Mark Brennan Mark tells Steph he wants kids
Wednesday 25 May,

Charlie visits and Steph's chuffed when he and Mark hit it off. Mark praises Steph's parenting, saying she'll be an expert next time she has a baby.

Terese Willis Terese seeks solace in Walter
Tuesday 24 May,

Terese asks Walter out for coffee and things go well until Walter tries to end the date and a fragile Terese suggest they get to know each other better, confessing she needs something to distract

Piper Willis Piper unearths a new suspect
Monday 23 May,

Piper starts to doubt Paul's responsible for the Lassiters blast and her initial suspicions of Brodie resurface.

Terese Willis Will Terese succumb to temptation?
Friday 20 May,

Walter waits for Sonya outside the AA meeting venue, but avoids interacting with Toadie.

Xanthe Canning Xanthe plans to sleep with Angus
Thursday 19 May,

Amy finds condoms in Xanthe's bag and offers to teach her how to use protection... but it backfires when Sheila finds a discarded condom in Xanthe's bedroom.

ned willis Ned tests his theory on Piper
Wednesday 18 May,

When Brad disappears for the day, Ned is further convinced that he is cheating on Lauren with Terese. He confides in Piper and then confronts Brad, who refuses to explain himself.

ned willis Ned catches Brad and Terese together
Tuesday 17 May,

Terese sees Paul heading to the police station, and realises her plan is in motion. But she’s guilt-ridden when Amy breaks down over her dad's situation.

Terese Willis Terese wants Paul to suffer
Monday 16 May,

Piper interviews Paul for her vlog, and he explains he's in love with Terese and would never do anything to hurt her family.

Xanthe Canning Xanthe choose Angus over Ben
Friday 13 May,

Piper challenges Ben to ask Xanthe out but as he's about to present her with tickets to see a girlband, Angus rocks up with tickets for the same gig.

Paige Smith Can Paige convince John to stick around?
Thursday 12 May,

John's rattled by Dustin running off at the sight of Mark and is forced to re-evaluate who he is. He makes the impulsive decision to leave Erinsborough but Paige convinces him to stay.

Ben Kirk Ben and Angus square up at school
Wednesday 11 May,

Ben tells Piper that Angus stole his share of Tom Quill's money and, when she challenges him to take it back, Ben is busted trying to break into Angus's locker.

Brad Willis Brad shops Ned to the police!
Tuesday 10 May,

Piper and Tyler tell Brad about the discrepancies they've discovered in Ned's story about the day of the Lassiters disaster.

Paige Smith Paige and John find an intriguing clue...
Monday 9 May,

Paige and John arrive in Geelong looking for clues about John's identity and, when they decide to stay a night, the sexual tension between them continues to bubble away.

John John lashes out at Tyler!
Friday 6 May,

Paige discovers John is a fan of the Geelong Cats and suggests that a trip to Geelong might be the key to unlocking his memory.

ned willis Ned causes waves again
Thursday 5 May,

Lauren decides Ned should help Piper go through Josh's belongings. They soon develop a strong bond as Ned introduces Piper to the virtues of tattoos as mementoes of lost loved ones.

Stonefish Rebecchi Stonefish pays Toadie a mysterious visit
Wednesday 4 May,

Sonya and Steph are surprised when Stonefish shows up on their doorstep.

Paul Robinson Paul prays that Tom is guilty
Tuesday 3 May,

After fighting with Angus about the stolen money, Ben tells Karl and Susan he’s a pain in the neck and wants nothing more to do with him, jeopardising Sarah’s plans.

Ben Kirk Angus's arrival causes trouble for Ben
Monday 2 May,

Karl and Susan are worried when Sarah explains she hasn't told Angus she has cancer.

Aaron Brennan Aaron unmasks his blackmailer
Friday 29 April,

Aaron gets a text demanding that ten grand is placed in the old well that afternoon. Nate tries to comfort Aaron – with a kiss, which soon leads to more.

Julie Martin Julie accuses Paul of harassment
Thursday 28 April,

Julie unleashes her pain at Paul, and when he reaches out to put a comforting arm on her shoulder, she reports him to the police for harassment.

Paul Robinson Madison vows to help Paul
Wednesday 27 April,

Piper is shattered by Tyler's confession, while Mark annoyed he hadn't come forward sooner but still sets about investigating the claim.

Daniel Robinson Amber and Daniel get hitched!
Tuesday 26 April,

Daniel and Imogen go ahead with their low-key registry office marriage, but Imogen's parents arrive just in time to persuade them to have a ceremony at home with family and friends.

Sarah Beaumont Sarah finally tells Susan the truth
Monday 25 April,

When Sheila overhears Sarah mention Karl in a call to her ex husband, Dr.

Daniel Robinson Daniel’s sister makes a surprise visit
Friday 22 April,

Madison arrives in town, determined to see if Daniel's rushing into a marriage with Imogen but they soon convince her that their relationship is the real deal.

Neighbours Daniel proposes to Imogen
Thursday 21 April,

Naomi asks Imogen to come and work in LA and, when Daniel tells her he’ll go with her, she’s delighted and immediately starts to worry how he'll get a working visa.