Lauren Turner Can Lauren forgive Matt... again?
Thursday 26 March,

Lauren confesses Matt's mistake to Brad and reveals her uncertainty about the future of their marriage.

Janelle Steiger-Timmins It's war at the Festival Bake-off
Wednesday 25 March,

At the festival bake-off, the competition between Susan and Sheila is fierce when a last minute entry comes in, and it's former Erinsborough resident, Janelle Steiger-Timmins.

Mark Brennan Brennan finds Matt with Dimato
Tuesday 24 March,

Brennan is surprised to hear that Matt, along with lots of other cops, recently received a large chunk of back-pay due to a clerical error.

daniel robinson Harold pushes Daniel away
Monday 23 March,

Harold discovers Amber overheard his advice to Daniel not to marry her. Lou's impassioned defense of Amber sways Harold to agree to apologise to her, until Imogen tells him her own concerns.

madge harold Harold and Madge judge Amber
Friday 20 March,

Newly released from hospital, Harold - accompanied by Madge, an element of his subconscious – has lunch with Daniel and Amber.

Harold Bishop Harold can't let Madge go
Thursday 19 March,

At the hospital, Harold wakes to find Madge by his bedside. They start to reconnect, but as each visitor interrupts, Madge slips further away.

Paige Smith Harold crashes into the Erinsborough Festival!
Wednesday 18 March,

The opening day of the inaugural Erinsborough Festival has arrived and Nate and Karl compete in a quiz to determine Erinsborough's Greatest Expert.

Paige Smith Paige hooks up with Tyler
Tuesday 17 March,

Tyler gives up on Imogen when he realises she's into Daniel. Elsewhere, Paige is gutted to discover that Brennan and Naomi are on, and when Tyler tries it on she gives in.

Imogen Willis Imogen plans her future with Daniel
Monday 16 March,

Imogen realises Daniel and Amber haven't made any plans for their big day. Putting her feelings aside for Daniel, she starts to get carried away, tossing up ideas she'd have at her own wedding.

georgia brooks Will Georgia fall for Nick’s charms?
Friday 13 March,

Recognising an opportunity to get closer to Georgia – and thus to winning his bet with Paul – Nick reads her personal notebook and discovers her pre-baby bucket list.

Paul's reunited with cousin Hilary
Thursday 12 March,

Paul whisks cousin Hilary back to his penthouse and, in a moment of vulnerability, she reveals how her relationship with her son deteriorated as a result of a fall-out with his wife.

Paul makes a seedy bet with Nick
Wednesday 11 March,

Paul is holding a champagne breakfast for the Erinsborough Festival sponsors where Nick confesses he’s attracted to Georgia. Paul doesn’t think Nick stands a chance.

Mark Brennan Brennan rejoins the force
Tuesday 10 March,

Tyler confirms Imogen is the owner of the car he’s been hired to strip. He strikes a deal with Dimato, promising to do a favour in exchange for possession of the car.

Matt Turner Will Matt strike a deal with the devil?
Monday 9 March,

Hearing of Matt's violent outburst, Lauren suggests selling the house and Matt is forced to agree.

terese willis Brad exposes Terese's brother
Friday 6 March,

Brad tells Terese that on the eve of their wedding, Nick arranged a meeting between Brad and his ex-wife Beth and son, in the hope Brad would desert Terese.

terese Terese’s brothers in town
Thursday 5 March,

Karl's interviewing a potential new doctor for the hospital and Terese is shocked to discover it’s her brother Nick.

nate kinski Nate gains some confidence
Wednesday 4 March,

When Toadie asks Nate to step in as manager at the nursery while Sonya is away, Nate turns the offer down. Susan is surprised and encourages him to rethink the offer.

harold bishop Harold's back!
Tuesday 3 March,

Lou has a surprise for Toadie and Daniel – Harold's back!

bailey turner Is Bailey the cyber-thief?
Monday 2 March,

After being stood up by Bryson, Paige returns to work, only to come face to face with him.

Paige puts herself at risk
Friday 27 February,

Paige is determined to make up for the loss of the money by capturing the culprit, and she arranges to meet Bryson, having invited him to come to Erinsborough.

Kyle wants a baby!
Thursday 26 February,

Georgia is thrown to discover evidence that Kyle has been stealing underwear. However, the truth is he's covering for Bossy, after catching her chewing up bras in the backyard.

Brax reveals Ricky is having a boy!
Wednesday 25 February,

Brax tells Kyle that Ricky is pregnant with a boy. Kyle decides to gather a group of Phoebe's friends to support her at her launch and also tells Matt, Phoebe wants him to be her support act.

Will Paul sabotage Daniel's engagement?
Wednesday 25 February,

Still reeling from the discovery of their empty bank account, the Turners are learn that the money was sent overseas using Paige's identity.

Naomi and Brennan get it on
Tuesday 24 February,

Matt discovers that his security guard gig is actually for Dimato Industries and is forced to resign.

Imogen is rescued by a sexy stranger
Monday 23 February,

A hungover Imogen wakes up in the arms of Tyler, a handsome stranger, who hoists Imogen on to his motorbike. Arriving on Ramsay Street, she accidently falls off the bike and hits her head.