Matt Turner Matt prepares for court
Wednesday 29 July,

Nate and Matt organise a family meal for Leah, and Kat reveals that Matt has his trial tomorrow.

Leah Patterson-Baker Leah stuns Zac with a question
Tuesday 28 July,

Leah is rushed to hospital and Nate leads a team to give her an emergency brain scan. As her loved ones look on, Zac feels a heavy burden of guilt.

Leah Patterson-Baker Will anyone find Leah before it’s too late?
Monday 27 July,

Leah is still missing and Zac is convinced it's his fault.

Leah Patterson-Baker Leah goes missing
Friday 24 July,

Alf, Roo, Marilyn, John and Irene are discussing Leah's health, just as she walks into The Diner. Leah starts to have a headache, but when John suggests he calls Zac, she runs off.

Andy Barrett Can Andy and Hannah kiss and make up?
Thursday 23 July,

Denny decides to speak to Andy about his decision to break up with Hannah and he admits his relationship with Hannah is doomed because she's too good for him.

Martin Ashford Ash has some advice for Phoebe
Wednesday 22 July,

Phoebe tells Ash to put a stop to Billie's meddling. First, Ash confronts Kyle who tells him Billie came onto him and she lied about Phoebe and Chris sleeping together.

Darryl Braxton Brax meets his son
Tuesday 21 July,

Brax and Ricky decide to call their baby Casey, as a tribute to his late brother.

Matt Turner Can Matt forgive Leah?
Monday 20 July,

Kat is livid that Nate wants her to jeopardise her job to get Matt off the hook. Nate explains to Leah that Kat won't help; while Leah confesses she regrets turning Matt into the police.

Leah Patterson-Baker Leah uncovers Matt's lies
Friday 17 July,

Matt tells Kat he can't remember what happened the night of the robbery, as he was drunk. Leah tells Nate that Kat is targeting Matt because of his background.

kat Chapman Kat wants a word with Matt
Thursday 16 July,

Kat is scrolling through some photos and video footage of a crime scene and spots a familiar face.

Leah Patterson-Baker Leah’s memory gets worse
Wednesday 15 July,

Leah tells Zac she wants to go back to work, which causes them to have a major bust-up and to Leah declare she's no longer coming back to work.

Ricky Sharpe Ricky introduces baby Braxton
Tuesday 14 July,

It's an emotional moment when Ricky introduces the latest Braxton member to Kyle, Ash and Denny. When Ash and Denny leave, Ash apologies for lying.

jett james Will Jett join the army?
Monday 13 July,

With Jett wanting to join the army, Marilyn explains to Jett and John that she can't bear to lose another child. Jett walks off, hoping to find Alf, but sees Roo instead.

Ricky sharpe Is Ricky going into labour?
Friday 10 July,

Denny is trying to distract Ricky by babbling about Ash, but Ricky isn’t buying it, so Denny confesses the girls are organising a baby shower for her.

Leah Patterson-Baker Leah gets some devastating news
Thursday 9 July,

Leah returns from the hospital facing 21 questions from Zac. Meanwhile, Phoebe asks Kat to help her pick a present for Ricky's baby, but the pair discuss Kat’s man problems instead.

Alf Stewart Alf accepts that he needs help
Wednesday 8 July,

Alf apologises to Maddy and she tells him there is no shame in having an illness. Later, Alf tells his family he needs to get help and that he's going to Blaxland.

Maddy Osborne Will Maddy and Matt get it on?
Tuesday 7 July,

Maddy turns to Matt about Alf's aggressive behaviour. When Evelyn sees the pair together, she suggests a spontaneous camping trip.

Evelyn MacGuire Evelyn plays matchmaker
Monday 6 July,

Evelyn decides to play cupid and sets up a double date for her, Josh, Maddy and Matt.

Alf Stewart Nate is worried about Alf
Friday 3 July,

Alf returns back from hospital and Matt and Maddy fill him in on everything he's missed, but he snaps at them.

Matt Turner Matt apologises to his friends
Thursday 2 July,

Matt returns to Summer Bay and tells Maddy he's been to rehab. They discuss his recent behaviour and that he needs to make amends with Evelyn and Josh.

Billie Will Billie take no for an answer?
Wednesday 1 July,

Kyle regrets sleeping with Billie and tells her it won't happen again, but she continues to flirt with him.

Kyle Braxton Will Billie and Kyle kiss?
Tuesday 30 June,

Kyle is sulking over Ash interfering in his drug run. Later that night, Kyle finds Billie on the sofa and as the pair talk, Billie leans in for a kiss.

Leah Patterson-Baker Leah rejects Irene’s help
Monday 29 June,

After hitting VJ, Leah hides away with a headache and blurry vision. When Irene tells Leah she's not herself, it doesn't go down well and she hits the roof.

Zac Zac leaves Leah heartbroken
Friday 26 June,

Zac confesses to Leah he was considering leaving before she woke up from her coma, leaving her distraught.

Andy Barrett Andy gets his exam results
Thursday 25 June,

Andy has passed his practice gym exam, so Denny suggests they have a family dinner to celebrate.