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Candice Brown: ‘I honestly cannot believe that Bake Off happened!’ (VIDEO)

Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown was reflecting on her 'mind-blowing' 2016 at the National TV Awards

The Great British Bake Off winner Candice Brown is still struggling to get her head around her win…

Just over a year ago she was a PE teacher in Hertfordshire, doing a bit of baking in her spare time. Now she’s a full-on TV identity and the latest star of the nation’s biggest TV show.

“It’s given me opportunities to come to things like (the NTAs),” she told What’s on TV on the red carpet. “It’s just absolutely mind-blowing… I mean, looking at all these people on the red carpet – and I’m here!”

She updated us about what she’s been doing recently. “I’m having a break from teaching at the minute, so that finished in December. Just having a little bit of time writing for my column, in sort of talks with regards to books. I’m doing lots of food festivals, so I’m getting to do things I really really love, so it’s opened lots of doors for me.”

And she revealed she’d love the chance to repeat her Bake Off experience. It’s even ‘more fun than it looks. I loved every second of it and I’d do it a hundred times over.’