A quick chat with Davina McCall

We sneak past security on to the set of TV’s most exciting new, big money game show to chat to Davina McCall about The Million Pound Drop (Fridays, C4).

Why do you think it has caught on so well?

“I think one of the things I really like is that it’s so varied. With a quiz show, there might be a tendency for repetition, but the thing about this programme is that no game is ever the same.”

Does the live nature worry you?

“I never know what’s going to happen. And it’s full of surprises. I mean, if I could tell you how many things could go wrong! The screens not working, the clock not starting, the drops not dropping… It just goes on and on. But it just makes it all the more exciting to make.”

Have you had any disasters?

“Last night I had a complete wardrobe malfunction and my mic pack and my ear pack kept falling out, so I was constantly holding a pack in my hand trying to shove it up my backside while presenting! It’s really fun.”

How do you think you’d fare as a contestant?

“You know, I think I’d probably do really badly. I definitely wouldn’t get to the end, because I’m too impulsive. I don’t read the question clearly enough, and I definitely don’t think things through!”