charlie Hoyland Can Charlie forgive Steph?
Tuesday 9 February,

Steph tries to explain to Charlie that she's much better now, but he doesn't want to hear it. Later, after a talk with Susan, Charlie agrees to hear Steph out.

Doug Willis Doug struggles to cope
Monday 8 February,

Lauren gets the house ready for Doug's arrival, but tensions flare and Doug storms off, wanting to see Terese.

Terese Willis Will Brad break Terese's heart again?
Friday 5 February,

It's the morning after the combined hens/bucks party and Imogen's shocked when she learns Brad and Lauren are moving back in together.

Tyler Brennan Tyler moves on
Thursday 4 February,

Piper seizes the day and confesses to Tyler that she likes him. Tyler admits he likes her too, but when he cautions her to stay away she declares she doesn't care.

steph scully Will Steph make a deal with Paul?
Wednesday 3 February,

Steph's stunned to find out the shares Lyn put in trust for her are worth seventy thousand dollars. Paul then tells her he wanted them to lease a rundown motel, turn it around and make a fortune.

Paul Robinson Paul sets a trap for Lyn
Tuesday 2 February,

Paul feels like he's inching closer to Lyn's shares and even goes as far as approaching Steph to help broach peace between mother and daughter.

Xanthe Canning Is Xanthe sticking around?
Monday 1 February,

Xanthe throws a party at the display home but the noise attracts the attention of the police, and Mark takes her home to Sheila.

Imogen Willis Imogen sees a glimpse of the old Daniel
Friday 29 January,

Paul gets a visit from Hilary, who demands he return the $50 she invested in his failed gazebo business.

Terese Willis A heartbroken Terese turns to Paul
Thursday 28 January,

Lauren still loves Brad, but realises there's more to lose if they reunite.

Michelle Kim Michelle reveals her true colours
Wednesday 27 January,

After Paul admits Michelle is at her apartment, Paige turns up to find it filled with stolen goods.

Tyler Brennan Tyler and Piper's secret is out
Tuesday 26 January,

Terese tells Piper she can no longer work with Tyler, and Brad warns Tyler to keep away from his daughter.

Tyler Tyler rejects Imogen!
Monday 25 January,

Tyler's dismayed to realise Piper's taken their kiss to heart and tries to downplay it.

Sheila Canning The Cannings have a surprise visitor
Friday 22 January,

A mysterious woman tries to swindle a free meal from Sheila by claiming to find a hair in her burger.

amy williams Will Amy save Bossy?
Thursday 21 January,

Kyle reveals Bossy has a brain tumour and when he realises he can't afford to pay for the operation, he says a teary goodbye to his best friend.

Imogen Willis Will Imogen reject Daniel?
Wednesday 20 January,

Having been caught-red handed trying to read Terese's emails, Daniel explains he's working at Lassiters to win back Paul's empire.

Nate Kinski Nate vows to protect the Kennedys
Tuesday 19 January,

Nate is shocked to learn that Dimato has threatened to harm the Kennedys if Karl speaks out about Michelle's abuse.

Aaron Brennan Aaron finds an injured Dimato
Monday 18 January,

Aaron discovers a distraught Nate who tells him about Dimato. Aaron tracks down the injured Dimato who demands medical attention or he will go to the police.

Michelle Kim Nate sees Dimato attack Michelle
Friday 15 January,

When Michelle suggests a tryst with Tyler to get him onside, a jealous Dimato slaps her - her fictional assault story having just become reality.

Josh Willis Josh watches Amber say goodbye
Thursday 14 January,

Lauren tells Brad that Josh is struggling to accept that Amber and Matilda are out of his life, and Brad is finally able to give Josh the support that he desperately needs.

Toadie Rebecchi Toadie receives a shock diagnosis
Wednesday 13 January,

Belinda helps Toadie begin his rehab, but it's Steph who wins a victory when she encourages Toadie to take his first tentative step.

Michelle Kim Michelle fools Paige again
Tuesday 12 January,

Michelle turns up at the Turner house, revealing Dimato attacked her. If Mark finds out she's back in town, he'll inform the other police officers, which could put her in danger.

Piper Willis Piper's smitten with Tyler
Monday 11 January,

Tyler brings Josh home after finding him weak from over-exercising to try and forget about Amber and Matilda leaving.

Josh Willis Is it finally over between Josh and Amber?
Friday 8 January,

Josh tries to convince Amber that the kiss was nothing, but she says it's best if he doesn't come to Queensland, leaving him devastated.

Josh Willis Josh makes a move on Amber
Thursday 7 January,

Josh confesses to Amber that he's scared he'll never connect with his daughter if he doesn't go to Brisbane with them. Amber agrees and thinks it's a great idea.

Paige Smith Will Paige survive the accident?
Wednesday 6 January,

Mark is distraught after Paige's accident. As he holds her, she tells him that her kidnapper believed she was Michelle.