Terese confides in Paul
Wednesday 26 November,

At the hotel, Terese throws herself into work, but Paul encourages her to open up.

Has Kyle's father let him down again?
Tuesday 25 November,

Kyle isn't sure how to respond to his father's sudden desire to get to know him.

Paige makes another play for Brennan
Monday 24 November,

Unaware of the echoes Brennan is feeling between Sonya's troubles and the loss of Kate, Paige finds herself on the receiving end of a blunt brush-off when she tracks him down.

What is Sheila hiding?
Friday 21 November,

Georgia and Kyle are shocked when an envelope of money falls out of Sheila's bag.

Will Josh escape a prison sentence?
Thursday 20 November,

Josh and the Willis family face his sentencing hearing, but are stunned when they discover that Chris's addendum suggests that Josh doesn't deserve a custodial sentence.

Can Doug cheer Josh up before the hearing?
Wednesday 19 November,

It's the day of the sentencing hearing and Doug arrives from overseas to be with Josh. Josh takes Doug out for a gentle hit of cricket in the hours before the trial.

Has Brad cost Imogen her job?
Tuesday 18 November,

When Brad pinches a key piece of evidence in order to get Josh's sentencing hearing postponed, Imogen takes the blame, and Toadie fires her.

Chris's medical scare brings him closer to Nate
Monday 17 November,

Nate arrives to find Chris having a seizure and deals with the situation admirably. Chris fears he may have epilepsy, haunted by what happened to Andrew.

Who is after Sonya?
Friday 14 November,

Toadie's shocked to discover Brennan has received another anonymous letter regarding Sonya's past, and decides it's time to tell Sonya. She's shocked but has no idea who might be responsible.

Can Susan cope with Nate's past?
Thursday 13 November,

Daniel tries to dissuade Rain from setting up the New Eden Project but by the end of the meeting, he is actively encouraging her to settle in.

Daniel's ex-girlfriend arrives in Erinsborough
Wednesday 12 November,

As Daniel starts his first day as a bar owner he's shocked when his ex-girlfriend, Rain, arrives in town and explains that she's temporarily homeless.

Can Amber and Paige work things out?
Tuesday 11 November,

Seeking out her mother, Amber pours her heart out about feeling her place as the only daughter has been usurped by Paige.

Josh is hurt at the garage
Monday 10 November,

Joshua is going out of his way to respect Chris's wishes and steer clear. But, unbeknownst to Chris, Joshua tries and save Chris's job, which is under threat at the garage.

Susan struggles to help Nate
Friday 7 November,

Susan is struggling with the emotional weight of counselling Nate and looks into getting a counsellor for herself.

Matt and Terese stew over Lauren's journal
Thursday 6 November,

Matt and Terese are worried about the revelations in Lauren's journal. Terese's fears seem realised when she sees Brad, Lauren and Paige looking like a happy family.

Will Terese sneak at look at Lauren's journal?
Wednesday 5 November,

Terese decides to host lunch for Brad and Paige, determined to start making things up to them.

Josh makes a drastic decision
Tuesday 4 November,

In the wake of his confrontation with Chris, Imogen walks in on Josh throwing up and is quickly aware how tenuous his state of mind is.

Chris lashes out at Josh
Monday 3 November,

Chris decides he's ready to go back to work, but after incidents when both his hand and his memory fail him, he's sent home. Worried about his recovery, Chris pushes himself with his exercises.

Georgia makes a huge mistake
Friday 31 October,

Kyle and Georgia write thank you notes for their wedding presents. When a tipsy Georgia remembers Sheila gave them a hideous lamp, she writes a rude email of thanks to her grandmother-in-law...

Will Paige be left homeless?
Thursday 30 October,

Brad's delighted when Terese tells him she's asked Paige to move in, but comes clean about her ulterior motive. Brad's disappointed, but he understands he needs to put his wife first.