Awkwardness ramped up for Preston and Chantelle

Housemates tried to bring Big Brother divorcees Chantelle and Preston back together, on what would have been their fourth wedding anniversary.

The duo married after meeting on the show in 2006, but they split just 10 months later, ending their fairytale romance.

But now – after being cooped up together once more for Channel 4’s Ultimate Big Brother series – their fellow contestants were trying to encourage love to blossom once again.

Ulrika Jonsson and racing pundit John McCririck were keen to celebrate the anniversary to rekindle the feelings of the pair, who remain on good terms.

John suggested: “Let’s have a party.” And Ulrika warmed to the idea, clapping her hands and chanting: “Party, party, party.”

But as Chantelle and Preston looked at each other, forlornly, the idea failed to materialise.

Earlier, Preston spoke to housemate Brian Dowling about the anniversary, and told him: “It’s a sad day.”

Chantelle also told John there was no chance of a repeat romance. “Preston has a girlfriend. He met someone a few weeks after we broke up,” she said.

“Nothing happened seriously for us to break up, so that’s why there is no bad feelings there. He is the only ex I have ever stayed friends with.

“It’s nice to have someone I know so well in the house because it can be lonely. It would be different if we didn’t get on. It’s actually our wedding anniversary today. We never actually spent one together.”