Star Wars, The Force Awakens is on ITV at 8pm.

Sci-fi film sequel, starring Daisy Ridley. A lonely scavenger is joined by a runaway Stormtrooper, as she sets off on an epic quest to find legendary Jedi, Luke Skywalker.

Les Misérables is on BBC One at 9pm.

This six-part adaptation of Victor Hugo’s novel set in 19th-century France, follows the efforts of a former convict to begin his life anew.

Cities, Nature’s New Wild is on BBC Two at 9pm.

This three-part documentary focuses on animals that have made their homes in urban environments. Beginning with huge colonies of bats in Adelaide, Australia.

Spy in the Snow is on BBC One at 7pm.

Wildlife documentary in which undercover cameras reveal how living in the snow tests animals to their limit. Includes footage of play-fighting polar bears at the North Pole.

Football, Crystal Palace v Chelsea is on Sky Sports Main Event at 11.20am.

Coverage of the opening match of a Premier League triple-bill. Kick-off is at twelve. Southampton versus Manchester City follows at two, with Manchester United versus Bournemouth at four fifteen.

MacGuyver is on Sky One at 8pm.

Return of the US action drama. Mac sets out to rescue an old friend from the clutches of a dictator. The new series of Hawaii Five-Oh follows at nine.