BB’s Hira: I thought people didn’t like me!

Big Brother‘s latest evictee Hira Habibshah has admitted she was worried about people not liking her in the house.

However the 25-year-old was buoyed by the positive reaction she received from the crowd, with the majority cheering as she left.

“That made me feel really really better,” she told Davina. “I really had my fears about people not liking me.”

She was also enthusiastic about her fellow housemates, and hardly had a bad word to say about anyone.

“They all welcomed me, they all loved me, they were very nice to me,” she said.

“They might have had arguments amongst each other, but with me they were all always very generous, kind and polite. I really appreciated that. I really liked that.”

And she denied that she had not seen eye to eye with Marcus. “I think maybe he doesn’t like me,” she shrugged, “but I promise I really like him.

“I said I would try to work towards making him feel I don’t have anything negative against him, just try to sit with him more and chat with him.”

All of the remaining housemates were nominated for eviction this week as a punishment after Siavash’s refusal to nominate.

As a result the public were voting for who they wanted to save rather than who they wanted to evict, with Hira getting the boot after polling the lowest percentage of votes.

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