Paul Robinson Paul thanks Naomi with a kiss
Monday 6 July,

Sonya shows Amy a drawing Amy sent Paul as a child, which Naomi has taken from Paul’s desk drawer.

Imogen Willis Imogen suspects Josh is in too deep
Friday 3 July,

When Kyle hears Josh’s sales pitch, espousing the benefits of the ‘supplements’ to a body builder and he’s interested in buying some.

Josh Willis Josh vows to provide for Amber
Thursday 2 July,

Amber, Joshua and Daniel are devastated to learn the baby likely suffers from congenital diaphragmatic hernia and there’s a fifty percent survival rate after birth.

Amber Turner Will Amber’s baby be ok?
Wednesday 1 July,

Amber organises a dinner with Josh and Daniel on the eve of her fourteen week scan but it’s not long before their at loggerheads.

Alistair Brennan There’s another Brennan brother!
Tuesday 30 June,

Sheila invents a charity bingo night with a unique twist, hiring a male dancer to shimmy around the bar whenever ‘bingo’ is called.

Brad Willis Brad breaks Lauren's heart
Monday 29 June,

Lauren confides in Paige as she struggles with the anniversary of her wedding, who urges Brad to reach out to Lauren as a friend.

Nate Kinski Nate's date takes a surprising turn
Friday 26 June,

Nate meets Brett at Off Air, but when Alistair wanders in, he realises he's the guy who made the homophobic slur a few weeks ago.

Amy Robinson Will Amy stay in Erinsborough?
Thursday 25 June,

Amy and Sonya find the well lid open and Amy's convinced Jimmy has fallen down it and lashes out at Paul as she descends to look for him.

Paul Robinson Paul meets his grandson
Wednesday 24 June,

When Amy and her son Jimmy arrive, Paul is stunned – he has a grandson. Amy thinks he can be a good grandad and warns him not to blow it.

Paige Nova Paige tries to kiss Brennan
Tuesday 23 June,

Paige and Tyler rush to the garage, only to find that Nate has overcome Michael Coluzzi. Nate further surprises them when he agrees to pay out their debt.

Nate Kinski Is Nate in danger?
Monday 22 June,

Paige and Tyler are ecstatic when Glen hands over the broken keyring and admits that Jayden took the money but he's spent the lot!

Josh Willis Josh is desperate to provide for Amber
Friday 19 June,

Josh chooses the option of direct sales with Forrest where he can make the most money. But he's floored to discover it means an outlay of thousands of dollars.

Brad Willis Brad's feelings for Lauren grow
Thursday 18 June,

Paul and Amy have a tense catch-up. Believing Paul has merely confirmed that he doesn't care about her, Amy vows to leave as soon as she's finished doing the jobs she agreed to at Sonya’s place.

Paul Robinson Can Amy forgive Paul?
Wednesday 17 June,

Paul's long-lost daughter Amy berates him, then spits on him and leaves. Paul, furious with Naomi for sending his letter and cancels their date.

Paul Robinson Will Paul recognise Amy?
Tuesday 16 June,

Amy Williams arrives in search of Naomi and runs into Sonya. When Sonya admits to a recent fight with Toadie, Amy reveals her own terrible experience with her husband.

paige turner Paige risks all for Tyler
Monday 15 June,

Paige nurses Tyler's injuries but is frustrated when Karl reveals that her friend can't get any stronger painkillers without a prescription.

Terese Willis Terese gives Brad an ultimatum
Friday 12 June,

Terese confronts Brad over Lauren's revelation that they spent a night together, but he's relieved when she chooses to accept nothing happened. But she does deliver an ultimatum.

Naomi Canning Naomi goes behind Paul's back
Thursday 11 June,

Paul finds Daniel confiding in Karl and wonders why Daniel couldn't talk to his own uncle. So Naomi suggests that Paul get in touch with his feelings.

Georgia Brooks Georgia's off - but will Kyle go with her?
Wednesday 10 June,

When Georgia realises just how much effort Kyle has put into the Erinsborough Beautification Project, she convinces him to stay in Erinsborough to keep his ambitions alive.

Paige Nova Paige and Tyler lose Rachel’s money
Tuesday 9 June,

Following her passionate encounter with Tyler, Paige is conflicted and when she admits she still has feelings for Brennan, Tyler covers his hurt.

Tyler Brennan Tyler and Paige kiss?
Monday 8 June,

Paige and Tyler panic about holding the money Dimato has left, so they make the drop themselves.

terese willis Terese takes down Ezra
Friday 5 June,

When Susan reveals that Clem admitted to her that his father tried to attack his girlfriend Chloe Jones, Terese tracks her down, and convinces her to make a statement.

Josh Willis Josh and Daniel take a paternity test
Thursday 4 June,

After fainting, Amber is relieved that it was only a mild dizzy spell but Josh goes with her to the hospital to have further tests.

Terese Willis Does Terese have a case against Ezra?
Wednesday 3 June,

Terese arrives home to discover that Brad has been suspended thanks to Clem, Ezra Hanley's son.

Amber Turner Will Amber flee Erinsborough?
Tuesday 2 June,

Amber and Daniel are trying to stay positive on the eve of the paternity test as Daniel hastily arranges an early birthday party for Amber.