Mother's ruin
Wednesday 24 September,

After promising that the chaos of her personal life was behind her, Rachel is torn when she discovers that her mother’s new boyfriend is a violent domestic abuser.

Rachel's feeling the pressure
Wednesday 17 September,

Rachel's first case as sergeant is not exactly an easy one as she has to lead the team as they look into a high-profile missing person's investigation from 23 years ago, after the body of a woman

Scott and Bailey go head-to-head
Wednesday 10 September,

Tensions are rife at Syndicate 9 as Rachel and Janet both have interviews to be promoted to sergeant.

Can Rachel and Janet reunite to save Gill?
Wednesday 22 May,

It's Gill's day off, and she's gone to the supermarket to buy alcohol for son Sammy's engagement party that evening.

Sean loses it when Rachel confesses everything
Wednesday 15 May,

Janet is horrified to get home to find Rachel and Kevin having sex at her house. Livid, Janet storms in and demands that they both leave immediately. Janet shouts at Rachel to get into her car.

MIT investigate a death at an uncaring nursing home
Wednesday 8 May,

Rachel is still living with Janet and her family, but mother Dorothy is constantly asking her daughter when her colleague is going to move out.

Rachel and Sean's marriage is in ruins
Wednesday 1 May,

In pathology, the seven bodies of the victims found underneath Joe Bevan's cellar are laid out. All of them, it transpires, are young men who suffered some sort of trauma before they died.

A new sergeant joins Scott & Bailey
Wednesday 24 April,

Janet Scott is at home with her daughters and mother when the doorbell rings late one night. Answering the door, she sees Helen is on her doorstep.

Surburban mayhem
Wednesday 17 April,

When a bloodied body is discovered in the kitchen of a house in a leafy suburb, it's up to detectives Scott and Bailey to investigate the crime.

Rachel's career is in tatters
Wednesday 10 April,

While pursuing someone they want to question, Rachel admits to Janet that she has made a terrible mistake in her marriage.

Scott & Bailey investigate a murder close to home
Wednesday 3 April,

When DC Janet Scott hears that an elderly couple living nearby to her haven't been seen in a while, and that there's an odd smell coming from their home, she wastes no time in calling police to in

Andy and Janet go to war! Andy and Janet go to war!
Monday 23 April,
Sean has another surprise up his sleeve for Rachel - he's seen her mum, who he says would love to see Rachel.
Is Rachel ready for stepmotherhood? Is Rachel ready for stepmotherhood?
Monday 16 April,
Sean wants Rachel to meet his son from his now defunct marriage, if she's going to be his 'other mummy'. Haydn is eight years' old and a chip off the old block. Rachel can think of nothing worse.
Rachel reels from a racist murder Rachel reels from a racist murder
Monday 9 April,
Janet finally faces the interview with Geoff Hastings, for which she’s been preparing for months, and learns much more than she bargained for, while Rachel and the rest of the team investigate the br
A killer torments a family A killer torments a family
Monday 2 April,
Dom goes for his HIV test and it's negative. But Dom's euphoria leads him to do something stupid that not only puts his life in danger, but also means that Rachel misses her sergeant's exam.
The wrong man? The wrong man?
Monday 26 March,
This week's story centres around Jeremy Leach, an infamous serial killer who was imprisoned 13 years ago for the rape and murder of four women in the South West.
Wall of silence Wall of silence
Monday 19 March,
Rachel encourages Dom to try and get a job, but with no success. He’s feckless, poorly motivated and lacks confidence.
Getting to grips with two murders Getting to grips with two murders
Monday 12 March,
When two badly burned bodies appears within days of each other the officers team up with DCI Julie Dodson (Pippa Haywood) and her team to try and apprehend the killer before they strike again.
An unfair cop? An unfair cop?
Saturday 1 January,