Forthaven's hit by a deadly virus Forthaven's hit by a deadly virus
Sunday 13 March,
When a new, deadly virus hits Forthaven, Tate and Stella fear it's the host force answering their attempts at communication, as the sci-fi series reaches its climax.
What is Cass's secret past? What is Cass's secret past?
Sunday 6 March,
Cass finds himself in big trouble when he picks up a woman Carla at a bar, who then goes missing. After a full-on search, Fleur finds out that Cass attacked her at his house.
Jack's mysterious mission? Jack's mysterious mission?
Sunday 27 February,
When three of Carpathia's expeditionaries go missing in the planet's wilderness, there's panic back in Forthaven.
Diamonds are forever! Diamonds are forever!
Monday 21 February,
After the amazing discovery of a fossilised human jawbone last week, there are more mysterious findings in store for the settlers on the strange planet Carpathia in Outcasts.
Killer on the loose? Killer on the loose?
Tuesday 15 February,
One of the feared ACs – clones known as Advanced Cultivares – breaks into Forthaven and causes panic.
Beware the storm! Beware the storm!
Monday 14 February,
Terrifying danger strikes Carpathia, threatening to bring death and destruction to Forthaven, the settlement humans have been building on their new home planet for the past 10 years.
Terror in the wilderness Terror in the wilderness
Tuesday 8 February,
Stella is delighted to hear that her daughter Lily was on one of the escapeshuttles that made it to Carpathia. But when Jack (Ashley Walters) and his
Welcome to Carpathia Welcome to Carpathia
Monday 7 February,
It’s the year 2060 and humans have left Earth and settled on a new planet Carpathia.