Imogen's had it with Amber
Friday 30 January,

Having heard from Josh that Imogen is secretly in love with him, Daniel asks her if it's true. She denies it and then rips into for embarrassing her.

Daniel and Joshua duel over Amber
Thursday 29 January,

Lauren tells Amber that Daniel and Joshua are both into her, but Amber reassures her that she isn't interested in romance.

Is Sheila having another heart attack?
Wednesday 28 January,

Kyle and Naomi to clear the house of any type of food that might be bad for a heart attack patient.

Will Lauren discover Paige's secret?
Tuesday 27 January,

Paige is enjoying her hot online relationship with Bryson and using 'real estate research' as a cover for the amount of time she's spending on her computer.

Can Kyle forgive his father?
Monday 26 January,

Kyle tells Georgia he's still unsure he can face his father. She reassures him, pointing out if there's any family resemblance, it's in the fact that Gary decided to face his punishment.

Brennan insults Naomi
Friday 23 January,

Brennan is suspicious when Naomi rumbles into the garage in a vintage Rover, assuming she bought the car using the money Paul paid Gary. Naomi is hurt and walks out.

Chris lets go of the past
Thursday 22 January,

Chris is nervous before returning to work but it's soon apparent that his affected hand is a huge liability, and he's forced to face the facts: he will never work as a mechanic again.

Daniel makes his move on Amber
Wednesday 21 January,

Daniel is back and Imogen reveals Paul's involvement in paying Gary to do his dirty work. Later, Daniel goes to Amber for comfort, only to be rebuffed.

Sonya forms a risky plan to help Erin
Tuesday 20 January,

When Brennan discovers Erin unable to sleep, he calls Sonya over. The pair stay up all night and it's clear how desperately Erin wants to be reunited with her daughter.

Kyle sees the real Gary
Monday 19 January,

Sheila is taken to hospital where Karl confirms she's suffered a heart attack.

Will Erin accept Sonya's help?
Friday 16 January,

With Toadie having to stay in Chile longer than planned, Brennan comes across the squat where Erin is living, and tells Sonya.

Will the Christmas event be a success?
Thursday 15 January,

Naomi is quietly panicking about the carols night. Bailey's 'elf fight' has caused bad publicity - the main sponsor and band have pulled out, leaving an unimpressed Sheila to dress up as Santa.

Will Imogen kiss Daniel?
Wednesday 14 January,

Brad is out on bail but Imogen confides in Joshua that the circumstantial evidence against their dad is strong.

Does Karl think Brad attacked Ezra?
Tuesday 13 January,

Karl treats Brad for a bruised and battered hand, and when he's informed about the assault on Ezra Hanley he wonders if the two things may be connected.  Brad admits he lied about how he injured h

Sonya struggles to help Erin
Monday 12 January,

Brennan's angry at Sonya for paying Erin's bail, but knows that she's trying to alleviate her deep-seated guilt over abandoning Erin all those years ago.

Kyle and Gary grow closer
Friday 9 January,

When Sheila accuses Gary of hocking Kyle's tools, Gary reveals his innocence by unveiling a set of 'hot' tools he's bought to replace the ones he lost.

Will Naomi reveal Gary's dark past?
Thursday 8 January,

Naomi thinks it's time for Gary to come clean about his past but he pleads with her - he needs more time.

Rain exacts her revenge on Amber and Daniel
Wednesday 7 January,

Lauren's horrified by Amber's decision to join the New Eden commune. After speaking to Lauren, Daniel confronts Rain, who shows her true colours.

Amber falls under Rain's spell
Tuesday 6 January,

Amber tells Daniel she wants them both to live at New Eden and Lauren shares her concerns about Rain with Paul, who suggests objecting to council about the community.

Sonya's tormentor is finally revealed
Monday 5 January,

Sonya finds Nell safe in his room, but Brennan with a mild concussion and the window wide open. He didn't get a look at his attacker.