Aaron Brennan Aaron unmasks his blackmailer
Friday 29 April,

Aaron gets a text demanding that ten grand is placed in the old well that afternoon. Nate tries to comfort Aaron – with a kiss, which soon leads to more.

Julie Martin Julie accuses Paul of harassment
Thursday 28 April,

Julie unleashes her pain at Paul, and when he reaches out to put a comforting arm on her shoulder, she reports him to the police for harassment.

Paul Robinson Madison vows to help Paul
Wednesday 27 April,

Piper is shattered by Tyler's confession, while Mark annoyed he hadn't come forward sooner but still sets about investigating the claim.

Daniel Robinson Amber and Daniel get hitched!
Tuesday 26 April,

Daniel and Imogen go ahead with their low-key registry office marriage, but Imogen's parents arrive just in time to persuade them to have a ceremony at home with family and friends.

Sarah Beaumont Sarah finally tells Susan the truth
Monday 25 April,

When Sheila overhears Sarah mention Karl in a call to her ex husband, Dr.

Daniel Robinson Daniel’s sister makes a surprise visit
Friday 22 April,

Madison arrives in town, determined to see if Daniel's rushing into a marriage with Imogen but they soon convince her that their relationship is the real deal.

Neighbours Daniel proposes to Imogen
Thursday 21 April,

Naomi asks Imogen to come and work in LA and, when Daniel tells her he’ll go with her, she’s delighted and immediately starts to worry how he'll get a working visa.

Paige Smith Paige bonds with her mystery man...
Wednesday 20 April,

Paige's John Doe finally wakes up – but he's suffering from amnesia. This only strengthens her resolve to support him until his identity is found...

ned willis Ned reveals his true feelings about Brad
Tuesday 19 April,

Pam admits to Lauren that her harsh treatment of Ned is a way of dealing with Doug's death. Lauren reassures Pam it's an understandable reaction, allowing Pam and Ned to make up.

Paul Robinson Paul begs Steph for help
Monday 18 April,

Steph visits Paul in prison where he asks her to track Cecilia down and win a confession. But Steph soon learns that Cecilia has an alibi and plans to deny any involvement with Paul at all.

Nate Kinski Nate reels from Aaron's confession
Friday 15 April,

Aaron tells Nate that just before the explosion, he found Tom in the underground car park of the hotel. Tom punched him and, in defense, Aaron knocked him out.

Aaron Brennan Nate's shocked by Aaron's confession
Thursday 14 April,

Nate asks Sonya to re-hire Aaron as her assistant but she suggests a compromise - a job at the nursery.

ned willis Ned supports Imogen
Wednesday 13 April,

A sympathetic Steph checks in on the Willis girls and drops off a casserole.

Terese Willis Terese is devastated by Paul's actions
Tuesday 12 April,

When Brad discovers Paul has been taken in for questioning he assumes he's responsible for the explosion.

Nene williams Nene realises Paul's been playing her
Monday 11 April,

When Steph shows Paul the incriminating evidence she found in his briefcase, he asks Nene to corroborate on a false alibi with him.

Kyle canning Kyle says goodbye to Ramsay Street
Friday 8 April,

Kyle tells Sheila that he has to follow his heart and be with Georgia. After offering Amy the business he says goodbye and it's clear everyone is devastated to see he and Bossy go.

Toadie Rebecchi Will anyone find a trapped Toadie?
Thursday 7 April,

Swinging into action as mayor, Sonya gets a broken call from Toadie and realises he's lost in the hotel and is struggling to free himself.

ned willis Brad is shocked to see Ned
Wednesday 6 April,

The door of Room 501 opens to reveal a confused Doug - and we soon discover the young man trying to evacuate him is Brad's estranged son, Ned - visiting at Doug's request to achieve a family recon

Lassiters Susan sees Karl helping Sarah
Tuesday 5 April,

In the aftermath of the Lassiters explosion, Karl knocks on a hotel room door and there are shocks all round when Sarah Beaumont opens it.

Lassiters Will anyone survive an explosion at Lassiters?
Monday 4 April,

Josh argues with Daniel at Lassiters – seconds before the boiler blows and the pair become trapped beneath a concrete column.

Paul Robinson Desperate Paul makes a deal
Friday 1 April,

The council has learned of Robinsons losing its liquor license and Julie tells Paul that they plan to give the Citizen of the Year ceremony to Lassiters instead.

Xanthe Canning Xanthe has her eye on Ben
Thursday 31 March,

Ben's returned to stay with the Kennedys and asks Susan for help to improve his grades - he intends to be far more conscientious this time round. However, he hasn't reckoned on meeting Xanthe.

Piper Willis Piper sees Brodie's nasty side
Wednesday 30 March,

Brodie steals Piper's phone, so when Tyler texts her and receives a reply telling him to leave her alone, he grudgingly puts his mobile aside, unaware Brodie sent the text.

Aaron Brennan Aaron records Tom’s confession
Tuesday 29 March,

Aaron confronts Tom over his lies to the police but Tom refuses to admit he's in the wrong.

Piper Willis Brodie charms Piper
Monday 28 March,

Brad tells a volatile Brodie that he may not make it to trials and, when he suggests looking for a new coach, Brodie storms off.