Can Maddy and Josh talk things through?
Wednesday 29 October,

Evelyn is furious with Maddy for implying that her relationship with Josh isn't serious because they haven't had sex yet.

Jake has plans for Andy
Tuesday 28 October,

Jake and Andy start to form a toxic bond. Brax senses something's wrong and warns Josh his brother is bad news.

Andy meets Cody's boss
Monday 27 October,

Andy is acting extremely odd due to his drug deals. When Cody pays Andy double for his last drug deal, Andy realises he has to stick it out the gym as a cover.

Are Kyle and Phoebe back on?
Friday 24 October,

Kyle and Phoebe are forced to address their relationship issues when Kyle reacts angrily to finds out she and Matt are songwriting partners.

Phoebe exposes Kyle's jealous streak
Thursday 23 October,

Phoebe's manipulative streak gets the better of her when Kyle refuses to write music with her. She recruits Matt to help her, conveniently while Kyle is working at Angelo's.

Will Evelyn take things further with Josh?
Wednesday 22 October,

Seeing how upset Josh is about his rift with Andy, Evelyn organises a family barbeque for Casey and Denny to take his mind off things.

Will Hannah and Nate find Oscar?
Tuesday 21 October,

Andy speaks to Mitch about the last time he saw Oscar and leads Hannah, Zac, Nate and Leah to the bush track where Oscar was seen last. Andy finds him unconscious.

Has Oscar pushed his body too far?
Monday 20 October,

Hannah asks Casey to ban Oscar from the gym and she drops him off to his community service shift, where Oscar tells her Zac will be picking him up.

Can anyone help Oscar?
Friday 17 October,

Oscar is running flat out on the beach and when Andy sees him struggling, he takes him home. Maddy tells Andy he should get to the bottom of Oscar problems in a ploy to win Hannah back.

Sasha's cheating has serious repercussions
Thursday 16 October,

Zac summons Sasha to his classroom and tells she is going to fail his entire class as he can't trust that any of her poems are her own. This also means that she may fail the entire school year.

Has Kyle revealed Ricky and Brax's baby plans?
Wednesday 15 October,

Nate bumps into Ricky and pretends that all is well with Sophie. He invites Ricky to dinner, but she declines due to work.

Will Andy's money save Josh and Evelyn?
Tuesday 14 October,

Hannah realises that Josh and Evelyn have been kidnapped. She decides to call the police, but Andy walks through the front door.

Fur flies when Shandi shows up unexpectedly
Monday 13 October,

Marilyn, Irene and Roo are discussing bridesmaid's dresses when Shandi walks into the Diner and when John turns up, he's shocked to see his daughter.

Will John continue lying to Jett?
Friday 10 October,

John can't bring himself to tell Jett the truth about Shandi. Spotting his dad's odd behaviour, Jett asks Marilyn to help, but she keeps her lips sealed.

Oscar lets off steam at the gym
Thursday 9 October,

Zac is letting off steam after his fight with Mitch and when Zac asks Oscar if he got into a fight, Oscar shrugs him off.

Pheobe gives Brax some sound advice
Wednesday 8 October,

Phoebe tells Kyle he needs to stand up to Brax, so the pair decide to turn Angelo's into a music venue without consulting him. When Brax finds out he's livid, but Kyle refuses to change his mind.

Josh confesses to hitting Chris
Wednesday 8 October,

After formally confessing to Matt that he hit Chris, Josh fills in his stunned family.

What will Andy do with Kyle's money?
Tuesday 7 October,

Kyle is perplexed when he finds a large sum of money missing from Angelo's. The mystery isn't that hard to solve, Brax took $4,000 dollars to help Andy pay off the drug dealers.

Hannah finds an injured Andy
Monday 6 October,

Casey, Hannah and Josh search high and low for Andy. Hannah finds him badly beaten and with broken ribs after a drug deal went wrong.

Roo and Spencer worry about Maddy
Friday 3 October,

Roo panics and asks Casey not to give Maddy a job if she asks for one at the gym. As suspected, Maddy asks Casey and he says no.