Maddy has shocking news for Oscar
Friday 30 January,

Roo insists Maddy has an ultrasound, as Josh may not be the father. Later, Oscar tells her he's excited to be an uncle to her baby, causing her to walk out.

Kyle isn't convinced by the new Phoebe
Thursday 29 January,

Phoebe returns from her recording session in the city with a new mentor - Nieve. Kyle is glad to have her home but is left bemused by her new pop-princess sound.

Will Nate finally move on?
Wednesday 28 January,

When having lunch with Leah, Sophie sees Nate and urges him to spend time with her.

Ricky struggles to pacify Sophie
Tuesday 27 January,

Sophie is desperate for news on her husband but Ricky lies and says she knows nothing. However, Sophie sees a message on her phone from Nate and snaps at Leah and Ricky.

Zac gets caught between Leah and VJ
Monday 26 January,

VJ reveals he wants to pursue a vocational course rather than stay in school. Leah disagrees and Zac says he's not getting involved.

Sasha assumes Matt has cheated
Friday 23 January,

Evie agrees when Matt challenges her to a midnight swim and takes up his innocent offer to crash on the couch.

Phoebe's offered a recording contract
Thursday 22 January,

Phoebe gets a call from Nieve Devlin, the music producer, and is stunned when Nieve signs her.

Sophie overdoses!
Wednesday 21 January,

Nate finally tells Sophie they're over and distraught, she storms out, giving Nate the chance to apologise to Hannah. Suggesting they start over, Nate's relieved when Hannah accepts this.

Brax confesses his past to Ricky
Tuesday 20 January,

When Ash rocks back into town, Brax's past boils up to the surface again.

Leah's shocked by VJ's tattoo
Monday 19 January,

VJ breaks down and shows Leah his tattoo, but Leah is more angry with Zac for his deception than her son's.

Spencer punches Matt!
Friday 16 January,

The boys' trip gets underway, but when Spencer calls Matt a deadbeat, Alf orders them to cool down.

Can Evelyn forgive Josh?
Thursday 15 January,

Shocked at Maddy's pregnancy, Evelyn still decides to stand by Josh, especially when he reassures her that she is the one he wants.

Will Maddy tell Josh he's the daddy?
Wednesday 14 January,

Maddy refuses to have an ultrasound, as she is not ready to see her baby. Roo tells her there is no wrong decision; she just has to be honest with herself.

Sophie sees Hannah and Nate kissing
Tuesday 13 January,

Ricky warns Sophie about her attitude and to make amends she brings Nate dinner at the hospital.

Maddy is pregnant!
Monday 12 January,

Maddy is rushed to hospital after collapsing at the movie night, and tests reveal she's pregnant. Roo tries to be supportive, but Maddy insists she used protection and breaks down.

Maddy collapses!
Friday 9 January,

Maddy is thrilled that she can return to school. Feeling faint, Maddy assures Roo it's the heat and cleaning up the car park.

Will Matt choose Sasha or Gary?
Thursday 8 January,

Matt demands an explanation after learning that his dad has lied to the police. Gray insists he just wanted to spend time with his children and wants help to get better.

Ricky thinks Ash is hiding something
Wednesday 7 January,

Brax and Ash's bromance began in.... prison! Ash is trying to track down his sister, so Brax agrees to help and offers him the couch but Ricky isn't happy and wants to know more.

Brax embraces Ash
Tuesday 6 January,

The handsome stranger charms Irene and Roo, but the pair clams up when he asks about Brax.

A stranger comes looking for Brax
Monday 5 January,

Ricky is glad that she and Brax are completely at peace and devoted to one another.