Mark Addy: ‘Atlantis has been rebooted and is darker, but the comedy’s still important’

Mark Addy explains why he thinks the ‘rebooted’ second series of Atlantis is stronger than the previous series.

Talking to What’s on TV earlier this year Mark, who plays Hercules, in BBC1’s fantasy drama about the fabled city of Atlantis said: “The show has changed. It’s been rebooted and is much darker in tone. And it’s an improvement for it.

“In series one we established this world and its rules, but now we’ve moved everything up a gear.

“We’ve got a lot more fighting and people are being killed – frequently! Things are more perilous.”

More fighting for the characters has meant more training for the actors. Pictured here on set with co-stars Jack Donnelly and Robert Emms, Mark revealed: “Jack Donnelly, who plays hero Jason, can string together about 30 fight moves. I can just about do four!

“Hercules is more reliant on brute strength than being skilful. Physically the role has been a lot more demanding, but hopefully all that hard work has paid off!”

Mark added: “We’ve still got the humour from the first series. The show doesn’t take itself too seriously. Yes it’s more serious, but the comedy is an important element of Atlantis.”

Atlantis returns to BBC1 on Saturday, November 15 with a new 13-part series.

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