ITV1's epic four-part retelling of the sinking of the'unsinkable'Titanic isn't a love story like the 1997 film, but the'story of the whole ship', says its writer Julian Fellowes. The series was created by Bafta winner Nigel Stafford-Clark to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the maritime disaster in April 1912, on which more than 1500 people lost their lives. Julian is best known as the creator of Downton Abbey and Oscar-winning writer of Gosford Park, but he had no hesitation in taking on this herculean writing task."It's a great tragedy, obviously,"he said."But I was thrilled by the idea of having a chance to shape another version of it. So I didn't need much persuading."He was offered the job before the first series of Downton had screened, but was intrigued by a coincidence between his hit ITV1 series and the new project."When Nigel rang me I was very struck by the coincidence because I had, in fact, not long before written the opening of Downton Abbey as having two characters drown on the Titanic..."Titanic differs from previous versions of the story because, as ITV puts, it'all human life is on [the Titanic] as she sets out on her maiden voyage'from Southampton to New York. From an upper-class family with a suffragette daughter, to an Irish lawyer in second class, to the below-decks crew, Julian has attempted to capture the interweaving stories of all classes brought together by the tragedy. Featuring a large ensemble cast which includes Linus Roache, Geraldine Somerville, Celia Imrie, Jim Carter, Toby Jones and Jenna-Louise Coleman, Titanic screens each Sunday on ITV1 from March 25. 


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