The first Big Brother winner and star of ITV1’s 60 Minute Makeover Craig Phillips reveals who he thinks is doing well in the house – and who he wants out… NOW!

Who do you think will be next evicted?

“I would like to see Alex. It’s pretty obvious that Alex will get nominated. The whole house will nominate her. It’s funny how in the 3-4 days before nominations came up she started being nicer to people. She’s got a horrible personality, hasn’t she? I thought she was shocking the way she behaved last week. Has she been brought in twice to the Diary Room for a telling off? She’s making Jade Good look good, isn’t she?”

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Craig Phillips bannerDid you see her corner Mohamed about the so-called disrespectful conversation with Rex?

“She’s certainly got a big chip on her shoulder. She’s very arrogant, selfish, obnoxious, a bully… I don’t like her at all! But will the public keep her in because she’s such a livewire? Because she’ll go off at anything? She’ll be out, definitely out. She won’t be any loss – other people [in the house] will spark off.

“I think the other black girl, Sylvia, is very two-faced too, going round saying ‘I can’t believe they’re talking about me behind my back’, and then she goes and does the same thing herself. That’ll come back and bite her on the bum!”

How did you feel about Steph being the first housemate evicted?

“I don’t think she should have been kicked out, but I’ve just looked at a paper and they say that she’s going back in. Is she? It’s on the front page of the Daily Star, says she’s going to go back in. It says they’re having a recount of the phonecalls. I hope she goes in, in fairness. She’s probably the only one who really stood up to Alex last week. She was on a bit of rampage with her mouth.”

So who’s shaping up for you in the house at the moment?

“I saw a bit of Mario being analysed on E4 the other day and they were saying he’s trying to be the leading person in the house and trying to control people in the house who don’t want to be controlled by him – or anybody else. But he’s sort of got a point. I think he’s sensible enough in there. He could come through… I think the young lad from Liverpool, Dale, if he plays his cards right and stays out of trouble, he could be there for the duration.”

What about Steph complaining that Mario was a slimebag?

“I’d say the same if I was put in that position, I wouldn’t be too happy if I was her. But if you sign that contract that they can do whatever they want with you… Well, you’re not actually forced to do something, but you won’t last, you’ll probably be kicked out.”

Any other impressions of Big Brother week two?

“I saw that task last week when they had to hold up the trays… I think they need to work on better tasks, try and crack the whip a bit more. We were always looking forward to what our next task was going to be and hoping it was a good one where everyone could be involved and that took days and days to do. We didn’t like tasks that could be done in half an hour… Gives you something to think about, keeps your mind occupied.”

What about when hunger strikes?

“I know, from my own experience, hunger… mostly you get frustrated. You go through different stages of tiredness then nastiness then frustration. We can’t really see what they’re going through, we’re not feeling the hunger pains like they’re feeling. They only get one pound a day now as well; we got 1.50 a day on the first Big Brother!”

And if you factor in inflation too…

“They’ll be feeling the pinch of the credit crunch as well!”

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