Paul struggles with his grief
Thursday 24 April,

A grieving Paul continues to obstruct the Celebration of Kate.

Doug Willis is back
Wednesday 23 April,

Doug Willis arrives in Erinsborough. Brad and the kids are thrilled, but Terese is a little awkward - convinced Brad's parents always preferred his previous wife, Beth.

Will Kate survive the gunshot?
Monday 21 April,

Kate has been shot and as the ambulance arrives, she comes too and manages to tell Brennan she loves him before passing out.

Kate is shot!
Monday 21 April,

Brennan's preparing to propose to Kate. However, when a fly lands in Kate's champagne, she tosses the drink out... along with the engagement ring!

Brennan plans a big surprise for Kate
Friday 18 April,

Kate insists she doesn't want a birthday gift from Brennan - nothing could make her happier than she is right now.

Has Lauren finally found her missing daughter?
Thursday 17 April,

Lauren and Brad are in shock at the news that Bailey may have found their daughter. After a family counsel of war, they decide to fly the girl - Lisa - down to Erinsborough.

Has Bailey found his half-sister?
Wednesday 16 April,

Bailey continues to search for his half-sister and, when Amber finds out, she tells him he can't do this behind their mum's back.

Sonya drastically misjudges Talia
Tuesday 15 April,

Sonya confronts Talia about the saucy picture she found. Talia admits it was just a bit of fun so Sonja fires her.

Will a proud Joshua repeat Year 11?
Monday 14 April,

Joshua refuses to return to school unless Terese can talk Susan into letting him go into Year Twelve. But despite Terese's best efforts, Susan remains firm.

Georgia falls for Kyle again?
Friday 11 April,

Georgia agrees to meet Kyle for lunch, but is shocked when Susan suggests that they're dating again.

Brad asks Matt to jeopardise his career
Thursday 10 April,

Brad asks Matt to search for is daughter 'off the books'. Matt is loath to do anything to further compromise his career, but realises there may be another way... hire a private investigator.

Sheila's estranged daughter arrives in the Bay
Wednesday 9 April,

Paul discovers the attractive woman he has been flirting with is none other than Sheila's estranged daughter!

Paul refuses to forgive Brennan
Tuesday 8 April,

Kate and Brennan are finally together and couldn't be happier, but Kate is worried about Paul's reaction.

Are Kate and Brennan back together?
Monday 7 April,

Kate's shaken after her brush with Sienna, but is still avoiding Brennan. Meanwhile, Paul pushes Brennan to leave Erinsborough and Brennan backs off.

Josh and Maddy are on the rocks
Friday 4 April,

Andy tells Josh it's time he rings Maddy and sorts things out. Roo advises Maddy to patch things up with Josh. She explains that she views Spencer as family - like him and Andy.

Brennan's girlfriend returns to get her man
Friday 4 April,

Kate gets the shock of her life when Brennan's ex girlfriend, Sienna, walks out of the bathroom at number 24. Kate assumes that Brennan must've invited Sienna.

Kyle and Brennan compete in a tug-of-war
Thursday 3 April,

There's a bustle of activity as the Erinsborough Farm Day gets underway. Danni, as the main sponsor, has volunteered Brennan and Chris for the day while she and Kate man the lemonade stand.

Rebecca admits her true feelings for Paul
Wednesday 2 April,

Contemplating Paul's offer to move back to Erinsborough, Rebecca admits that she's seriously thinking about it.

Josh fears he's lost Amber
Tuesday 1 April,

Already fearing that Amber sees him differently now that he's no longer a swimmer, Josh finds her withdrawing further.

Will Lauren's secret tear two families apart?
Monday 31 March,

Terese maintains she doesn't want the kids knowing Brad's secret, and Lauren agrees. Later, Kathy urges Lauren to tell the kids the truth, but Lauren orders her to leave.