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Katie Hopkins
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Brian Conley on the TV That Made Me
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Idris elba: No Limits - aerobatics training clip. Mon 6th July
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Lee Mead: 'I actually wanted to be a footballer, but I was terrible!'
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'We might soon see a new love interest for Al' teases Doctors star Ian Midlane
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EastEnders, Corrie & Emmerdale spoilers: June 29
'My dream role would be as the Yorkshire James Bond!' says Doctors star Chris Walker
John Marquez: Doc Martin series 7 teaser
Smile! You're on Cuddly Camera! Emmerdale spoilers: June 29
Shabnam's life-changing confession to Kush! EastEnders spoilers: June 29
The new Dingle is christened! Emmerdale clip: Friday, June 26
My Mad Fat Diary - Emotional ending
My Mad Fat Diary - the more embarrassing the better
Erica loses her baby? Coronation Street spoilers: June 22
SS26 2015 Shabnam's attacked by a gang! EastEnders spoilers: June 22
EastEnders, Corrie & Emmerdale spoilers: June 22
David Hasselhoff: My new Ibiza musical 'parallels a lot of my life'
Dan Cohen: 'It's the last series of My Mad Fat Diary - definitely'
Dan Cohen: 'It's the last series of My Mad Fat Diary - definitely'
David Hasselhoff: My troubles are so small compared to my amazing life
The Hoff – Last Night a DJ Saved my Life
TOWIE does Marbs: 'It's the most explosive one yet!