The Walking Dead


According to GQ, The Walking Dead is'no normal Zombie show'. Whatever that is)."For one it’s adapted from Robert Kirkman’s celebrated comic book series,"continues GQ."For another it’s written by Frank Darabont (director of The Shawshank Redemption) and lastly it’s from AMC – the channel behind Mad Men."The Walking Dead has been a cable channel revelation in the United States - the biggest ever cable show, with series two opening to a remarkable 7.3 million viewers, following the first series'average of 5.2 million. Clearly, there's a huge appetite for gore. The Walking Dead is the story of a small group who have survived a Zombie apocalypse and now travel across the US trying to find a safe have away from the shuffling mass of bloodthirsty'undead'. Its English star Andrew Lincoln, who plays Sheriff Rick Grimes, said about series two:"One reviewer wrote a two word review:‘Holy s**t!’ “It was always the intention to not pull any punches with the genre, to see how far we could push the envelope and see what we can get away with regards to the horror, the thriller element and the characters.” Following the success of the first six-episode series, The Walking Dead 2 consists of 13 episodes and if you feel like you're watching a movie, that's no accident. Andrew told Total Film:"We are making 13 hours of film, that was always the proviso– to shoot on film, to produce it filmically. Three days ago I was on set and there were eight cameras – five film ones and three mini cameras that they dig into the ground in weird places.""I’ve never been on a movie set, let alone a TV set, that has had that amount."


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