Paul and Sheila get trapped in the cool room
Friday 29 August,

When Paul and Sheila find themselves locked in The Waterhole cool room, their bickering about who is to blame quickly turns to worry.

Is Lou Sheila's dream man?
Thursday 28 August,

Sheila battles a series of erotic fantasies about a mysterious stranger inspired by The Book of Secrets, but each time the stranger's identity is revealed, she's appalled to realise it's Lou.

Will Terese drop the charges against Paige?
Wednesday 27 August,

Tensions mount between Lauren and Matt when he refuses to let Paige off with a warning.

Can Paige and Katy make amends?
Tuesday 26 August,

Kathy greets Paige warmly from her hospital bed, but Paige rushes from the room and confides in Brad that it doesn't seem right that Kathy can so easily brush over the pain she's caused.

Josh and Naomi get hot and heavy
Monday 25 August,

Naomi offers a heartbroken Josh a day's work and tells him to get a dating app on his phone called Ziva.

Lucy has a shocking proposition for Chris
Friday 22 August,

Lucy suggests she and Chris babysit Nell and the pair end up having a ball bonding over stories of heartbreak. Singing Chris's praises to Sonya, Lucy presses her for more information about him.

Amber can't reconcile with Paige
Thursday 21 August,

In the wake of Paige's revelation, the Willis and Turner families are in turmoil. Lauren accepts Paige unconditionally, but Brad's a little more reserved in his acceptance.

Erinsborough is shocked as Paige is unmasked
Wednesday 20 August,

Reeling after her discovery of the two teddy bears, Lauren is at first shocked to discover they're Paige's, then devastated to find she's gone.

Will Toadie survive the accident?
Tuesday 19 August,

With both Toadie and Kathy unconscious and unresponsive in the aftermath of the accident, it's up to Paige to raise help, but only after instinctively saving Kathy's life.

Kathy and Paige have a shocking car accident
Monday 18 August,

A disappointed Paige realises that the notebook she swiped from Kathy doesn't answer any of the questions about her adoption.

Can Paul finally move on?
Friday 15 August,

When Paul apologises to Lucy post-argument, he learns that she's going through her own emotional struggles, and feels compelled to be there for her.

Lucy's back... but can she help Paul?
Thursday 14 August,

When Lucy pays a surprise visit, Karl hopes that seeing his sister will help lift Paul's mood, but Paul isn't interested.

Toadie exposes Sonya's fears
Wednesday 13 August,

Sonya insists that she and Toadie go to a live outdoor music gig and Toadie finds himself traipsing through the dark with her as they search for the venue.

Josh makes a shocking decision
Tuesday 12 August,

Josh and Imogen are disgusted when Susan tasks Amber with leading initial preparations for the end of year formal. She might be school captain, but that doesn't make her a worthy leader.

Is Paige about to be unmasked?
Monday 11 August,

Paige hopes the store she's helping Kathy set up will be the perfect cover story to get to know her, but Naomi's enthusiasm for her own new job with Kathy gets in the way.

Will Amber and Daniel stick together?
Friday 8 August,

Amber can't reconcile her happiness at being with Daniel with her guilt over hurting Josh.

Will Paul finally seek professional help?
Thursday 7 August,

Paul accidentally damages some seedlings at the nursery, and overreacts, leading Sonya to realise how fragile he really is. She realises Paul needs professional help, and tells him as much.

Kyle gives Sheila an ultimatum
Wednesday 6 August,

Sheila continues pouring herself into the planning of Kyle and Georgia's wedding as a way to avoid her issues with Naomi.

Josh confronts Daniel about the kiss
Tuesday 5 August,

Josh is in shock after seeing Amber kissing Daniel and puts himself through a punishing exercise routine. When Amber finally hunts him down, he can barely even look at her.

Will Josh bust Amber and Daniel?
Monday 4 August,

Knowing Amber's been immersing herself in the game Crash Words, Josh asks Imogen to teach him to play. He eventually invites Amber's friend, Scoop24, and is stunned to discover it's Daniel.