Amber Turner Amber tells Paige she’s pregnant
Monday 27 April,

Amber tells Paige that Josh might be the father of her baby. When Josh comes around to talk to Amber, Paige tells him to keep his distance.

Amber Turner Who's the father of Amber's baby?
Friday 24 April,

Paige, Imogen and Daniel take part in Josh's fitness trial and begin to have a good time. Half-way through the session, however, Amber throws up.

Tyler Brennan Tyler's actions catch up with him
Thursday 23 April,

Tyler's been laying low since Dimato's arrest and remains fearful of what will happen should Dimato get off.

Toadie Danni shocks Toadie with an admission
Wednesday 22 April,

Toadie is shocked when Danni asks him to represent her in court, subtly suggesting he's partly to blame for Matt's death given that he sent her the text that caused her to take her eyes off the ro

Paige Smith Paige snaps at Imogen
Tuesday 21 April,

Daniel notices Imogen's subdued mood, and she reveals her issues are twofold: one, Paige warned her to stay away from him; and two, she doesn't know how to be around people who are grieving.

Bailey Turner Bailey lashes out after Matt's death
Monday 20 April,

Daniel tries to support Bailey but he angrily accuses him of interfering with his family when it's not his place.

Tyler Brennan Tyler panics when Brennan arrests Dimato
Friday 17 April,

Tyler delivers a stolen car to Dimato and, when the police arrive, both men do a runner but Dimato is caught.

Sheila Canning Sheila suspects Paul fancies Naomi
Thursday 16 April,

Sheila is worried by how much time Naomi is spending with Paul, but Naomi can't tell her mother the truth as she has promised Paul she will keep his illness a secret.

Brad Willis Guilty Brad helps Lauren
Wednesday 15 April,

Brad asks Terese if she minds if he visits Lauren and, although she agrees, her insecurities flare up.

Mark Brennan Brennan attacks Dimato
Tuesday 14 April,

It's the day of Matt’s funeral and Susan's supported by Toadie in the lead-up to performing her first funeral.

Georgia Brooks A shocked Georgia is suspended
Monday 13 April,

Georgia is told to keep it a secret that Janine Morgan, one of the richest women in the country, is at Erinsborough Hospital.

Nate Kinski Is it over for Chris and Nate?
Friday 10 April,

When Lucy arrives to tell Chris she's sorted his and Nate's US visas, Chris breaks the news that Nate doesn't want to go with him.

Brad Willis Brad struggles with Matt's death
Thursday 9 April,

In the wake of Matt's tragic death, Lauren returns home in a daze. Brad is thrown into turmoil, burdened with the secret of Sharon and Matt's kiss and lashes out at Terese.

Matt Turner Will Matt survive?
Wednesday 8 April,

As Brad waits for the ambulance, Matt manages to tell him to look after Lauren before losing unconsciousness.

Matt Turner Matt makes a supreme sacrifice for Brad
Tuesday 7 April,

Terese tells Brad that she saw Matt and Sharon kiss last week and Brad confront Matt. The two men argue as a red car speeds towards them.

Naomi Canning Will Naomi uncover Nick’s lie?
Monday 6 April,

Paul offers Naomi the role of his confidential executive assistant and tells her he has cancer.

Paul Robinson Sneaky Nick has devastating news for Paul
Friday 3 April,

Paul informs Nick that the Research Centre location is no longer feasible - the council received a more lucrative tender.

Imogen Willis Will anyone rescue Imogen and Daniel?
Thursday 2 April,

Daniel and Imogen remain trapped in the well, with Daniel hiding the pain in his ankle. Their fears escalate when a council worker places a grate over the mouth of the well.

Daniel Robinson Will Daniel and Amber's big day go to plan?
Wednesday 1 April,

The big day has arrived - and Daniel and Amber can't wait to be married.

Paul Robinson Can Paul stop the wedding tomorrow?
Tuesday 31 March,

It's the night before the wedding and Amber and Daniel can't wait to be married.

Matt Turner Will Matt betray Lauren?
Monday 30 March,

Tensions are running high between Matt and Lauren and Matt’s furious to learn his wife has confided in Brad.

Tyler Brennan Dimato threatens Tyler
Friday 27 March,

Dimato hears Brennan's been asking questions and he wants Tyler to investigate.

Lauren Turner Can Lauren forgive Matt... again?
Thursday 26 March,

Lauren confesses Matt's mistake to Brad and reveals her uncertainty about the future of their marriage.

Janelle Steiger-Timmins It's war at the Festival Bake-off
Wednesday 25 March,

At the festival bake-off, the competition between Susan and Sheila is fierce when a last minute entry comes in, and it's former Erinsborough resident, Janelle Steiger-Timmins.

Mark Brennan Brennan finds Matt with Dimato
Tuesday 24 March,

Brennan is surprised to hear that Matt, along with lots of other cops, recently received a large chunk of back-pay due to a clerical error.