Leah Patterson-Baker Hunter threatens Leah!
Monday 12 October,

Zac invites Charlotte and Hunter for lunch, but Charlotte isn't happy when Zac says he wants to be certain that Hunter is his son.

Hannah Wilson Hannah and Chris keep up their act
Friday 9 October,

When Chris and Hannah arrive at the sponsors' dinner, Hannah plays the girlfriend role perfectly. Meanwhile, Principle Snelgrove catches Irene off-guard when he asks her out on a date.

Leah Patterson-Baker Hunter hits Leah where it hurts
Thursday 8 October,

Leah makes it clear to Hunter that she wants peace between everyone. But he thinks it's all an act and tells her that Charlotte still loves Zac!

Katrina Chapman Will Kat wake up?
Wednesday 7 October,

As James and Hannah stabalise Kat, James tells Nate the next 24 hours will be critical. Nate sits by Kat's bedside all night until Ricky comes by the next day to take him for a walk.

kat Chapman Damo shoots Kat!
Tuesday 6 October,

Damo is furious with Josh and starts smashing items in the share house. When Marilyn turns up she sees Damo and calls the police.

Nate Kinski Nate confesses all to Kat
Monday 5 October,

Kat confronts Nate about his distant manner over the past few days, but he shrugs her off and goes to work. At the hospital, Phoebe tells Kyle she is keeping the baby.

Matt Page Matt has a warning for Josh...
Friday 2 October,

Josh suffers side effects from the drugs Damo's given him. He pulls himself together and Matt tells him that he knows Damo - he's a dodgy drug pusher who mixes anything together.

Charlotte King Charlotte confronts Hunter
Thursday 1 October,

Charlotte begins to explain why she never told Zac he had a son, but Zac is furious. So furious, that when Hunter arrives back at The Diner, he walks out.

Kyle Braxton Will Kyle survive?
Wednesday 30 September,

Kat turns up at the Share House, as Kyle hasn't checked in at the police station as part of his bail conditions.

Phoebe Nicolson Phoebe tells Ash she's keeping the baby
Tuesday 29 September,

Kyle bombards Phoebe with questions about her pregnancy, but his questions turn into a full-blown argument.

Kyle Braxton The police talk to Kyle...
Monday 28 September,

The doctors tell Ricky and Phoebe that Kyle has severe damage to his brain after his beating.

Pheobe Nicolson Phoebe tells Ash she’s pregnant!
Thursday 24 September,

Ash suspects something is wrong when he sees Denny and things become extremely awkward between the pair.

Denny Miller Denny finds a positive pregnancy test
Wednesday 23 September,

Phoebe and Ash admit they love each other but, back at the Farmhouse, Denny finds a positive pregnancy test.

Josh Barrett Josh admits to taking drugs!
Tuesday 22 September,

VJ goes for pizza with Maddy, Evelyn and Oscar, but Evelyn's still annoyed at Josh for taking drugs; unbeknown to them, Josh is lying unconscious.

Josh barrett Josh is attacked!
Monday 21 September,

Josh goes to take his pills, but is interrupted by Oscar who tells Matt.

Roo Stewart Roo and James go on a date
Friday 18 September,

Roo is nervous about her date with James, so Marilyn gives her advice… from a magazine!

Leah Patterson-Baker Desperate Leah sells The Diner
Thursday 17 September,

Leah finally tells Irene and Marilyn that she has to sell her share of The Diner, leaving them both extremely sad.

Billie Ashford Will Billie let Kat fall?
Wednesday 16 September,

Kat is dangling from the cliff, as Billie tries to help her up. With Kat's life on the line, she chucks Billie her radio to call for help.

kat Chapman Can Kat save Billie's life?
Tuesday 15 September,

Phoebe and Kat are moving into the Farmhouse when Kat hears Billie is missing, then gets a radio call of a sighting of a young woman near a lighthouse.

Andy Barrett Andy and Charlotte come clean...
Monday 14 September,

Hannah and Denny agree to mend their broken hearts together and start by going out to dinner. However, things don't quite go to plan when they bump into Charlotte and Andy.

Kyle Braxton Kyle leaves the Bay
Friday 11 September,

As Kyle and Josh prepare for the naming ceremony, Ricky surprises them by dressing Casey in a shirt that she made from one of Brax's old shirts.

Kyle Braxton Kyle finally snaps!
Thursday 10 September,

Kyle arrives at work, not expecting to see Ash there, assuming he would be with Billie. When Ash responds negatively about his sister, Kyle makes a snide comment about the siblings.

Charlotte Adams Did Charlotte start the fire?
Wednesday 9 September,

Kat asks Leah and Zac who would want to hurt them and Zac says the only person is Billie - after she lashed out at VJ on the beach.

Billie Ashford Will Billie survive the fire?
Tuesday 8 September,

Zac can hear the boys in the bedroom, but a broken beam blocks the door and the windows are locked shut.

The Maguire family The Maguires' house is on fire!
Monday 7 September,

As Leah and the clan make their way home from The Diner, the family has a run-in with Billie. Yet, that's the least of their problems as they notice thick flames coming from the house...