Brennan sets a trap for Dakota
Friday 24 October,

Paul tells Daniel that he told Paige about Brennan and Dakota out of jealousy.

An angry Paige lashes out
Thursday 23 October,

Paige tells Brad and Lauren about Brennan and Dakota's kiss and they are convinced there's been a misunderstanding.

Paige spots Brennan and Dakota together
Wednesday 22 October,

Paige and Brennan's relationship is going well - in fact Paige is in love.

Lauren gives Matt an ultimatum
Tuesday 21 October,

When Lauren finds a hotel room card from Lassiters in Matt's jacket pocket, he admits that he was propositioned at the wedding reception.

Kyle waits nervously for Georgia
Monday 20 October,

Sonya and Sheila panic when they arrive to beautify the bride and discover Georgia hasn't slept in her bed. Georgia is in fact trapped in Frankston with a flat car battery.

Will Karl and Susan leave Ramsay Street?
Friday 17 October,

Susan and Karl are getting used to the idea of moving to London and reminisce with old friends about the good times and the bad times they've shared since they moved here.

The Kennedys get a surprise visitor
Thursday 16 October,

Karl and Susan's son, Mal, turns up unexpectedly.

Is Nate planning revenge?
Wednesday 15 October,

When Josh comes to see Chris and apologises, Chris struggles to get his head around things. When Nate sees how upset and confused his boyfriend is his anger grows.

Amber and Daniel vow to stick together
Tuesday 14 October,

Matt and Lauren realise they need to form a united front to dissuade Amber and Daniel from their marriage plans.

Dakota uses Daniel to get closer to Paul
Monday 13 October,

Eager to make Dakota happy, Paul proudly reveals he's found the perfect spot for her new bar - the old radio station.

Is Naomi still in love with Toadie?
Friday 10 October,

Toadie tries to explain his decision to represent Josh to Sheila and Georgia, who are bitterly disappointed. Toadie feels bad but stands by his principles - stirring Naomi's old feelings for him.

Lauren and Matt are pushed further apart
Thursday 9 October,

A woman on the edge, Terese publicly accosts Nate, but Susan helps her see sense and she apologises to Lauren for asking her to tell the police that Nate was the culprit.

Did Nate put Chris in a coma?
Tuesday 7 October,

Chris has been in an induced coma since the attack. His loved-ones are shocked to learn Chris is the victim of a 'coward punch' and Matt immediately launches an investigation.

Who attacked Chris?
Monday 6 October,

It's the day of the Hen and Buck celebrations and Terese quietly confronts Naomi over her affair with Josh, leading Naomi to breaks up with him.

Who is Paul's mysterious admirer?
Friday 3 October,

Naomi is feeling the thrill of her affair with Josh diminishing and pulls back.

Chris makes a confession to Nate
Thursday 2 October,

Chris and Nate are in a good place but when Georgia mentions Lucy, Chris changes the subject.

Imogen fights her feelings for Daniel
Wednesday 1 October,

Imogen is wary of spending the day with Amber and Daniel shopping for gear for Kyle and Georgia's party.

Has Terese pushed Brad too far?
Tuesday 30 September,

To help Terese feel more secure, Brad agrees to stop seeing Lauren - on the condition that Terese apologises to her for what she said.

Sheila's date kisses Naomi
Monday 29 September,

Much to Naomi's chagrin, Sheila invites her new man, Alan, to dinner. Sensing her daughter's disapproval, Sheila warns her to be polite. Surprisingly, the dinner goes well.

Is Paul back to his underhanded ways?
Friday 26 September,

Paul, Sonya, Toadie and Daniel work to have Paul reinstated as Mayor, knowing the biggest obstacle is Acting Mayor Sue Parker.