Kyle wants a baby!
Thursday 26 February,

Georgia is thrown to discover evidence that Kyle has been stealing underwear. However, the truth is he's covering for Bossy, after catching her chewing up bras in the backyard.

Brax reveals Ricky is having a boy!
Wednesday 25 February,

Brax tells Kyle that Ricky is pregnant with a boy. Kyle decides to gather a group of Phoebe's friends to support her at her launch and also tells Matt, Phoebe wants him to be her support act.

Will Paul sabotage Daniel's engagement?
Wednesday 25 February,

Still reeling from the discovery of their empty bank account, the Turners are learn that the money was sent overseas using Paige's identity.

Naomi and Brennan get it on
Tuesday 24 February,

Matt discovers that his security guard gig is actually for Dimato Industries and is forced to resign.

Imogen is rescued by a sexy stranger
Monday 23 February,

A hungover Imogen wakes up in the arms of Tyler, a handsome stranger, who hoists Imogen on to his motorbike. Arriving on Ramsay Street, she accidently falls off the bike and hits her head.

Lauren and Paige stage a topless protest!
Friday 20 February,

Sensing Paige's discomfort, Lauren joins her daughter in the protest. Paige later learns it's been a success and Paul is returning her logo to its original state.

Will Chris still become Lucy’s donor?
Thursday 19 February,

Chris says goodbye to Lucy and is saddened to hear she's given up on the idea of becoming a mother. He makes a huge decision and asks if Lucy's 'ovulation window' is still open.

Naomi stands up to Dimito
Wednesday 18 February,

Matt is surprised when Naomi retracts her statement. But now Dimato's threatening Sheila - Naomi can't risk it.

Brennan and Naomi enjoy flirting
Tuesday 17 February,

The attraction between Naomi and Brennan grows but is put on hold when Matt enlists Naomi to help the police build a case against Dimato.

Amber and Daniel are back on
Monday 16 February,

In the wake of being knocked to the ground, Amber is stunned when Daniel finds her and believes it's a sign they belong together.

Chris makes a difficult decision
Friday 13 February,

Rattled after her kiss with Josh, Amber bumps into Imogen, who reels at the news of the kiss, wondering what this means for her and Daniel.

Josh kisses Amber
Thursday 12 February,

Paige persuades Amber and Imogen to host an impromptu pool party, but when Daniel spies Amber and Joshua sitting together, his jealousy surges and he lashes out at Imogen for inviting him somewher

Nate helps Chris and Lucy reunite
Wednesday 11 February,

Chris is confused after his meeting with Lucy, having realised that he wants to be more than just a donor.

Cat is told Erin’s done a runner
Tuesday 10 February,

Sonya and Toadie have to break the news to Cat that Erin has done a runner. Sonya tracks Erin down at the Antique Shop, where Erin's just pawned the things she stole from Brennan.

Sparks fly between Daniel and Amber
Monday 9 February,

Josh and Amber try to decipher the mystery of the dead body in the old photograph.

Josh and Amber uncover a shocking secret
Friday 6 February,

Naomi has a go at Brennan for his chat with Dimato, but he explains he can't get away with threatening her.

Will Dennis threaten Naomi?
Thursday 5 February,

When Brennan learns of Dimato's bribe, he strongly urges Naomi to go to the police. But Naomi doesn't want to cause a drama, so faces Dimato and hands back his money.

Karl is rushed to hospital
Wednesday 4 February,

Karl reels from swallowing the poisonous resin and Karl is taken to hospital, where the staff diagnose a burned oesophagus.

Erin propositions Karl
Tuesday 3 February,

Sonya's wracked with guilt over the tension between Cat and Erin, but Toadie insists she's not to blame.

Chris disappoints Lucy
Monday 2 February,

Nate's shocked when devastated Chris tells Lucy he can't be the father of her baby.

Imogen's had it with Amber
Friday 30 January,

Having heard from Josh that Imogen is secretly in love with him, Daniel asks her if it's true. She denies it and then rips into for embarrassing her.

Daniel and Joshua duel over Amber
Thursday 29 January,

Lauren tells Amber that Daniel and Joshua are both into her, but Amber reassures her that she isn't interested in romance.

Is Sheila having another heart attack?
Wednesday 28 January,

Kyle and Naomi to clear the house of any type of food that might be bad for a heart attack patient.

Will Lauren discover Paige's secret?
Tuesday 27 January,

Paige is enjoying her hot online relationship with Bryson and using 'real estate research' as a cover for the amount of time she's spending on her computer.

Can Kyle forgive his father?
Monday 26 January,

Kyle tells Georgia he's still unsure he can face his father. She reassures him, pointing out if there's any family resemblance, it's in the fact that Gary decided to face his punishment.