Save Yourself (VIDEO) Save Yourself (VIDEO)
Monday 3 December,
With the fairy world now open to Russell, Sookie and her friends unleash a torrent of light-beams in an attempt to destroy him.
Sunset (VIDEO) Sunset (VIDEO)
Monday 26 November,
Sookie encounters a fairy queen who agrees they should take on Russell before he becomes too powerful.
Gone, Gone, Gone (VIDEO) Gone, Gone, Gone (VIDEO)
Monday 19 November,
Bill kills Molly and forces Eric to drink more of Lilith’s blood, prompting Eric to have a hallucination that involves Lilith killing Godric.
Everybody Wants to Rule the World (VIDEO) Everybody Wants to Rule the World (VIDEO)
Monday 12 November,
Eric and Molly plot to escape from the Vampire Authority complex. Eric tries to persuade Bill to join them, but Bill double crosses them and the pair are caught and arrested.
Somebody That I Used to Know (VIDEO) Somebody That I Used to Know (VIDEO)
Monday 5 November,
Most of the Vampire Authority are still high on Lilith’s blood and are now fully of the opinion that humans exist purely as food for vampires.
Hopeless (VIDEO) Hopeless (VIDEO)
Monday 22 October,
Russell has Sookie, Alcide, Bill and Eric cornered, but the Authority's Swat team swoops in to save the day.
In the Beginning (VIDEO) In the Beginning (VIDEO)
Monday 22 October,
In the wake of Roman’s death, Russell and Salome take control of the Vampire Authority and challenge the other members to drink the blood of Lilith.
Let’s Boot and Rally (VIDEO) Let’s Boot and Rally (VIDEO)
Monday 15 October,
Sookie and Alcide’s kiss is interrupted by Eric and Bill.
We’ll Meet Again (VIDEO) We’ll Meet Again (VIDEO)
Monday 8 October,
Sookie’s involvement in Debbie’s death comes close to being revealed as the police launch an investigation.
Whatever I Am, You Made Me (VIDEO) Whatever I Am, You Made Me (VIDEO)
Monday 1 October,
Sookie sets out to find Tara and asks Pam for help. Pam refuses, but we learn more about her past with Eric through flashbacks.
Authority Always Wins Authority Always Wins
Monday 24 September,
Eric and Bill are brought before the Vampire Authority, where they encounter its enigmatic leader Roman (Law & Order: SVU’s Christopher Meloni).
Turn! Turn! Turn! (VIDEO) Turn! Turn! Turn! (VIDEO)
Monday 17 September,
Sookie and Lafayette face up to the consequences of Sookie’s confrontation with Debbie Pelt. Sookie has shot Debbie dead, and Tara was caught in the crossfire and is dying.
And When I Die (VIDEO) And When I Die (VIDEO)
Sunday 22 April,
Lafayette has been possessed by Marnie. Jesus realises this, but Lafayette/Marnie kills him and steals his powers before heading for a showdown with Bill.
Soul of Fire (VIDEO) Soul of Fire (VIDEO)
Sunday 15 April,
Marnie agrees to negotiate with the vampires. She tells them she will release Sookie if Bill and Eric kill themselves.
Burning Down the House (VIDEO) Burning Down the House (VIDEO)
Sunday 8 April,
There’s carnage at the Festival of Tolerance as the entranced vampires embark on a killing spree. Marnie sends Eric to kill Bill, but Sookie zaps Eric with her special powers and his memory returns.
Let’s Get Out of Here Let’s Get Out of Here
Sunday 1 April,
Alcide rushes Sookie home where Bill gives her his blood to heal her. However, Eric is still under the spell of the witches.
Spellbound (VIDEO) Spellbound (VIDEO)
Sunday 25 March,
Jason manages to save Jessica as Marnie’s spell pulls her into the light, and the pair kiss again. A guilt-ridden Jessica takes her anger out on Hoyt and pushes him into ending their relationship.
Cold Grey Light of Dawn (VIDEO) Cold Grey Light of Dawn (VIDEO)
Sunday 18 March,
Lafeyette gets a shock when he sees the ghostly woman who has been watching over Arlene’s son Mikey.
I Wish I Was the Moon (VIDEO) I Wish I Was the Moon (VIDEO)
Sunday 11 March,
A furious Bill catches Sookie and Eric together and seeks permission to deliver the true death to his vampire love rival.
Me and the Devil (VIDEO) Me and the Devil (VIDEO)
Sunday 4 March,
Marnie reveals that she has been possessed by Antonia, the spirit that helped her cast the spell over Pam.
I’m Alive and on Fire (VIDEO) I’m Alive and on Fire (VIDEO)
Sunday 26 February,
Having killed Claudine, Eric turns on Sookie, but he stops the moment that she tells him to.
If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’? (VIDEO) If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’? (VIDEO)
Sunday 19 February,
Sookie receives a visit from fairy godmother Claudine, begging her to return to the fairy world.
You Smell Like Dinner (VIDEO) You Smell Like Dinner (VIDEO)
Sunday 12 February,
Bill discovers that Marnie is trying to reanimate dead things, which means she could soon possess the power to control vampires.
She's Not There (VIDEO) She's Not There (VIDEO)
Sunday 5 February,
Sookie is transported to a mystical land by fairy godmother Claudine and is reunited with her grandfather Earl (guest star Gary Cole).
Evil is Going On Evil is Going On
Tuesday 29 November,
In the final of the third series, Sookie races to stop Eric and Russell from burning to death in the sunlight. Eric refuses to see sense until the ghost of Godric visits him.