Lauren Turner Will Lauren end things with Brad?
Monday 30 November,

As Amber prepares to bring baby Matilda home, Lauren realises she needs to focus on her family, which leads to a heartbreaking decision…

Toadie Rebecchi Toadie tries to help Steph
Friday 27 November,

Steph's shocked she runs into her ex-girlfriend Belinda, who wants her back.

Ben Kirk Ben collapses!
Thursday 26 November,

Piper and Ben land in Glenrowan and although he's still struggling with his breathing, Ben suggests they pick fruit to make more money. But it soon becomes clear Ben is too injured to work.

Mark Brennan Mark fails to cheer up Paige
Wednesday 25 November,

Paige's frustrated at Mark's lack of attention and when Nate, Aaron and Imogen confront him, he realises he needs to lift his game.

steph scully Is Steph losing her mind?
Tuesday 24 November,

Steph is hopeful when Vanessa agrees to meet her.

Ben Kirk Ben confesses to starting the fire
Monday 23 November,

Susan and Karl are left reeling when Ben confesses to accidentally starting the school fire. The reality of what he's done hits home when Mark arrests him.

Ben Kirk Sheila hits Ben with her car!
Friday 20 November,

Sheila is shocked when she realises she has struck Ben with her car – but luckily he only has a couple of fractured ribs.

Amy Robinson Amy make a shocking discovery
Thursday 19 November,

After waking in Tyler's room, Amy's caught out on her walk of shame by Kyle and Jimmy.

Terese Willis Terese drops a bombshell
Wednesday 18 November,

When Brad discovers Terese is in serious trouble, he quickly rushes her to the hospital where they are told she has sepsis. He's struck by Terese’s sickly state, and promises to take care of her.

Tyler Brennan The Brennan brothers clash
Tuesday 17 November,

Tyler's stung to discover Mark wanted to stop Aaron from confessing to the police. When he was in trouble, Mark didn't want anything to do with him.

Brad Willis Brad is drawn to Terese
Monday 16 November,

Brad's feeling guilty about his decision to save Lauren in the fire, so Lauren suggests he lend Terese a helping hand to get home from hospital.

Imogen Willis Has Imogen unmasked the arsonist?
Friday 13 November,

Piper's shocked to learn Susan entrusted her mobile phone to Imogen.

Jayden Did Jayden start the fire?
Thursday 12 November,

Mark discovers the fingerprints on the jerry can belong to Jayden and he admits he started the fire.

Amy Robinson Kyle and Amy get it on
Wednesday 11 November,

Kyle and Amy are on rocky ground but as they work on the post-fire clean-up, things start to heat up. Finally, their attraction for one another reaches boiling point and passion consumes them.

Brad Willis The Willis's reel from Brad's confession
Tuesday 10 November,

Brad wants to come clean to the rest of the kids and reminds Lauren of his declaration of love at the hospital. It's a small window of happiness before Brad comes clean with Josh and Piper.

steph scully Steph and Belinda are together
Monday 9 November,

Belinda accuses Steph of telling the police about 'them'. Steph swears she didn't say anything and Belinda kisses her – only to be seen by Toadie.

Mark Brennan Mark closes in on the arsonist...
Friday 6 November,

Having learnt that the school fire was lit deliberately, Mark's concerned when Sonya reveals Belinda warned that Steph was unstable.

Terese Willis Can Terese forgive Lauren and Brad?
Thursday 5 November,

Amber gives birth to a girl and she Josh connect over their baby. Amber thinks she should give Josh another chance but agrees to wait when Paige urges her to think on her feelings before acting.

Toadie Rebecchi Will Toadie be dragged to safety?
Wednesday 4 November,

The residents of Erinsborough battle to save themselves from the fire engulfing the high school.

Brad Willis Brad makes a life or death decision
Tuesday 3 November,

Terese is hurt seeing Brad and Lauren kissing in the school corridor. When she confronts them, the fire alarm sounds and Brad and Lauren hurry off to investigate.

Erinsborough high A fire threatens the school sleep out
Monday 2 November,

Paul's receiving mysterious texts about 'Freestyle' – unaware that it's Josh trying to elicit a confession for setting him up with the illegal peptides.

Tyler Brennan Will Tyler choose Mark or Paige?
Friday 30 October,

Paige may not realise the extent of Tyler's underhandedness, but she does suspect that he'd like to see her split from Mark.

Sheila Canning Sheila reveals a secret...
Thursday 29 October,

Susan expresses her dismay over her students not completing their education if the school closes and Sheila snaps - people don't need to finish high school to be successful.

steph scully Has Steph kidnapped Jimmy?
Wednesday 28 October,

All evidence points to Steph having snatched Jimmi but when she angrily defends herself she's ultimately exonerated. But it's all too clear that the community still distrusts her.

Amy Robinson Amy finally sees the real Liam
Tuesday 27 October,

Paul thinks Steph is behind Jimmy's disappearance, until Liam reveals he owes a guy fifteen grand, and thinks Jimmy has been taken for ransom.