Imogen isn't keen on 'Brad the teacher'
Thursday 31 July,

It's Brad's first day teaching at Erinsborough High and he pitches a host of new school initiatives to Susan.

Will Sonya sacrifice her friendship with Brennan?
Wednesday 30 July,

Sonya runs to Brennan, desperate to debrief about slapping Naomi, but is shocked to learn Naomi is staying at his house.

Sonya slaps Naomi
Tuesday 29 July,

Sonya returns and is stunned by Naomi's deception, but after discussing it with Toadie, they somehow become more disconnected than ever.

Terese realises the depth of Paul's despair
Monday 28 July,

When Paul discovers the council is investigating him after leaving a secure document in the open, he's confused, questioning Terese, who was the only one who knew about his mistake.

Will Amber dump Josh?
Friday 25 July,

After Josh returns from the police station, Amber makes her escape to Daniel in the dark room. When they're nearly caught together by Josh, Daniel urges her to tell him the truth.

Josh gets in trouble with the law
Thursday 24 July,

Amber wrestles with how and when to break up with Joshua. Meanwhile, a boy from school, Jayden, has admired the skate stunts Joshua's filmed and put online.

It's Sheila verses Naomi
Tuesday 22 July,

Rudely interrupted after kissing Toadie - initially by Sonya calling on his phone - Naomi's further thwarted from unpacking the kiss by the arrival of Sheila, who after finding a receipt for linge

Naomi makes her move on Toadie
Monday 21 July,

Naomi checks in with Toadie after learning Sonya's gone away with Nell for the weekend, and Toadie's glib brave-facing convinces her he's pleased Sonya's gone.

Will Amber give in to temptation?
Friday 18 July,

Josh offers to help Amber with her photography, but he gets bored in the darkroom and slips away to do other things.

Will Terese cross the line to help Paul?
Thursday 17 July,

Terese is still reeling from the news that Imogen wagged school and has been stripped of her school captaincy as a result - and all due to a friend of Paige's.

Paige gives Amber a wake-up call
Wednesday 16 July,

Amber's gutted by Paige and Daniel's kiss and tells him how hurt she is.

Amber spies Paige and Daniel kissing
Tuesday 15 July,

Amber and Daniel have been keeping their distance, but a chance encounter at the store leaves them both feeling awkward - something which Paige picks up on.

Paige's brother makes a surprise visit
Monday 14 July,

Paige is alarmed when her brother, Ethan, turns up for a surprise visit.

Who will Amber choose - Daniel or Josh?
Friday 11 July,

When Josh gives Amber three photos of their most precious memories together, complete with hand-made photo frames, Amber is overcome with guilt.

Amber plays away with Daniel
Thursday 10 July,

When Amber gets a text from Daniel she decides to hang out with him rather than going along to support her boyfriend and best friend in their driving tests.

Will Paul confess to murder?
Wednesday 9 July,

Paul figures out that Brennan is pursuing an investigation into Gus Cleary's death. His response is to write a confession and leave the decision in Brennan's hands.

Sonya makes a breakthrough with Bailey
Tuesday 8 July,

When Sonya admits she's been affected by Callum's absence, Bailey decides to open up to her. He admits his drinking was about gaining confidence but it just got out of control.

Kyle proposes to Georgia!
Monday 7 July,

Now that things are back on track at work, a loved up Kyle reveals it's time to propose to Georgia again.

Bailey's secret drinking is exposed
Friday 4 July,

After Paige's outburst, Lauren asks Amber outright if she feels neglected, and Amber ends up revealing Bailey's secret.

Will Naomi leave Erinsborough?
Friday 4 July,

After learning that Sheila blames her for her father's death, Naomi is devastated.