Big Brother 10‘s latest evictee Bea has faced a difficult interview with Davina McCall – in which she maintained she was being “honest” in the house.

The 24-year-old – who was evicted over fellow nominees David and Marcus with over 88 per cent of the public vote – proved to be one of the least popular housemates this series, leaving the house to an almost deafening chorus of boos from the crowd.

However she admitted she did not realise the effect that certain aspects of her behaviour were having on viewers.

“I didn’t realise how I was behaving,” she said, “and obviously it does seem extreme. I think I was honest the whole way through and there are people in the house who aren’t honest.

“I’m a multifaceted person and I’m a woman of extremes. In that house, you’re very much in a bubble and you do lose perspective on things.”

She also faced questions over her treatment of last week’s evictee Freddie, whose advances she rejected after initially being close friends.

“When you live with someone the things you love about them suddenly irritate the hell out of you,” she said. “Freddie’s personality is exactly what I go for but I never felt a spark. I did think he was very melodramatic.”

She also said that she was surprised by much of the reaction to her antics in the house.

“This is all coming as a shock to me, it really is,” she confessed. “It’s definitely not intentional.”