Waterloo Road, Laurie Brett, Melanie Hill, Georgie Glen, Angus Deayton Waterloo Road closes its gates for ever
Monday 9 March,

All good things come to an end, and after ten years on the box, Waterloo Road is no more.

Max Bowden Justin is expelled!
Monday 2 March,

It’s the second last ever episode of Waterloo Road, and it looks like the school’s closure is inevitable…

bonnie kincaid Bonnie’s bully revealed?
Monday 23 February,

Bonnie loses her temper this week when she suspects nasty Scott of being her cyberbully. Meanwhile, the police make a breakthrough on Bonnie’s case, and their revelation is gobsmacking...

Is Abdul’s life a lie?
Monday 16 February,

Abdul’s in freefall following last week’s bombshell he was adopted through unofficial channels from Pakistan.

Dale’s cycling dreams dashed?
Monday 9 February,

Wannabe professional cyclist Dale has been piling pressure on himself for months. But unknown to everyone, Dale’s has been skipping meals in a bid to get his weight down.

Vaughan battles for Waterloo Road!
Monday 2 February,

Sex, violence and cyber bullying – it’s just a normal day at Waterloo Road!

Bonnie’s deathly fall!
Monday 26 January,

Schoolgirl Bonnie’s life hangs in the balance this week when a school field trip goes horrifyingly wrong.

The end of Waterloo Road?
Monday 19 January,
Bike crash horror!
Monday 12 January,

One of Waterloo Road’s students ends up in hospital this week… Bad boy Scott is racking up enemies at a rate of knots.

Teacher sex scandal!
Monday 12 January,

Waterloo Road’s headmaster Vaughan hires two very different graduate teachers this week.

George returns – to blackmail Vaughan!
Wednesday 17 December,


There are a few raised eyebrows at Waterloo Road this week when languages teacher George Windsor returns to visit his pal, English teacher Christine.

Leo's stranger danger
Wednesday 10 December,

Lonely Leo befriends mystery newcomer Mandy this week. Mandy, however, isn’t a real pupil, but a vulnerable and disturbed young lady who has been using the school’s community hotline.

Justin's on the run!
Wednesday 3 December,

This week Justin hatches a plan to run away to London with teenage lover Tiffany, when his dad (headmaster Vaughan) and her mum (art teacher Allie) threaten to send him to boarding school in Aberd

Can Kevin hack jail?
Wednesday 26 November,

The police raid Waterloo Road at dawn when a cyber attack is traced to the school this week!

Sonya gets creative!
Wednesday 19 November,

Scatty school secretary Sonya sets her sights on winning Blab magazine’s short story competition this week. But Sonya’s enthusiasm leaves her work colleagues running for the hills!

Hector sets up a seduction
Wednesday 12 November,

Following last week’s passionate kiss, PE teacher Hector is keen to take things further with science teacher Sue.

The hated Gabriella returns!
Wednesday 5 November,

The normally rowdy students of Waterloo Road are left speechless when former pupil Gabriella Wark returns to the school this week.

Rhiannon’s baby bombshell!
Wednesday 29 October,

Tempers are running high this week with many of the teenage students suffering sleep deprivation as art teacher Allie rolls out her Virtual Baby Initiative.

Shock resignation!
Wednesday 22 October,

Things are worse than ever for headmaster Vaughan and his partner Allie this week. Vaughan’s son, Justin, continues to rail against the situation that’s led to them all living together.

New term, new head, and new headaches!
Wednesday 15 October,

Vaughan Fitzgerald (Neil Pearson) takes over as head teacher with big plans to shake things up. But his professional veneer is tested from the off!

Simon's new climbing wall causes chaos at Waterloo Road
Wednesday 12 March,


Simon is thrilled to introduce a new climbing wall at Waterloo Road, but he soon ends up regretting the new equipment.

Christine's drinking wrecks her life
Wednesday 5 March,

Christine has once again turned back to drink as a way of coping, and the consequences of her actions spiral out of control.

Darren's peeping tom photos shock the school
Wednesday 26 February,

Darren is caught in the corridor taking pictures of female pupils, and everyone's disgusted with what is discovered on his phone.

Harley battles against Lula's deportation
Wednesday 19 February,

Lula and her mother are facing deportation, and the authorities come to their home. Panicked, Lula's mother tells her to climb out of the window and run away.

Chalky makes a return to Waterloo Road
Wednesday 12 February,

Kevin is anxious about his bursary interview, and is elated when Chalky surprises him at school!