BB’s Cairon: Being nominated was “funny”

Big Brother 10’s latest evictee Cairon has offered his views on nomination in his eviction interview, saying he found it “funny”.

The outspoken 18-year-old – who exited the house on Friday evening to a largely negative reaction from the crowd – told Davina McCall, “I wasn’t shocked when I was nominated – everybody else was more shocked than I was.

“Things go how they go – if I was meant to stay in I would have stayed in but I was meant to leave so I’m here.”

And despite being at the centre of several of the conflicts in the house, Cairon denied that he had been angry during his time there.

“I wasn’t angry,” he said, “but if you push me to the cliff I am going to jump off eventually.

“It’s hard being in the house with strangers and you know you’re not going to get along. I wouldn’t say it was horrible but it was difficult.”

However he described his eviction as a “win-win situation. I win if I stay longer in the house and in the the public eye, and I win if I leave because I’m back to my friends and family.”

Cairon also talked about his close friendship with fellow housemate Siavash, who had been devastated when the result of the public vote was announced. “I never thought I’d meet someone on the same level as I was,” he said. “That was a brother relationship.”

However the teenager wasn’t quite so complimentary about everybody in the house, lashing out at Sree.

“Sree is a hypocrite,” Cairon said, “He says all this stuff about respect but he tells people to shut it all the time.”

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