*Survivors series two has finished screening* Julie Graham and Max Beesley star as the post-apocalyptic drama returns for a second action-packed series. More than five million viewers tuned into series one and this second outing picks up from its nail-biting cliffhanger when Abby was kidnapped and Greg was shot. A frantic Abby learns she's being held by Whittaker and Fiona at the Lab. She discovers that the scientists have avoided infection and are looking desperately for a vaccine which they believe her unique immune system alone will generate. Meanwhile, the family races to save Greg's life as he lies dying from a gunshot wound, Al and Anya are caught in an avalanche of rubble as a hospital collapses around them and Tom is left to try and rescue his friends with only Sarah and Naj to help him. Paterson Joseph, Zoe Tapper and Nikki Amuka-Bird also return for the six-part series as the family battle for survival. How will the survivors cope? Find out by logging on to


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