Erinsborough deals with the aftermath of the storm
Wednesday 17 September,

In the aftermath of the storm, Kyle is discovered trapped in a damaged portable toilet, while Daniel, Amber and Paul are found at the garage by Chris.

Can Susan save Lou's life?
Tuesday 16 September,

Susan and Lou take shelter as the storm sends a huge beam crashing down, pinning Lou to the ground. He begins to choke - a piece of sandwich lodged in his throat.

Will Daniel and Amber survive the storm?
Monday 15 September,

As a freak storm hits Erinsborough, Paul realises Brennan and Paige are together and takes out his annoyance on Daniel by telling Amber that Daniel's tattoo was inspired by his ex.

Naomi and Imogen are thrown together
Friday 12 September,

Naomi and Imogen both help Toadie out on a research-heavy litigation case. At first it's World War Three, but eventually Imogen and Naomi start to get along.

Is Brennan ready to move on with Paige?
Thursday 11 September,

Paige wins a bet and Brennan has to shout her dinner. The meal feels more and more like a date, but a remark from Sonya makes Brennan realise how big this next step is.

Will Nate's past threaten his future with Chris?
Wednesday 10 September,

Susan and Karl demand an explanation for the combat knife they found in Nate's bag. Nate refuses to give them one and leaves. On his way out of town he crosses with Chris, who kisses him.

Nate has a shocking secret
Tuesday 9 September,

Chris is elated at Georgia's recovery and insists on buying Nate a drink. But as they are drawn into a friendly game of pool, Nate comes to Brennan's attention for his odd behaviour.

Will Georgia's operation be a success?
Monday 8 September,

It's the day of Georgia's surgery and despite her nerves it goes ahead as planned. All seems to go well, until in recovery, Georgia has a worrying reaction.

Has Terese lost the fight to get rid of Paige?
Friday 5 September,

Paige tells Lauren she'd love to celebrate Brad's birthday tomorrow but Lauren's hesitant. Paige is clearly disappointed so Lauren asks Brad if they could do something small together.

Naomi leaves Josh out in the cold
Thursday 4 September,

Josh and Naomi's secret affair is helping Josh get over Amber, and boosting Naomi's battered self-esteem.

Imogen and Amber come to blows
Wednesday 3 September,

Imogen's riled when she finds Daniel giving Amber driving lessons in their shared car. Frustrated, Amber reminds Imogen that she cheated on Josh, not her.

Nate attacks a stranger at Chris's picnic
Tuesday 2 September,

Nervous about his picnic date with Nate, Chris asks Georgia, Kyle, Brennan and Paige to join them.

Can Sonya forgive Naomi to save Toadie's business?
Monday 1 September,

An overworked Toadie is trying to run his business single-handedly.

Paul and Sheila get trapped in the cool room
Friday 29 August,

When Paul and Sheila find themselves locked in The Waterhole cool room, their bickering about who is to blame quickly turns to worry.

Is Lou Sheila's dream man?
Thursday 28 August,

Sheila battles a series of erotic fantasies about a mysterious stranger inspired by The Book of Secrets, but each time the stranger's identity is revealed, she's appalled to realise it's Lou.

Will Terese drop the charges against Paige?
Wednesday 27 August,

Tensions mount between Lauren and Matt when he refuses to let Paige off with a warning.

Can Paige and Katy make amends?
Tuesday 26 August,

Kathy greets Paige warmly from her hospital bed, but Paige rushes from the room and confides in Brad that it doesn't seem right that Kathy can so easily brush over the pain she's caused.

Josh and Naomi get hot and heavy
Monday 25 August,

Naomi offers a heartbroken Josh a day's work and tells him to get a dating app on his phone called Ziva.

Lucy has a shocking proposition for Chris
Friday 22 August,

Lucy suggests she and Chris babysit Nell and the pair end up having a ball bonding over stories of heartbreak. Singing Chris's praises to Sonya, Lucy presses her for more information about him.

Amber can't reconcile with Paige
Thursday 21 August,

In the wake of Paige's revelation, the Willis and Turner families are in turmoil. Lauren accepts Paige unconditionally, but Brad's a little more reserved in his acceptance.