The Crimson Hat The Crimson Hat
Friday 1 June,
Five USA
It's six months since Patrick Jane was sacked from the CBI and it looks like he's hit rock bottom. He's in trouble with the Las Vegas police, eventually being bailed out of jail by waitress Lorelei.
Red Rover, Red Rover Red Rover, Red Rover
Friday 25 May,
Five USA
On the eighth anniversary of the murder of his wife and daughter, Jane is sent a message from Red John, taunting him to give up the chase.
So Long and Thanks for All the Red Snapper  So Long and Thanks for All the Red Snapper
Friday 18 May,
Five USA
Jane and Lisbon investigate the murder of surfer and part-time marine salvager Jay Banner whose body is found buried on a San Martinez beach.
Ruby Slippers Ruby Slippers
Friday 11 May,
Five USA
Lisbon's team look into the case of a body found handcuffed to the steering wheel of a burned out car in an alley near a drag queen cabaret club.
Something's Rotten in Redmond Something's Rotten in Redmond
Friday 4 May,
Five USA
The body of popular young English teacher Jack Tierney is found beaten to death on the Redmund High School campus, and everyone from the students to the staff is a suspect.
Pink Champagne on Ice Pink Champagne on Ice
Friday 27 April,
Five USA
Lisbon's team investigate the murder of a Ryan DiStefano, who's been found shot dead on a road in the middle of nowhere.
Ruddy Cheeks  Ruddy Cheeks
Friday 20 April,
Five USA
Lisbon’s team investigate the murder of wealthy cancer patient and former alcoholic Archer Braddock, who only had a month to live, and they’re lost as to why someone would want to kill him.
Cheap Burgundy Cheap Burgundy
Friday 13 April,
Five USA
Matilda Cruise has been murdered by someone she met on a chatroom for Shakespeare fans and her boss, billionaire Gary Philo, announces a reward of $10million at a press conference.
His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts
Friday 6 April,
Five USA
Gabriel Meadows is found brutally murdered in his apartment; he was an anti-cult activist and had been investigating Visualise, the cult headed by Jane’s former adversary Brett Stiles.
War of the Roses War of the Roses
Friday 30 March,
Five USA
Charity worker Natalie Gibecki has been found murdered outside a train station and Lisbon’s team have little to go on until Jane receives a call from intriguing former adversary Erica Flynn, who clai
At First Blush At First Blush
Friday 23 March,
Five USA
Winery owner Eve Mulberry is in court accused of murdering her dance instructor, Carlos Ruiz, but Jane, who sees her dealing with the press on the court steps, doesn’t believe she did it.
Red is the New Black Red is the New Black
Friday 16 March,
Five USA
Genius fashion designer Wyck Theissens has been murdered and a golden feather, of the kind used in one of his magnificent creations, has been placed in his mouth.
My Bloody Valentine My Bloody Valentine
Friday 9 March,
Five USA
Lisbon's team investigate the shooting of the eldest son of crime boss Gabriel Porchetto at a party in the gangster's home.
Always Bet on Red Always Bet on Red
Friday 2 March,
Five USA
Pushy and well-connected divorce attorney Alton Creek is concerned about recent death threats and has been convinced by former call-girl Summer to insist Lisbon’s CBI team are assigned to protect him
Fugue in Red  Fugue in Red
Friday 24 February,
Five USA
After saving an unconscious man from his burning home, firefighter Paul Satterfield is brutally murdered while attending a colleague’s bachelor party.
The Redshirt The Redshirt
Friday 17 February,
Five USA
Lisbon’s team are called to the scene when retired football star Doc Dugan appears to have been killed by a car bomb outside his bar.
Pink Tops Pink Tops
Thursday 29 December,
Five USA
Lisbon’s team investigate the murder of undercover cop Yolanda Concepcion, who’s been shot dead outside a nightclub.
Blinking Red Light Blinking Red Light
Thursday 22 December,
Five USA
When Lisbon's team are called in to assist the San Francisco police in a murder investigation, they quickly realise they're searching for the San Joaquin Killer, a serial murderer who's evaded the co
Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien  Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien
Thursday 15 December,
Five USA
Lisbon's team investigate the shooting of local police chief Marnie Green who's been found dead in the woods and Jane quickly surmises she'd been brought there and finished off.
Blood and Sand Blood and Sand
Thursday 8 December,
Five USA
The body of 19-year-old former foster child Talia Suarez is found on the shore of San Felix Island, a few miles off the coast of California, and Lisbon’s team is called in to investigate.
Ring Around the Rosie Ring Around the Rosie
Thursday 1 December,
Five USA
Lisbon's team are working crowd control at a political rally when they come across the dead body of a man in an alleyway. He has multiple stab wounds.
Pretty Red Balloon Pretty Red Balloon
Thursday 24 November,
Five USA
Lisbon’s team is called in when nine-year-old Connor Flint is abducted from his school bus stop but when Jane arrives at the family home he realises the boy’s mother, Beth, is a former client from hi
Little Red Book Little Red Book
Thursday 17 November,
Five USA
Director Bertram reinstates Jane as a CBI consultant – he needs him because of his crime-solving record – but Lisbon isn’t so lucky.
Scarlet Ribbons Scarlet Ribbons
Thursday 10 November,
Five USA
In this first episode of the new season, Patrick Jane is in prison for ending the life of Red John at a busy shopping mall.
Strawberries and Cream - part 2 Strawberries and Cream - part 2
Friday 10 June,
Five USA
In the thrilling, concluding instalment of this series finale, Jane convinces Hightower to give him 48 hours to expose the CBI mole.