BB house is “wonderful”, says Belinda

Big Brother‘s newest evictee Belinda Harris Reid has described her short-lived stay in the house as “wonderful” and “extraordinary”.

The 44-year-old theatre director – who spent just two weeks in the house before losing the public vote to Rex Newmark on Friday – told Davina that everybody should have the chance to experience Big Brother for themselves.

“You should queue, stand and do it,” she told the audience. “It is just extraordinary.”

And Belinda – who exited the house in a flamboyant Union Jack print gown to a mixed chorus of boos and cheers – remained philosophical about the fact she had been evicted so quickly.

“It’s the nature of the beast, isn’t it?” she said. “It was wonderful to be there but I’m happy to be here if this is where I need to be.”

She also admitted to being a “nosey parker”, after it was revealed that her habit of asking personal questions was what led several of the housemates to nominate her for eviction.

“I have an inquisitive nature,” she said. “Some of these people haven’t asked these people any questions in seven weeks. We don’t know Darnell’s story, we don’t know Rex’s story.”

“But I think I spoke up for people in the house,” she added. “For example if someone said something like ‘I don’t like Mo’, I would say something like ‘Actually I think he’s a good chap.'”

“These people have a past history because they’ve been there so long and when I went in I wanted to make my own decisions. But they were an extraordinary bunch of people.”

And she apologised for the loud snoring which kept much of the house awake and led her to be dubbed “Belinda-snorus” by the others.

“What can I say?” she told Davina, “Apologies really. But I could have had snore strips, I went and asked Big Brother. They didn’t give them to me!”