Andy Scott-Lee: I won’t marry Lydia in BB house

Former pop star Andy Scott-Lee has said that he would not consider marrying girlfriend Lydia Louisa in the Big Brother house, despite her telling the other housemates she would.

The Welsh singer and former Pop Idol finalist has been dating dancer Lydia for four and a half years and has been the subject of many of her conversations during her time on Big Brother.

However he told Metro Online, “There’s no way we’d get married in there.

“I’ve not been approached to go into the house but to be honest the only thing I would do would be to go in and have a meal or something.

“But I wouldn’t want to meet the rest of the housemates and it wouldn’t be fair on Lydia to be honest,” Andy added. “I’m not super famous and she knows I’m not super famous, I walked away from the industry years ago.”

Andy also revealed he had joined Twitter to support Lydia – who narrowly escaped eviction when she was nominated just minutes after her arrival in the house – and admitted some of the negative remarks he had received as he attempted to support his girlfriend were “unbelievable”.

But he said, “The flip side is that there are some really nice people out there, and I’ve had a lot of people saying that Lydia’s starting to come into her own and they judged her too quickly.

“I’m there purely for Lydia and I’m certainly not using it to get back into the limelight.”

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