The Big Crash Diet Experiment is on BBC One at 8pm.

One-off documentary in which a team of leading scientists put the effectiveness of crash dieting to the test.

The Doctor Who Gave Up Drugs is on BBC One at 9pm.

In the concluding part of the documentary, Dr Chris van Tulleken looks at the treatment of young people who are suffering from depression.

24 Hours in A and E is on Channel 4 at 9pm.

A woman is brought in with a broke leg, and a cyclist is admitted after being involved in a 10-bike pile-up at a velodrome.

Love in the Countryside is on BBC Two at 9pm.

Farmer Richard must choose between three men, while Pete and his date Helen embark upon a romantic overseas break.

10 Cloverfield Lane is on Film 4 at 9pm.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars in this claustrophobic film thriller, as a woman who survives a car crash, only to end up trapped inside underground bunker with a survivalist.