Karl Kennedy Karl has worrying news for Amber
Wednesday 27 May,

Josh is secretly pleased when Amber explains he could be a father, after all he loves her.

Mark Brennan Does Brennan have feelings for Paige?
Tuesday 26 May,

With Brennan banging on the garage door, only quick thinking from Tyler avoids him and Paige being busted - he explains the two of them have been spending quality time together.

Brad Willis Brad clashes with Ezra's son
Monday 25 May,

Brad takes a class with Ezra Hanley's son, Clem, but soon has him in detention when he insults Terese.

Terese Willis Terese heads to Canada
Friday 22 May,

When Ezra taunts become too much, Terese insults him and resigns.

Ezra Hanley Ezra’s back in Erinsborough
Thursday 21 May,

Brad and Lauren are shocked to learn that Ezra Hanley has been appointed the new Acquisitions Manager of Lassiters Hotel and Complex.

Paige Smith Paige and Tyler are stuck with each other
Wednesday 20 May,

Paige is struggling with the deal that sees her sorting and listing stolen parts at the garage with Tyler.

Imogen Willis Imogen injures Nate
Tuesday 19 May,

Paige receives a text from Michelle demanding the stolen car money today. Off her own initiative Paige offers Michelle a token amount of money, hopeful she can pay the rest in instalments.

Daniel Robinson Can Daniel forgive Amber?
Monday 18 May,

Daniel's in shock after Amber's confession. She tries to explain but when he discovers that Paige knew the truth before he did, he leaves.

Lauren Turner Will Lauren let Bailey leave?
Friday 15 May,

Lauren has a heart-to-heart talk with Bailey and realises she has to let him move away.

Josh Willis Danni and Josh have a connection
Thursday 14 May,

Josh and Danni go for a coffee and as they share their problems, romance blossoms and they kiss, just as Amber walks in.

Imogen Willis Will Imogen go all the way with Tyler?
Wednesday 13 May,

Imogen finds herself in Tyler's bedroom but reluctantly admits she still has feelings for Daniel. Tyler is confused, and Imogen flees in a panic.

Dr Nick Petrides Nick is arrested!
Tuesday 12 May,

Terese confronts Nick as he makes his escape but Brennan storms in and arrests Nick. He brings Nick to see Paul and begs him to keep the cancer centre going.

Dr Nick Petrides Nick vows revenge on Georgia
Monday 11 May,

Celebrations are underway in the wake of the news that Nick's treatment has cured Paul. However, Georgia bursts in and accuses Nick of poisoning him but no one listens.

Karl Kennedy Suspicious Karl investigates Nick
Friday 8 May,

Nick's terrified he's about to be discovered when Karl gets the unexpected results of Paul's blood tests and pre-emptively announces that he has cured Paul of his leukaemia. Karl is staggered.

Paul Robinson Paul collapses!
Thursday 7 May,

Fresh from his break-up with Naomi, Tyler insists a night out with the boys will distract Brennan.

Naomi Canning Naomi dumps Brennan?
Wednesday 6 May,

Naomi has to put up with Brennan as he copes badly with a case of man-flu and she can't help but compare him to Paul.

Imogen Willis Will Imogen move on with Tyler?
Tuesday 5 May,

Imogen and Tyler return from their paint-balling date but as things get hot and heavy, Imogen panics and breaks away, leaving Tyler disappointed.

Amber Turner Amber lies to Daniel and Josh
Monday 4 May,

Daniel's thrilled about Amber's pregnancy and she decides not to tell him the baby might not be his, but she does tell Lauren.

Naomi Canning Naomi supports Paul
Friday 1 May,

Nick is panicked about Paul's announcement but he is soon reaping the benefits when businesses start calling in pledging money for the research centre.

Lauren Turner Lauren has a tough decision to make
Thursday 30 April,

After being knocked back by the Attorney General’s office for funding to hunt down Dimato, Brennan asking Lauren's permission to expose Matt's corruption so he can back up his case.

Georgia Brooks Georgia fights to prove her innocence
Wednesday 29 April,

Georgia's hearing at the hospital looms but her preparation is all for nothing when Toadie reveals that it's been postponed indefinitely.

Naomi Canning Naomi kisses Paul
Tuesday 28 April,

Naomi tells Paul to stay positive, especially now the cancer research centre is going to be a reality.

Amber Turner Amber tells Paige she’s pregnant
Monday 27 April,

Amber tells Paige that Josh might be the father of her baby. When Josh comes around to talk to Amber, Paige tells him to keep his distance.

Amber Turner Who's the father of Amber's baby?
Friday 24 April,

Paige, Imogen and Daniel take part in Josh's fitness trial and begin to have a good time. Half-way through the session, however, Amber throws up.

Tyler Brennan Tyler's actions catch up with him
Thursday 23 April,

Tyler's been laying low since Dimato's arrest and remains fearful of what will happen should Dimato get off.