Robert Lindsay: ‘I was told to lose my Greek accent for Atlantis’

Robert Lindsay appears as fabled Greek inventor Daedalus in BBC1 family drama Atlantis, but he reveals he was told to lose the Greek accent he’d picked up while filming Grace of Monaco!

Robert told What’s on TV: “Our lovely director wanted RP [received pronunciation] because Atlantis is contemporary for a modern audience. The problem was I’d been playing Aristotle Onassis in Grace of Monaco for so long I had the Greek accent in my head and couldn’t get it out!”

The Citizen Smith, GBH and My Family star was delighted to pop in for a cameo, but having come straight from the lavish sets of a Hollywood blockbuster he wasn’t sure what to expect from the BBC production.

“When I got the role I thought I was going to be filming in Morocco or Greece, not in sunny Chepstow! It was a bit of a shock at first, but once I walked on the set I was just completely gobsmacked. It’s stunning. To recreate that world on a budget, it’s mind-bending. This role is wonderful and it came at the right time. Jobs like these come out of the blue.”

He adds: “I watch the series with my kids and we’re all hooked. It’s a great compliment to Atlantis that they’ve gripped the kids. That’s a difficult thing to do nowadays!”

To see how Daedalus comes to the rescue of Jason and his friends, tune into this week’s episode of Atlantis on Saturday at 8pm on BBC1.