Snooker is on BBC2 at 7pm.

Hazel Irvine introduces live coverage of the concluding frames of this year’s Masters final at the Alexandra Palace in London. Ronnie O’Sullivan claimed the title last year.

Call the Midwife is on BBC1 at 8pm.

Following on from this year’s Christmas day episode, the weather in Poplar is still freezing, which comes as quite a shock to a new recruit from the Caribbean.

Vera is on ITV at 8.10pm.

DCI Stanhope uncovers disturbing secrets lurking within a seemingly peaceful suburban community after a woman is found dead in her back garden.

McMafia is on BBC1 at 9pm.

In the fifth episode, Alex and Rebecca announce their engagement and Semiyon’s fortunes appear to be on the rise, until he is arrested in Tel Aviv.

MacGyver is on Sky One at 8pm.

Ingenious government operative Mac goes undercover in a casino to steal diamonds from a vault before a terrorist group gets their hands on them.

The Gifted is on Fox at 9pm.

This X Men spin off reaches a dramatic conclusion as Polaris faces a crucial decision and the safety of the Mutant Underground falls into jeopardy.