Tyler Brennan Tyler confronts Lucas
Tuesday 6 October,

When Tyler arrives back at the garage to find the roller door open, he tackles the intruder to the ground – only to learn it's the new owner... Lucas Fitzgerald.

Tyler Brennan Tyler tries to kiss Paige
Monday 5 October,

Tyler's gutted when he realises Ben hasn't locked the garage properly, which leaves him liable for everything taken. Paige suggests they search for the person responsible themselves.

Terese Willis Terese hits rock bottom!
Friday 2 October,

Terese is in desperate need of a friend and reluctantly accepts Susan's refusal to choose between her and Lauren.

Piper Willis Piper's back!
Thursday 1 October,

Piper spends her first day in Erinsborough reconnecting with her family and trying to understand what's happening with her parents' marriage.

Paul Robinson Paul has plans for Josh
Wednesday 30 September,

Paul forgives Naomi for sleeping with Josh and the pair celebrate their "non-engagement" with family drinks.

Naomi Canning Paul uncovers Naomi's infidelity
Tuesday 29 September,

When Imogen spies Naomi doing the walk of shame from the Willis house, she's appalled knowing Josh slept with her.

Josh Willis Josh scares Amber off!
Monday 28 September,

While resting at the Willis house after her fall, Josh unwittingly invades Amber's personal space with an intimate gesture and she tells him that although she appreciates his concern, she's headin

Amber Turner Amber has a nasty fall...
Friday 25 September,

Susan asks Amber to give a talk at school about professional career paths. Little does Amber know, Brad's fallen asleep during his break, and she's left to handle an unruly class on her own.

Stonefish Rebecchi Stonie steps up for his brother
Thursday 24 September,

Toadie blasts Sonya for taking him to a 'pity party' benefit but Stonie tells him he needs to face up to what's happened and go back to the benefit.

Russell Brennan Russ leaves Erinsborough
Wednesday 23 September,

When Russ finally apologises to Tyler, it's not enough.

Brad WIllis Will Brad fight to save his marriage?
Tuesday 22 September,

Brad and Lauren contemplate their future, but Lauren's bubble is burst when Imogen warns her to stay away from Brad and let him and Terese work things out.

Naomi Canning Naomi accepts Paul's proposal
Monday 21 September,

Completely thrown by Paul's marriage proposal, Naomi feels pressured to say yes. Nevertheless, she manages to convince Paul to keep their engagement under wraps.

Sonya Rebecchi Sonya vows to protect Nell
Friday 18 September,

Sonya is relieved to see her daughter is safe and tells Toadie that Nell wasn't in any danger. But when Toadie realises what a close call it had been he calls her on lying to him.

Toadie Rebecchi Toadie puts Nell in danger
Thursday 17 September,

Sonya leaves Toadie and Nell alone while she picks up croissants from the local bakery, and Nell runs outside when she and Toadie get caught up in a game of hide and seek.

Lauren Turner Amber questions Lauren’s honesty
Wednesday 16 September,

Joshua, Imogen, Brad and Terese sit down where Brad explains what happened. It's painful for everyone and Brad quickly leaves to avoid inflaming things further.

Terese Willis Terese uncovers Brad’s infidelity
Tuesday 15 September,

Lauren wakes up next to Brad, who resolves to be honest with Terese and Lauren can see his point, agreeing it's the best option.

Brad Willis Brad and Lauren give in to their feelings
Monday 14 September,

Daniel spots Terese in Off Air when she's meant to be at an AA meeting, and when Brad finds out he confronts Terese and they fight.

Georgia Brooks Georgia breaks Kyle's heart
Friday 11 September,

Kyle struggles with Greg's revelation that he has feelings for Georgia and he's on tenterhooks when she finally arrives.

Terese Willis Terese faces her first AA meeting
Thursday 10 September,

Terese is thrown to learn that her son has just had a one-night stand with barmaid Courtney. Meanwhile, Imogen, is thrilled when Daniel professes his love for her.

Aaron Brennan Aaron is attacked!
Wednesday 9 September,

Aaron offers to be Joshua's wingman for a night on the town. Things seem to be going well with a girl Aaron finds for Joshua – until her boyfriend Evan shows up.

Toadfish Rebecchi Will Toadie sue for compensation?
Tuesday 8 September,

Toadie decides to sue the council for compensation, knowing that it'll mean the end of Naomi's career.

Sheila Canning Sheila and Angie square up
Monday 7 September,

Sheila thinks Angie is flirting with Russ and when Angie learns Sheila and Russ are dating, she winds Sheila up by deliberately flirting with her man.

Terese Willis Has Terese lost Brad to Lauren?
Friday 4 September,

While Brad is packing his timber away in Lauren's shed, Terese sits at home stewing on 'the secret' she is holding, believing it to be Brad's.

Brad WIllis Brad and Terese re-open old wounds
Thursday 3 September,

Brad confronts Terese with a letter he's received from the council demanding his shed be pulled down. Terese denies sending it – but later finds Paul sent it.

Josh Willis Has Josh lost Amber for good?
Wednesday 2 September,

Amber reels after discovering Josh has been posing as Phoebe. Equally horrified, Imogen confronts Josh, who insists he was only trying to support Amber.