Big Brother 10‘s newest evictee Freddie has admitted that he was “misguided” and “went astray” during his last few weeks in the house.

And the 23-year-old entrepreneur – who left the house sporting purple facepaint in the shape of a fox – said that he had become more and more stressed about the situation between himself and Bea as time went on.

“One thing I felt was that she was blaming me for all the negativity she was feeling in the house and it was getting loaded on really heavily,” he told Davina McCall.

“But I was in that situation and you just go with the emotion of it, it’s part of the Big Brother experience. So I was allowing myself to go to that place and she was doing what she was doing.

“It didn’t feel like rejection at the end,” he added, “More like thinking ‘why is she being so nasty’?”

Freddie – who received a largely positive response from the crowd as he left the house – added that he had never thought Bea was keen on him, even though he appeared to be attracted to her.

“Bea did enjoy herself and I never thought she was really really into me,” he admitted. “When you’re in the house you know that it’s not real but you enjoy the emotion of it anyway.

“But I gradually got more and more stressed about the situation. It was very intense actually.”

Freddie – who reverted back to his real name from his house name of Halfwit shortly before he was evicted – survived seven nominations before finally being booted out on Friday.

“I spent a lot of time trying to help other people in a sort of misguided way,” he said of the possible reasons for his eviction.

“I think I just went astray in my last few weeks in the house.”