Terese Willis Has Terese lost Brad to Lauren?
Friday 4 September,

While Brad is packing his timber away in Lauren's shed, Terese sits at home stewing on 'the secret' she is holding, believing it to be Brad's.

Brad WIllis Brad and Terese re-open old wounds
Thursday 3 September,

Brad confronts Terese with a letter he's received from the council demanding his shed be pulled down. Terese denies sending it – but later finds Paul sent it.

Josh Willis Has Josh lost Amber for good?
Wednesday 2 September,

Amber reels after discovering Josh has been posing as Phoebe. Equally horrified, Imogen confronts Josh, who insists he was only trying to support Amber.

Sheila Canning Russell and Sheila consider their future
Tuesday 1 September,

Sheila's excited about her new romance with Russell, but Kyle's seen his Gran hurt before, and asks Brennan to talk to his dad.

Sonya Rebecchi Hurricane Angie is back!
Monday 31 August,

Because of a stuff-up with Sonya's credit card, Toadie's income protection insurance premiums have not been paid so he starts working from his hospital bed.

Ben Kirk Ben faces up to his mistake
Friday 28 August,

Humiliated his risqué photos have been discovered by the other students, Ben arrives back at the Kennedy house and is surprised to find Brad, Susan and Karl there.

Ben Kirk Ben's past catches up with him
Thursday 27 August,

When Tyler learns Ben's reluctant to put his name down for the school concert, he tells him to reinvent himself as a guitar god.

Naomi Canning Is Naomi responsible for Toadie’s injuries?
Wednesday 26 August,

Naomi still feels guilty for what happened to Toadie and grills Kyle over the bouncy castle.

Toadie Rebecchi Is Toadie paralysed?
Tuesday 25 August,

Sonya goes to the hospital with Toadie and is shocked when he confesses he can't feel his legs.

Toadie Rebecchi Toadie is knocked unconscious
Monday 24 August,

Toadie and Sonya take Nell to the Child Care Centre's grand opening day but lose sight of her just when the bouncy castle starts to move in the wind.

Sheila Canning Sheila and Russell get hot and heavy
Friday 21 August,

Russ accompanies Aaron and Mark to a LGBTI fundraiser at The Waterhole and Sheila takes time to flirt with Russ at every opportunity.

Paul Robinson Will Paul fire his own daughter?
Thursday 20 August,

Amy is nervous in her new job as Paul's EA and drafts two letters to suppliers – only to send a letter of complaint to the wrong company.

Paige Smith Dimato is back for Paige
Wednesday 19 August,

Paige is shocked to be confronted by Joey Dimato, who is furious that he manipulated her into betraying his uncle. She manages to dial Brennan out of sight and he rushes to her rescue.

Naomi Canning Naomi gains from Tyler's proposition
Tuesday 18 August,

Josh declines Sue Parker's indecent proposal and focuses on the results of Amber's amnio test. Thankfully, all is well, and Josh asks Amber out for coffee.

Josh Willis Joshua gets an indecent proposal
Monday 17 August,

After watching The Heat's first professional performance, Sue Parker comes back into the hall to find Josh and, after slipping him her business card, she asks him to give her a call.

Amy Robinson Will Amy leave Erinsborough?
Friday 14 August,

Amy and Kyle both feel guilty after their “moment”, and Amy decides to leave Erinsborough.

Amy Robinson A spark ignites between Amy and Kyle
Thursday 13 August,

Toadie and Sonya worry that Nell might not be ready for daycare, given how badly she’s suffering separation anxiety over the loss of her teddy.

Mark Brennan The Brennan boys get a visitor
Wednesday 12 August,

Paige and Brennan are all loved up and Paige encourages him to get in touch with his father again.

Tyler Brennan Tyler buries his feelings for Paige
Tuesday 11 August,

Just as Tyler is about to tell Paige how he feels, he realises Brennan and Paige are a couple. Brennan discovers Paige’s tryst with Tyler down the well and goes to meet him at The Waterhole.

Paige Smith Are Paige and Brennan back on?
Monday 10 August,

Brennan checks up on Paige and she’s touched until he coldly tells her he’s merely doing his job before leaving her alone.

Daniel Robinson Daniel vows to fight for Imogen
Friday 7 August,

Naomi’s unimpressed when Imogen introduces her date, Caspar, a full-bearded hipster.

Karl Kennedy Karl and Susan have a visitor
Thursday 6 August,

Tyler, Brennan and Nate arrive to throw Karl an impromptu birthday bash.

Paul Robinson Paul discovers Sheila’s secret
Wednesday 5 August,

Sheila arrives back in Erinsborough and realises she has a long way to go before she’s forgiven.

Brad WIllis Will Brad choose Lauren?
Tuesday 4 August,

Brad’s disappointed when Terese admits she was using Mary to get rid of Paige. Later, the lights go out at Number 32 and Paige sends Brad an SOS text.

Daniel Robinson Daniel kisses Imogen
Monday 3 August,

Imogen gets Daniel to open up about his post-Amber slump, and tells him that sooner or later, he’ll simply know in his heart what he really wants.