BB’s Angel: I’ve failed my mission!

Big Brother‘s latest evictee Angel says that she did not achieve what she wanted in the house and is “heartbroken”.

The 35-year-old Russian boxer – who was evicted on Friday with 81 per cent of the public vote – told Davina, “I failed my mission, to make people do some exercise. Everything comes and goes with this life, your body stays with you.

“I’ve failed,” she added. “I’m going to go home and cry for the next three days.

Angel – who was dressed in a flamboyant eviction outfit which included a painted-on pencil moustache – also claimed that people “didn’t understand her” after she exited the house to a largely hostile reception from the crowd.

However she spoke positively of her time in the house despite having had a difficult week.

“I’ve been in my life through difficult situations,” she said People put pressure on me but I like pressure.

“The more people push on you the more you resist. I was getting stronger all the time. I’ve been in my life through much much worse situations. I’m strong enough.”

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