Oscar snaps after confessing to the hit and run
Monday 21 July,

Oscar explains the details of the hit and run to the police. Back at home, Hannah apologises to Oscar for not being there for him, and tells Zac she's worried about him.

Shots are fired at the Braxton house!
Friday 18 July,

Mark tells Phoebe that he was thrilled to receive her apology and he wants to start again.

Does Bianca now see divorce as the only answer?
Thursday 17 July,

Nate tells Heath that he and Bianca should start setting boundaries so they can both live happily in a small town. Later, in an emotionally charged moment Heath asks Bianca for a divorce.

Tamara tells the McGuires how she REALLY feels
Wednesday 16 July,

Tamara decides it's time to leave Summer Bay for good. She comes clean to Casey about her upcoming surgery and he tries in vain to convince her to stay.

Sasha learns the truth about Oscar
Tuesday 15 July,

The Macguires are still dealing with the fallout of Tamara's hit-and-run.

Who will Phoebe choose – Mark or Kyle?
Monday 14 July,

When Mark's attempt to bribe Kyle to stay away from Phoebe backfires, he gets the police to raid the Braxton family home and tells Phoebe the police are dying for an excuse to arrest the lot of th

Mark realises Kyle can't be bought
Friday 11 July,

Kyle tells Mark that he won't take his money to stop seeing Phoebe, so Mark tells him to name his price, and he'll be back in the morning.

Can John move on from Gina?
Thursday 10 July,

John takes his wedding ring off, but when Alf finds John toying with the ring in his office, it's clear he hasn't really let go.

Maddy pushes Alf and Josh to the limit
Wednesday 9 July,

Josh asks Maddy to come over to his van for the night but Alf quickly tells her she can't.

Oscar tries to confess to the accident
Tuesday 8 July,

Zac is angry at Oscar for driving before realising that he did it to protect Zac. He tells Oscar not to say anything, he's going to take the fall.

Tamara's headache leads to heartbreak
Monday 7 July,

Tamara reveals she has a headache and Nate books her in for an MRI. The test reveals that Tamara has a small bleed in her brain close to the optic nerve and it's possible she could go blind.

Phoebe's father is suspicious of Kyle
Friday 4 July,

Phoebe's father, Mark Nicholson, gives Kyle a hard time about the guy he used to be in Melbourne.

Can Chris win Denny back?
Thursday 3 July,

Chris is down after seeing Casey with Denny and tells Kyle that Casey is trying to steal his girl. Meanwhile, Denny admits to Alf that she's sad after her break-up with Chris.

Can Cheryl give Casey the answers he needs?
Wednesday 2 July,

Casey tells Brax he's meeting their mum at the house to talk, so Cheryl asks Brax to come with her. Casey tells her that if she won't give him any answers then he and Cheryl are done.

Zac's guilt forces him to make a difficult choice
Tuesday 1 July,

In a discussion in class about an English text, Maddy's questions force Zac to think he should confess about the accident.

Heath struggles to give up Harley
Monday 30 June,

Heath hears that Harley is OK to come out of hospital, and decides to go to Melbourne for Jess's funeral.

Will Josh move back to Mangrove River?
Friday 27 June,

Josh tells Maddy that he's considering moving back to Mangrove River to appease Andy. Maddy is furious and stalks off angrily.

Will Chris run scared when Denny declares her feelings?
Thursday 26 June,

Denny questions Chris about a comment Spencer made when she arrived for their hot date. Chris explains that Spencer was talking about the 'old Chris'.

Will Oscar admit to the hit-and-run?
Wednesday 25 June,

Zac asks Tamara what she can remember from the hit-and-run but she can't recollect anything. Evelyn continues to counsel Oscar to stay quiet about his suspicions that he was driving the car.

Brax finds a broken Casey
Tuesday 24 June,

Casey starts packing up his things in preparation for moving out. Ricky urges Brax to reach out to Casey and make him know that he's still Brax's brother.