Ugly Betty


* Ugly Betty is shown on E4 Wednesdays at 9pm and repeated on Channel 4 on Sundays. * The US dramedy series about the adventures of Betty Suarez, a bright-but-frumpy editorial assistant at the glossy fashion magazine Mode, is back for its fourth and final series. Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) has now been promoted to associate features editor at Mode, but life is just saccharine sweet in the world of fashion publishing, as Betty soon discovers when her bitter ex-boyfriend Matt is appointed as her new boss. On the home front, Betty’s nephew Justin failed to get into performing arts school and is being bullied at high school, prompting his mum, Hilda, to work overtime at her hairdressing salon to be able to afford a private education for him. Betty’s former boss Daniel is still reeling from his wife’s death and is now attending a support group to help him deal with his anger issues. Senior editors Claire and Hartley are running the company with the help of cut-throat former editor Wilhelmina who has been reinstated. Wilhelmina, however, has her mind elsewhere as her daughter Nico turns up out of the blue and seemsto be on the run from the law. Meanwhile, Willy is determined to find her old flame, Connor, to get back the money he embezzled from the company in the last series. Flirty receptionist Amanda is having a crisis of confidence, and wants to move up in the world, as does her trusty cohort, Marc, who islivid at not getting the promotion that went to Betty... All's fair in love and fashion!


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