Jason Best

Film Editor

I’ve been reviewing films for a broad range of TI Media’s TV and women’s magazines for two decades – so I’m ready with an opinion on everything from the latest superhero blockbuster to the most obscure art-house movie.

The job occasionally has its glamorous side - sitting on a film festival jury in Portugal; hanging out with Baz Luhrmann at the Chateau Marmont; chatting with Sigourney Weaver about The Archers – but most of my time is spent in darkened rooms watching the latest movies.

I’ve also turned my hand to theatre and opera reviews, written two guide books on Rome and competed in the Round Britain and Ireland yacht race for Yachting World, whose great wheeze it was to send a chronically seasick film critic to write for them about his experiences on the ocean waves. Given the choice, however, I’m far happier on dry land with a classic screwball comedy or vintage Hitchcock thriller.