and Chris to help clean up the caravan park to take some pressure off Alf, but when the boys discover marijuana under Andy and Josh's van, what will they do?

Will his surname ruin Kyle's hopes of moving out?
Wednesday 3 September,

Ricky returns and is shocked to find out that Phoebe and Ricky are moving out.

Oscar is punished twice during community service
Tuesday 2 September,

Oscar has his first day of community service. Andy tells the schoolboy to stand his ground, while Zac tell him to keep a low profile.

Alf prepares for the worst as Roo deteriorates
Monday 1 September,

With Roo still critically ill, Maddy visits Josh in his caravan and asks if he'll come with her to the hospital.

Hannah seduces Andy
Friday 29 August,

Hannah invites Andy over for dinner to prove that she no longer minds him being around her family.

Things heat up between Casey and Denny
Thursday 28 August,

The sparks between Casey and Denny continue to fly when Denny signs up to do boot camp. In fact, Casey's so flustered by her presence he trips over all the equipment.

Matt lies to keep Sasha happy
Wednesday 27 August,

Matt manages to get a trial shift as a pizza boy making Sasha ecstatic at the prospect of them both working over the summer holidays.

Has Maddy pushed Josh into Evelyn's arms?
Tuesday 26 August,

Maddy feels terrible for spending the night with Josh while Roo was lying helpless at home. When Josh comes to the hospital to support her, she tells him to leave.

Can Hannah relax her rules for Andy?
Monday 25 August,

Andy is sick and tired of Hannah's relationship rules. Hannah tries smooth things over with a passionate kiss and they spend the night together.

Roo collapses!
Friday 22 August,

Roo doesn't quite seem herself now she's back and does her best not to answer Alf's questions.

Denny reveals her feelings to Casey
Thursday 21 August,

Denny invites Casey back to her place, but things don't go to plan when Casey finds out that Denny didn't tell Chris about their kiss.