Ricky Sharpe Will Ricky abandon baby Casey?
Friday 28 August,

Phoebe suggests she and Ricky should have a day at the beach and the boys can babysit Casey.

Nate Kinski Kat's convinced Nate is innocent!
Thursday 27 August,

Nate is taken to the police station after Billie's accusations, while a solemn Billie refuses to tell anyone what has happened.

Billie Ashford Billie claims Nate attacked her!
Wednesday 26 August,

A scheming Billie flirts with Chris at the gym and tells him to meet her after her shift, just as Nate walks in.

Matt Turner Charlotte and Matt are thrown together
Tuesday 25 August,

Matt tells Charlotte that Leah suspects there's something between them.

Hannah Wilson Hannah tells Andy the truth
Monday 24 August,

Charlotte and Matt endure an awkward dinner with Zac and Leah, then afterwards agree to keep away from one another, but Matt clearly wants more.

Matt Page Charlotte confronts Matt
Friday 21 August,

Zac gives Charlotte a tour of the school, leaving Matt uncomfortable, but when the pair chat they agree to keep their liaison a secret.

Matt Page Matt sleeps with Summer Bay High's new teacher!
Thursday 20 August,

Matt declares he won't be attending Zac and Leah’s engagement party, as he no longer feels part of the family. Evelyn tells Zac how Matt feels, and he makes it his mission to sort things out.

Maddy Osborne Will Maddy and Oscar sleep together?
Wednesday 19 August,

Oscar asks Maddy for his wallet and notices a condom inside. After the meal, the pair start to kiss, but Oscar stops things from going any further.

Pheobe Nicolson Does Phoebe have feelings for Ash?
Tuesday 18 August,

After spending the night together, Denny and Ash decide to have a no strings attached relationship.

Billie Ashford Billie is a woman scorned
Monday 17 August,

Billie doesn't hide her feelings for Nate when she bumps into him and Kat.

Denny Miller Denny won’t give up on Ricky
Friday 14 August,

Josh arrives home to find Ricky cleaning up and hands her a parcel, but Ricky isn’t quite ready to open it and refuses to let Denny keep her company.

Hannah Wilson Sean has shocking news for Hannah
Thursday 13 August,

Andy demands to know why Hannah never told him about Sean. She leads him downstairs, leaving Sean in the bedroom hiding behind the door.

Pheobe Nicolson Are Phoebe and Kyle back on?
Wednesday 12 August,

Phoebe tells Hannah about her love triangle, but doesn’t tell Hannah that Ash is the other man in question. Later, Phoebe goes to the share house and kisses Kyle.

Pheobe Nicolson Pheobe and Ash get hot and heavy
Tuesday 11 August,

Phoebe and Ash discuss how people take life too seriously, so they decide to skinny dip. Afterwards, they run back to the caravan park and nearly kiss.

Zac MacGuire Zac proposes to Leah
Monday 10 August,

Zac tells Nate and Kat that he is planning to propose to Leah. Next, he asks VJ’s permission to marry his mum and of course, he says yes.

Darryl Braxton The Bay says goodbye to Brax
Friday 7 August,

Kat says she is no longer on Brax’s case, but Andy demands answers. Later, she tells Nate she doesn’t know if she can do her job in a small place like Summer Bay.

Leah Patterson-Baker Leah's flatlines after surgery!
Thursday 6 August,

It’s the morning of Leah’s surgery and she reminds Zac of his promise. Following her surgery, both Nate and Sean agree that Hannah is a fantastic theatre nurse.

Darryl Braxton Will Brax continue to play dead?
Wednesday 5 August,

Ash makes his way back to the safe house where he finds Brax waiting for him. Ash informs him that everyone believes he’s dead and the pair agrees that Gunno was behind the accident.

Martin Ashford Will Ash find Brax in the river?
Tuesday 4 August,

At the river, the car is under water and a handcuffed Brax hurls one of the prison guards to shore. He revives the officer and tells him the driver is still under water.

Hannah Wilson Does Hannah have feelings for Sean?
Monday 3 August,

Hannah draws Leah’s blood for Leah’s preliminary tests. She tells Leah that she and Sean were engaged, but had to put their wedding plans on hold when her sister got cancer.

Josh Willis Josh cancels his party
Friday 31 July,

Josh ignores Evelyn's calls as more guests arrive at his party. When Andy finds out what's happened he heads off to talk to his brother.

Hannah Wilson Hannah meets a former flame
Thursday 30 July,

Hannah hasn't seen Sean, the hospital's new neurosurgeon, in years, but she agrees to coffee as Oscar reveals to Maddy that Sean is Hannah's ex.

Matt Turner Matt prepares for court
Wednesday 29 July,

Nate and Matt organise a family meal for Leah, and Kat reveals that Matt has his trial tomorrow.

Leah Patterson-Baker Leah stuns Zac with a question
Tuesday 28 July,

Leah is rushed to hospital and Nate leads a team to give her an emergency brain scan. As her loved ones look on, Zac feels a heavy burden of guilt.

Leah Patterson-Baker Will anyone find Leah before it’s too late?
Monday 27 July,

Leah is still missing and Zac is convinced it's his fault.