Brad WIllis Will Brad choose Lauren?
Tuesday 4 August,

Brad’s disappointed when Terese admits she was using Mary to get rid of Paige. Later, the lights go out at Number 32 and Paige sends Brad an SOS text.

Daniel Robinson Daniel kisses Imogen
Monday 3 August,

Imogen gets Daniel to open up about his post-Amber slump, and tells him that sooner or later, he’ll simply know in his heart what he really wants.

Paige Smith Is Dimato following Paige?
Friday 31 July,

Paige is convinced Joey Dimato will return for retribution, but when she voices her concerns to Brennan he dismisses her.

Sheila Canning Jimmy pushes Sheila too far
Thursday 30 July,

Terrified Jimmy's going to blab to Paul and Naomi during the Canning/Robinson dinner, Sheila gives in to his every demand. But her anxiety soon boils over.

Nate Kinski Nate and Aaron kiss
Wednesday 29 July,

Outside Naomi's 'hotel box' promotion, social media erupts at Lassiters' progressive attitude to same-sex relationships.

Tyler Brennan Will Brennan rescue Tyler?
Tuesday 28 July,

Reeling from Paige's revelation, Brennan accepts her help to find Tyler.

Tyler Brennan Tyler is in danger!
Monday 27 July,

Brennan forces Tyler to go through with a meeting with Dimato, despite his growing apprehension. But Tyler has to abandon Brennan's protection, or risk being found out as a traitor.

Paige Will Paige leave with Mary?
Friday 24 July,

Paige is stunned to learn from Tyler that he's engaged in a sting operation with the cops to capture Dimato and decides she must come clean to Lauren before the truth comes out.

Josh Willis Josh keeps quiet about his finances
Thursday 23 July,

Daniel and Imogen head back to "the scene of the crime" only to find that Forrest has gone. Imogen researches the pills she's stolen from Forrest and discovers they are illegal peptides.

Imogen Willis Will Forrest kill Imogen?
Wednesday 22 July,

Imogen goes on a date with Forrest, when Josh calls him telling him that Imogen knows about their dodgy deals. Forrest returns and tries to force her to tell him what she knows.

Tyler Brennan Tyler goes undercover
Tuesday 21 July,

Brennan prepares Tyler for a meeting with Michelle, fitting him with a listening device as they talk him through the sting.

Toadie Kyle and Toadie strip off!
Monday 20 July,

Karl and Sheila square up as their bars open for the night. Out of desperation, Karl ropes in Toadie and the two topless blokes try to entice the ladies to stay...

Daniel Robinson Will Daniel leave Erinsborough?
Friday 17 July,

Imogen assures Daniel that he and Amber will get back together eventually, but Daniel knows it’' over. Needing time to process everything, Daniel decides to get out of town.

Neighbours Are Amber and Daniel over?
Thursday 16 July,

Imogen's surprised to learn Amber and Daniel have agreed not to talk about the baby. Later, Daniel summons Amber and reveals a love-heart montage of all the good times they’ve had together.

Terese Willis Terese has a plan to get Brad back
Wednesday 15 July,

Paige is shocked that her mother has gate-crashed her 21st birthday party and Brad sends Terese home so he can stay with Lauren to comfort her.

Paige Smith Paige gets an unexpected birthday surprise
Tuesday 14 July,

Paige is turning 21, but she doesn't feel like celebrating. She's not with the man she wants, Tyler's been arrested, and her adoptive father doesn't even know where she lives.

Mark Brennan Brennan arrests Tyler
Monday 13 July,

Tyler confesses the details of his involvement with Dimato to Brennan - carefully leaving Paige out of it. Brennan feels betrayed and arrests his brother.

Tyler Brennan Tyler's lies finally catch up with him
Friday 10 July,

Brennan questions Tyler, miffed that he didn't go to a doctor to legally obtain painkillers.

Tyler Brennan Tyler’s in trouble when Kyle collapses
Thursday 9 July,

Tyler and Nate find Kyle collapsed in his yard and get him to hospital.

Josh Willis Josh sells Kyle illegal supplements
Wednesday 8 July,

With a huge debt weighing over her, Amy offers to do Kyle's Dial-A-Kyle jobs for a percentage of the quote, meaning he’ll get through his work quicker and go to Germany to see Georgia sooner.

Amber Turner Amber has bad news for Daniel
Tuesday 7 July,

Joshua and Daniel disagree on the merits of risky in-utero surgery. Daniel thinks it is too risky, and is surprised when Amber agrees with Joshua instead of him.

Paul Robinson Paul thanks Naomi with a kiss
Monday 6 July,

Sonya shows Amy a drawing Amy sent Paul as a child, which Naomi has taken from Paul’s desk drawer.

Imogen Willis Imogen suspects Josh is in too deep
Friday 3 July,

When Kyle hears Josh’s sales pitch, espousing the benefits of the ‘supplements’ to a body builder and he’s interested in buying some.

Josh Willis Josh vows to provide for Amber
Thursday 2 July,

Amber, Joshua and Daniel are devastated to learn the baby likely suffers from congenital diaphragmatic hernia and there’s a fifty percent survival rate after birth.

Amber Turner Will Amber’s baby be ok?
Wednesday 1 July,

Amber organises a dinner with Josh and Daniel on the eve of her fourteen week scan but it’s not long before their at loggerheads.